2JZ swapped RZR hits the dyno! HUGE horsepower on BREAK-IN!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    And in 3 dyno runs we have the most powerful RZR ever!!!!

    • Reckless Ranch Oregon
      Reckless Ranch Oregon


    • Matt Tafelski
      Matt Tafelski

      I bout shit when you guys pulled out onto Tremainsville 😂ive grown up here my whole life

    • VIIJuniorIIV

      Watch out for ya arms when ya driving that

    • Landon Shiland
      Landon Shiland

      Me patiently waiting for another video about this thing 😬

    • Michael Van Patten
      Michael Van Patten

      RUN IT IN THE NEXT ( BAJA 1000.)

  • asandberg6

    Binge watching this build and bummed i didnt see the axle/hub build.

  • Samantha Womer
    Samantha Womer

    That's called a trailer queen

    • SXSBlog.com

      Might want to check the latest upload...

  • Son_of_Art

    its not a razor its a r z r

    • Son_of_Art

      @SXSBlog.com :P

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Brian See
    Brian See

    Doug always looks baked lol right on

  • camren wade
    camren wade

    “Big facts”😂 - Leo

  • Snipeuout69

    Lookin to spank an LS3 SXS!

  • The chris Nels
    The chris Nels

    Blake wilky better watch out lol

  • Amber Keggan
    Amber Keggan

    The supra on the lift, where was it at

  • Fluffy Busch
    Fluffy Busch

    Dyno sesh #2 coming in today??

    • Fluffy Busch
      Fluffy Busch

      I was right but a day off lol...

  • DarkDeathStarYT

    It’s cool as shit and it will be scary fast but man does it look goofy af

  • 478mactown

    8:37 that’s what she said

  • Matt Tafelski
    Matt Tafelski


  • Kyle Swift
    Kyle Swift

    Cut down all the brush in the gauntlet so we can see around the telephone pole!

  • Wes Luther
    Wes Luther

    Imaging getting your shirt caught in a cam gear

    • SXSBlog.com

      They're covered, it's just a clear cover

  • human

    is that a rzr?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yep, sure is. Turbo S Velocity 4-seater

  • Raymond W.
    Raymond W.

    Get some paddles and meet up with Kyle and PFI in Colorado

  • Joran D
    Joran D

    This will be terrifyingly fast. I can't wait for the dunes

  • C W
    C W

    Cleetus n Cars burnout car?

  • DmOcRsI

    Was waiting for that sleeve to get caught up in those cam sprockets... need to cover that guy up!

  • Electric Deckhead
    Electric Deckhead

    so it now runs a car engine, car wheels and is larger than most compact cars, side by side much?

  • Tanner Studdard
    Tanner Studdard

    Actually there is a rzr pushing 800+ horsepower in southern California. Ls3 swapped and you van find it on youtube. So not the most powerful on the planet yet.

    • SXSBlog.com

      We know the rig, it doesn’t make anywhere close to 800 hp lol

  • Kyle Albertsen
    Kyle Albertsen

    why do i feel this thing needs 4 wheel steering

  • 33LeRoy33

    Hell yeah boys!!! My big question for you boys and I guess this extends out to Cleetua as well. When are you gonna line up with ruby??

  • indi grace
    indi grace

    World record there for sure ....

  • Toby Cooper
    Toby Cooper

    The coils on the front two cylinders were shaking around alot when you punched it on the street

  • Nathan wiw
    Nathan wiw

    That RZR is a BEAST, I cant wait to see it's full potential!

  • Lochy Harp
    Lochy Harp

    I'm curious is this going to be going to Salt lake

  • n01z3

    i feel a razel dazel creeping on you guys soon, if i am wrong, i can hope

  • Hunter Summers
    Hunter Summers

    TURBO THE TALON!!!!!!!!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      It's happening.

