2JZ RZR update! Shop update! And Turbo Honda Talon LAP BATTLE!!
To all the people saying "we miss the old blog videos".... well here ya go!
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  • James Arneson
    James Arneson

    I use dielectric grease on pretty much every thing I own it’s great!

  • James Arneson
    James Arneson

    What do you guys think of adding a Turbo too a 2020 Honda Grom with Full Yoshi pipe?

    • SXSBlog.com

      We’d probably kill ourselves lol

  • James Arneson
    James Arneson

    Ricks beard is excellent I wish I could grow a beard like that!

  • Lucas

    Talons are still pretty new but how would you compare them durability and quality/price wise to a rzr 1000xp. I can’t come up with the right answer and I know you guys run the shit out of everything and I’m curious what one you feel confident would make it to the trailer under it’s own power more often

  • Todd Bonifas
    Todd Bonifas

    I think you guys in to run the turbo talon on the new track.

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Rick's beard is rocking!

  • Tom Crickon
    Tom Crickon

    OK Doug you knock the spider webs off that Turbo Talon was it in 4 wheel drive

  • NvSrAgE679

    That engines so sick!

  • Jael Elliott
    Jael Elliott

    You guys should sell me this car so I dont have to buy a 2021 live valve!!! From Tuttle, Oklahoma YOU guys kick ass!!!

  • J Hack840
    J Hack840

    OMG, Why do i watch you guys. Killin me. LOL

  • Dave C
    Dave C

    "not a big corner guy" -> understatement of the year

  • ed1000 murowski
    ed1000 murowski

    2 suggestions for content. The Buffalo vs X3 max And Upgrading a can am with more tech. Like tablet dash mount. Obd2 gauges on the tablet. Sound bar. The can am is lacking compared to the pro in that department.

  • Chapster Onetime
    Chapster Onetime

    Man Doug can drive

  • Drew Campbell
    Drew Campbell

    BIG overly used expressions guy...

  • ThaGingaNinja69

    Rick Beard is the bomb 🔥

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    The thing that I would want to see 2JZ swapped the most would be a rail buggy and I don’t know if there is a video on that

  • Zach Ellinger
    Zach Ellinger

    I enjoy the ride vids as well, but the garage ones usually have me laughing all the way through.

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red

    You want to tig aluminum you need to get a miller dynasty 250 or bigger, I use one 5 to 7 days a week for the past 10 years,, a dynasty is designed to weld aluminum, A synchro wave is capable of welding aluminum..

  • Cody Hazlett
    Cody Hazlett

    Ricks beard MUST NOT go.

  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    That outtro though. Lol.. it’s puff puff give boys! Haha.

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Nice, I love how the turbo helps get power to the ground. The quiet exhaust is a keeper talk about a sleeper!

  • Brad Dewey
    Brad Dewey

    As a Talon owner, I am so happy you guys are showing it capability. Welding aluminium look good for just starting. You should talk to your weld supply store about Dye Penatration for testing for weld leaks. It's cheap and supper effective to give you piece of mind.

  • Phillip Johnson
    Phillip Johnson

    Should I buy Honda ? I've always been a fan of Honda ATV'S. Never had a UTV. I want the best so help me decide please

    • SXSBlog.com

      They are very solid machines. Not the strongest in any one particular performance category but have done well everywhere for us.

  • Fred Galehouse
    Fred Galehouse

    Man, that talon needs a pipe. Can't even hear it! Lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      We’ll get a pipe back on it once the race kit becomes available for sure

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    I've never missed an episode you guys have the best content on the internet 👏 😅😅

  • Farm Boi
    Farm Boi

    Great beard Rick!!

  • Cktime ThirtyTwo
    Cktime ThirtyTwo

    Respect for admitting how difficult and the short comings of welding aluminum. It’s 90% settings, 10% stead pace.

  • Northern Rider Offroad
    Northern Rider Offroad

    I can weld aluminum like a champ. Send me in!

  • That Bearded Veteran
    That Bearded Veteran

    Rick beard is looking strong and is a must stay.

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Monkey 🐒 loop 😂

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Respect to the McDonald’s flag not to the decision to get western burgers 😠

  • Brad Snyder Junior Sender
    Brad Snyder Junior Sender

    Stop cheating on the greatest sandwich in the world the dub qp!!!!! How do u get western burgers with the McDonald’s sponsored flag in the background?!

