1000HP Polaris RZR 2JZ Part 6! Huge progress! Annd Z1 turbo?!
Cold side work is done! Awesome!
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    How has Harbor Freight not sponsored y’all yet wtf

  • Chuck Beef
    Chuck Beef

    Hubs lol. Those are called spindles on snowmobiles.

  • Racingboom The Pleb
    Racingboom The Pleb

    You probably SHOULD just put the fuel cell in back, you’re gonna need all the weight on the rear you can get.

  • Z287899

    Still have the sled? I might need some parts off of it for mine!

  • Gabriel Race
    Gabriel Race

    SXSBlog you guys need to do a asphalt snowmobile (goes on the 1/4 & 1/8 tracks) like Milan dragway for example because I know you guys are from michigan like me 😁🤟 for the next project !!


    Man pop the hatch! 2jz no shit. Yall planning on jumping the freedom factory 🏭 🤣🤣

  • Tom Roy
    Tom Roy

    Awesome job, you guys are killing it.

  • Jeremy Solem
    Jeremy Solem

    Not the cat

  • Greg Travels
    Greg Travels

    Why didn’t you guys just give him the motor from Jurassic Park instead of him buying a brand new sled for just the motor? What a waste of money!

  • AdventureVenture

    Sooo, what kind of transmission are you using for this?

  • Anthony Schirtzinger
    Anthony Schirtzinger

    Just so you guys know, this project is the main reason I just subscribed. Your adventures with Cleetus helped too 😁

  • Jeffrey Moran
    Jeffrey Moran

    Put some wings on that thing while your at it you could fly that monster.

  • Lewis Radbourn
    Lewis Radbourn

    What trans are you going to use?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Stephen Hatgis
    Stephen Hatgis

    Stupid crazy thought - how much fuel do you think the roll cage would hold? But it is a funny thought. Ya know with a smaller tank attached to the role cage may give the volume you want with certain chambers of the roll cage blocked off.


    Not enough ppl know about this.

  • Doonie Boys
    Doonie Boys

    Put a keg in it for a fuel tank

  • Automotive Dynamics
    Automotive Dynamics

    Heey new subscriber here.....love the work that doug does......definitely a skilled gear head......as far as the 2j in a SXS.....whoever the mentally unstable person is that will operate that beast......you have cohones of unimaginable size........on a side note if you're trying to hit 1000+ hp , which god knows why you even want that much power in a SXS , get rid of the "silly" couplings and use V bands for charge pipe connections to avoid "pressure separation"........i can tell by the lack of concern that you both have for just exactly what you're building.....Leo , Cleetus's corvette " ruby" doesn't pull anywhere near as hard as this SXS will pull , even if it only makes 900hp....you would blast down a 1/4 mile somewhere in the high 7 second range assuming it will even hook up.

  • ngh

    Also.... I don't mean to hijack your comments.... I think it is kick ass that you are still in the learning process of a lot of this stuff. Once you figure out the Tig, you should put out a HOWTO video for the newbie tig welding aluminum, tubes, etc. Thanks again!

  • ngh

    What spring weight did you end up with in the rear? Did you have to change it at all or just crank the stock ones down a bit?

  • ngh

    Cut the inlet off and turn it down or up 90. That would give you a bunch of room.

  • preston Espinosa
    preston Espinosa

    Recommend to resurface the intake flange could have warped from the heat after welding all those runners

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Lol you think that's buried, I'm an automotive dismantler and I work for one of the biggest companies in Canada that does what we do. We buy newer 2020 to 2000 year insurance write offs, salvage auction cars etc and pull the motors out, interiors, body panels and parts pretty much everything worth anything. Lately I've done two 2019 Jaguar Supercharged SUV and a one Jag supercharged car and you wouldn't believe how crammed things are. Even with lifts. Overhead cranes in shop and everything else tool wise to make the job easy. Same with Mercedes and BMW Late model cars and SUVs... cool job but sometimes frustrating lol

  • Merlin Kuder
    Merlin Kuder

    Add fuel tank above engine on a plate to shield from heat

  • silentsoul86

    Quentin is 1 of the bros😎 great dude to know

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby

    Where did you get the refrigerator vinyl

  • Calvin Eaton
    Calvin Eaton

    Gotta put drag radials on it and take it to the drag strip.