  • Derrick A. McCormick
    Derrick A. McCormick

    That 2j sounds so freaking amazing 😍

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    your two front coils are vibrating under load thats not good

    • SXSBlog.com

      Unbolted for plug checks no worries


    that is not even a rzr anymore just a retarded build for views

  • Shane's Adventures
    Shane's Adventures


  • chrisisthedude1

    Name it the Z-Rex

  • TurboJosh

    Have not seen a 2jz rzr yet nice work guys get it out to the sand asap

  • DERP

    The unit scale is off the charts

  • Xelsworthx


  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer

    Doug & Nick S. With Rick and Mike Reed make the show . Leo thinks it's his show telling people to get out if the way try asking people instead of ordering them . Go away Leo

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer

    About time Nick S shows up other Nick can disappear nobody would miss Leo because he's not the star he needs to shout up

  • Aaron Taverner
    Aaron Taverner

    How is it a razor tho? Because of th suspension and steering maybe a piece of belly pan? Is it ever going to be 4 wheel drive? Looks like an almost 6' tall but like 7" off the ground. You guys build an awesome go kart but its not a razor

    • SXSBlog.com

      All the suspension and components are stock. Entire frame is stock. And it’s currently configured for drag / dyno but it will have 16” of travel when setup for off-road. Nothing was removed just a big ole engine was added

  • Buck Shot
    Buck Shot

    Is it 4 wheel drive as well?

  • Buck Shot
    Buck Shot

    Oh my Ohio. Seriously?

  • conbon 575
    conbon 575

    What left is RZR? The hood and dash? Longer than a 4 seater, only has 1 seat, no longer 4wd. Sure in a straight line on road this thing would beat a regular RZR, but going off road, ya know doing the thing RZR's were designed to do, a stock 800 would shit on this thing. I dunno, call it a tube chassis drag racer and I'd be impressed, pretending it's still a RZR ruins it for me no matter how much hp it made...

    • SXSBlog.com

      It’s actually a stock rzr frame and suspension. Has 2 seats and 16” of travel

  • Jim W
    Jim W

    SxS blog vs boostedboiz sand rail

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Y’all keep making out to be nothing more than to be used on a drag strip, which leads me to believe it doesn’t have any front four wheel drive components

  • Nikolai Nelson
    Nikolai Nelson

    I had to go back to see what that noise was and the tires are spinning 26:00 😂

  • Kory Cooper
    Kory Cooper

    Dude load the glass pipe up an just gunna send it

  • Chrisl Pauli
    Chrisl Pauli

    Its not a utv anymore!! Its a Sandrail and in that game you are not even close to the most hp race!😁

  • Trace Sibley
    Trace Sibley

    New to the channel! Came here from Cleetus channel. This is literally my first video. I'm fucking impressed brother!! Let's gooooo!!

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R

    This is so wicked. That thing ripssss🔥🔥

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Hold on I got more to say lol

  • deck man
    deck man

    Mis u all. Hope everyone is ok.

  • RT Outdoors
    RT Outdoors

    Congratulations on breaking 200K. Super happy for you all. 👍

  • Cintas1989

    I gotta see this in person!! Nice job gents :) keep killing the content!

  • Thomas Fowler
    Thomas Fowler

    5 days since a post?

  • Arthur

    You guys should race BoostedBoiz Razzle Dazzle!

  • Brendan Schriber
    Brendan Schriber

    Where you guys at???

  • deck man
    deck man

    Whers the video this week?

  • Greg Olsen
    Greg Olsen

    HOW ABOUT AN UPDATE FFS!?! We've been patiently waiting for 5 long days. Sheeeesh!

  • CboysTV

    That thing sounds terrifying...... I love it

    • fin Mcintyre
      fin Mcintyre

      Good to see the boys here. Next toy? 😉

    • Well that’s Fantastic
      Well that’s Fantastic

      oh was not expecting you to show up

  • Jordan Jank
    Jordan Jank

    Nice go kart

  • XF Codered
    XF Codered

    Time to slap on some slicks and bring it to a track

  • Aaron Beers
    Aaron Beers

    “Danger to manifold” I love you camera man

  • Ken

    You might as well say the trany is toast. With good tires & a few hard sends the trany is gone.

  • Jesus Cruz
    Jesus Cruz

    Be on the look out for the Boosted boys they have one that they just turbo just say

  • 4thdimension travels
    4thdimension travels

    All of that stuff leaking on a new build. No excuse for that shit. Professionals dont install leaks. And Im not joking either. Pathetic.