  • LeeBoystv

    An easy way to make aluminum welds look good as an amateur is pulsed tig if you don’t have a machine that has pulse you can manually pulse it but it works better with a foot pedal but i have a finger wheel at work and that’s still doable

  • Oliver S
    Oliver S

    I saw the title and This man said 2jz rzr so here I am

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Rich beard needs to be atleast a foot long!

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    When is sxsblog going to build and race a machine for king of hammers ?



  • josh youngs
    josh youngs

    Why am I watching a transmission teardown at 4:30am? For a transmission I don't even own.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    Rick beard stays

  • Sous’s Missing Finger
    Sous’s Missing Finger

    Straight back to 2016 when Doug said “DIEelectric”

  • Connor Sporich
    Connor Sporich

    Say narlllll one more time

  • Michael Brumfield
    Michael Brumfield

    Rick beard FTW

  • Zeph Gage
    Zeph Gage

    why was rick sitting in the chair starting at the sxs doing nothing for like 2 minutes at the end hahaha

    • Zeph Gage
      Zeph Gage

      @SXSBlog.com 😂😂😂ohh

    • SXSBlog.com

      Waiting to use impact lol

  • Brian Senz
    Brian Senz

    What was the fastest talon lap pre turbo?

  • william trojnor
    william trojnor

    For the love of God by a a portable single column lift you'll save your back

  • Wildturkey10121

    Leo look at my pic see all those bolts and rods and screws....it isn't much fun you wanna talk about it contact me!

  • Loren Quintana
    Loren Quintana

    “It was free to us. Actually we paid for it. Free to it tho because it didn’t pay for it”. Me on 🍄s 😦😳🤯

  • Northern Redneck
    Northern Redneck

    Rick beard: 100% 10/10

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie

    The Talon is a Great Machine and rips with that Turbo! You guys are such a Great team and probably envied buy many. The end of this one had me spitting my beer, shame on you guys! I really enjoyed the video and can't wait for J2Z to come back, for you guys!

  • Robert Norris
    Robert Norris

    Narl..pretty cool But suppletier...classic!

  • Arron Baker
    Arron Baker

    Considering the weather the rick beard looks good and you're will stay warm easier

  • Honda Talon Turbo Adventures Owner
    Honda Talon Turbo Adventures Owner

    Videos are better with Sous in them! He takes them to the next level!

  • Socalfun

    Digging the Beard. Big Beard Guy! 🇺🇸💪🏼

  • Kalee Cole
    Kalee Cole

    I’m a fan of the beard!


    Grow the Beard 🧔

  • Brian Boles
    Brian Boles

    Beard game strong

  • Joshua Radick
    Joshua Radick

    yessir for the Rick Beard


    I think battlefield needs some more hp..... anyone else think so? I think its time for a tear down.? I always like and love the content. But I was kinda bored with the talon rip...just being honest.🤷‍♂️

  • gordon taylor
    gordon taylor

    Can't wait to see how the xona parts work for you. I'm a cnc programmer for Tial and did the programming on the chra and turbo housing for the Evo kit. Evo has great stuff! Love your channel and hope to see you guys on trail sometime!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks for the hard work brother

  • Earl Luker
    Earl Luker

    Let's rip the Talon

  • shawn weeks
    shawn weeks

    Love the Rich beard

  • Richard Bitting
    Richard Bitting

    The beard stays

  • Kenny Hill
    Kenny Hill

    Rick beard: hell yeah brother😂

  • Kevin Childress
    Kevin Childress

    Old Navy has a tshirt for the team “squad Ghoul”

  • J Rock
    J Rock

    Anybody else cringe when Leo works on his own car? DGAF

  • DryHumor Bear
    DryHumor Bear

    Love the laid back outro!!

  • Alan Hobbs
    Alan Hobbs

    Doug try arcing you tungsten against a metal plate first... To make a little ball on the tip... Also when grinding your tungsten hold it 90 degrees to the wheel and grind around it twisting in your fingers as it puts the point on it. Then strick it against the ground or metal plate for the ball. Try it you'll look like a pro.

