2JZ RZR, Beast Mode, and others POST GLAMIS UPDATE! Plus 2021 ideas?
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    What do you guys want to see us do in 2021? Comment below!

    • Dennis Goldberger Jr
      Dennis Goldberger Jr

      If you get a race car and you decide you want to come out to Maryland international raceway this year. Let me know. I grew up around Royce Miller the owner. My uncle builds and races drag cars for a living. Gary good racing chassis. I can call Royce and let him know your gonna come out and film. And my band can possibly play a small set on their stage in the winners circle. Keep at it guys!

    • Deryk Rowland
      Deryk Rowland

      Build a RZR Bouncer!! And start heading east

    • Ricardo Salcido
      Ricardo Salcido

      Pismo beach! Aka oceano dunes

    • Lane Paul Outdoors
      Lane Paul Outdoors

      Put tracks on all the machines n come to Alberta n play in the mountains in the middle of winter

    • Rich 6547
      Rich 6547

      Come to wellsville in Ohio

  • Dennis Goldberger Jr
    Dennis Goldberger Jr

    If you guys come out to or within one state of Maryland. Let me know. I’ll get the band together and hit the road and meet you somewhere. We don’t have and off road vehicles but my bassist has a firehawk. He likes it. Lol. Could be some killer content🤘

  • YamaChicken

    Have you guys ridden Brimstone/Royal Blue area?

  • iamawerido

    Thanks for the great content this year. It made 2020 less sucky. Two thoughts on projects that could be.. interesting.. for everyone concerned (you AND us).. Project DimSum.. Try get a CFMOTO Zforce to survive against the usual SxSBlog shenanigan's. Why DimSum? 'cause the buffet comes to YOU. Project GreenRedemption. ArcticCat/Textron (ArcticShat/Textwrong) sucks. Hard.. But CAN it be built to redeam? Perhaps a rebuild of a Wildcat Sport with a Textron/Weber 750 Turbo (Queen Racing claims up to 300hp from these). And if it still sucks? Just build a bonfire....

  • ReapR_X FPV
    ReapR_X FPV

    Come ride Stony Lonesome in Cullman Alabama!

  • DC LSX Factory
    DC LSX Factory

    Man oh man go back to the very first few videos they posted 4-5years ago.. lol

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor

    come ride sand hollow Utah!

  • Ryan Petty
    Ryan Petty

    For sure you guys need to come to Sand Hollow in Utah and do some rock crawling. Message me for some details. We’ll show you a good time.

  • MileHigh Reloading
    MileHigh Reloading

    Donnely idaho... you'll thank me later ;) mid may early June. Bergdorf hot spring, trip through sesash, Warren up in mccall. Best riding west of the Mississippi

  • kinnon fast
    kinnon fast

    Definitely gotta hit up royal blue in pioneer Tennessee, but more so Tackett creek, some hard-core trails there!

  • Zann The Man
    Zann The Man

    You should ride the hill called pump jack in Kentucky

  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • jason miller
    jason miller


  • Auston Gill
    Auston Gill

    Coos bay Oregon!!! Need to ride here!

  • justin denney
    justin denney

    Y’all need to ride at top trails in Alabama

  • Erik Edds
    Erik Edds

    River run atv park Jacksonville TX

  • Alex Pence
    Alex Pence

    Bounty hole weekend at Hogwaller in Palatka, Fl!

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas

    Badlands off-road park. Attica, Indiana

  • Jan-Børre Olsen
    Jan-Børre Olsen

    Turbo'd1200 4-tec in Beastmode. Or what about a turbo Maveric sport build?

  • Coinguy American
    Coinguy American

    How about a side by side with tracks and snowmobile style skis in the front instead of tracks it would have to be on a two-wheel drive machine I think that'd be pretty badass not to mention you can make this Keys work in the sand for glamis

  • Charlie Reeg
    Charlie Reeg

    I need to see you guys in a Speed UTV

  • Brian Flanery
    Brian Flanery

    i love these guy i laughed the whole time lol keep up the good work and i can not wait to see what is next for the sxs guys

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson

    Croom Brooksville FL hour from cleetus

  • Chris

    When are you going to do the video of the Houser cage install on the RS1 ?

  • Troy Noble
    Troy Noble

    Fellas!! You need to go and ride St Anthony sand dunes in Idaho!! Make it happen, and for the love, thank you for stating what we’ve all been thinking! It’s time for a new cage on JP!! ;)

  • Eric V
    Eric V

    2.0L from a slingshot in a RZR

  • Ryan Tyler
    Ryan Tyler

    You guys should get SXS Blog snap chat acct

  • allaboutcars86

    I would like to see if jp could do rocky mountian race week

  • Crooked Eye Productions
    Crooked Eye Productions

    Check out famous reading outdoors in Pennsylvania they have a bunch of tracts of land and the one has huge coal banks to hill climb.. if you want more info let me know i only live about 30 minutes from one of the tracts that has the huge coal banks. Shoot me a message on Instagram @crookedeyeproductions or on face book my name is kyle bower. Im from millersburg, pa.

