2JZ swapped 1000HP RZR Part 10! Wiring EVERYTHING!
Creating an entire custom wiring harness from scratch?
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  • stykyun

    Oh man I been slacking, I have two months to catch up on before I can see it start up!

  • jaybajan

    been a while now, whats the update with this?

  • tsfootball69

    Need more 2J videos!!!

  • That Desert Rat Xb1x
    That Desert Rat Xb1x

    6:32 🐕

  • Sam Drake
    Sam Drake

    Great job Doug looks great 👍

  • CorpseCallosum

    Wheelie Bars

  • Ken

    Yaaaaaa. Dare people to say your amateurs.... your not!

  • Ken

    Clone dug lol

  • Ken

    You gave up? 🤪

  • Ken

    It’s been two weeks. What’s happening


    The only thing about this build that i really don't like is that you didn't go with a transaxle. You could have cut AT MINIMUM, a foot off the overall length of the vehicle if not closer to eighteen inches. And kept it much closer to the natural wheelbase and aesthetic profile of the original car. Not to mention the weight savings and what have you

    • AUSTIN

      @SXSBlog.com there's a no reason a transaxle build wouldn't be just as good for drag racing. And since it would be shorter OAL with less weight situated further from the motor it very well may have resulted in a weight distribution closer to your objective. Plus it would probably be a little lighter overall. But it doesn't really matter, you guys did what appealed to you most and it's going to work absolutely fantastic, regardless. I'm super stoked to see it run, I'll be enthusiastically awaiting you guys' next jz-jp upload. Keep coming with the fantastic content, I love what you crazy fellas do

    • SXSBlog.com

      Anyone can do a transaxle. We wanted full drag mode with weight closer to the front.

  • Jason Hovey
    Jason Hovey

    This thing is effen INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renn

    How come you aren’t wearing your Covidiot mask like all the rest of the social distancing dildos?

  • David Hendrickson
    David Hendrickson

    make sure you have axle plunge

  • Kaden Kirkpatrick
    Kaden Kirkpatrick

    This things gonna be like an offroad Leroy, with similar power!

  • Enzo Prosciutto
    Enzo Prosciutto

    Man i hat dealing with wires. Respect to dug.

  • Rustbelt Mechanic
    Rustbelt Mechanic

    I love Dougs attention to detail. It’s amazing what he can do when he’s not put on a crazy timeline👍🏻 Great Job guys!

  • nunya binis
    nunya binis

    Wthin the first 7 seconds we get the famous Doug "aaaaah" ending of a sentence.

  • Brian Wiechman
    Brian Wiechman

    That thing is a work of art, great work!!

  • Larry Waggoner
    Larry Waggoner

    Awesome project guys! Great attention to detail!

  • TagGeorge

    At 28:40 bad choice of words roll it over and fire. Lets hope not.

  • TagGeorge

    Be careful with your fuel cell lid. I have had 2 of those let water in my tank in heavy rain. I have also known people with the same occurence.

  • Steve Cherrett
    Steve Cherrett

    Rob dahm has those on all four corners of his four rotor RX7

  • Rayvyn Cunningham
    Rayvyn Cunningham

    Really looking hoping you guys throw some paddles on this and take it to the dunes some day.

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    I really enjoy watching you guys to relax and just take in some awesome stuff.. Doug is the most calm collected well explained YT ‘dood’ going.. Great work boys Can NOT wait till this beast is alive!! 🤙🏻

  • Dylan Holman
    Dylan Holman

    What happened to orienteering

  • WideOpenThrottle

    Poor doggo :-(

  • Taylor W.
    Taylor W.

    The fact that you didn't just pay a shop to do it for you says a lot. I hope to see a diesel SxS build in the future.

  • Nek167

    Wouldn't be amazing if it gets tuned by Brent aka PFI Speed?

  • Dan Schulze
    Dan Schulze

    How do I get an address tonsend you guys some stuff?

  • Eric Price, Jr
    Eric Price, Jr

    Hello sxsblog I'm enjoying following you guys. I'll soon be getting a Talon of my own. My family an I would love to enjoy you guys on a few adventures an ever get your help on modifying our talon.

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    What are your long term plans with this 100k dollar rzr....are you building it to keep it, or plans to sell it in the future...next question, does it belong to all 3 of you?

  • Stefan C
    Stefan C

    Get ready for 500k subs when you post this baby in the dirt!

  • Jared Schmiskie
    Jared Schmiskie

    How will you guys be addressing suspension with this build? Will the stock trailing arms accept those larger CVs and axles? Do you feel like the stock arms will be strong enough considering the extra power and speed? It would be great to see this be able to handle big bumps while it is ripping.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Kartek as in corona CA? If so that place is right down the street from my house. Iv spent way to much money there lol. Good place overall

  • Off-Road Riding Adventures
    Off-Road Riding Adventures

    Not my type of build for a SxS, however I’m impressed as hell with Doug and Steve’s knowledge. Steve needs a little more credit and cam time.

