2-stroke Maverick X3 SWAP part 2! We assess the BENT FRAME and pull the engine!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Should we invite Ronnie Mac to come rip this unit!?

    • Drake Herman
      Drake Herman

      Yes ronnie mac ftw call it the triple screamer

    • Roy Kephart
      Roy Kephart

      Yesssss please uncle Ron’s my favorite uncle

    • skyler bowie
      skyler bowie

      X2S should be the name

    • Drab Fisher
      Drab Fisher

      Everyone knows 4 wheels are for pussys but this unit will be 69% faster with uncle Ron behind the wheel.

    • Drab Fisher
      Drab Fisher

      Screamin eagle mach 3

  • Tanner Vanpelt
    Tanner Vanpelt

    Mach XZ

  • Doug Seibert
    Doug Seibert

    The Triple Threat Two smoker or The Triple Threat Do x) Do as in ski DOO and the French word. #1#2#3#4 like. Un-Doo-Twa-Carthage sank-sense so call it The Tripple Tripple Threat super Doo x from your Canadian Brother The Gabbster Party Sound Ontario

  • Cory Weber
    Cory Weber

    Have to go to aftermarket pipes that factory pipe setup was a flop they were the worst design ski-doo ever had

  • Matt Zika
    Matt Zika

    Triple X3...

  • patt20b

    Hey guys supercharged that 2stroke put some injection on it and it will be a kickass rocket. Find the biggest supercharger you can find that 2stroke will handle it. Cain hard guys.

  • White_LTZ 211
    White_LTZ 211

    Crank shop sells stamped pipes for $175 each You cut and turn them however you want

  • Trevor Bovard
    Trevor Bovard

    You should call The Crank Shop and ask them if they will sell you pipes in the stamped sections. If they will not I believe Jaws will. We did a set of jaws triples in a Rev chassis. Ended up with a tight bend coming off the cylinders kind of like what you are looking for. Also The Crank Shop can help you make some power. Stroker crank and aftermarket cylinders, add some NOS and you can put down some pretty big power. For the next one look at the lay down arctic cat twin 1000 2 stoke. Turn that into a 1200cc with just boring it making 240hp. Turbo that and you can push way over 500 HP! Good luck guys, cool build!

  • steadyblazn1

    You gotta name it OL' BOBBY 2STROKER😈 I think you'll get some laughs outta it or X32-s if you wanna keep it short cant wait to see it finished. You guys killed it with 2-JP this is gunna be just as sick if not sicker 😁

  • Aaron Langdon
    Aaron Langdon

    Maverick x2😂

  • Logan Schultz
    Logan Schultz

    I think that at this point I wouldve rather bent a arm or two. Fair to say the arms are possibly too strong?

  • Drake Herman
    Drake Herman

    Tripple ripper

  • MX304

    Did Cleet crash it, or did that happen after he owned it?

  • Subarus Are Best
    Subarus Are Best


  • TheRedMenace 1199R
    TheRedMenace 1199R

    So pumped for this build guys. I think/hope everyones underestimating the torque of that engine. 800cc is HUGE for a 2 stroke!! Plus, I'd imagine the torque is the most important thing in the sand and dirt. Im thinkin you guys will be good, especially if you can ditch some weight.

  • Blake Sieracki
    Blake Sieracki

    its name should be stroker3

  • colt bibby
    colt bibby

    Project “Mach Z3”

  • Nick Unknown
    Nick Unknown

    call it the mavski or skirick

  • mrs

    Project worse

  • Michael Cottle
    Michael Cottle

    Need to slap a turbo hayabusa sequential shifted would be nasty in x3

  • Hunter Grissett
    Hunter Grissett

    Wait, I don't remember seeing cleetus total his x3 when did that happen?😂

  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew Walsh

    “The” X Tripple

  • Nick Blanchard
    Nick Blanchard

    “The Mach 2 Z”

  • winston smith
    winston smith

    tripple x should be the name

  • J. V R
    J. V R


  • Half Nelson
    Half Nelson

    For once I'd like to see someone put a gen 2 V-max motorcycle engine into a build. Ive looked and can't find any.

