Nick, Doug, and “the other Nick”, a chemical technologist, mechanical engineer, and a local business owner who share a passion for the same hobby, team up to bring entertaining and informative content to their viewers.

A diverse collection of backgrounds, experiences, and personalities brings a perfect mixture of genuine know-how, exciting action and hilarious antics to their rapidly growing fan base.

  • MM Powersports
    MM Powersports

    That was the best start to a video I’ve seen ina long time haha

  • Hoe Dozer
    Hoe Dozer

    Rich Rules Baby. Lol Those shirts will sell fast. You guys have sponsors so i think you guys should start giving back with giveaways like other top you tubers do.. only fair bros we support yous as you always say so give back.

  • Rattius Finkius
    Rattius Finkius

    You need a shirt that says “The Sous is Loose”

  • James Isanogle
    James Isanogle

    My body was not fully ready for that merch drop! Rich rules baby! Shake it Sous! Big dog!

  • Hoe Dozer
    Hoe Dozer

    Dam the the hoodies are priced pretty high,but i enjoy watching you bros

  • Jeff Curtis
    Jeff Curtis

    I have the 800r I live in western ny tons of mud and snow and this machine is a ripper bang for your buck all day

  • SXS TeXaN
    SXS TeXaN


  • mathieu grenier
    mathieu grenier

    Nice accessories on the Commander, can you tell us more about them?

  • Aj Karrer
    Aj Karrer


  • Joe O
    Joe O

    Great intro

  • austin burns
    austin burns

    I’m 100% getting a rich rules shirt

  • Alex

    “Send er bud”

  • Colin Watt
    Colin Watt

    @SXSBlog - what size tire do you think the Talon X should have?

  • Colby Mullaney
    Colby Mullaney

    Just copped the new merch first ALgone merch I ever bought RICH RULES BABYYY

  • Clayton Brandes
    Clayton Brandes

    Rmax is where it’s at! We y’all gunna get an RMAX?

  • Reemis69

    Would look even better with a wing over the back tires

  • zach saylor
    zach saylor

    Buying a shirt purely because of the intro

  • Bo Perry
    Bo Perry

    I was rollimg when doug was "pushing" the sxs lollll

  • Dominick Bouchard
    Dominick Bouchard


  • Shawnonsens3

    you guys should do a sticker pack!!!! sell em for 15 bucks a sheet!!

  • Social Civilian
    Social Civilian

    You outdid yourself with the Hasslehoff intro

  • Bud Car
    Bud Car

    SOUS design! “ Your not wrong!!!! “

  • Ben Ranes
    Ben Ranes

    Keep your clothes on sous ! Rick Rules !

  • taritup 69down
    taritup 69down

    It's not a Fair competition when the tires on one or bigger than the other have they both been the same neither one of them made it up that hill

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Bring out the Uforce 1000

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear

    Rich rules baby

  • WooKiE

    Everytime I hear Rich talk he sounds like Johnny Carson 😆

  • Thomas Applegate
    Thomas Applegate

    Damn I need me one of those Rich rules shirts come on irs I needs my money for important apparel lol RICH RULES BABY!!!!!

  • mckrackin5324

    Givin'er hunner-tin ;)

  • Shady Shortbus
    Shady Shortbus

    can you guys do a lil more indepth look at the looks and accessories on both?

  • cory klein
    cory klein

    God dammit Rich! You were starting to look cool and then you tried to throw a snowball.

  • The Dutchman
    The Dutchman

    Would you guys ever test a Honda Pioneer 1000?

  • J D
    J D

    I just ordered a Rich Rules T-shirt based solely on this intro! 🤘🏼 😂

  • Carl Grimm
    Carl Grimm

    Hows the noise level in the new commander?

  • Broken arrow Outdoors
    Broken arrow Outdoors

    I have an OG commander with 28” tires. They are under powered with bigger tires on them. I’d be interested to see how the power is in the xt-p because it has 30” tires. Or maybe you guys just had it in eco mode not sport lol

  • grizzlyman 2015
    grizzlyman 2015

    You guys should try out the new Yamaha wolverine R-Max

  • balzarini51

    Looks like someone fed their mav trail after midnight

  • M Cook
    M Cook

    I’m 35 seconds in and had to stop already to give the thumbs up

  • Cole Wonsey
    Cole Wonsey

    Good to see some good ole boys from Michigan going to local places

  • ShweedleVonToke

    i've never wanted to buy something more. please do this everytime...

  • Shawnonsens3

    im already rolling 1:30 seconds in hahaha.....great intro guys lmao

  • Austin Kirsch
    Austin Kirsch

    Get anther artic cat

  • Austin Maynard
    Austin Maynard

    Best INTRO TO DATE!!!!!! 😂😂😂


    70s porno intro.. SOLID CHOICE!!

  • lakelandpowerwashing

    If you disliked that intro.... You live a sad life!

