Nick, Doug, and “the other Nick”, a chemical technologist, mechanical engineer, and a local business owner who share a passion for the same hobby, team up to bring entertaining and informative content to their viewers.\n\nA diverse collection of backgrounds, experiences, and personalities brings a perfect mixture of genuine know-how, exciting action and hilarious antics to their rapidly growing fan base.

  • Rodney Witkos
    Rodney Witkos

    Mistakes were made🤣🤣🤣🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🚀🔥



  • Tague Riggen
    Tague Riggen

    0:46 he called mega max it’s monster max

  • Jay Ellingsen
    Jay Ellingsen

    How did they decide who gets to ride “bitch” on that quad?

  • Rick Hop
    Rick Hop

    You guys set a dangerous bar to think dumb people will try to one up you SMH. With that being said you guys are great 👍

  • JoeliusZ28

    race unit catching gears on the recovery sounds so awesome

  • Lucas Oliver
    Lucas Oliver

    Put the x3 engine in the snowmobile

  • 1toncaddy

    Horn honking at 12:43 was me on my way up north, saw you guys in the pond as I got off to get some McDonald's.... Coincidentally broke the RF axle in my 900xp4 3 hrs later

  • Rob

    I love your blog. But this was stupid. You knew it would break. We knew it would break.

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker

    If you watch monster trucks do cyclones they get up spinning to 2 wheels


    omg i just found this 01 16 21 wtf ha ha ha ha ha doug looks like a baby and rick well ( RICK IS THE MAN ) YOU GUYS ROCK

  • Vincent farms
    Vincent farms

    Well my birthday is a few days before June 5th so I’ll make it

  • Dan Tompkins
    Dan Tompkins

    Use smaller tires... Your tire weight is making you tip...

  • Jon Rau
    Jon Rau

    The guys over on HeavyDSparks have challenged any one to beat their 12 plus mile side-by-side on two wheels "record". They did it on the two passenger side tires on a regular 2 lane road.

  • Connor Hunton
    Connor Hunton

    Yup. Good idea

  • Jacob Hamilton
    Jacob Hamilton

    Kachow mod

  • Thomas Jacobs
    Thomas Jacobs

    What kind of blow off valve is that I have a aftermarket assassins and that one sounds so much meaner

    • Thomas Jacobs
      Thomas Jacobs perfect thank you


      Evo everything

    • Joey Ramus
      Joey Ramus

      I have the same on it’s a big gun limited

  • trevman187

    Wheel rpm and angular momentum are probably what's causing the wheels to try to lift

  • Donald Fuller
    Donald Fuller

    Can a 4 Wheeler join this challenge. I got a hyped up scrambler that is insane in the cyclone department. Just be careful I had 7 feet of intestines removed from getting twisted bowel from doing this.

  • chad jones
    chad jones

    Put me a gszr 1000motor on my old rxr and let me ride with ya bro and I have everything I need to build it so I just need some macinics to put it together and its a beast I know it is and I have never seen it put together by anyone before

  • chad jones
    chad jones

    I'm paralyzed and I would ride out with you guys in a Minute I would love to go out with you guys for a weekend and just ride and be free once again and I have k!owlage about all the things you guys do

  • chad jones
    chad jones

    I am paralyzed from my kneçk down and I miss riding the duns with my friends and I was a nut every one said I would walk my sand rail everywhere I couldn't see and every were else to I used to get two people on 1 quads and ride out In the front so I can see and every one said I was the duns walking king😂

  • ngh

    I bought a set of mounted tires on what I thought were beadlocks as well... Hmmmm..

  • chad jones
    chad jones

    I can't believe you just sent the drasstic park down the drag strip and got a 9.put the same tune when you go back to the sand duns and walk it across the duns and blow everyone mind

  • Ian Dawson
    Ian Dawson

    Do an exoskeleton cage that would look killer

  • ngh

    You needed to weld some ice breakers out front and back...

  • Mild to Wild RC
    Mild to Wild RC

    Man as soon as I get over paying cash for my x3,I want this exhaust💪Wife still getting over me paying more for my toy than her SUV😅

  • ngh

    Mudlyfe Tornados!!!

  • K Bone
    K Bone

    Polaris POlariS. POS.

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    That was cool...BOV sounds good. What kinda power is that thing putting down?


      Roughly 270

  • Eric Savage
    Eric Savage

    Had a buddy that was a Skidoo rider and you would help him get his sled out of the worst possible situation and he would immediately make a loop and go right back in😂. I think it’s in the mentality of the owners of the brand. When Sous is the voice of reason things have gotten bad

  • Kyle Mcmahon
    Kyle Mcmahon

    I wonder if there is a way to calculate the g force us was going through. He was describing the begaining of blacking out from g force. So I wonder what g force was?

  • Petrol Spice
    Petrol Spice

    Man, you guys used to cuss up a storm. I fuckin' love it.

  • Autistic Monkey
    Autistic Monkey

    I saw a pp on the billboard behind doug when he went 97

  • Tanner Vanpelt
    Tanner Vanpelt

    Mach XZ

  • 1776RACING

    Be nice to get an update on these bad boys and how they have held up.

