1300HP 2JZ swapped RZR hits the track! 0-60mph UNDER 2 SECONDS!!!??
This thing is INSANE!!!
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  • ostacruiser

    Congrats Battledad!!!! 2jz is a bad bish!!!!!

    • Austin Long
      Austin Long

      Hi osta

    • Baby Shark
      Baby Shark

      Why is doug Always HOGGn jurrassic park Let someone else drive that bad girl

    • shonuffLA

      2jz sherp?

    • Outdoors MN
      Outdoors MN

      1000+ hp mud rig comin??

    • TTV SScorpio
      TTV SScorpio

      i bet it would rip in the skeg!!

  • Dru Dickson
    Dru Dickson

    😂😂 little red riding hood

  • Karl Scheland
    Karl Scheland

    Can't believe I missed you guy's, that track is literally 20 minutes from me. Maybe next time!

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee

    Dude I'm dumb!

  • Damien Murillo
    Damien Murillo


  • Taylor Made
    Taylor Made

    Love the 2 jp! Just wanted too tell you guys im watching this video in my tree stand and I just got a buck 😁

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    You guys really need to do a Talladega Nights parody with Papa Battlefield. "I wanna go fast!"



  • Mark Hyland
    Mark Hyland

    Bring that bad boy out to Glamis for the Sand Outlaw races 11/21/20.

  • TestingTesting 123
    TestingTesting 123

    How does this not have 1 MILLION VIEWS?

  • Wrenchin Rides
    Wrenchin Rides

    Yall should go against cletus with some slicks

  • Isaac Swain
    Isaac Swain

    Nice jobs guys!!! Its a ripper!

  • john huya
    john huya

    Awesome guys congrats


    Is it really a rzr at this point? 😂 bad ass though

  • Cleve Caulder
    Cleve Caulder

    Take it to a race it’s ready great job guys

  • Ben R
    Ben R

    The Tesla roadster runs 0-60 in 1.9 and it deforms your eyeballs so your car/utv is faster and actually pins your eyeballs to the back of their sockets. On second thought that isn't very fast you don't even need air friction heat panels.

  • Mindyo Biscuits
    Mindyo Biscuits

    thats rippin

  • Keith Behr
    Keith Behr

    That thing is nutz i definitely enjoy seeing that beast rip!

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    EJ loves 2J 😁 Definitely a big fan guy of the 2JZ 🔥👍✌️

  • That one guy Melville
    That one guy Melville

    This thing is sweet. Y’all should look into going to THE HILL OF HORROR!! Bring SXSblog worldwide!!


    Bad Ass guys! Well done. The buggy looks solid.

  • Eric Eisenbeis
    Eric Eisenbeis

    Nicely done guys great build guys

  • Curt G
    Curt G

    Looks like the "sorting hat" got things sorted 👍

  • Jim Riley 281
    Jim Riley 281

    U know u gotta find 3.0 now right??? Lol

    • Jim Riley 281
      Jim Riley 281

      @SXSBlog.com git er done!!! Best shit y’all EVER done!!!! Not that there’s anything wrong with the rest. Just sayin!! :)

    • SXSBlog.com

      We're going deeper in the 3's for sure

  • Preston Green
    Preston Green

    I love the video but I could t help but notice you said hundredths for the 300ft when it should have been thousandths😂

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yeah I was discombobulated

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    Jz conquers all

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    Ooo heck ya she’s a skookum as frig

  • Brute Force TV
    Brute Force TV

    I wanna see this thing on pavement with slicks!

  • Adam Loader
    Adam Loader

    Freaking EPIC WHEELIE 👹

  • Michael Zornes
    Michael Zornes

    So turns out that one video from long ago when Doug's girl broke up with him was merely because she couldn't handle the weight of his balls. Holy cow that thing is fast congrats guys.