  • PNW_Native

    Wouldve loved to see what the Commander XTP wouldve done

  • Jay Som
    Jay Som

    Haha Nice merch intro. Someone has been paying attention the nelk boys. lol

  • Josse Cousineau
    Josse Cousineau

    where the 2 stroke triple triple at ?


      It’ll be here soon

  • brandon65678

    Need a RMax

  • M C
    M C

    Not sure i wanted to see sous flapping his foopa but you gotta take the good with the not so good sometimes😂

  • Johnny Pratt
    Johnny Pratt

    First sent to be on my jeep was in big valley climbing the same part of the hill you guys are. 😂

  • beegers outdoors
    beegers outdoors

    Real talk... hows the shrinkeadge in the dryer for the hoodies. Should we order a size up? Be real.

  • Rockkhound

    Dude's that intro/merch plug was frikin hilarious i swear best on ALgone yet lol

  • Kellen

    You guys get Bert Kriescher to model for ya? 😂🤣

  • Josh Owens
    Josh Owens

    Before watching prediction... Both units for free. Means biased no clear winner so you don't upset the sponsors.

    • Josh Owens
      Josh Owens Red Herring response.


      Yep you got us it’s all fake 🤡

  • beegers outdoors
    beegers outdoors

    Rich's face when he says , rich rules baby! Is fucking priceless! Gold, strait gold

  • Lake Hill Motors & Marine
    Lake Hill Motors & Marine

    Yamaha Rmax 1000!! would love to see it tested with these

  • beegers outdoors
    beegers outdoors

    Oh yeah...... RICH RULES BABY!!!

  • Bill Sines
    Bill Sines

    You need to compare the RMAX and the pioneer 1000 against them

  • beegers outdoors
    beegers outdoors

    Hands down the absolute funniest video ever that you guys have put out. From one Michigan man to another ! Touche!

  • David Downey
    David Downey

    Teryx 4 S vs Yamaha RMAX ???

  • Matt Steeber
    Matt Steeber

    Lmao nick suess ass shaking havnt laughed that hard ina min

  • Remedyz

    Would be cool to see this with tracks on.

  • Matt McBride
    Matt McBride

    I live in north TX which we may have more terrible cold weather if last week repeats it self more often.... it's either ball sweating hot or what we think is soo cold which is 30°-40°so I pre ordered the "rich rules!!" Shirt and Hoodie so I can stay warmmm when its chilly and cool when its needed🥶😡😤☠🥶 order # 15535 LOL We literally have hoodie weather for 1 month a year.... all my other tshirts and hoodies I own will be burned(for heat cuz we have no freaking power...) and i will only wear this hoodie and shirt from now on Rich Rulez Bebehhh Much love from TX, love the channel and the content yall crack me up!! Matt, Differential & Gear of Ft Worth, LLC

    • Yes Sir
      Yes Sir

      It’s crazy to think of the differences. I’ve lived in cold places all of my life(Wyoming and South Dakota). We don’t see anything above 32 degrees for months.

  • John Schafer
    John Schafer

    Need to get 30s on the can am y'all know 2" in tire size makes a big difference. I'd take the general!

  • Rusty Ass
    Rusty Ass

    Half vid is chatting! Do your shit

  • Tom Price
    Tom Price

    No Yamaha? That’s the matchup I paid to see... I demand a refund!

  • K Bone
    K Bone

    More like rich drools.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    How many miles are on the Commander? Does Can Am still do the mileage/computer controlled break in? If so you're only running at 70-80% power.

  • K Bone
    K Bone

    Comparing red apples to green apples. Weak. Get the same size tires next time , experts.

  • Jay D
    Jay D

    The onboard Camara angles were sick

  • HessianForHire

    Intros I didn't expect: THAT Things I'm not mad about: THAT

  • Patrick Barto
    Patrick Barto

    I haven't bought any of your merchandise, BUT HOT DAMN I AM NOWWW!

  • Mario Samora
    Mario Samora

    Lol that intro reminded me of a 90s lowrider movie.

  • Brad Cummings
    Brad Cummings

    Great honest review 👍🏻

  • cornspace

    The Nick Is loose!

  • clark cooper
    clark cooper

    It's a mavric sport with a bed !!

  • Terry Hagen
    Terry Hagen

    SXS, you guy put the wood to these machines. My question is how is the General holding up?

    • Terry Hagen
      Terry Hagen

      That’s good news! I just purchased a 2021 General XP Deluxe 1000. I had a deposit on the 2021 Yamaha Rmax but the General had to much over the Yamaha. I test drove both. Comfort and accessories for the General killed the Yamaha. Thanks for the response.


      So far been solid, nothing broken

  • Jake Pysz
    Jake Pysz

    Helluva merch plug

  • Jordan Benz
    Jordan Benz

    Intro of all intros,you guys blew me away with the rich rules shirt. Totally my idea btw lol just ordered mine keep up the great content!!!!👌👍