  • Ritchie Wablagoo
    Ritchie Wablagoo

    13b two rotar in a sxs?????????? wheres that at im waiting, or imma make one

  • matad311

    What about another RS1 build on the channel with a R1 oe hayabusa street bike engine?! But for now make 2 strokes great again!

  • Dan Vandenbrink
    Dan Vandenbrink

    Just back from eagle river. Best two stroke noise in the world

  • RyanWhiskey Caissie
    RyanWhiskey Caissie

    Maverick ZX2

  • Shaun griffith
    Shaun griffith

    2x3. kiss method. Keep it simple stupid lol

  • Josh

    If you talk to the right person you'll be able to find a way to run the 809 in reverse so the pipes are on the back

  • Charlie Hausler
    Charlie Hausler

    Call it zx3

  • corey Kenyon
    corey Kenyon

    Throw that turbo on the 2 stroke

  • Drab Fisher
    Drab Fisher

    This unit, 169% has to be broke in by uncle ron!

  • Bernard Gagne
    Bernard Gagne

    Screamer X2

  • junior leal
    junior leal

    Call it triple triple x3 or double x3

  • Shaun Heimann
    Shaun Heimann

    Mach Triple X

  • Paul Hricovec
    Paul Hricovec

    Need to get shirts made that say "We lost Doug " cuz he went from turbo 4 stroke to 2 stroke!

  • Zax Garrison
    Zax Garrison

    MachRick Z3

  • Johnny Kovich
    Johnny Kovich

    Thanks for bringing Florida spiders up to Michigan. We'll have 1lb killer spiders in michigan by 2025 thanks. Lol jk.

  • Brad Croker
    Brad Croker

    Careful with the pipes, make sure you gather some information first because if you modify them too much you might have issues with fueling. Seems like yous could have gone a lot bigger on the motor too like a 1200 or 1300!! Good luck

  • Seth Mulkey
    Seth Mulkey

    TRIPLE2 X3

  • MrBanksta23

    X triple, seeing as how it’s going to have a triple triple in it and it still pays homage to the x3 chassis. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • naiahhaian

    Call it the X Triple 3 or just X Triple

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Leo starts speaking Chinese at 13:55.

  • ngh

    Here you go boys... I found it! 2 670 Rotax 2 strokes together in 1 sled... algone.info/slow/video/qmXI2IOhjp-Fwpc

  • Mike Streminski
    Mike Streminski

    Let me know if you want to sell that snorkel set up

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box

    If you can't save it turn it into a trail trailer

  • Christopher Gregg
    Christopher Gregg

    Is there anyway to put a seadoo 300hp supercharged engine into one of these out of say a new rxtx300?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Ya you can but it takes some serious fab. The engines don’t have a bearing on the PTO for a primary clutch so you basically need to completely redesign the side cover lol

  • frdboy86

    Maybe X2Z. X3 2 stroke Mach Z

  • A10 powersports
    A10 powersports

    Name it Mach 3 because thats how fast you will be going

  • Trent daune Bergeron
    Trent daune Bergeron

    Or run the new 800 twin outta the summit

  • Trent daune Bergeron
    Trent daune Bergeron

    Why don’t you do a micro squirt efi on that 2 stroke

  • Paul T
    Paul T

    Pretty good case for not putting the absolute strongest a-arms on. You just move the point of failure from the arm to the frame

  • Jools West
    Jools West

    Loving this build!!!!! Big big 2 stroke fan! Digging your vision Doug 👌

  • bugler 83
    bugler 83

    If you haven't named it yet call it the McTriple.

  • Michael Root
    Michael Root

    Call it project 3M3!!

  • Brenda Stone
    Brenda Stone

    Not only is this the coolest thing ever...I have an idea u should do a give away and since it was my idea u should give it to me?...no but seriously can I have it??

  • Terry Nicewonger
    Terry Nicewonger

    Triple Triple should be its name lol

  • Kevin Fullbright
    Kevin Fullbright

    “Mach XXX”

  • Devonjoseph1998

    hmmm two turbos you say? Might need to twin turbo one of the cars

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    Want to sell the snorkel kit off this unit?

  • kevin good
    kevin good

    When are we gonna give love to the YXZ man! She's been sitting for awhile... let's get er some power an bang those gears!!!

  • Big Bagz
    Big Bagz

    Name it “Triple Threat”

  • Pablo !
    Pablo !