  • Kungfu Commando
    Kungfu Commando

    Astronaut training.

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez

    My mom told me to watch educational videos I think this is good enough

  • Jimmy Wang
    Jimmy Wang

    Put a massive front bumper on it

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards

    Where are these boys from Michigan?

  • skiman3911

    Wow good job guys! Im wating for a 2021 talonx,so ty. for the vid!

  • Chris Mcfarland
    Chris Mcfarland

    Ya know I can't watch a single one of y'all's videos with out wanting multiple QPs, thanks Rick. Keep the content coming guys. Love y'all.

  • Summeron253

    I recommend you sell that sportsman 450 before it starts ticking and you need to replace the head and or its starts dieing at idle...... Buy a 570. In my opinion.

  • Joe Wdowiak
    Joe Wdowiak

    Bunch of bone heads

  • Rodney Duran
    Rodney Duran

    Thought those High Lifter Ball Joints would be stronger

  • Ricardo Maldonado
    Ricardo Maldonado

    Can someone calculate G's?

  • Drew O'Hara
    Drew O'Hara

    Hydro dip some horns

  • Luke Combs
    Luke Combs

    I think it’s a awesome idea and build triple 2stroke badass fellas

  • Kristoffer Nilsson
    Kristoffer Nilsson

    Did this with an Audi Quattro in the snow. Never again. Not even riding the tea cups at the fair after that. And i probably werent even close to those revs. Well done man.

  • daemn42

    FWIW, yes it is gyroscopic precession that is trying to flip them over, which is dependent on the weight of the wheel and tire combo, the diameter of the tires and the tire rotational speed. In other words, large diameter, heavy tires spinning faster, creates a greater gyroscopic precession force trying to flip them over. That's also why it happened faster on the ice and when he got into it too fast in the parking lot because the wheel speed was much higher than yaw rate. Easing into it kept the wheel speed lower. So.. How to do faster cyclones? Smaller diameter, lighter wheels/tires. Yes they'll have to rotate a bit faster but because rotational inertia increases by the square of the radius, I think smaller diameter tires will more than offset the higher wheel speed.

  • Noah Inman
    Noah Inman

    Now put the X3 engine in the sled frame😂

  • Tyson Kidd
    Tyson Kidd

    I still think the cboys won


    not stickers talons are painted

  • lowrider94ss

    Polaris is straight junk

  • lee butters
    lee butters

    What does Nick Sous do besides the SXS blog?

  • Allshownogo Shane
    Allshownogo Shane

    Omg I don’t know why I find that so entertaining but I would laugh every time he would do it 😂🤣😂

  • Rick Alva
    Rick Alva

    Gotta go the other way to unwind

  • Brian W
    Brian W

    you should make some sort of skid plate/ski to attach to that front antenna mount

  • Danny Borden
    Danny Borden

    Love the channel guys!! What state is this in? Beautiful riding!

  • Say What
    Say What

    These guys are some crazy characters

  • Ep Love
    Ep Love

    Time for the big bark turbo

  • TexRobNC

    I'm still watching this, but I think the physics make sense of what is happening. On pavement, your center of spin is locked HARD to the center of mass due to rotation. When doing this on the ice, it's still sliding side to side. It means it's going to tip over the direction of the slide every time, right? Notice how the fastest one was the one where the thing was locked in, not moving any direction. It really starts to melt in a circle fast and that works for it.

  • Mike Harder
    Mike Harder

    One guy comes up with a bad idea and one guy loves bad ideas creates a horrible idea! Great video!!

  • Micheal Gale
    Micheal Gale

    Need some crazy rubber under that truck "Rick" ,,,,,, Yee Yee Spin No More

  • Micheal Gale
    Micheal Gale

    omg ,,,, broken

  • Micheal Gale
    Micheal Gale

    lol ,,,

  • Cameron Bridges
    Cameron Bridges

    Can we see some more of this stuff

  • spun222499

    id be so depressed living where winter looked like that! would need my sled fix

  • Pavestar1

    Why does Leo find it a must to take gods name in vain all the time I love you guys but he’s gotta stop that no one else does it but him 😤😤

  • Phil Bellavia
    Phil Bellavia

    @15:03 rich n sous’ exchange regarding the Race Unit

  • Jessica kids
    Jessica kids

    You should go down to florida and go to the palm bay compound and try that mud

  • Thomas cannon
    Thomas cannon

    Ice is always thicker in the middle than on the edges...

  • Dayton Trail Riders
    Dayton Trail Riders

    A day with Cody. That would be awesome.

  • Daniel Gunion
    Daniel Gunion

    Thinking there was some apple juice involved in this video.

  • Drew Goody
    Drew Goody

    Are you sure about that .... yup swoosh right on his ass hahahahaha priceless

  • M doyle
    M doyle

    Mudlyfe ain’t Sherplyfe. Leo, how’s your back after that dismount?!

  • Dubit Fast
    Dubit Fast

    So that’s how Doug got those guns!

  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    When dumb and dumber meet stupid 😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  • I went to the woods
    I went to the woods

    I think you need a little suspension travel to help it balance

  • Ayersauto

    You should do something with bikes and beards