2JZ swapped Polaris RZR KILLS on the DYNO! Insane HP plus LAUNCH!
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  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Absolutely love that thing! Very happy for you guys that is coming out insane!!🤙ty guys KEEP EM COMIN!!

  • samuel hancock
    samuel hancock

    18:50 to skip the filler

  • Mike Hardeman
    Mike Hardeman

    I wanna see cleetus rip this!!!

  • G Force
    G Force

    You guys ROCK!! YEEE YEEEEE

  • stgraves260

    Hey just a FYI here from Texas. It’s official TexPlex has doubled their prices out here to ride. :( it no longer $45 for 1 rider and 1 passenger. It is a wapping $75 !!! Today will be our last day here. :( the owners separated ) sad day greed is taking over.

  • The learning curve
    The learning curve

    algone.info/slow/video/qIfJnaCYmmOh2mw I believe this one might have the title for most power in a side by side... but amazing content. This one aswell... algone.info/slow/video/pKnOzJqmjnN213U

    • The learning curve
      The learning curve

      SXSBlog.com good point just thought it might be a good laugh honestly still an amazing machine great work!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol I mean these are not actually side by sides. This still has a stock rzr frame, wheel base, suspension, etc

  • Zach Frye
    Zach Frye

    Looking for suggestions on a 32in all Terrain tire for 2021 Honda talon? For stock wheel.

  • chrisisthedude1



    I have a question where can I get a 2jz lol

  • Craig Kirkland
    Craig Kirkland

    Everyone looks frickin cooooked

  • Justin Hillier
    Justin Hillier

    Genuine happiness when you see a 2jz doing its thing.

  • Ellsworth Chris
    Ellsworth Chris

    That’s completely unnecessary and bad ass. Wow

  • Eli Garrison
    Eli Garrison

    Now you really are going to be the fastest at racetober

  • Lucas Curac
    Lucas Curac

    Crank means nothing lol

  • gsppuffer

    Tuner went a little aggressive on boost and timing for something that's going to be beat on all day in the sand unless he turned it down after the big numbers

    • SXSBlog.com

      Nah, she's built to handle plenty more

  • gsppuffer

    So how you gonna keep ice in her at the dunes that intercooler will be hot in no time.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Has a heat exchanger

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Needs a roof scoop, 👍.

  • Zane Heathcott
    Zane Heathcott

    Need to put some matching wheels on the front cause those damn things kill the whole thing

    • SXSBlog.com

      It’ll get matching welds. But let’s not forget it is a replica Jurassic park Ford Explorer lol

  • BigSpence New
    BigSpence New

    Legend has it to this day Don has still never been excited about anything in his life. That dude should be doing back flips about those numbers

  • WRENCH g
    WRENCH g

    WOW at second glance what a pussy little turbski. LMAO it's soo cute

  • Breaker Boyz KRÜE
    Breaker Boyz KRÜE

    So proud of you Boyz!

  • Yamaboy700r

    4:40 I have to say it... IS THAT A SUPRA??

  • Kent Kollath
    Kent Kollath

    is that the 200mph v in the background

  • Michael Cary
    Michael Cary

    Val sti 1998 has a Subaru powered one hunting for 800hp

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    Doug seems like a super happy guy, you can tell he’s trying not to smile all the time lol. Love the channel, keep it up boys


    She's got some snort boys!! WOOO

  • Dean Larkins
    Dean Larkins

    I have an IS 300 I love to Jay's I want to watch the video but when you make me watch 15 seconds of commercial before I even started AM out moved along didn't even start the video FYI

  • Brandon Foster
    Brandon Foster

    There’s a bunch of side by side buggy’s making 1000hp+ lsx

  • nachonad

    I assume every thumbs down is due to the absence of Sous.

  • Ronaldl Lopez
    Ronaldl Lopez

    Yall really impressed like if thats not a 2jz

  • Eean Pitcock
    Eean Pitcock

    First boostedboiz video I’ve watching in a while. Cool car!

  • William Welch
    William Welch

    Lol butterfield cussing up a storm

  • Nick F
    Nick F

    That is Spicy!!!