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    Doug has some patience!!! Very knowledgeable guy this build really shows his skill set!!!

  • Travis Cox
    Travis Cox

    Anybody else notice beast mode and the rs1 on drag radials

  • Scott Keilman
    Scott Keilman

    WOW, the amount of detail is outstanding. The thought process that Doug does is awesome, wealth of knowledge!!

  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley

    Very very cool 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Edward Ramirez
    Edward Ramirez

    Did anyone see the dog in the background? Looked like a damn mummy missing half the fur and half wrapped 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔

    • Edward Ramirez
      Edward Ramirez

      @SXSBlog.com ok well I'm sorry about that. It looked odd for some reason.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yes cancer is hilarious

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Wow! Another level! Can’t wait!

  • marcus jonsen
    marcus jonsen


  • TheTyisAwesome

    This is so awesome can't believe it's almost reality, a 2JZ SXS!

  • sean wilkinson
    sean wilkinson

    Could u guys build a can am commander 800 fully built motor on nos plz

  • trace francis
    trace francis

    Steve and Doug are underrated. Smart dudes with awesome ideas

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Way cool build and detail! Wow 😳!

  • John Mccullough
    John Mccullough

    Make a video of the rzr towing a pickup truck on a trailer. That will get u alot more views as i an alot more people wanna c it done it will change the whole aspect of the machine u can do thesame with all thesport utvs

  • Jon S
    Jon S

    I just like to watch. Lol

  • Tony Losasso
    Tony Losasso

    Super nice job!! Way to go!! Can't wait to see it rip!!

  • Drew Goody
    Drew Goody

    Everyone should have a chance to build there WHITE RHINO ....... so happy for u guys cant wait till I see old dougie ripping hard in the beast

  • Drew Goody
    Drew Goody

    That came out badass doug I know how your feeling I have done a few wire jobs myself and when it's done your so happy but dont want to do it again .... lol ... but I'm telling you what once you do a custom wire harness you have a new connection to the machine your putting it on cuz you know everything that's there and u gave it power great job love the content..... hahaha how big were those scissors you guys were using at first hahah

  • hunter chalkley
    hunter chalkley

    Everytime I watch one of your videos I go to give u a thumbs up, and I see some thumbs down and I ask my self what the heck is the matter with you people, if you dont like 30 min of doug and the sxs crew well there something wrong with u. Love watching you guys build this ground breaking sxs! This is history in the making

  • William Dubya
    William Dubya

    SUPER EXCITED !!!!! I was hoping in this video you would give a little bump start lol 😝

  • Scottius Nevious
    Scottius Nevious

    That upper timing belt cover is really dope.

  • Thomas Fleming
    Thomas Fleming

    add rolling anti lag to buggy

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    I need all my rocker switches in bass boat replaced , so where can I get those like you had. I want switches with the words on them and then at night lit up.

  • NoLimit

    Great video I like watching this content. If you could do a little bit on programming the ECU and how it talks to the Aem

  • easternboy33

    I love the content and click on every video whether I have time to watch the whole thing or not. You guys do a great job but should consider adding a few 10-15 minute videos in there for us busy folk.

  • Slyder695

    Wealth of knowledge

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    Wow... just wow. Doug you are amazing and Steve. Blow my mind every time with your knowledge. One question though.... how do you think Cleet and James will take it when you beat Ruby???

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox

    You guys should take that thing to the salt flats on your next glamis trip!

  • Eric Styer
    Eric Styer

    What sort of OBD and data logging can that programmable ECU do? Sounds like a slick little number.

  • Cuco Lopez
    Cuco Lopez

    Outstanding job battle bros👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  • James Sinclair
    James Sinclair

    Are u guys going to put a "firewall" between the seats and engine? You dont want a pipe to burst or engine to blow up and get burnt by liquids

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yes we are

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    are y’all gonna run sheet metal under the motor

    • SXSBlog.com

      We'll have a skid plate under the trans area

  • Gustavo Rios
    Gustavo Rios

    Doug is seriously something else. Amazing dude👌🏻

  • Peter Tronset
    Peter Tronset

    Love this project! You guys are a group of capable individuals who are really showing your talents through one hell of a build! Props to you gents!

  • nhojyelbom

    nice to see a quality wiring job, looking good!

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    GREAT VIDEO it made me just want to hear it run and run and run i would like to see it

  • bigugly1911

    I truly enjoy this channel. You guys are hilarious, and seem to be genuine and honest about everything you post or upload. Cant wait to see the 2JP RIP. Wonder if it's going to be faster than the race unit? Lol Idea for an upcoming video: I'd like to hear each of you guy's backstories. What did/do all of you fine gentlemen do before the channel? Thank yall again!