  • Dale Mcneilson
    Dale Mcneilson

    We gotta have a 200k special lol

  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice

    Ooh Scheisse some competition for boosted boys RAZZLE DAZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Let see it boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NOT a tough break

  • Sledding_ Lifestyle
    Sledding_ Lifestyle

    Hey guys so I know u guys know ur maverick stuff heard anyone else having problems with stock turbo fins getting destroyed cause I just got mine now have 1200kms and turbo is destroyed and brp is blaming me for running it without an air filter? Would be awesome if u could help me out here

  • John Gould
    John Gould

    I hope you guys are planning on putting a shield up between the driver cockpit and the engine

  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    Doug looks like a little kid in the car..

  • CraverCuts

    That thing is almost not safe for human consumption

  • Jeremy Scheid
    Jeremy Scheid

    The cage is too high... Beside that it’s AWESOME!!

  • Bradley Harrington
    Bradley Harrington

    Fucker looks mean . And from all your silver lake videos I assume ur from mitt or near. Much love .

  • WRENCH g
    WRENCH g

    Can SOMEBODY out there send the Men over there @SXSBLOG a set of them Big O'L TRUCK NUTS!!!!PLEASE!!!!!

  • J Ram
    J Ram

    It would be really nice if you guys donated that to me.

  • Adair Badilla
    Adair Badilla

    Paddle tires

  • William Padgett
    William Padgett

    Those tires should be roasted

  • Derrick Eden
    Derrick Eden

    Man its border line to long

  • CrippledMerc

    14:23 Did that spin the tires on the dyno a bit there? I don’t know if it was tire smoke, exhaust, or just dust and stuff getting kicked up. It looked gorgeous on that pull though. This thing is gonna be scary fast..

  • CrippledMerc

    I’ve been watching you guys for probably around a year and half now and I love how you guys aren’t stagnating or doing the same stuff over and over again. Maybe I’m wrong and this is just my bias as a fellow fan of Cleetus, but it seems like you guys got some great inspiration from the collabs you guys did together and the kind of content that he makes. Regardless, I’m super stoked with what you guys have been doing and I’m excited to see where you guys take us in the future. Keep up the great work! Btw, if you ever want to get rid of one of those things and are looking for someone to give it to that’ll enjoy the shit out of it, I’d love to be that guy! Lol Stay safe and take care!

  • josh lewis
    josh lewis

    There is bigger axles than them but definitely a big beefy axle the turner nitro and rcv xrb is 40 spline

  • Martin V
    Martin V

    Congrats for the 200k!!




    @17:23 man i just spit my drink everywhere. I guess nobody caught the “skirt separation” joke. 😂

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P

    “Ostacruiser you son of a” Am I the only one that died laughing!.

    • Jason Haley
      Jason Haley

      ....sounded all evil/legit pissed, then "Nope, just kiddin' buddy...we luv ya!!" I, too, was laughing me ars off!!! Each dude is HAY-LARIOUS in their own way, lovin it!

  • Dalton Hill
    Dalton Hill

    I can feel Doug's anxiety through the camera

  • alex lange
    alex lange

    Either Doug needs some sleep or he's high as hell😂😂

  • Zenith

    Before i sub and buy the merch what time do we see it ripping up the dirt!? someone let me know ! thanks

  • matad311

    I think i smiled through this entire video and jiggled! Cant wait to see this sucker at Silver Lake and make some hurt feelings on the drags!


    When you turn right the front tire is aiming right at the turbo lol protect the turbski at all costs

  • lynex83

    The fact that there is a nice Supra in Toledo is what amazes me more than the power they are putting down. At least the cicadas are out in full force.

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez

    Driver couldn't find the place!? You can see it from the road!!!!!!

  • JacksZ28

    Why does it sound like a tractor?

  • villen

    When the RZR is that big tho it’s not nearly as exciting as I thought it was gonna be

  • Michael Van Patten
    Michael Van Patten

    RUN IT IN THE NEXT ( BAJA 1000.)

  • ryancrazy1

    please put a cover on those belts before you suck something in there.... thats very close to your arm. could suck in a sleeve or seatbelt

  • Tyler Alferio
    Tyler Alferio

    powerglide is one of the most efficient transmissions you can use. not sure why you guys are acting like its a HP killer

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