  • 59vaughn

    Whaaaat.?!?..how much....?!?!?....okay.......alright.....🙄🤔😜

  • Ford Rich
    Ford Rich

    Flip the intake cut and weld

  • Brandxmotorsports

    1000$ bet, that sand rail against a Sxs. 300ft

  • Josh Boucher
    Josh Boucher

    DOUG and Nick squared know your crap I'm impressed

  • Daniel Kapsner
    Daniel Kapsner

    PLEASE RZR swap the sled!!!

  • BusaJohnny1

    Gotta love aluminum shavings in the 👀🤣🤣

  • McChadsworth

    The intentionally unintentional shower of debris was one of the most satisfying things I've ever seen

  • Daniel Vinette
    Daniel Vinette

    I'd be very happy if you did a electric project. Heck ya

  • shawn crosby
    shawn crosby

    Jesus that guy is obsessed with showing that he can lift an engine with 1 arm lol


    heyy you guys could mount your tanks ontop of the trans and diff if not beside.


      well alot of trophy trucks have it that way too and have tire mounts on them so i thought of recommending the setup.

  • Jeremy Konkle
    Jeremy Konkle

    Quentin is an unbelievable fabricator/welder. Just put him to the test. He can tune aswell

  • Robert Benitez
    Robert Benitez

    What transaxle are you using mediola?

  • Aaron Carter
    Aaron Carter

    No you’re killing it every day. Thank you for all you do! Now make me a sammich!

  • Conor Hogan
    Conor Hogan

    I’m expecting more content now with this quarantine :)))

  • Cory Record
    Cory Record

    Hey Doug you should put the motus mv4 engine in a yxz. Someone put one in a rzr and it was pretty cool.

  • Dumbass U.P. Riders
    Dumbass U.P. Riders

    That's not a z1 motor that is a Yamaha sidewinder motor...

    • Dumbass U.P. Riders
      Dumbass U.P. Riders

      Nevermind... That is a z1

  • shammy nz
    shammy nz

    The reason they are cheap is the butterfly bearings you may find that you have a boost leak through the bearings as they use cheaper bearings that are not sealed. Big fan from new Zealand

  • OCEunlimited

    Why not make a big flat(ish) fuel cell to sit on top of the transmission in that big open area? Also, be careful using belt sanders and wire wheels on aluminum for welding. It’s so soft that it’ll fold over and trap dirt in the metal and make it hard to weld. It’s best to use a stainless steel brush by hand for cleaning

  • OCEunlimited

    I’d v-band the whole intake system so you don’t blow a cupeling and suck some shit in the motor

  • Cody Christopherson
    Cody Christopherson

    my dad always says welding is 10% knowledge and 90% practice

  • Jason N.
    Jason N.

    Hope you like RPM with that intake

    • SXSBlog.com

      We ain't buildin it to lug it around town, haha

  • mattd19902010

    Do you guys still have the stock cage from cleetus x3 xmr my friend rolled mine I'm looking for one

  • ostacruiser

    Hell ya Ryan!!!! She gonna RIP!!

    • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
      Ryan Winchester Known Sender

      Thanks osta I think it should run pretty good

  • WannaGoFAST 322
    WannaGoFAST 322

    Great videos guys and content. I can’t wait for JP to race Leroy

  • Eclipse538

    i wouldve told you that you shouldve flipped the intake around when you were cutting it as well, and also run the turbski backwards too, and plumb the engine from the backside. but nahhhhhhh

  • Chad Parker
    Chad Parker

    You guys are killing it. If you guys cut the chassis right behind the seats and stretch it like 6 to 8 inches it would give room for all the pipes and a fuel tank down low

  • Dave Carroll
    Dave Carroll

    You boys need a surface grinder!

  • Turbo

    I love the friggin channel dudes

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    Cant wait to watch JP RIP!