  • JDOutdoor

    Congrats battle dad

  • jim bothom
    jim bothom

    It's cool but it's not a razor anymore

  • Robert Dailey
    Robert Dailey

    Always believe in yourself, not the naysayers! Great job guys did an awesome job with that side by side. If you could actually call it that. I think it may be time to go against Cletus. What do you think? Leroy needs are nemesis. LMFAO! Just kidding oh, but not really.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams

    Y’all should do a dirt drag event there in the spring to kick off the 2021 riding season. That would be badass. Ik the guy that run the phmc and they would definitely be down to make it happen

  • Benjamin Case
    Benjamin Case


  • Billy Highfill
    Billy Highfill


  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Congrats guys and Congrats to BATTLE DAD!

  • Trenton Deel
    Trenton Deel

    Things a ripper! I had a 530whp subaru and was running consistent 1.6 and 1.7 60fts on street tires.

  • Brown Outdoors 🤘
    Brown Outdoors 🤘

    Put slicks on it and race Leroy 🤘🤘 DO IT FOR DALE

  • Hank Slaght
    Hank Slaght

    That doesn’t suck !

  • Baby Shark
    Baby Shark

    I would love to see what this park monster would do in the quarter mile...7'$ id bet were its so light

  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    I love this channel!

  • R Wright
    R Wright


  • Jonathan Hairfield
    Jonathan Hairfield

    JP is just a monster I would love to see it go against ruby or Leroy or even neighbor

  • Dean Scharphorn
    Dean Scharphorn

    nice work, that thing gets it.

  • Kyle Story
    Kyle Story


  • Indiana Hunters
    Indiana Hunters

    Don: “Is he gonna shift? Nope! That’s was pretty balsy ” Doug: INTERESTING!

  • William Uskoski
    William Uskoski

    2jp is stooopid fast

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer

    awesome job guys! cant wait to see more.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones


  • DucatiChris10

    What do you guys think Don was assigned.... Gryffindor or Hufflepuff?? 😂

    • Donald Summerton
      Donald Summerton

      All the lames were hufflepuff. I'll put the boost back to hufflepuff status.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hufflepuff for sure

  • UTank

    Looks like it’s time to put Leo in the passenger seat for a pass.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Finally make that big cage worth it 😂

  • Stephen Rudolph
    Stephen Rudolph

    Love this

  • Jaden David
    Jaden David

    I live in port Huron u should do a meetup

  • CryinBranston

    Looks like you have 30psi in the tires. Less pressure more traction!

    • CryinBranston

      @SXSBlog.com Lol but you said you were putting the tires to 30psi

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol this was 6.5 psi

  • Dan Myers
    Dan Myers

    Nice. Track looked a little too dry maybe?

  • joe blow
    joe blow

    That thing sounds good at idle for an i6!

  • Mall Crawler
    Mall Crawler

    That is absolutely crazy that anybody would think that a 2jz in any sxs wouldn't be fast... wtf?


    When you taking this to a drag strip with slicks

  • Jeffrey Kidd
    Jeffrey Kidd

    Heck yeah man!!!! Great job everyone can't wait to see it crush any nay sayers on the track

  • Tim Grasse
    Tim Grasse

    Great work guys.

  • RandomRed

    The overall excitement of everyone in this video was truly heart warming!! Congrats buds

  • joe0813

    You guys are from Canada?? I definitely heard a few "Ay"s

  • Barrett Wagner
    Barrett Wagner

    You need some slicks and a strip

  • trex4586

    That thing is insane!!! Goes faster than most racecars on a prepped track lol

  • Jared Fleming
    Jared Fleming

    2JZ vs cooper bogetti Camaro on the drag strip.

  • Bradlee Weber
    Bradlee Weber

    Hey, new here, is there a reason these dont do a 1/4 mile track or at least more footage? I mean it's still badass but just curious

  • Jered Jennings
    Jered Jennings

    Is Doug the only person going to be driving the 2jz or would everyone else crash it😂

  • Toking 204
    Toking 204

    AWD system would be insane.

  • crider46

    Thought it made 1100 wheel not 1300 wheel ?

  • Jacob Slabach
    Jacob Slabach

    Whenever you try and do something new and break records you gonna get haters

  • Matthew Restelle
    Matthew Restelle

    Nice I want to see the General get built next!

  • JeepRollin

    What app do you guys use for the timer?

  • mark weossner
    mark weossner

    I bet Doug forgot to breath and his ass still hasn’t unpuckerd yet, Oh My!!!!!!

