1200HP 2JZ Swapped Polaris RZR FIRST START UP!!! It's a BEAST!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Biggest achievement of our SXS lives so far! Please drop a THANK YOU below to the sponsors who helped make this happen!!!!!!

    • Garry Knight
      Garry Knight

      I want to see it drive! you just earned a sub, was a mechanic my whole. this is something I would have tried, but I hit a tree head on, when I fell asleep. Awesome!

    • jaybajan

      ive been looking forward to this turning on for a while, I'm really please to see this come alive. I cant wait to hear this 2 stepping.

    • D C
      D C

      SXSBlog.com Good Companies that make Great Products supporting Good Guy’s making UNREAL SXS Dreams Come True👊🇺🇸👊

    • Double R
      Double R

      Hell ya that thing is a beast, I wonder when cleetus is gonna want one lol

    • Magia

      Cadillac 4.6l NORTHSTAR V8 new header bolts Gaskets seals with a TURBO.. there every where and cheap. Fast as hell with a turbo and sound nice and will be easy to put in one of those.


    I just did a review on the 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity. The first impressions are mind blowing. Check it out :) algone.info/slow/video/q5evqZ6agl58mmQ

  • Clipzz 12
    Clipzz 12

    I want to see this at the dunes man


    Holy shit its badass! I've drivin a 300hp x3 and it was absolutely sick, I couldn't imagine what 1200hp feels like!! Good job guys!!!

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Oh yeah so long and thanks to everyone that was a part of this I have been enjoying watching this build and learning a few things with you guys as it’s come along . So long but, sooo worth it !

  • Abraham Gonzalez
    Abraham Gonzalez

    What transmission u using on the rzr

  • Sly

    man i love all these guys they always brighten up life a bit after watching their videos Doug is the peoples champion such a nice guy

  • john martin
    john martin

    !!!!!PLEASE READ IMPORTANT!!!!!! Okay will it still be awd/4wd ? Is it being built to run in the dunes, mud, street or track? If on track is it drag or road course? Cause a set of f1 wheels and tires (18” slicks) on this thing and awd would dominate the track. Also I’m ready to see the battle between 2jz Rzr and boosted boys turbo’d Razzle dazzle and do a 3 day race event. Which would include but not limited to Day #1) Drag Racing (either fastest time and trap speed. Out of 10 races For 1/8m or 1/4m. Or a heads up race . Day #2) Sand Dunes (either sand Drag and/or top speed run across the dunes) Day#3) time trials at a racetrack or heads up race. If agree then like this so he will see it.

  • Shaun PC
    Shaun PC

    I’ve gotta say that I don’t normally have favourite people but Doug has so much freaking passion that he gets my vote every time.


    Dont let Rick drive. He'll wreck it for sure

  • Grayson Bennett
    Grayson Bennett

    "Followed by 8 seconds of 2-step and your gonna cry 😂😂"

  • Ram2500 Rhino
    Ram2500 Rhino

    I think You guys need a bigger shop

  • Daily Youtube
    Daily Youtube

    forget about LS swap the world.... lets 2jz swap the world....

  • Jadyn Kimble
    Jadyn Kimble

    Put a v8 in one

  • Willie Gamer
    Willie Gamer

    Im not usually easily amused nor impressed but today i am both 👏👍

  • Turlx

    You should get the JZ Rzr street legal

  • Tj Caldwell
    Tj Caldwell

    Man that's impressive great job

  • Caleb Williamson
    Caleb Williamson

    I was crapping myself when he put his hand close to that turbo 💀

  • Ofelia bigguns
    Ofelia bigguns

    Don't let Whistlin D Cell near this thing.

  • Jacobus Van der Merwe
    Jacobus Van der Merwe

    Why didn't you just spray carb cleaner in the inlet manifold that way you give it temporary fuel. If it starts up you know what is the problem

  • clutchitup 856
    clutchitup 856

    I have so much respect for mechanics

  • O'D

    When i watched this u jave 196k subs and 196k veiws. Lol

  • Josh E
    Josh E

    Are you gonna let cleet drive it?

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    I love seeing The pure joy that has overwhelmed Doug, it couldn’t happen to a better dude.

  • Master Dub1
    Master Dub1

    It will be awesome to see this thing rip!

  • J H
    J H

    Where is the krx?

  • Joseph Zimmer
    Joseph Zimmer

    Can't wait to see this monster in the dunes!

  • Linc H
    Linc H

    Cannot wait to see Cleetus drive this one!

  • Scott Leichty
    Scott Leichty

    SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller

    Your shop looks like my brothers garage 3 Honda foreman 500 ,2 honda rancher 420, 2 Polaris rear 800s, a general, 3 aces, 2 90s model honda 300 with axle paddles and a brute force

  • Barron Thomas
    Barron Thomas

    Let me get one. I’d love to have one. Love the vids though. Keep it up

  • indi grace
    indi grace

    THE Widow Maker..... this is outrageous, I love it...well done fellas...