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson

    That’s the fuel I run in my X3xmr with 4RR

  • Latezen

    are you going to make somekind of blast/firewall between driver and engine, thats scary place to be when something goes wrong.

  • stoker20

    I think I saw daylight at the front wheel on the launch.

  • Hunter Summers
    Hunter Summers

    Turbo the talon!!!!!

  • Ryan Spell
    Ryan Spell

    You need to hit up Cleetus and run Lerroy on the track.

  • deegan727

    QUICK get the paddles!

  • kush killer
    kush killer

    I'd strengthen up that roll cage. I have a feeling if it flips its gonna flip a lot

  • Adventure Escape
    Adventure Escape

    Nice swap. These guys are super annoying to listen to though.

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    A GTR, 2 Supras, and a 2jz RZR I think that's heaven!!!!

  • Racingboom The Pleb
    Racingboom The Pleb

    Steve out here looking like backwoods Doug DeMuro.

  • D_ McClintock47
    D_ McClintock47

    Ok a little off topic, but they need to find some cheap campers and go for a couple of nights and sleep in them, and tow them with the sxs's of course. LIKE THIS SO THEY CAN SEE IT!

  • Heylookitscaps

    yall in texas? i heard saginaw

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Jason Ast
    Jason Ast

    Where's your boost logs? When you watch a car 'get into' the dyno, and then slowly 'back-off' mid-pull, you can bet boost is creeping or leaking. Upgrade WG spring? Very cool guys!

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    This better be at the dunes next weekend. Just saying.

    • Michael Hall
      Michael Hall

      SXSBlog.com silver lake, we’ll see you there.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Oh it's going to be, which ones though?

  • Tanner M
    Tanner M

    I would like to go on record and say that fender is going to be a pile of goop by the end of the first dune day. And I very much look forward to it

    • Tanner M
      Tanner M

      And I just got to 5:15 in the video....they are well aware of this, I'll go sit down now

  • supergrendel

    What an incredible achievement you guys! There's no better feeling than experiencing the results of so much hard work, money, blood, sweat and tears.

  • Jeffrey Stanley
    Jeffrey Stanley

    Who the frick are the UNAmericans that gave this S**T a Thumbsdown?

  • KingBossQuad

    whoever used the thumbs down here has no soul. this is the hottest thing on the internet

  • Blayne Armstrong
    Blayne Armstrong

    Willie city in the dunes definitely needs willie bar on the track

  • Chad Boron
    Chad Boron

    Awesome numbers guys really cool! Just curious though is this have 4 wheel drive still or no?

  • S Yaek
    S Yaek

    Dam good job guy! It’s awesome!

  • Daniel Bargas
    Daniel Bargas

    Twin wastegates on a inline motor has just about always been problematic from what I've seen, skip twin 44's and just get a single 60. Especially if it's not a twin scroll turbo

  • Rusty Siler
    Rusty Siler

    Can't wait to see it with some paddles in the sand!

  • MrHarmonizr

    I think you're going to want a wheelie bar

  • sean davis
    sean davis

    Everytime you pull the close caption says (music).. Nice build

  • Latham Streeter
    Latham Streeter

    Need paddles on this thing ASAP m, then a 1/4 drag race

  • Pedro Le
    Pedro Le

    the american boy just learn what a japanese engine can really do !!! haha love the content guys keep the good work

  • Rob Gieseke
    Rob Gieseke

    You need to take it to the “K” master in Colorado.

  • Racingb67 Race
    Racingb67 Race

    I only question. who is going to drive?

  • malonefamily2019

    FUCK IT GO 76MM!!!!

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45

    Anyone else see that GTR chillin outside under the carport @ 26:30. Just the daily...nothing special

  • Austin Sears
    Austin Sears

    She's an evil one!!! Haha! Super rad excited to see this beast of a project steady coming along!!! RIP that dyno!!!

  • SoLaR_Xlence -_-
    SoLaR_Xlence -_-


  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones

    I really really let's say can't wait/hope to be able to see this rip asss still this year at silver lake.... Iam so stoked for this.


    Im both worried for you and feel inadequate at the same time. I don’t know how u guys are ever gonna feel like a 300whp sxs is good enough after this. U guys are gonna have to move up to sand rails. Also u guys got 900whp on a little rail car chassis. I feel like I’m gonna atleast need 1000+whp in the muscle truck I’m building. Excellent excellent job guys!!!

