1300HP 2JZ swapped RZR gets HUGE paddles and Pro XP on 35s goes TRENCHIN!
Plus a little surprise for the boys!
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  • Bert Medina
    Bert Medina

    I will send you guys more big blue and some big peach too we have them here in Texas

  • zenovich1

    Look at all you fat , overweight, diabetic plebs. !! Lookn good fellas.

  • J Mon
    J Mon

    *They also have big red thats pretty good as well my wife loves big blue I like the big red*

  • ETX Productions
    ETX Productions

    Big blue and Malibu:) your welcome.

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    Trech level midnight

  • Jeremy Russ
    Jeremy Russ

    With ya on white letters out !

  • Colin Vlogs
    Colin Vlogs

    they sell it where i live

  • crazy fast
    crazy fast

    So I assume considering y'all acted funny when rick pulled up y'all aren't allowed to use the Utv ....

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez

    1.00 threw 2.00 is funny asfuk

  • Devin Gould
    Devin Gould

    Definitely going to send you guys some more big blue

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Sous and Leo doing this was reminiscent of the time they rented the Ferrari in Vegas. Different, yet the same in many ways! Loved it

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    I'm in Oklahoma, need big blue lol

  • Matthew Mcclintock
    Matthew Mcclintock

    Yall need to build a big blue sxs lol

  • Neutral Mind
    Neutral Mind

    Reminds me of me telling my younger brother just do it you will be ok rofl

  • Screamn’ Eagle
    Screamn’ Eagle

    I like whitewalls as well myself

  • bluegrassshootout. com
    bluegrassshootout. com

    I’m done can’t stand the anti wildcat comments

  • Dr. Mark in Texas
    Dr. Mark in Texas

    .🏆🏆🏆👍🙏 Thank you for sharing

  • codyselcamino

    Big blue is down here in Ohio, big red is in 12 packs for sure

  • Eric D.
    Eric D.

    more of this

  • scotty x
    scotty x

    i remember doing this with an 4wheeler when i was a kid atleast 9years old. dad caught me and gave me an ass whoopin, explained how dangerous it was. great vid

  • mountain page production's
    mountain page production's

    I'm from north Carolina my driveway looks worse than that 😂🤣😂🤣 y'all kill me love it

  • Justin Krigbaum
    Justin Krigbaum

    Sous- "Trench level Midnight" 😂 Pretty sure this was a "The Office" reference.

  • Jason-MI.Dunerunner

    Karma and the universe require the white letters to be out when running those tires

  • RetroWarrior

    yes I love big blue lol we have it all over the place in Texas! Better than big red in my opinion

  • NW KAL
    NW KAL

    Love Big Blue and Big Red. every store Carrie's them

  • Hondaforeman

    It’s not a 2jz

  • Juicernaut

    14:28 I had to get outta there do to the treach level being Midnight!

  • Matt Reed
    Matt Reed

    I'm pretty disapointed y'all didn't say "this is trencherous....

  • Kyle William
    Kyle William

    This video was epic. The off-road "hill climbing''' made me laugh so hard. And also white letters will always be best facing out!

  • Nick Wright 852
    Nick Wright 852

    Are you guys going to do 1\8 or 1\4 miles ever any thoughts too run it on asphalt tracks with slicks maybe call Leroy out lol jk but seriously Im like anxious wanting to see what kinda times it would run

  • Lee Forget
    Lee Forget

    risk were taken. i loved it.

  • Cole Minchin
    Cole Minchin

    Get an R MAX 1000

  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot

    We have big red

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    Y’all should do a reduction on the pro 4. 12% overall with the 21% low works great with 35s.

  • john martin
    john martin

    Monster energy drink has 54g of sugar lol

  • Colonel Slanders
    Colonel Slanders

    Ever had Faygo moon mist?

  • Timothy Longcor Sr
    Timothy Longcor Sr

    try Faygo cotton candy

  • Brandon Dimmitt
    Brandon Dimmitt

    What rear-end did they run in jp?

    • Brandon Dimmitt
      Brandon Dimmitt

      @SXSBlog.com ok lol was wondering! Ya no money spared!

    • SXSBlog.com

      9" Ford IRS

  • Savage Gaming
    Savage Gaming

    Do yall still have 9 lives

  • Juan Coronado
    Juan Coronado

    Where is 9 lives

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Poor Sous typically something like this would start with hold my beer and watch! Lol Go big blue!

  • carson Day
    carson Day

    Full trench t shirt stat!!

  • MAGA lodon
    MAGA lodon

    This trech line should be named 2020.

  • ConvoyBebop

    It took me way too long to realize they were saying Treach ( like treacherous) of trench

    • SXSBlog.com

      There was confusion here as well lol

  • Earl Jones
    Earl Jones

    The pucker factor was pretty high there boys.

  • cody G
    cody G

    That’s crazy big blue and big red is in every store you visit here in west TN

  • StrictlyService905

    Get the spacers! 🍻

  • Andy The Machine
    Andy The Machine

    that looks like my old rc car with those paddles

  • Dustin Armstrong
    Dustin Armstrong

    Need a big red with your big blue. Let me know when you need restocked.

  • Bryan Beachy
    Bryan Beachy

    In 2011 I started dating a girl from ubly. I married her. Heard they have a decent 8th mile strip........... just saying.

