1000HP 2JZ powered Polaris RZR hits the sand at LITTLE SAHARA!
This thing on sand is a whole new level of crazy!!
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    What should we do next with 2JP?! Comment below..

    • World Traveler东北
      World Traveler东北

      Race the hoon

    • Cohnam 1911
      Cohnam 1911

      Outrun a v8 that looks like a T Rex lol

    • Joel Gonzales
      Joel Gonzales

      Would love to see you guys come out to Glamis on a major Holiday. There your car will be tested against some of the best. Every year there's folks lining up to drag their cars against others. Also plenty of room to put the petal to the metal. algone.info/slow/video/hqDWyKpokpKo2YU

    • John Marsh
      John Marsh

      Yup after reading they the comments 4wd nitrous the mf and go full on formula off-road with it set the status quo haha smaller chassis but same power as F.O. Water skip it for the views!!!

    • John Marsh
      John Marsh

      Formula off-road tires 2-3 inch paddles or it ain’t worth it

  • Tanner Stratton
    Tanner Stratton

    Where is this?

  • New year new Slxckzy
    New year new Slxckzy

    Imagine what that tubing would do on a drag strip (pavement of course)

  • Ronnie Walters
    Ronnie Walters

    Make it fast

  • Ronnie Walters
    Ronnie Walters

    This car is not fast at all I have a naturally aspirated LS7 BFD sand car I can put whatever money you want on the bet u can do dead stop rolling start and I will beat you. if you want to give me some free money let me know.

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson

    You just in home depot?

  • Chinchin lovs
    Chinchin lovs

    I can't

  • Jonathon Tritto
    Jonathon Tritto


  • mincraft pro
    mincraft pro

    Race a funco buggy stock with this thing i wanna see who wins

  • Hyperlink

    Ramp in boost with speed sensors.

  • jeff

    Kickass build. Should be a treasure trove of content

  • Cohnam 1911
    Cohnam 1911

    Off subject love the paint job

  • leo ll
    leo ll

    Have you ever considered putting a relief valve on your ice tank so you can drop chunks of dry ice in there?

  • MTM Community
    MTM Community

    Put a pile of sand behind his tires so he has a start with some traction

  • Kris Knabe
    Kris Knabe

    Damn wish I could met you guys waynoka is less than a hour away

  • Ako!

    yo i saw you guys at cleetus and cars bradington florida and the 1300 hp RZR was insane

  • Eazyryder1n1

    Shit. I been goin to the dunes forever. R. They got a bigass rattlesnakes hunt too every year

  • Tamara Bryan
    Tamara Bryan

    It looks like the rims and tires are way to heavy for the front. It looks like it’s trying to push the front tires through the sand. Unless it was 4 wheel drive then it would make sense. Great build though

  • Trolig

    It sound's like a speed boat

  • Craig Mocello
    Craig Mocello

    Talk less

  • Joseph Campana
    Joseph Campana

    That Turbo Whine💦 I Love It😻

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl

    Loosen speed do to tires not hooking up.

  • Lorrayne Thompson
    Lorrayne Thompson


  • doon714

    Shift the dam thing.....

  • drewnashty

    Big Boy paddles for full send mode. In wetter sand what you have would be great but 1k HP plus that soft sand. Scoop a loop

  • MicKMuzZ MKMZ
    MicKMuzZ MKMZ

    Good thing it has a decent "oh fuck" bar for the passenger to hold on to!

  • Patrick Bodine
    Patrick Bodine

    Been there. Sandy. Just sayin'.

  • Chad Brandon
    Chad Brandon

    Over paddled and front needs lightened as much as possible to work with stretch frame. I know it looks cool to sling sand but rear tire height and paddles need to change. Has to work with engines power curve and rpm peaks. Gearing too match whatever your trying to do. Hills, flats, desert sand or ocean sand textures, length of run or all around...