  • Kevin Garrison
    Kevin Garrison

    Your gonna need a bigger intercooler for 1200 hp

  • conway teety
    conway teety

    U gotta let it idle for a little without the radiator cap on let that air out

  • Andrew 3036
    Andrew 3036

    Yooo this things is going to be an absolute monster. The perfect powertrain choice 🤘😤

  • Joe Farmer
    Joe Farmer

    I'll be that guy....and just say damn if I'm running my fuel vent into my tube cage/chassis, even with that hole in the tube thats just a no for me and my luck...seems like a pipe bomb in the making

    • Joe Farmer
      Joe Farmer

      Sik build though guys first time catching one of your vids...I'll be bak 4sure

  • Flat Speed
    Flat Speed

    Cannot wait to see it driving and boosting, I love supra’s and 2jz’s . Love the channel guys im a new sub but have been watching alot of you vids and good to know beast mode is all good now🙌🏻

  • Wv Streets
    Wv Streets

    Found you guys through cleetus, awesome content!!!

  • CODMAN 1003
    CODMAN 1003

    It would be a dream to own a RZR, but the cant afford one

  • Kendall Despain
    Kendall Despain

    I think we all need another update

  • Sammy Aliveeto
    Sammy Aliveeto

    Congrats gentlemen, just not sure why you wouldn’t go with a pro type chassis or frame with that kind of power it seems your going to get into some strength issues

  • WildChickenNutz

    only thing that has me worried about your build was you didnt do billet main caps they like to crack at 800whp its a time bomb at that hp. im almost done building my 2jz for my supra she should beable to handle 1500hp np. just be carful on those main caps man some people have luck without others dont.

  • Chance Smith
    Chance Smith

    what diff and axles are u using??

  • Pleasure Tek
    Pleasure Tek

    holy heck... I am so blown away by this. This is gonna be the fastest in the dunes for sure. So much respect for how much custom work went into this. You guys are the coolest SxS crew out there.

  • Jeffery Borders
    Jeffery Borders

    Is it supposed to look like the Ford explorer from Jurassic Park and if so that's super badass

  • Scott Keilman
    Scott Keilman


  • Alec Frazier
    Alec Frazier

    Thats what im talking about when I talk about America 🇺🇸

  • Jesse Osterhout
    Jesse Osterhout

    I’m harder than Chuck Norris’s stare down....

  • caden #278
    caden #278

    Sweet! 🤘

  • Dukes of off-road Hazzard
    Dukes of off-road Hazzard

    I can’t wait to see it on the dyno!!!! That’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait until Glamis dudes!!!

  • aka Blink
    aka Blink

    Awesome guys! Cant wait to see this thing rippin!!!

  • Tyler Brandstock
    Tyler Brandstock

    Congratulations guys. You've done a lot to get here. I can't wait to see what you do from here

  • Conan Ruisi
    Conan Ruisi

    I bet it will only be able to do wheelies and dig holes

  • Ryan

    There's nothing RZR about this, not interested

  • Pat

    Can I have one

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley

    Diggin on the "Lincoln Now" Mid-day Lincoln Nebraska local ABC affiliate's 1:30-2:30pm time slot show theme music. YOU GUYS know...hosted by everyone's favorite metrosexual Jamie (or Pat...) w/'zany' meteorologist Jon Jon the Weather Mon, and obligatory eye candy Hot-Ass Miss _______ (25 year old age cut-off so that spot is ever revolving). Was 'Twin Cities Live' in Mpls./St. Paul.

  • Eric Slater
    Eric Slater

    Good work Doug and crew excited to see this thing rip

  • Peter Cole
    Peter Cole

    Man what a badass project!! And I gotta say I'm disappointed in my fellow Cleetus McFarland followers..we should have been getting these guys past 1mil subs a long time ago!!!!! This is some of the best content out there!!

  • James tyrrell
    James tyrrell

    I can't wait to see it out on the dunes..or u putting slicks on it and racing Cleetus

  • Michel Myers
    Michel Myers

    8 seconds of 2step and you’ll cry, get Brent from PFI SPEED to tune that b!tch and you won’t last 4 seconds of 2step!!!!

  • lofistance on ig
    lofistance on ig

    Just started a new wave

  • Sean Hashem
    Sean Hashem

    They should race Leroy

  • Sean Hashem
    Sean Hashem

    Awesome job you guys reason I want sxs

  • Wesley Kjar
    Wesley Kjar

    Build a second level with a ramp for extra parking space

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman

    I htought it was awesome that he could tune it from 2 hrs away and excited to see it roll down the road

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    I am so happy for you guys I understand that it wasn't easy but you did it I am so proud of all your team and pretty soon comes the fun part a big tums UP to you and your team for making a amazing machine.

