2021 Polaris Ranger, General, and Pro XP versus 100 CHEESEBURGERS
Crave Crate VS the WORLD
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  • M3 OffRoad - MI Mud Masters
    M3 OffRoad - MI Mud Masters

    Great stuff Rick and Doug! Nice Job perking up what could have been Just another Review

    • Ryan Hendricks
      Ryan Hendricks

      Biiiiig mustang guy, what is this a manual, no? Tough break hahaha

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones

    Love your stuff guys but you could give the burgers to homeless shelter ...just saying

  • Daniel Vigil
    Daniel Vigil

    Damn I'm gonna have to sell my gytr turbo yxz1000r and get a pro xp

  • Ian Norton
    Ian Norton

    Sorry guys I'm English, I keep hearing you guys say OG... What does this mean,,OG?? Please 🤔😁

  • Dexter Shouse
    Dexter Shouse

    All about them burgers! Respect!

  • Marcus and Ana Clemons
    Marcus and Ana Clemons

    I haven't seen white castle in a minute. Doug and Rick should do more reviews together lol!!

  • zach mccutchan
    zach mccutchan

    bunch of litter bugs i tell ya.

    • SXSBlog.com

      It was all cleaned up

  • Mike Argentiero
    Mike Argentiero

    Anything that had to do with the White Castle burgers was the opposite of entertaining. Not only was it a waste of food but it’s completely unprofessional to trash the trail. Hate to say but the lost camera was karma...🤦🏼‍♂️ leave the jokes to the comedians and do what you guys do best. Ripppp! Love the content you guys do but come on now! Wth!?

  • Mr. Caballero
    Mr. Caballero

    As funny as it is. It sure sucks seeing good food go to waste. You guys could’ve paid for someone’s meal gave them to someone less fortunate. I hope Lacey Blair doesn’t see this video. She LOVES White Castle burgers

  • Zach F
    Zach F

    You finally ride something other than a RZR or X3 and the entire video is about fucking White Castle. Getting bored with this channel faster than I expected.

  • Cooking in the Dark
    Cooking in the Dark

    What're those new x3s looking like? How about the defenders? Love to hear thoughts from the boys.

  • The_Eccentric

    "..or similar"? Reserve a Turba-S and end up with a diesel Gator.

  • jjfore0921

    HAHAHA you rented a stripper car!

  • Robert L
    Robert L

    That could not have been better, one of the top videos from sxsblog.

  • Nick .januik
    Nick .januik

    The last minute was amazing lol



  • steve barke
    steve barke

    Yea,littering is cool! Cardboard everywhere. 👎

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    I've had know luck when it comes to Polaris. I'm not gonna get into it at all. But I would not ever owe one. That looked like you had fun. Good for you guys bro.


    Is there anything more american than buying 100 burgers between 2 people and then eating 12 of them and dumping the rest out of the back of a SXS doing 50mph?? Easy answer: No

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Can you guys do a walk around on the Yamaha RMAX 1000

  • hybridEP3

    Should do a video on how many units you guys have now and walk around. I honestly lost count.

  • Joey Baldarelli
    Joey Baldarelli

    I got the burgers in the back Camera is unattached Rzrs matte black I bet leo is big sad

  • Drew VanDeWege
    Drew VanDeWege

    are the springs any better in the 21 pro xp?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yes they have been improved

  • act 2.5
    act 2.5

    I'm here recovering from hernia surgery...oh look, a SxSBlog vid...I hate you guys, I think I busted my stitches laughing so hard!

  • tom behmlander
    tom behmlander

    I read some of the comments and I got nothing ha ha

  • Jared Enlund
    Jared Enlund

    Great video you need a new ranger northstar mudd Lyfe 2.0 that would be awesome or a Can Am Defender Max build your take on mudd Lyfe

  • Rolando Gonzalez
    Rolando Gonzalez

    Rick. ; ......thiiissss isss a good unit. Lol

  • Geoffrey Grant
    Geoffrey Grant

    Where is the turbo S... That lime green was nasty.

  • Cjstricklen111

    Doug cursing is freaking hilarious

  • Jon Ribelin
    Jon Ribelin

    You guys need to visit can am facility.

  • Mizz Grizz
    Mizz Grizz

    With a thumbnail like that how can I not click it???