  • bodywerks

    Looks like you're doing it right! Will this guy be causing trouble out at Camp RZR????

    • SXSBlog.com

      Oh yes.

  • Rob Wagner
    Rob Wagner


  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez

    Did one of you guys run over that poor dog. What happened?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Cancer :(

  • Scott Watson
    Scott Watson

    This thing is looking beastly!! just one tip, Look at an or wiring schematic from a supra with the 2jz in it and find the shielded runs in the harness and replicate that so you don't end up with interference later on and be scratching your head trying to figure out the problem. Computers don't like line noise. and trying to trace it down and be a royal pain in the arse!! looking awsome though. this is gonna be the JP wheelie beast!!

  • Andrew Goggins
    Andrew Goggins

    Can we get an intro video when she is done just like when we first saw JP that would be awesome

    • SXSBlog.com



    Doug blows my mind. He is a genius.

  • mavin senesac
    mavin senesac

    what happen to your poor dog

  • Devin Gardner
    Devin Gardner

    Overall.....perfect thumbnail 👍

  • Judge has the Word
    Judge has the Word

    That is going to be a bad . Only thing is if your going to be scared of it you don't need to be behind the wheel. I drag raced for 8 yrs and I was in a wheelchair because I lost both my legs above the knees. I used the 2 speed power glade transmission. I used MSD 2 STEP box an used RPM chip to shift at what rpm to shift. I am placing a order with you guys it will be Monday or Tuesday I have a lot of the stainless Braided line an Aluminum ends. I will just send to you if you think you will use them are have for back up lines if you need them. When I stop racing I was running 7.65@165 1/4 mile. 1.2 Seconds 60 ft. Blown injection 1271 blower. 2000 hp. I had my NHRA LICENSE I had to get my license thought Bob Blackwell Division 5 out of KS. Had to take it be being recorded. Because I had no legs. I can't wait to see this run. Its going to be wild. Be careful Please.

  • ngh

    What is going to suck is when you go to start it and you chase it down a week later to find you just forgot to plug something in. Lol. Wiring is the worst!

  • Zach Donati
    Zach Donati

    Cant wait to hear this thing run. Plus where is the yxz??


    I hear SXSblog is talking about a giveaway of the beer fridge that includes a Sous bending over picture for it 😂

  • Ryan Bisi
    Ryan Bisi

    This build is gunna be all over social media once it’s completed. Gunna be sick

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    30;46 it felt like "SOUS" was there the whole time watching over???

  • Ryan Bisi
    Ryan Bisi

    Do you guys all have your own separate jobs or is the ALgone channel your job?

  • D Rides
    D Rides

    Sous is perfectly creeping over Doug's shoulder at the scrap bin. Funny as hell

  • Scott Ryan
    Scott Ryan

    Let’s not forget Doug did a rs1 xp turbo motor swap in the down time waiting for parts for this thing lol

  • Moose On a JuiceBox
    Moose On a JuiceBox

    Words can not express how much I respect this build. This is super duper clean and I can see the attention to detail. I've built 2 rock bouncers in my day. It didnt have anywhere close to the amount of wiring going on here but the amount I had was hair pulling tedious. Much respect to Doug and company for their attention to detail.

  • Devin Burk
    Devin Burk

    Can’t wait for it to be done and guys keep up the hard work and great content

  • rorzzza

    just looking at that exhaust this thing is going to be freaking loud! i hope you guys factored in some hearing protection in to your budget. hope that dog is alright, looks like it got attacked by a bear!

  • John Mattu
    John Mattu

    Very nice job guys! Can't wait to see this monster come to life, hold my beer, I'm gonna....

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    What's the discussion for a plan on who gets wheel time and where, gonna need specific spot to rip this thing and some pit crew guys and pay extra attention on that day, this thing is way too nice to FUBAR and or hurt any driver. Need someone to line up against too.

  • Cooking in the Dark
    Cooking in the Dark

    Amazing work, Doug.. Seriously impressive craftsmanship. Very thoughtful and well done. Wow. Applause to you my friend.

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Looking forward to see how this buggy goes and sounds .godbless

  • Kyle Lanoue
    Kyle Lanoue

    What happened to that poor pupper??

  • Chris Moro
    Chris Moro

    Almost time to race Leroy

    • Chris Moro
      Chris Moro

      Leroy maybe is a tad quicker, but would be fun to watch!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hahahahah I don't think she's gonna be that quick!

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    With the service work you guy's do now, a power probe master kit 4 would go a long way in that shop!

  • Ali qasem
    Ali qasem

    Wtf is wrong with that dog 🥺🥺

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Freddy Muldoon
    Freddy Muldoon

    Hey Steve if you see this- Thanks for helping with the build. I know you don’t care for the limelight, but that’s okay. We appreciate the work and effort! Best Regards Bro!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks for the Steve love. He's a good dude!

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