It will spin... LOL
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  • SXSBlog.com

    How crazy is this machine? Ready for 7s in the quarter!?

    • David Francisco
      David Francisco


    • M p
      M p

      bro it weighs 900 lbs it better run 6s with 12oowhp lol

    • Adam Peters
      Adam Peters

      People want to see you race this Vs Ken Blocks Hoonicorn, it's all over their Newest Video they dropped today 12/21/2020. No disrespect but I was in disbelief your RZR was that good but if that's a actual 9sec in a 1/4 mile I think you guys have the chance to be the First to beat the Hoonicorn. Make it happen!!!

    • mark warren
      mark warren

      @Mike Bjork burnouts are kind of a necessary thing for slicks on a dragstrip. That said I don't think I would go get ignorant with it on the burnout pad at cletus's.

    • Heavy hauling Idaho
      Heavy hauling Idaho

      @john jordon I’m not sure they are against it, unless I missed them saying it. Probably just need to fab one up. These guys have been traveling a lot lately and have barely had time to work on the machine

  • Dillon Gray
    Dillon Gray

    Idk if anyone is hating on the mullet beard look but if you are fuck off. That shit looks good af. Keep rocking that shit! 🤟

  • Cecil Burney
    Cecil Burney

    Good ol 80's-90's Toyota when they were in their over engineering stage where everything was built indestructible. For example if the engine made 200hp it was built to hold 600 before having to open it up and we got the 22r, 4ag, 3s, 5s, 1 n 2jz, 1-3uz (1uz was up to aeronautical standards stock....). Just a few examples of the good stuff they put out n the 1g-gte the 2.0tt didnt do to bad and was Toyotas answer to the rb20 and don't get me wrong there was a few turds in there to but if u overcame a few factory flaws they could make decent power reliably "cough...7mgte...cough" n before the shots start flying ,I earned my stripes with my mk3 and had a give n take relationship with my 7m (it gave me shit and I took it ,till the head gasket light came on around the time I gotta deal on what I needed to make a 1.5jz n I abandoned the 7m) and it was fun and torque was great but I went jz and never worried about the blown head gasket light (rad reserve low light) ever again. Sorry for the book y'all, I'll get off my soap box now lol

  • bass 101
    bass 101

    What a Horrible diver get a better driver and that razor will be mind blowing

  • Bryce Menzies
    Bryce Menzies

    Doug you’re nuts! Haha

  • David Francisco
    David Francisco


  • Brandon Henry
    Brandon Henry

    Why aren’t you full power through... I don’t understand

    • SXSBlog.com

      Did you see the wheelies?

  • Tj Merryman
    Tj Merryman

    Wow wheelie bar time

  • hayden butler
    hayden butler

    Race the hoonicorn

  • empty99100

    Everything about that pass sounds like some bs you'd hear from your uncle. "Yeah I ran a 9 second quarter mile in my razor after spinning, pedaling, and breaking after like 3/4" alright uncle Joe, lay off the Busch light 😒

  • Mynameis 007
    Mynameis 007

    That thing VS Leroy let’s GOOOOOOOO

  • jeff

    Acts surprised a proven platform is fast. But the chassis handling the power is very impressive. Amazing build

  • Lucifer II
    Lucifer II

    Easily run 4.7s n 1/8 mile

  • trunks ko
    trunks ko

    rzr vs hoonicorn

  • Vic A. Urquidi
    Vic A. Urquidi

    i cant stand that cage! redue it!

  • aj The Road
    aj The Road

    I wanna see this thing go against the hoonicorn

  • vladimir smich
    vladimir smich

    That’s not a RZR it’s a SUPRA!

  • vladimir smich
    vladimir smich

    2JZ sounds so SEXY!

  • Don Babe
    Don Babe

    Launch 3500 rpm I bet it can run low 8s

  • Ikan Masin
    Ikan Masin


  • James

    man with a proper drag racer and tuner that thing could scoot

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller


  • Jonathon Tritto
    Jonathon Tritto


  • akfinner1

    23:20 is that squirrels brother?

  • Komodo Dragon
    Komodo Dragon

    Awesome video. New subscriber. Can't wait.