  • Dalton Atchley
    Dalton Atchley

    Crossbar ranch davis,Oklahoma


    what the fuck, you guys didn't hardly film shit at glamis

  • Brian Ackerman
    Brian Ackerman

    Black Hills South Dakota has loads of beautiful trails u wouldn't ride the same one fer days,luv u guys

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson

    Come to WINDROCK park in TN, couple big events in the summer and fall of 2021, hope to see you guys there!

  • Cagetec Racing
    Cagetec Racing

    Time to go international! Come do the Kalgoorlie Desert Race in Western Australia (last video on our channel)

  • Just Throw It
    Just Throw It

    You guys get to see the speed unit?

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    Sand rail x3 with an Ls.

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark

    Mud nationals?

  • Dillon Taylor
    Dillon Taylor

    You guys have to come try windrock park out in East TN. You would absolutely love it!!!

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    I’m big, just had Arby’s too lol

  • B Geudens
    B Geudens

    Hey boys I am Bjorn I am from Belgium so I am. Sorry for the English writing it isn't perfect I talk it better than I write it, anyway I follow you from day 1. Back then I had a wildcat x like you and I olso had my problems with it 🙄now I have a rzr 900s I put 6000 km on it and the only thing that I had a problem with is the stock clutch but I got that sorted out. I was wondering what the heck happened with the xx I haven't seen it for a long time, I think the last time was with te laps on dogs yard. Do you also ship parts to Belgium??? PS I like what you are doing

  • mark7330

    Come back to WAynoka little Sahara I was glad to meet u guys last time

  • Dakota Lloyd
    Dakota Lloyd

    Come to Sand Mountain, UTAH! 2JP HILL CLIMB!

  • Kendan Shapley
    Kendan Shapley

    Also I'd love to see a supercharged and turbo krx!

  • Kendan Shapley
    Kendan Shapley

    You should try little Sahara in delta utah. Its a good time.

  • Rosy Boiz TV
    Rosy Boiz TV

    Come out to Utah!!!! Our dunes are bad ass! I'm sure you can get some good races up sand mountain!!

  • Cody Eldridge
    Cody Eldridge

    There’s some great riding in Eastern Kentucky that we go to multiple times a year! Miles on miles of trails. Not quite the same fast paced ripping you guys are accustomed to, but quality riding. Plenty of mud, hills, etc. Best part is it’s free!! Happy to get connected with you guys and plan something! Keep up the great content, watch you guys religiously!

  • Geno Gates
    Geno Gates

    I have a great idea and an offer. I watch you guys all the time and I know your always looking for new places to ride. My wife and I own 3 AirBnB homes that have direct dune access to the best dunes in Oregon. I really think you guys can have a blast and I can provide a place for you to stay. They are on Saunders Lake between Horsefall and Spinreel near North Bend / Coos Bay. You should go to www.cggproperties.com and check it out. I have a 2019 RZR Turbo S and can go ripping with all of you.

    • Geno Gates
      Geno Gates

      @SXSBlog.com We should definitely put it together. All 3 homes have just recently been remodeled and have some incredibly comfortable beds. Honestly, all of you are going to love it. We have kayaks and paddle boards for fun on the lake as well. This will make for some great footage and I can assure you that we will have a blast. My wife and I feel like we know y'all so let's make it happen.

    • SXSBlog.com

      That sounds BADASS!!

  • KR 6.4
    KR 6.4

    Let’s see some Rush Offroad stuff

  • dan goheen
    dan goheen

    I have another idea You guys should build a side-by-side for drifting

  • That one guy Melville
    That one guy Melville

    Build a 6x6 high lifter mud bogger

  • Garrett McDaniel
    Garrett McDaniel

    @packard lol


    Rich people don't wanna run their rails

  • BusaJohnny1

    UTV Takeover Oregon😎🤘🏻🤙🏻

  • Elijah Campbell
    Elijah Campbell

    What is going on with the YXZ I have been waiting to see it gap the ghoul

  • Jeremy Minor
    Jeremy Minor

    I’d love to see y’all build up a rzr turbo motor for more power. And y’all should come to Spearhead in Virginia!!!! Me and some buddies can show y’all around!!!