  • Michael Mauro
    Michael Mauro

    Why you never buy a rental🤣

  • Klifter Phleefin
    Klifter Phleefin

    You guys just SMOKED Dirt Trax in Subscribers! The honest opinions, great personalities, and non-scripted approach is winning in every way. Been here since the early days, and appreciate yall. You guys are wildly entertaining!

  • skipperup

    Dudes, ya kind of dissed Polaris by making the video about your stupid fucking burgers and not they're new line of UTV's! Sorry your invite wasn't more about speed but these are Polaris's biggest sellers and some of us would of been honored to get an invite to they're compound. Yes I love you guys and your videos but I hope in the future (for your sake) that you learn when to be funny and when to get down to business and not be a dick! Just letting you know how I percieved this video.

  • Tom H
    Tom H

    Extremely bad taste wasting that food with all the hunger and homeless people who might have appreciated it. Your childish episode turns me against sxsblog. I am a 77yo Polaris owner and have always enjoyed watching, but I am out of here.

  • Spartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea
    Spartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea

    Probably the bravest video you guys put out. Eating white castles while driving around good way to shit yourself. I knew they wouldn't eat to many of them sliding belly busters

  • MrPagargar1

    Has anyone ever seen ET3 and rick in the same room together?

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    Absolutely most funny one yet y’all 2 are trouble together 😂😂😂😂 I don’t think parts manger Rick has parts to fix that Ford 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    Y’all 2 together are savage 😂😂😂😂😂 should of held the TC for a couple of seconds to turn off everything 😂😂

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    4:08 rippin tires with a Focus ST in the background.

  • Magia

    💯 foot jump 💯 cheeseburgers 💯 dollar lip stick.

  • Motocross 4life
    Motocross 4life

    Y’all be rolling out in the crowd killer😂😂great vid btw

  • Joey Goosen
    Joey Goosen

    Next up 1000 timbits

  • jesse fish
    jesse fish

    Littering was kinda a dick move😅

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Best video ever no Leo !!!

  • Scott Tholstrom
    Scott Tholstrom

    Lmao Doug and Rick at the end 🤣

  • Jason Crocker
    Jason Crocker

    Was a good video but I was really hoping for some type of review on the changes that Polaris has made for 2021 on the XP Pro. Is the stereo louder? Are the tender springs better? Are the door latches better? Would have been nice to hear about the updates more instead of 15 minutes of burger footage.

    • Cooking in the Dark
      Cooking in the Dark

      I'll save you the trouble... Polaris build quality has not changed, it is still shit. I personally ditched mine for a can am.

  • Bryan Krohn
    Bryan Krohn

    12 burgers between 2 guys is weak

  • Subbing back to the people who Sub To me
    Subbing back to the people who Sub To me

    Great video love the new 2021 line ups

  • Tarheel Trailblazer
    Tarheel Trailblazer

    Just because I live in the south, don’t expect me to perform this same test with Chick-fil-A sandwiches or Bojangles biscuits #BlessYourHearts #NoCanDo

  • Shockin Awesome
    Shockin Awesome

    you guys should of been like hey we have been prototyping a turbo RS1 if you guys would want to take notes

  • Darren Dufresne
    Darren Dufresne

    Best ending ever😂😂😂👌

  • NL Riders
    NL Riders

    i think we need a comparison of all the blog vehicles on which has the best burger basket stabilizing abillity

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore

    hell of a waste of some good burgers

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez

    Damn the burgers though I would of taken them next day air

  • Steve York
    Steve York

    Wasted White Castles, those could have fed many hungry children

  • bismofunyons

    I loved the crave cam.

  • Music Man
    Music Man

    Tfloffroad upload this first but I don’t care i watch it on your channel

  • Phil P
    Phil P

    Next video - permanently banned from enterprise😂😂

  • tom mcqueen
    tom mcqueen

    Wish Polaris would’ve released more hp. This yr.

  • Sunny Pringle
    Sunny Pringle

    I love when Doug records the videos are always awesome

  • Joseph Rogers
    Joseph Rogers

    You guys need to go rip a new wolverine rmax

  • Rob Blake
    Rob Blake

    Good stuff! Right there is why we still follow you guys, keep it up.

  • Michael Clifton
    Michael Clifton

    Definitely one of the better videos! Nice not having a certain individuals voice trying to boss everyone around.