  • gregory chenault
    gregory chenault

    Tell Kyle from boosted boys to turbo Razzle Dazzle and you got your self a race!!

  • David Ricker
    David Ricker

    50 dislikes! Do you also sit when you pee???

  • pdgeman

    Of coarse you have a lot of pressure, your pressure relief is capped off on the radiator.

  • Baltic Supra Racing
    Baltic Supra Racing

    This is bad ass. Excited to see it ripping!

  • Chase Angell_STi
    Chase Angell_STi

    Needs slicks and Mexico 😂

  • Dylan W
    Dylan W


  • RC4life 4tec2.0
    RC4life 4tec2.0

    Absolutely amazing, awsome job guys!! looking forward to the next!

  • Racingboom The Pleb
    Racingboom The Pleb

    It’s so cool to think that the whole Powertrain is basically one thick unit. Engine straight to trans and trans straight to diff. Doesn’t happen often!

  • Tanner Gamble
    Tanner Gamble

    I have followed these guys for almost a year now, and i do most of my watching on my TV at home and you cant comment via tv, well i had to turn to my phome for this one. Amazing, absolutley amazing so happy for you guys !!! I hope you guys do a dyno video, and I cant wait to see her slay at the drag spot at the dunes !!! Good job you guys happy for ya !!!

  • c_alright

    Just hope after all the hard work... when it comes to time to slide it around and or drag.. please lower it.

  • pete

    Please don't let nick drive it he will die great job as always mr Doug

  • Nick Crandall
    Nick Crandall

    I specifically remember Dougies words: February - "I'm not going to work on anything else for the next 30 days until this is DONE! July 28th - Just gets it started! I've watched every video in between and these dude are cool as shit! I'm glad I stuck around! Good work too Doug JP2, it's a masterpiece!

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson

    Great job guys! You guys are awsome!

  • likes2gofast

    Dont let that turbo take ur fingers off leo!

  • The Jerm
    The Jerm

    I want this what is the price

  • Cody Henderson
    Cody Henderson

    Congratulations bro nice work

  • Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner

    Can you build me one she's a Runner looks like you guys a Fun Summer I Love it.

  • Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner


  • Rmiata

    That intro was gold .

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    FUCK YES! What a relief to hear that! Great work fellas, can't wait to see her rip!

  • joe e. fuytinck
    joe e. fuytinck

    Y’all fregen ROCK!

  • Project Crowd Surfer
    Project Crowd Surfer

    Doug is an extremely humble guy. He's killing it out there

  • Alex Hibbs
    Alex Hibbs

    Really happy this is coming together! Great work SXSBlog!

  • nelson evans
    nelson evans

    Do I have to say stock these things are crazy ...ur telling me u jz swapped a damn side by side ...ok ok...i get it fast is fast show me the 1200hp put to the ground ...its to much..its alot for a street car ...u show me sending it full send ...wanna see a normal human drive this thing full potential...never gonna happen..it will do 4 back flips before u can lay it down....ok ok I get it new style ..just like putting 1000 cc on a 4 wheeler ...u have to show me someone who can use this power ...never will it be ..it will be gas tap gas tap fuck this is too fast ...put it in a car mr..I have the fastest utv/ ATV...respect for the build but ovsr kill when u cant use it all

  • Daniel Vigil
    Daniel Vigil

    I couldn't stop smiling when this thing started, you all are amazing keep up the good work and cool vids

  • william trojnor
    william trojnor

    Can't believe you guys haven't got the car lift yet

  • MadRam11

    Hell Yeah Boys!! Nice Work!

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell

    2 greatest moments in my life are the birth of my son, and the birth of the 2JZ!!! PROUD OF YOU GUYS, HECK YEAH DUDES!!!!🤘

  • Daniel Frazer
    Daniel Frazer

    Congrats to all you guys. I don’t think there’s too much ole Dougie can’t handle! I believe she’s gonna be a runner boys! Can’t wait to see you guys tearing ass on that beast! Way to go to everyone involved!

  • Off-Road Riding Adventures
    Off-Road Riding Adventures

    I can barely wire up a home electrical outlet. I can't imagine how difficult the wiring schematics for this ride has to be. Doug is the man without a doubt.

  • Eamon Shields
    Eamon Shields

    The turbo SXSs have like 130hp. I CANT imagine 1200hp lmao. #Murica

  • Eamon Shields
    Eamon Shields

    Great work guys, cant wait to see the final product

  • Nick Summers
    Nick Summers

    Thank you for this update and your team for providing this content for your viewers. Awesome to see your gratitude for the sponsors that make it all possible! Keep it up !

  • Randy Conklin
    Randy Conklin

    I need a cigarette!

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