  • Adam Hack
    Adam Hack

    White letter tires look better

  • eightpoint

    need more on the edge in the hills with sous

  • eightpoint


  • Austin Baric
    Austin Baric

    How does this channel not have a million + subs?

  • Jared Hartman
    Jared Hartman

    Did you lock the diff?!

  • 831_bike life
    831_bike life

    U guys don’t deserve 230,000 subscribers, u guys deserve 2,300,000 subscribers

  • Wyatt Wells
    Wyatt Wells

    Why does the buffalo have so much valve chatter? My rzr turbo doesn’t sound like that, or yalls other units

    • SXSBlog.com

      It’s bone stock so dunno lol

  • Srt Jg
    Srt Jg

    When in doubt throttle it out mann

  • Austin Bowman
    Austin Bowman

    If you guys like big blue that much you’ll flip when you find out about big red

  • Todd Reiten
    Todd Reiten

    Just subscribed to the first ALgone site ever✌️

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    "LIKE THE VIDEO" before it even starts.... thanks for all the uploads boys.

  • Carter Francis
    Carter Francis

    Have you tride big red

  • Nick Caputo
    Nick Caputo

    This is high quality content

  • logan stevens
    logan stevens

    I was straight up laughing my ass off watching the TRENCHIN sesh

  • mark robinson
    mark robinson

    Big blue is where it's at. That's the instant reminder of going to visit grandparents as a kid. I don't usually look for it when traveling but have found it in a truck stop in Albuquerque as well. Other than that Oklahoma is the only place I've seen it.

  • perezm714

    Ya'll bringing it down to Glamis?

  • Random Ryder
    Random Ryder

    Where do you get all your annoying ass names/words you use for things? Hanging with too many millennials I take it. Seriously, "trenching"??? Wtf do you want ven mean by that considering you're on piles of dirt, not in a trench, and no, those tire tracks can't be what you're talking about.... 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Tim Corley
    Tim Corley

    That was WAY COOL ! The pull,

  • Tommy Kofoed
    Tommy Kofoed

    Might need to invest into a single wheel wheelie bar...

  • Dustin Hess
    Dustin Hess

    Do y’all have Big Red soda there???

  • TetraHydroCannabinoL THC
    TetraHydroCannabinoL THC

    Full trench, learn to drive first

  • perezm714

    Just when I need a little lift me up, I turn to SXS Blog. Never a dull one!

  • erock58

    that was very funny guy`s

  • dakotalayinlow

    great series.. digging it!

  • Artie Olguin
    Artie Olguin

    Chick fil a 5 minutes away and a big blue at every corner store.. Texas....

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    What happened to the Audio/noise around 12min in to the video. Or was it my phone

  • Brandyn Grosse
    Brandyn Grosse

    I cannot wait to see 2JP at the gecko drags.....someday.

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    Let's see who will reply first??? Out of all the Questions I've asked

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    "Leo" lol. what do u mean when u said "need to take out mud life with no noise " hahah

  • Greg H
    Greg H

    Love the channel. One question what happened to the krx. I don’t even see it in the background, when y’all are in the shop.

    • SXSBlog.com

      It was a demo, went back to Kawi

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    Lol Nick. that sh*t was funny when u were like "where do I go frm here" when u were exploring in the polaris pro. I love polaris toys


    What about In-N-Out when your in Arizona? Comeeeee on!

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    Hey "RIC frm sxs" what Religion are you if you don't mind me asking???

  • Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell

    if yall like Big Blue try Big Red

  • WhiskeyRiver21

    Always white walls out!!

  • caseys00

    I need to send you guys a case of Big Red from south Texas. Wayyy better than the Blue.

  • AimlessMoto

    Dude, Soda Emporium online has 6 bottles of Big Blue for $12.99... lol.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Plus overnight shipping lol

  • AVG Joes Garage
    AVG Joes Garage

    Big tire guys... nope... HUGE Tire guys! At what point do you stop and think "these half shafts aren't going to cut it"... those tires look like drive line killers.

  • Brock Lowe
    Brock Lowe

    Bad ass rims and tires!

  • Clayton Suarez
    Clayton Suarez

    Big red is where it's at. Big blue is seriously a different breed. I live in Texas and both are easy to get so I got one. My now 9 year old nephew has never tried one, long story short his mom was supper mad and now my nephew isn't allowed to drink soda 😂

  • btafire2

    Munchos are underrated! If I see them I buy them

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    27:40 subscribed

  • Gonecheenin

    Geez, what a ScardySous.......... LOVING 2JP's new paddles!

  • EnabledShooter

    Those tires should be called, "The Excavators". They are going to move some dirt/sand!

  • Bryan McGuire
    Bryan McGuire

    Do you guys have a food city up there bc they sell big red and big blue also so I will try my best to send you guys so of both here soon



  • Daniel Vinyard
    Daniel Vinyard

    Run 4x4 pls! it would be awsome!🤞😂😂

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    Big red and big blue must be an Oklahoma thing. I've never found it anywhere else. Best stuff ever!

  • ngh

    Wheelie Bar this time???

  • Kenneth Gerdon
    Kenneth Gerdon

    We have big blue in southern Indiana if you’re ever passing through

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