  • Ben

    And i thought a 1000 general pulled hard

  • Car DestroyerYT
    Car DestroyerYT

    what you could do so it doesn't spin so much is either take some air out of the rear tires or put more weight in the rear, or both

  • Justin Werner
    Justin Werner

    This thing needs all wheel drive!

  • Orin Mancine
    Orin Mancine

    I have sand drag for years. I feel you have plenty of tire. You are in some real soft sand there. You have a 2 spd shift at a 100 ft. The higher gear will load the motor and allow the tire to hook up. Your to use to hearing you belt drive no shift SXS running up the rpm. The car you have now has big horse power shift early to load the motor and hang on don't drive it like your SXS. Your doing a great job a little more seat time and you'll be the guy's to beat. That thing is awesome I've been following the build.

  • steadyblazn1

    Absolute insanity guys loving it 😈

  • 619dunner

    This would require lots of skill to build and drive. Man card would need to be valid to own this. So nothing rzr about this right here.

  • E T H A N
    E T H A N

    That is so cool. Need it 😂😂😂

  • hagerhog118

    This thing is amazing......just saying

  • mark guerin
    mark guerin

    Rear tires are lifting " looks like it's squaring ! " your only using inside half of your tires ! You can see it in video looking back.

  • Rylan Taylor
    Rylan Taylor


  • The ŠaVage King
    The ŠaVage King

    Am I the only one that sees what looks like hickeys on that kids neck???

  • William Houston Jr
    William Houston Jr

    U should bring this car to the next cleetus and cars in Florida everyone will love this car

  • Frank Austin
    Frank Austin

    Put a aluminum 5.3 ls in it the v8 actually weighs less about 100 pound twin turbo it defuse the 5.3 for around 1500 1800 hp and send it

  • Zach T.
    Zach T.

    6:01 - Thank you for correcting that kid. It's ground not floor.

  • Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lewis

    That thing is a monster

  • Ay Ay
    Ay Ay

    It's so much fun listening to you all talk8)

  • Billy Butcher
    Billy Butcher

    1st rule: You don't run paddles unless you have the power to pull them. You can achieve motion efficiently enough by airing down the offroad tires you already posses. 2nd rule: If you have the power to pull paddles, the size and number of paddles will be determined by the amount of power you have. You obviously have stores of power. So, skip rule#1 and move straight to shit canning those ridiculous half scoops. The diameter of the paddles you have are too small. Up the diameter of the tire itself and make sure they are full paddles on beadlock wheels. Noobs..hahaha Great vid..nice rig.

  • jerandjam127

    Bring that out to Little Sahara in Utah! That thing would be just another average dune machine! Come drag sand mountain!

  • Clasher Logan
    Clasher Logan

    Getting famous off comments day 1 so I can achieve my dreams 🤟🤟🤟

  • kaedin stenberg
    kaedin stenberg

    So does this have the full 2jz or is the block cut down a bit like that one maverick that's on yt?

    • kaedin stenberg
      kaedin stenberg

      Nvm watched a little more and saw the engine haha, things sick!

  • Caleb Trosley
    Caleb Trosley

    anybody notice the hickys on teh kids neck

  • chad l
    chad l

    shift it

  • chad l
    chad l

    i saw you in Alva ok

  • What about Bob
    What about Bob

    Wheel speed is key in the sand

  • Ashley Polhamus
    Ashley Polhamus

    Soften the girl up. She will hook up good. Transfer that weight

  • Larz

    It doesn’t look like it needs more tire. It looks like normal sand. It works like a jet boat pump. Pounds of sand displaced rearward = forward thrust.

  • Lights out noob
    Lights out noob

    add weight to the back and itll have better traction

  • Μιλτοσ Καραμετας
    Μιλτοσ Καραμετας

    boring video tho..

  • The One
    The One

    front wheels are and look like junk..need a light weight balloon tire..but all in all pretty bad..dont need more tire..need less weight of front tires they're junk.

  • onlyinawillys

    Why put that motor in a RZR instead of a real sand car chassis?