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez

    Can you please rename this one “hurt feelings”

  • Kyle Mills
    Kyle Mills

    So. Many. Smiles. WOW 🤣🤣

  • c4or2ey0

    Can't wait to see it in the dunes!

  • Slim Willy
    Slim Willy

    So @ :54 is that the same CTS-V wagon we just saw on 1320 the other day?

  • Turbo

    11:20 That moment When theres so much exhaust being made, you’re turning a giant fan that the exhaust isn’t really even pointing at......wow. What a monster.

  • cybermavrik

    I got a $10 bill that says the Hawk Engineering LS equipped RZR can smoke it .... its a true 4 seater too

    • cybermavrik

      🙂 cant wait to see yall work the ole 2jz

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hahaha, there’s a reason you never see that race anything...

  • Jeremy Russ
    Jeremy Russ

    Now get rid of the gay jurassic park wrap off it and give it a bad ass wrap, it need it, that thing is a monster!

  • gforce242 2
    gforce242 2

    straight insane in the membrane

  • BJ colibaba
    BJ colibaba

    Where is Nick sous?

  • Larry Allen Jr
    Larry Allen Jr

    Rename this Project HTFO... HOLD THE FUCK ON!!! 😜👍😎🏁

  • Aaron Linder
    Aaron Linder

    Leo you are toooo much

    • Aaron Linder
      Aaron Linder

      BIG FACTS lmao

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hey could be worse

  • Tim Schneider
    Tim Schneider

    Be careful with that on the side of that unit because where are the booster boys got in trouble for the name on his Civic

  • Jesse Warren
    Jesse Warren

    Its really amazing how far 1 billion dollars will take you with wheel and tire setups.

  • Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance
    Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance

    GREAT STUFF GUYS but the the early 90s chev wheels on the front gotta go.

    • Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance
      Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance

      @WildBill 33 unreal unit tho guys can't wait to see the drags with this unit.

    • WildBill 33
      WildBill 33

      There Ford Explorer wheels but yes I agree

  • ponypwr

    Love this unit! Put a firewall between the driver and engine and put her on the dragstrip and the dirt!

  • The Shaxx
    The Shaxx

    i love how the winch is still on it lol love you guys great content !

  • the breadedcrab
    the breadedcrab

    People "like" this video

  • Micha Stoutenburg
    Micha Stoutenburg

    If that thing can get enough traction it just may pull the front wheels off the ground

  • Kaeyden Davie
    Kaeyden Davie

    I’m ready to see that thing rippin in the sand

  • That Patriot
    That Patriot

    Me things for certain....y’all gonna need some serious brake upgrades to stop that while riding in the sand

  • Eryn Tyler
    Eryn Tyler

    I can't wait till you take it to silver lake

  • Gary Woodgate
    Gary Woodgate

    Its not a RZR anymore. No Polaris lasts 2mins nevermind with a 2JZ

  • Dusty

    That thing is 💯💯💯👌👌👌

  • BackyardGoons

    i cant wait to see this thing burning right in the sand

  • Martin Camacho
    Martin Camacho

    Can’t wait to see this monster in action 🤙🏻

  • WvTrailN

    1 WORD.....NASTY!!!!!

  • Ram2500 Rhino
    Ram2500 Rhino

    Man I don’t know which one I like more your guises 2jz Or the LS swap rzr both sweet machines I do like how the LS swap guy Was able to keep the backseat and let’s be honest can’t ever beat the sound of a V-8 But both cool machines

  • Blake's Builds
    Blake's Builds

    Dudeee that thing in the dirt is going to be absolutely insane. What a rowdy unit

  • Kerry Wright
    Kerry Wright

    Y’all need to set up a race with Cletus MacFarlane in Ruby

  • Dayton Trail Riders
    Dayton Trail Riders

    SXS Blog builds some wicked UTV's

    • Dayton Trail Riders
      Dayton Trail Riders

      Would love to go to their shop and check out their toys

  • DERP

    Looks sooo sweet.. can't wait to see that roost!

  • mason nutter
    mason nutter

    I would like to see this in the dunes.

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