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson

    You and your buddies should burn some old jackets and snow pants, make a video of it and post it on here.

  • fishy z
    fishy z

    Hey electric can be fast as hell

  • Eric Savage
    Eric Savage

    So after selling the chassis what would one have in a z1 swap? Have thought about it in my 800 4-seat but don’t know if I could live with myself for putting in a cat motor. I ride with a few guys that run 9000 turbas and I also would have to hear it from them. A piped two stroke would be sweet but I don’t think it’s as easy as a z1 swap

    • SXSBlog.com

      Couldn't tell ya off the top of my head but still very expensive to do correctly

  • Cody Norris
    Cody Norris

    Doug, if you don’t win the freedom500 are you really doing anything with your life?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Excellent question

  • user1234 yrock
    user1234 yrock

    I wish these guys would break their videos down to 15-20 mins instead of 35-45 minute videos....

  • Terrell Hubert
    Terrell Hubert

    Call Gato for a intake. They can make what u need. Good people.

  • Wildturkey10121

    You guys are crazy!!!! I can't wait till it is finished and you don't die in it!!!!!

  • Steve Dela Rosa
    Steve Dela Rosa

    Would Love to get an update on the RZR Snow Machine swap when it’s all do. Just curious of the difference on how it rips between the two different engines. Thanks and nice progress on JP

    • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
      Ryan Winchester Known Sender

      Still working on it but I'll let you know how it does when it running 💯👍

  • HessianForHire

    Definitely have to keep us updated on Winchester's project, that's genius!

  • Ken blank
    Ken blank

    All that camera did is show how hard Doug works. But we all new he did everything there.

  • dappman

    Hello , this is Dappman fro. All seasons EV in Ohio , of it is an Electric snowmobile or side by side you want, we build both, check out the Dappman channel and find the world's only submersible Electric ATVs. You guys are doing a great job and look forward to talking.

  • morissette544

    im building a z1 center seat rzr right now too!

    • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
      Ryan Winchester Known Sender

      That's awesome 👌

  • rolandrockstar mega
    rolandrockstar mega

    Fighting to unload the sled while the forklift sits in the corner.lol

    • rolandrockstar mega
      rolandrockstar mega

      @SXSBlog.com it's an artic car.stick the forklift through the tunnel and rock on. Good luck tomorrow. Make us proud!!!!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      If only someone had remembered to bring the fork extensions

  • James Makes Stuff
    James Makes Stuff

    Discovered through the Cletus McFarland Channel. Yeah. The unit you guys built for him is crazy. 8)

  • KuschallRacing

    why actually the SXS dont use Snowmobile 4 cylinder enginmes…..

  • chxmx

    How old is this footage? Just curious how much more is already recorded that we can look forward to

  • stay muddy
    stay muddy

    Evarybody like this if it should be called the 2jp

  • VeyKen

    You could do a green or yellow cam cover and keep the intake black. It'll make the color pop more and look absolutely sick.

  • dave korn
    dave korn

    Wouldnt be upsetting seeing a little more of the progress of mr winchesters build keep up the awesome work fellas

  • eric jones
    eric jones

    Are you guys going to do a skid plate over the intercooler or maybe some skid bars around it to keep it from getting punctured or smashed ?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yeah the factory skid plate is going to protect most of that

  • Brandon Panozzo
    Brandon Panozzo

    Dont cut the intake again remote mount the throttle body with a 90° elbow talk to Jeremy ftom fasterproms if you are not surd about it working

  • Brandon Panozzo
    Brandon Panozzo

    how do you not have more subs you guys kick ass i cant wait to see this thing together gunna be so sick

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Can you do fuel cell in the front

  • Jordan Nagy
    Jordan Nagy

    With making it 2wd that clears up a lot of room for a fuel cell in front of the fire wall where the front diff and drive shaft used to be

    • SXSBlog.com

      That area is only good for about 3 gallons. Plus it's not very safe to have the fuel in front of you. We're going to stick with the large rear mount

  • Chris Bethmann
    Chris Bethmann

    You always say ‘we” dude, haven’t seen you do anything but talk

    • Chris Bethmann
      Chris Bethmann

      SXSBlog.com fair enough,

    • SXSBlog.com

      I also always say and by we I mean Doug. Lol

  • Casey Jobes
    Casey Jobes

    pie cut the TB flange to aim up. thats what i would do.