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald

    you all have way too much fun... keep it up

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis

    I freaking asked you in the comments under that ATV jump video to tell us how your ass was after that shellacking and you said thats all there was to it!!! Now come to find out you broke your effin back?!!?!? LMAO

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis

      @SXSBlog.com so freaking nuts lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      I didn’t know until a few weeks later

  • pissed off pistons
    pissed off pistons

    Haaaa lmfao his custom maxwrist suit comes in and 2 hrs later is fired by the original maxwrist...wristy..maxi uploaded they split ways ..but says he is running maxi..motohoon..and maxwrist black???? So wristy fired everyone..but maxy is still in charge of maxwrist black????..man getting a custom suit and getting fired next day ouch that burns more then road rash...Haha gottem

  • pkmiller77

    Question for @SXSblog, Do you think the turbo would be too much for the Talon X chassis? Just wondering if you think the shorter wheelbase would be sketchy with the added power. Thx.

  • bitsiphon

    SxSWelding.com. @Dennis T NWO style absolutely! SxSRicksBeard.com

  • Don Payne
    Don Payne

    Appreciate the info on the talon , great vid as usual. Thanks

  • Nick Miraldi
    Nick Miraldi

    Looked like Doug was about to hit the golf course with those white gloves on! Lol

  • ngh

    That is a buttload of money sitting there on that stand!!!

  • X3 Andy
    X3 Andy

    Goggles don’t do any good when they don’t have a lens in them...lol

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Rick James
    Rick James


  • damon mcnab
    damon mcnab

    When are you guys going to turbo the krx

  • Paul Petraitis
    Paul Petraitis

    Hey I buy from Rochy Mountain atv,is there something I need to add about you guys when I order to help you out?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Just click the link in our description and order from there

  • Jack Kramer
    Jack Kramer


  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Pausing the video for a minute just to say that Dougy absolutely spanked you guys! Holy crap, what a savage!

  • Theigorsch

    I wanna see a rzr 800 build, just for fun to see what you can do to those things nowadays, would be fun

  • Jason Bowden
    Jason Bowden

    I’d like to see the “turba” talon run the gauntlet with some smaller lighter bighorn 2’s. Bet it would be the fastest time yet.

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    When Tig welding aluminum use a higher table or a lower chair. Finding your ideal posture makes a huge difference on the steadiness of your hands. Once it clicks its like riding a bike.

  • Zach Ballzach
    Zach Ballzach

    Rick needs to keep the beard! He looks a whole lot more like a man!😂

  • Zachary Williams
    Zachary Williams

    Spinal! Someone watches Scotty and big boy?

  • Josh Irwin
    Josh Irwin

    don't know why but Rick creeping in the back of the signing out was killing me 😆 lol

  • Nate Liebelt
    Nate Liebelt

    Rick should grow his beard out till he looks like the duck dynasty guys

    • SXSBlog.com

      Heck yeah!!

  • Handstandman Stan
    Handstandman Stan

    Classic vid... Ima go out on a limb and spell it "gnaro"

  • Jack Kramer
    Jack Kramer

    As a bearded man, I say keep it even if people don't quite care for it.

  • blkmaxx

    33:52..... BEST part of the video!! 🤣😂


    Rick beard looks tits

  • Caydon Miller
    Caydon Miller

    "Oh yea I came to look at the peice of art.." "Noo you idiot"🤣🤣🤣 I cried at that lmfao😅

  • Elijah Campbell
    Elijah Campbell

    Narwhals and impacted Rich man what a outtro.

  • jeff cain
    jeff cain

    Beard looks good 👍

  • rcwildman

    Why couldn’t y’all just use a spool gun on your mig welder and weld aluminum like that?

  • Patrick Hardison
    Patrick Hardison

    Enjoyed this video so much, seemed like more of the old days in the original battledad garage.

  • Craig Morgan
    Craig Morgan

    Do you have a brace on the back of the dry sump pump? I’m not craping on the work just a thought of bracing since it’s a S Level critical part belt tensioned oil pumper under load vibration and the surface it’s intended for I would beef that up.

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B

    Rick the beard is rad! Also I loved the good times hanging with the guys feel at the end, classic video stuff right there 👌

  • Jayson Carey
    Jayson Carey

    Dannggg some nice Tig gloves Doug 🤘🏻 glad y'all are getting some use out of the package I sent!

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