  • Wayne Hicks
    Wayne Hicks

    You guys need to come out to Colorado and try Taylor Park outside of Buena Vista and Gunnison. There are thousands of miles of trails out there. Then they have a RZR Event that takes place in August I believe. Very cool! Lots of camping out there too

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    You guys might think this sounds stupid but you guys should throw a 1000cc two stroke in ricks rig would be sick

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    You guys are awesome I don't think anyone will ever be able to take 2jp

  • Andrew Russell
    Andrew Russell

    Come to the lawless land of wellsville ohio

  • Riding with Mike
    Riding with Mike

    Windrock park in Tennessee

  • justin petersen
    justin petersen

    @sxsblog jeff pont one bad toy factory is just scared to get one of his half a million dollar sandcars walked by a sxs

  • zach bates
    zach bates

    Come ride little Sahara sand mountain Utah

  • Michael Wigley
    Michael Wigley

    I want to see sxs blog goes to Canada to mob with ostacruiser. That would be some good content.

  • Chad Booth
    Chad Booth

    Come to Canada, lots of trails in sault Ontario to go north

  • WvTrailTherapy

    That would be cool if you came to WV to ride. Looks like you stayed in Almost Heaven cabins last time few minutes from me. A lot more to see and ride here than what you did on that 2017 trip.

  • Taylor Pratt
    Taylor Pratt

    The Arizona cinders ohv is awesome when it’s too hot for the dunes. It would be awesome to see if 2jp can make it up $100 hill, it takes serious power and skill to make it

  • Ross Williams
    Ross Williams

    Nicks statement about time couldn’t be more true. Do they read them all?? Lol

  • D2E gaming
    D2E gaming

    2JP at the schuss mountain snow drags

  • Tom Roy
    Tom Roy

    First off, enjoy your content from Nova Scotia, Canada...JP is an awesome build, have you guys looked into a multi level lift to free up your shop floor? Happy holidays and here's to a great 2021.

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith

    Try out Rush Off-road Park! Heard it’s a blast! Definitely going to try it out next year!

  • Justen Costlow
    Justen Costlow

    Build a side by side on tracks like tank tracks. The ones that go on each corner like a wheel but its a track.

  • Justen Costlow
    Justen Costlow

    Build a car for baja 500. But a full baja car

  • Saxton Gray
    Saxton Gray

    I have read all the other comments but you guys need to come to Oregon and ride sand and dirt

  • Glockspecific

    Rich is with ol Cleet

  • Mickella Cross
    Mickella Cross

    Myrtlewood factory or spinreal in Oregon northbend

  • MrHatchbody


  • Urban Adventures
    Urban Adventures

    Jp on tracks snoworienteering

  • zFPV

    Winchester Bay, Oregon is a damn good set of dunes. Banshee hill is a fun drag race hill. Although, it’s nothing like it was 10 years ago.

  • infamouscoma886

    You guys defiantly need to come on Newhampshire and ride the Jericho atv trails! Over 1000 miles of trails. You can ride on the roads of most towns to get to shops, restaurants, and gas stations. Tons of places to stay, atv rentals all over the place tons of amazing sites and things to do other then riding. And just a beautiful place to be. Be prepared trails can be a little rocky since we’re known as the granite state but awesome in a side by side.

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Missed all the content, Loving that "Turbo Sous" sticker on the rig though sweet stuff my dudes🤙

  • Jarett Jones
    Jarett Jones

    Allegheny National Forest. Marienville Pa. Small place but great trails!

  • Waylon Oney
    Waylon Oney

    Rush off-road! Rush, Kentucky

  • lm464326

    5:30 Just saw Rich in a Cleetus video!! What kind of crazy cool project do you have going with Garrett? I can't wait to find out! Merry Christmas!

  • Sheldon Hogle
    Sheldon Hogle

    Rich is with ol cleetus!

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    As one of they guys that watched your super car racing videos in Vegas and watched/liked, woulda liked to see more Glamis content from you guys. Fortunately watched a bunch of content from other providers days before you posted so filled in the blanks when I watched yours after. Good trip buds.

  • dave26566

    Ride royal blue and windrock in TN are awesome. Can't wait to go back down there to ride!!

  • LooseCannon

    A sick low angled cage for 2jp would be sick!

  • Retired SXS
    Retired SXS

    Try idaho for Saint Anthony dunes Please

  • Jimmy Lane
    Jimmy Lane

    Do the Newfoundland ride

  • David Dyer
    David Dyer

    where's the wild cats? lol

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson

    I want to see a very low 1/4 mile time on slicks...faster than a Hoonicorn maybe?

  • Southern Virginia Outdoors
    Southern Virginia Outdoors

    Busco beach

  • The Send It Crew Off-roading Arizona
    The Send It Crew Off-roading Arizona

    Sycamore creek in Arizona!!! Come ride those trials!!!

  • dcboys0701

    St Ann's in Idaho is awesome dune riding and great racing!! And them guys that didn't show up for you are there every year for the racing

    • dcboys0701

      And get the poor yxz to her glory again

  • Kenneth Ketterer
    Kenneth Ketterer

    I have a question where do u keep all of the side by side at bc we all know that u can't fit them in the shop

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