    I think after this build you should go in another direction and away from another sand car. The YXZ was built for sand and hasn’t seen the light of day. I think it needs to be totally rebuilt into a King of the Hammers car to showcase all your sponsors on a national level. The YXZ is so unique not having a belt drive and could be such a cool hammers rig!

  • Nick West
    Nick West

    Name her "triple x"

  • Anthony Murgatroyd
    Anthony Murgatroyd

    triple/triple 2 stroke= X332

  • Jorhe Roda
    Jorhe Roda

    Can I have the wheels and tires please ?

  • Jorhe Roda
    Jorhe Roda

    May i have the tires

  • Wildturkey10121

    My birthday is Jan 19th I'll be 53 yay, bad thing is no point in buying anything because I don't have a sxs so I guess I'll not be partaking in this giveaway!


    Name it triple X

  • D Hallster
    D Hallster

    Adapt the X3 fuel injection to the Mach Z engine....

  • jones420of88

    They make a 3 to 1 Mach z pipe

  • Mike Harder
    Mike Harder

    What does it take to get Doug excited? Toss a bad ass engine with technology from the mid 90's into a 2020 X3!! She is going to turn heads with that un matched sound of the triple triple!

  • Lucas Stacy
    Lucas Stacy

    Now come add Apache tracks to my razor! Pretty please

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    Why don't you just cut the flanges off, reposition them and use the existing pipes?

  • Ok Sashok
    Ok Sashok

    What can you say about our project? My son and I tried very hard)) algone.info/slow/video/mIOtq5mdmIB923U

  • Danny Hunley
    Danny Hunley

    Triple x2, xxx2

  • Jordan Gryg
    Jordan Gryg

    250,000 subscribers holy crap boys , congrats !!! Watched every one of your videos 12 times , first thing I type in sxsblog , your the best, great job each and every one of you ! You should fly someone out to rip some units ? Lol we appreciate yeah !

  • Olaf strand
    Olaf strand

    Man, love the vids! Just a suggestion tho you should make playlists. It's pretty hard to follow some of the builds and projects when they span years. Plus it makes it way more fluid to watch.

  • Brayden Miller
    Brayden Miller

    Y’all should name it the Maverick Mock 3x

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    Soooo, maybe stock arms that would have bent would be better then messing up the frame?

  • Stark

    Sounds like a trip to Mickey's is in your future for pipes

  • AJ Miller
    AJ Miller

    1:53 Who else noticed the huge Big Dogs sticker on the red X3?

  • ValleVaan

    easy fix if its too slow, slap a another engine in the front.

  • 907 Gladiator
    907 Gladiator

    I'm still waiting for yamaha to step up and give you guys a demo rmaxx

  • Nathan Gaffer
    Nathan Gaffer

    The Crank Shop out of Vermont builds some bad ass engines and pipes I have a set of their trail pipes on one of my sleds and I think it's exactly what you guys are looking for

  • B4knee

    You all need some pivotal manufacturing in your life. pivotalmanufacturing.com/

  • Robin Törnberg
    Robin Törnberg

    Duog i like the idé to pott a 2 stroke in the x3 I'm from Sweden and I always watch your channel because you build really cool machines, so keep building and have fun 👍👍👍

  • Strange Builds Inc
    Strange Builds Inc

    Throw the X3 engine in the sled

  • Devin Upham
    Devin Upham

    MAVRLE! (Mavrick triple)

  • Castle4evr

    MACH 3 aka MockE

  • AZ-Boys Series
    AZ-Boys Series

    You guys should get a Textron wildcat and put a bunch upgrades on it like turbo upgraded clutch etc

  • Adam P
    Adam P

    I wish brp would put the 850 turbo in a sxs

  • TJ C
    TJ C

    Project triple threat

  • Phy

    Garage 54 type music up in here for a project.

  • Colin Grossbauer
    Colin Grossbauer

    bro I’ve been waiting for someone to do this

  • The Cummins Garage
    The Cummins Garage

    algone.info/slow/video/nnrE1IWAjJmKmpc Boosted 2stroke x3!!!

  • Miles Lovdahl
    Miles Lovdahl

    Came over here a while ago after seeing you on the Cleetus channel and I really enjoy seeing some fellow michiganders making some really good content!

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