  • Swampbilly

    Who else couldn’t give a shit about a 1/8 but wants to see a quarter

  • Kyle Hollenbeck
    Kyle Hollenbeck

    Should try and work with forza to have it put in the game

  • DEROH90H9

    I don’t always thumb up videos but this my friend this has earned my thumb up

  • mark im
    mark im

    Those axles look so small for 1100 hp lol..it’s looks like a pick up with half a bed,lol..

  • Supercharged TSX
    Supercharged TSX

    Doug I thought you were sheamus for a second

  • Jeremiah Thomas
    Jeremiah Thomas

    Doug got a mullet

  • Rayce Russell
    Rayce Russell

    The shot @ 6:46 was sooo nice. Love this build

  • gweedo 357
    gweedo 357

    That’s insane

  • JayrseyshoreGardner

    New suby here.. you guys are a bunch of good dudes from my old state..

  • tyler klassen
    tyler klassen

    Poor driving skills

  • Dick Fitzwell
    Dick Fitzwell

    Bring that thing to dunefest in Oregon next year please!

  • cpuslave77

    Its time to build a 3 or 4 rotor Rotary Turbo!

  • Branan Ridenhour
    Branan Ridenhour

    Bro that is a awesome beast man man man 🤣 that is amazing I love that thing

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg

    Looks like a lot of worthless trump supporters

  • 7S6L

    Joe Dirt does a mean burn out....

  • Chuck H
    Chuck H

    Add weights to the front end

  • Brandon Renwick
    Brandon Renwick

    2JP vs RUBY callem out!!!

  • Ryan Schramm
    Ryan Schramm

    time for a wheelie bar

  • George Anthony
    George Anthony

    Poorest excuse of a mullet i have ever seen! But damn that this sick! The side by side, not the mullet

  • Tom Rose
    Tom Rose

    Definitely whellie bars..this buggy is going to set many records. Many records are up for grabs with you guys on the scene. LOOK OUT COMPETITION.

  • t3hj4n1t0r

    goddamn that thing squats

  • Christopher Ch
    Christopher Ch

    Savage RUN 👍😎👍

  • Miguel Vázquez
    Miguel Vázquez

    This beast will give ruby and maybe even James’ 240 a run for their money

  • D Harris
    D Harris

    U coulda upped your time if U would have strapped Nick on the front for weight!

  • Just Ben
    Just Ben

    Rocking that Kiefer Sutherland look. 👍

  • Adam I'll never tell
    Adam I'll never tell

    That thing needs a parachute when you put the wheelie bars on put a parachute on it could save your life

    • WildBill 33
      WildBill 33

      It has a chute

  • Shadow

    the hoonicorn mustang would smack this in a race ez

  • Michael Delgado
    Michael Delgado


  • Alejandro Padilla
    Alejandro Padilla

    new to channel, love it. This video gave me big 1320video vibes

  • Guy Outdoors
    Guy Outdoors

    A team GO!! I'm digging the joe dirt look

  • vzgsxr

    Few more test days - then maybe time to show the Hoonicorn who's boss? 🤔

  • D Clark
    D Clark

    Time for wheelie bars

  • Tookoff

    Hopefully they don't try to seize that due to copyright

  • lancer787

    I would imagine adding weight on the nose like boostedboiz in the MR2


    Wheelie bar it.

  • KittyKiller765

    Where’s the wheelie bar if you want to throw power down

  • It’s not a Nova
    It’s not a Nova

    Perfect example of power to weight. It only takes 550hp to go low 8s in a 1400 lb vehicle 👍🏼

  • 50 Channel
    50 Channel

    Nice mallet

  • Chev_man _13
    Chev_man _13

    It’s a little better than burning right

  • Johnny Hammersticks
    Johnny Hammersticks

    Those BFG's last forever, tried to roast the ones off my truck, took me 3 days of 3rd gear burnouts in my c1500 and they still had tread when I put my summer wheels and tires on. BFGoodrich sponsor these fellas ASAP!

  • karl G
    karl G

    Need some 2jp swag

  • Honeybutter Worth
    Honeybutter Worth

    Wow..learn how to drive.you need a real driver to pound her good.

    • SXSBlog.com

      We're taking applications, send your racing resume to our email

  • Ramanpreet Mann
    Ramanpreet Mann

    I love how that 2j sounds when its revved up, sounds japanese as hell. why it sound so american while idling lmao

  • Canadiangangstar

    Look out Leroy- Mad Doug is comin for ya

  • Jonathon Vince
    Jonathon Vince

    It wants more power on the launch. It will keep it planted better.