  • Ashton Thibodeaux
    Ashton Thibodeaux

    make sure to clean cold side before welding and tape any open spaces to internals of the engine.

  • Lonnie Reavis
    Lonnie Reavis

    The build is looking amazing. With all the craziness going on out there right now really look forward to your Videos.just to forget about everything and have some laughs. Blowing the aluminum chips all over Nick was freaking hilarious. Really looking forward to the freedom 500. Hope you guys do well ,have fun ,stay safe out there.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks Lonnie!

  • Hjccjr

    Are you taking any of the machines down to Florida?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Devin Shepherd
    Devin Shepherd

    Only problem with Silicone couplers is at higher boost they may not hold, may run into issues later on down the road. Just a thought

    • SXSBlog.com

      I think at this point we're just trying to do a minimal amount of aluminum welding because it's very difficult. We got very nice quality clamps and silicone coming.

  • Mark Hudson
    Mark Hudson

    I call dibs on the skis

  • Vinnie Madrox
    Vinnie Madrox

    So, what are you guys doing for a trans for this beast? Th400? Power Glyde?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer

    "It's gonna hit..so hard" best line of 2020 so far

  • The One
    The One

    Paint the intake to match Leo's purse.

  • jade schiller
    jade schiller

    I ride atvs but havnt had the chance to ride side by sides. I'm a pretty large guy. Im 6'2 an weight in at about 400. I have a belly but not like you think, built like a lineman on a pro football team. Just huge. What's the best side by side out there for large guys like me that tend to have alittle more room??? I'm a polaris guy. But any kind of info on any sxs would be greatly appreciated.

    • jade schiller
      jade schiller

      @SXSBlog.com thank you and much appreciated!!!! The parts an service are open but sales floors locked up. I saw a sign saying to call about setting up a appointment to speak with a salesman. So I'm going to try this Saturday!! I'll be looking forward to future videos! I'm pretty new to sxs but starting to watch quite alot of your past videos!

    • SXSBlog.com

      The new Pro XP is the most roomy Polaris ever made. If your local dealer is open go sit in one and let us know what you think.

  • kilafranz

    Are those wheel dollies any good

    • SXSBlog.com

      So far so good.

  • redneck style
    redneck style

    I assume you're taking the front diff out how much room do you have up there for a fuel tank

  • Quantel Sefrus
    Quantel Sefrus

    algone.info/slow/video/r2rNyZWFh3qEz5s Styx River XP1000

  • Jared Mobbs
    Jared Mobbs

    You could always mount the throttle body away from the intake itself.

  • Brandon wolfe
    Brandon wolfe

    What app are you guys using to get the verified 60ft?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
    Ryan Winchester Known Sender

    If anyone what's to know the z1 weighs more than the rzr engine 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯👍

    • chxmx

      @Ryan Winchester Known Sender 😂 dude I was 87% sure it was TN or KY haha good shit man. 👍 Exciting stuff going on keep it up

    • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
      Ryan Winchester Known Sender

      @chxmx l live in Kentucky but I'm only about 10 miles from Tennessee

    • chxmx

      I'm from Tennessee and that accent has got to be from a state close by. I'd be shocked if not haha 😂

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Outstanding job Doug. You would be the best shop teacher ever the way you explain things and your dynamic personality and outlook. This is very much enjoyable. Heck yeah Dude! I have a feeling JP is going to be a handful.

  • Craig Strom
    Craig Strom

    I cant wait to see this unit done. Gonna be one of the baddest sxs around. I can see it now with huge paddles and hitting the dunes.

  • Craig Strom
    Craig Strom

    I cant wait to see this unit done. Gonna be one of the baddest sxs around. I can see in now with huge paddles and hitting the dunes.

  • Pat Blair
    Pat Blair

    Old jp motor in sled

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