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Best review ever !! 👌🏼. These things rip !!

  • Scott Watson
    Scott Watson

    I think they forgot to post, no feeding the wildlife!! They gonna have a bunch of sick animals running around up there! Lmao cool video!

  • malibuac21

    What you guys were in minnesota!!!

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    Great video guy’s.. I’ll be up your guys way in a couple weeks doing the trek the Mac then heading on into the U.P. For some riding

  • Chyna Mane
    Chyna Mane

    i want white castle so bad now lol

  • Luke_XPT

    I just bought a 2021 rzr xp turbo yesterday! Loving the sand color! Issa ripper

  • Luke_XPT

    I just bought a 2021 rzr xp turbo yesterday! Loving the sand color! Issa ripper

  • dakotalayinlow

    no rest for the blog.. GOOD! You guys are blazing the trail, glad to be a part of it. That rental brings me back to when Rick took that white van for a spin in the ol' driveway.

  • Srt Jg
    Srt Jg

    Thats a lot of BEEF No only if you could buy a 2021

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    who picked up all the burgers you lost

    • SXSBlog.com

      Us, as indicated in the video.

  • Ryan Hellman
    Ryan Hellman

    Eco boost stang is no slouch haha. Death to burgers. Great video

  • Aaron Byrd
    Aaron Byrd

    It's gotta be a good time if you're going with Doug!!! Good times

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Lol I live in Ohio( no white castle around). I went to Indiana for the weekend went to white castle and got a 30 pack.

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Nick Sous biiiiig Polaris guy.... Where the heck is he?!!!! Must be waiting for those super secret Polaris projects to thrash..... I wonder if Doug ever infiltrated the compound 🤔

  • StreetStrip NMud
    StreetStrip NMud

    I got the Fevahhh!!! Doc says I need more 2J vids!!!

    • StreetStrip NMud
      StreetStrip NMud

      @SXSBlog.com Woooooo!!!🍻

    • SXSBlog.com

      Coming VERY soon!

  • Jason Shank
    Jason Shank

    Been nice to actually see the machines and what they are all about.. instead of a whole video on stupid White Castle.. just saying.

    • SXSBlog.com

      We cover these same machines all the time, and a rundown of the 2021 changes is on our website. Just having a little fun with it ya know

  • matad311

    This episode was cheeseburger abuse!!!

  • MotoR City RC Attack
    MotoR City RC Attack

    That 4 cylinder mustang is way better than a dodge hemi anyway.

    • Cjstricklen111


  • jaredandabbie

    It's awesome to see everyone doing their part and staying safe.

  • Benny Franks Jr
    Benny Franks Jr

    Im just excited for the new rmaxx

  • nitrotain

    These guys Rock all the way.

  • Isvan Santiago
    Isvan Santiago

    The end of the video was icing on the cake 😂

  • Dan Vandenbrink
    Dan Vandenbrink

    Thought you guys might be At Crandon where the best thing this weekend was going on but I guess you weren’t there. Little old YXZ ‘s still kicking ass

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Good unit that mustang 🐴

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Closed course just gunna see if she’ll spin the tires...... big drag car says Rick 😂

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    U guys were cheating on the best sandwich in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! Aka the dub QP!!!!!!

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Just when I thought the blog couldn’t get any funnier 😂 🤣 and I’m only four minutes in at the point where Doug is turning off the traction control bahahaha

  • Warlock

    Content at 11:00

  • Tony Spencer
    Tony Spencer

    Has there ever been a more iconic duo? I think not! My favorite sxsblog video so far.

  • Randal Sweeting
    Randal Sweeting

    I would like to see a video on the new yamaha 1000 vs the general.

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    Drinking a diet Pepsi to even out the white castle nice job

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Pretty sure you should be expecting a call from White Castle.....and maybe Enterprise too?!?....Guaranteed White Castle is LOVING this video!!!

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    Well Polaris should have a whole new customer base from BLM after this video!!🤣🤣

  • Britton Tiner
    Britton Tiner

    You wasted a whole video an Polaris test ride on videoing burgers in the bed. What a waste of time watching an polaris time of inviting yall.

  • Kjell Olav Forberg
    Kjell Olav Forberg

    Maybe not the most educational video but it was funny as fuck!


    Need to do more Doug and Rick videos. Lots o fun😄👍👍

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