  • The Casual ATV Guy
    The Casual ATV Guy

    this makes me wanna put a street bike engine in my king quad lol. all the engine swap combos i thought may work on off road equip, not many shops do that stuff and im not great at fabrication

  • Rerock

    Please redo that exhaust so it point straight backwards; looks like their is plenty of room. That'll allow to have a symmetrical (and sturdier) fender as well.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Want to keep the gasses away from the fuel which is in the back

  • Fastblade Productions
    Fastblade Productions

    I didn't know you guys are in Michigan... explains everything... the best crazy stuff comes out from there... I should know... I'm from there... lol... also to funny... your trying to steer and the wheels are in the air the whole time... lol... Awesome!

  • Dustin Warren
    Dustin Warren

    congrats on big numbers. this thing is awesome, and that's just in very few runs. i dont think there is anything faster on sand, period...

  • TexRobNC

    There is something interesting and unique about this angle: algone.info/slow/video/kZ-Y1IycrGKMuXk it's like a wall of dirt that is a hard line

  • TexRobNC

    It's interesting how much this feels like watching a boat get out of the hole, especially with the dirt spray. Also the way the revs are never really indicative of the speed because there is no such thing as traction in dirt or water with this kind of power.

  • BDarling33

    What left on it is actually from a RZR?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Everything but the rear axles, transmission, and engine/ecu.

  • WrenchandRip

    how are they all so good at guessing??!! lol

    • WrenchandRip

      @Donald Summerton i guess experience definitely pays! awesome how in tune you are with the data and adjustments. cant wait to see whats to come... one tenth at a time!

    • Donald Summerton
      Donald Summerton

      My guesses were based of weaknesses in run. Data adjustments and what I expected those changes to make. We still have a tenth I see in data I need to figure out how to fix

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    That sounds incredibly fast, but maybe you could give some comparable examples to other vehicles for some of us who don't know. Maybe even compare it to other sand drag vehicles and pro vehicles out there. Also, we haven't seen the shoot come out yet.

    • SXSBlog.com

      The chute is for when we go to asphalt and the speeds get much higher. Trap speed in 300' on dirt is 95-96 mph so the brakes bring it down no problem.

  • Nick Pendleton
    Nick Pendleton


  • Jeffery Drew
    Jeffery Drew

    Looking good guys just one question do you have a Hons device you need to be where in that way around that car just for your own safety

  • Ryan Kosanke
    Ryan Kosanke

    AWESOME JOB!!! BUT PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR I LOVE Watching you guys please build a cage around the driver!! U got some serious steam!! 13lbs will mean soooo much!!

  • Almost Canadian
    Almost Canadian

    Turns out if you throw 1300 horsepower at a side by side it goes fast

  • Steven Ragsdale
    Steven Ragsdale

    “It’s premium” I needed that laugh😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ( 2jzmonsterJP ) 😂😂 whoa

  • cori king
    cori king

    Absolute ripper I wanna know.what the top speed was she hit on those passes

  • Patrick Justus
    Patrick Justus

    OMG... what a beast! From now on when I want to add more power... I've gotta use "lil more spice" lol Great job fellas!

  • sasquatch foote
    sasquatch foote

    😯😯😯😯 Awesome 👍

  • The EpicSlayer7 SSS
    The EpicSlayer7 SSS

    to put those numbers into context, sports car boast when having a 0-60 under 5 seconds and exotics boast having a 0-60 around 2.5 to 3 seconds... this did it in 1.9 seconds!

    • SXSBlog.com

      1.74 was actually our quickest 0-60, she rips lol

  • Rene Turincio
    Rene Turincio

    When you guys are coming to glamis ?

  • jay dorr
    jay dorr

    I'm curious to see a mile an hour number on those pulls

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson

    Total beast. Rrriiipppeeerrr

  • the rider 2020
    the rider 2020

    I wanna see what 1/4 Mile times she'll get on asphalt nice build guy's

  • Scott Blake
    Scott Blake

    Congratulations Will! 2jz is cray fast

  • Henry Muñoz
    Henry Muñoz


  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Awesome. The real entertainment will be watching them hit the drags in the sand.

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