  • bromine1988

    When can we see the sxs run with Coopers 2jz camaro down the strip? Amazing build guys.

    • bromine1988

      @SXSBlog.com cant wait. You guys killed it!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Was hoping to do it at C&C but the rain got us. It will happen

  • Rowdy TT
    Rowdy TT

    Yooo drag race this thing more. Pleaseee

  • GoldenStateX

    Please slam it 🙏🏻

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    Would it be possible to add weight plates or something to the front to keep it down?

  • rdooski

    I really hope hooigan considers your offer.

  • Anaïck aubé
    Anaïck aubé

    That thing doesnt have the cage to go that fast😅😅😅

  • Walker James
    Walker James


  • Michael Ronchette
    Michael Ronchette

    ive heard many cars on the rev limiter that sounds hella better then that how the fuck can u say that u havent heard anything better fuck outta here

  • Andrew Boore
    Andrew Boore

    If this is seen I wana see this line up with Ken Blocks, Hoonicorn that would be sick...

  • profire medic
    profire medic

    Why don’t you put it up against the #hoonicorn in this series algone.info/slow/video/fW65m2yEpWmT2Zc @kenblock43

  • justin beamon
    justin beamon

    "We'll just start at 4200 rpm launch and go from there". Yah your car is a certified ripper if you say that sentence haha

  • K Z
    K Z

    Holy shit that thing is nutz

  • Jack Harding
    Jack Harding

    Yooooooo. Call out leroy lol

  • JackoTJK

    Soften the rear compression and front rebound to take the hit and allow the front end to extend the suspension instead of lifting it off the ground

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    That cage is to TALL on 2JP 🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕

  • william yurick
    william yurick

    looks like you boys need a tractor weight carrier on the front of that bad boy

  • Aaron Coffey
    Aaron Coffey

    need to run ruby

  • Treasure Downing
    Treasure Downing

    im ready for you to 7's but first put some weight on the front like some steel or lead to keep the front down. and maybe better and stronger suspencion(like lowering it) and a twin turbo kit(compounds like this guy from 1320video @ ) your welcome for the ideas cause this guys car can go 6's in the quarter mile using this setup(even it lifts the front tires only a very small bit) this is really important cause if you want to achieve your goal take my advice and ideas seriously

  • in motion
    in motion

    Run it all way

  • Tony Ash
    Tony Ash

    love the hair!

  • Nick Miraldi
    Nick Miraldi

    Ever thought about adding a simple weight system to the front? Where you can add or subtract weight from the front to dial it in. Wheelie bars would be a good idea as well pretty simple to fabricate as well. But most rear engine drag cars have a adjustable weight system in the front of the car as well as fuel tank. Having the fuel tank up front let's you use gravity and inertia to help with the flow of the fuel. You guys will get this beast dialed in here soon and I can wait to see what its capable of once its there! Such a badass car guys! I could see this becoming an actual class in NHRA drag racing! You guys might have just created a new sport! Lol

  • Spike Kastleman
    Spike Kastleman

    Ugh. How does Cleetus stand all the idiots? He pretty much has ONE major rule at the Freedom Factory; STAY OFF THE FUCKIN GRASS. But it's super rare that a shitty ALgoner DOESN'T fuck the grass somewhere. In other words: Most of you can't actually control your vehicles.

  • Drew John
    Drew John

    Question my friends I'm kinda dumb so stick with me but doesn't the sxs have off road suspension ? Or maybe it doesn't matter

    • SXSBlog.com

      Has factory rzr turbo s suspension just lowered

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Looking forward to seeing that thing do a full 1/4 mile rip

  • thatracingkid

    We need to see cleetus rip this on the pit

  • Steven C
    Steven C

    Them tires expanding was sick 15:35

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen

    if only you could hide this setup in a small car like a honda 600. they were tiny with a weight of only 500 kilos. i think the closest to a perfect recipe with space for engine and body weight would be the body of a opel kadett C. seen them built with v8 with a whoppin 750 hp to 750 kilos with cage. would be a wild ride :)

  • Riding with Mike
    Riding with Mike

    That thing is ridiculous!

  • Evan Nugent
    Evan Nugent

    This is scary fast. Like SCARY

    • SXSBlog.com

      You aint' wrong lol

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez

    Race Kyle Wades MR2

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