  • James Gay
    James Gay

    I want one. 👍

  • Tech sir
    Tech sir

    Friggin' AWESOME video guys! On a side note, has anyone ever wondered if the camera man for this video had major ADD?

  • Jim Jack
    Jim Jack

    Looks like fun but too bad it’s UGLY!! Definitely not the best looking buggy on the dunes

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez

    That 2jz sound 5:32😍😍😍

  • Thicc Lips
    Thicc Lips

    what is on the kids neck lmao

  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes

    A lot of talking very little using the vehicle

  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes

    Our sand dunes also have an Oldsmobile Hill the famous Glamis sand dunes

  • jesse mason
    jesse mason

    awesome rzr now do a boosted 20b or 26b

  • Ruler of the Under Sky %
    Ruler of the Under Sky %

    I like anything JZ, and this thing is damn cool. You get a sub from me.

  • Chris Carota
    Chris Carota


  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt

    I was hoping for little Sahara Utah......

  • Monroe Five-O
    Monroe Five-O

    Is that the old Cleetus bus in the video.

  • Noah Ater
    Noah Ater

    1000 hp dust storm generator 😂

  • Brandon Ireland
    Brandon Ireland

    Skinnies on the front+slicks on the rear+wheelie bar+parachute=☠️

  • bo matt
    bo matt

    Love the Jurassic Park livery. Can’t get enough of 2JZ noise. I love it guys. Great work.

  • Abel Diaz
    Abel Diaz

    Is it only me or did anyone else see that can am at 18:35

  • Demario Da Designer
    Demario Da Designer

    Lol GEEK'D UP

  • BigT_Money

    holy suck. i dont even know what to say about the 2JP. DAMN!!!!

  • John Summers
    John Summers

    Why run ugly ass Ford Explorer wheels on the front? If you're gonna put that much time and money into a build at least make it look good!

  • Philip Treadwell
    Philip Treadwell

    Man, that ride is GAY!!!

  • Jerry Despaltro
    Jerry Despaltro

    Take some air out of the tires to get it to hook.

  • J.L Productions
    J.L Productions

    I live in Waynoka

  • sanddragracer

    What kind of tire pressure your you guys running

  • sanddragracer

    next tires up are a set of bigger diggers, but they are alot heavier and A TON more aggressive, in all honesty with those tires on sand get more wheelspeed out of the hole and shift it earlier

  • Shawn Clark
    Shawn Clark

    Do a rolling hit

  • Nathan Neely
    Nathan Neely

    You know what happened. All the things, people did them. Over all excellent.

  • SuperChitlin

    You got the power ... pull second about 10 feet out? It ain’t gonna fall on its face? You might even wanna try leaving in second

  • Jay Hickey
    Jay Hickey

    That thing hits harder than a pissed off stepdad.

  • airraptor

    World record for the car lol

  • ExtremeATVOffroad

    Man that thing rips

  • William Herberger
    William Herberger

    Only three runs. Come on guys.

  • Caleb. M.
    Caleb. M.

    IDE love to see this thing hit the streets with maybe some slicks? Who knows


    No fare Cool

  • john fasano II
    john fasano II


  • ABC

    What a bunch of grown ass losers!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • BikoTheAnimator

    I searched "2jz swap" and this video came up

  • Matthew Larson
    Matthew Larson

    Spinnin ain’t winnin. Tooooo much powaaaaa lol

  • MrFix ItRight
    MrFix ItRight

    Start in second gear in the sand.

  • VIIJuniorIIV

    Go for more of a bubble tire don’t not flat

  • VIIJuniorIIV

    Wet sand brother

  • Alex

    Unreal. Such a great job guys

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley

    Lookin at the ass-end during the slo-mo, I'd say if it's possible, CONSIDERABLY lower spring/suspension rates in the rear...keep'r squattin. Seemed to squat then lift back up after just a few feet; at least it's what i saw (could always be hallucinating... hopefully...flashback from the hippie days!!)

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