400HP Turbo YXZ gets tuned and has a HUGE TOUGH BREAK (emotional)
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    Was it because you rolled back and slacked the rear diff?

  • Vern Stevens
    Vern Stevens

    You guys still have the YXZ? Haven't seen it in awhile.

  • Malfunction142a

    poor Doug

  • Ralf Meyering
    Ralf Meyering

    Yxz ist the vuest side by side ever

  • TAZ

    what exhaust setup is on the yxz in this video ?

  • healthiest sickness
    healthiest sickness

    i love how this thing sound! the way they got it tuned plus turbo kind of sound two stroke-ish in a fat way, especially in high rev

  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    It's never "IF" always "WHEN".. Make that go out and kick some "ASS".

  • John Boos
    John Boos

    I been playing that same game. Turbo yxz is really fun trying to tune 0 degrees on a frozen lake. Dyno doesn't work. Things happen so quickly. Make one area better now all else is off. Rinse & repeat.

  • Brendyn G
    Brendyn G

    as soon as I saw the title, I knew the diff broke lol

  • Daniel Rub
    Daniel Rub

    Boosty A

  • Dustin Field
    Dustin Field

    Time for a damn packard billet diff!!

  • James Shotwell
    James Shotwell

    When you want to say something else bug you know you're on camera. Tough break Doug. Hope the next diff holds witn all the work put in.

  • Matthew Milam
    Matthew Milam

    Was there any gear oil in the Differential I’m not seeing any oil coming out of it lol Did y’all forget to fill it 🤣 I’ve done that before but usually it starts making a noise first then splits the case when everything locks up

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore

    Good stuff!

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    What a real hommie, saw the carnage and went right in for the hug

  • Matt & Leslie Shirey
    Matt & Leslie Shirey

    Hug it out brother, hug it out. :( #YXZLIFE4EVER

  • jbw5485

    That ending had me cracking up. That sucks though.

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    We'll get em next time Doug! Behind you 100%, don't be sorry

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Hate seeing all your hard work tuning it end up with a break. But those guys that run small cars with Cletus the Boosted Boyz maybe they would have an idea on what you might can do since they run high HP lil cars maybe they know of a independent suspension rearend that you can interchange with it Just an idea

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green

    You just need cleetus to drive it again

  • n3qdz

    Oh man, Doug is a real professional. You break a diff after all the work on camera if it were me, i couldn’t keep my cool. I would totally want to drop it off a cliff and set it on fire! A big kudos to Doug. Im sure off camera is a much different story.

  • Bear Wilmarth
    Bear Wilmarth

    Tough break, Doug.

  • Kidneybeans

    Poor Doug,....I’m sure it’s gonna rip again soon!!!

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Doug, you said that you wished you could have shown us something really cool.......really brother?!? It doesn't get much cooler than that, you have a machine that is incredible and we have faith you'll have her burnin right very soon

  • Izom

    oh wow im really surprised it doesnt handle that power....!?? haha....;- ()

  • Chicago1

    Someone find me a 2 seater X3 budget 17k. I seen new for 15-16. Looking for a 72" cash in hand no finance can travel. I didn't know you get back 100% on mods. If that's the case my Procharged C5 is worth a fortune. SMH

  • Scott-Michael

    Best sounding sxs on the channel

  • j can am rider
    j can am rider

    I remember like yesterday when he went to buy that unit,he was so nervous to spend that kind of money and that much he had, few years later look at them🙏 keeping humble like always a lot of blessings you guys

  • Matthew Vanhevel
    Matthew Vanhevel

    Hey!! Love u guys!! I’m good friends with doug the guy from silver lake who grooms the drag strip where u guys park ur trailers. Would love to meet u guys, and maybe ride the dunes together

  • Ben Huckabone
    Ben Huckabone

    poor douglas

  • RodMan UpNorth
    RodMan UpNorth

    Why not switch to an ecu that you can tune live? This seems slightly archaic having to reflash, test drive ect... A DiyAutoTune Ms3pro would be mint in a unit like this, it would add way more tuning potential ( Auto VE tuning for fuel ect.. ) worth a thought! Keep up the awesome builds !

  • Rayvyn Cunningham
    Rayvyn Cunningham

    Team YXZ. For sure the baddest unit.

  • Blaznmax 88
    Blaznmax 88

    I love you guys your commentating is the best

  • skullboi2012Plays

    You guys were 2 rzr's away from me a silver lake at the drag strip had to go sjcks i couldn't say hi

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams

    Poor Doug!

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams

    Poor Doug! Man that sucks but I Kno you'll get it back up an going again!

  • Rick Terrill
    Rick Terrill

    Poor Doug.

  • Bobby Larkin
    Bobby Larkin

    Get in with your UPS driver, a lot of my customers have my #. Id bring you that next day package first thing in the AM

  • Matt Farr
    Matt Farr

    I'd like to see you weld reinforcements on a stock housing just to see if it could be done with ingenuity on a budget.

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Just sitting here with my coffee n Doobie waiting on my saterday sxsblog upload... lol thanks in advance Leo.

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Just sitting here with my coffee n Doobie waiting on my saterday sxsblog upload... lol thanks in advance Leo.

  • Tyler Carter
    Tyler Carter


  • Wildturkey10121

    1. You need to speak to a pro tuner to get a better idea on how to develop a map for the beast 2. Need to work with a parts manufacturer to develop parts strong enough to live through the beast. I mean you guys are great for R&D. You break enough stuff that they should be developing new parts to live through the mods you do. If it happens to you it is going to happen to everyone that watches you and upgrades their machines. I always have been surprised at how fragile those things are. I started watching during the Cleeter build and dam for something so expensive they seem to break way to easy!!!

  • Nick schmitz
    Nick schmitz

    "poor Doug"

  • Stone Vealey
    Stone Vealey

    Sorry Doug, thx for the effort!

  • Mr Foolio
    Mr Foolio

    Spoiler alert rick gets towed out next episode

  • George F
    George F

    Get a billet diff brace.

  • BStrick1993

    Time to order up a diff from Proformance Motorsport and send it

  • Vape TRFFTR
    Vape TRFFTR

    Send her to Brent at pfi speed!!

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone

    On the plus side you aint breaking diff housings like that unless you're making some big big power

  • Landen Betz
    Landen Betz

    Yxz was at the dunes today🤟😤

  • raylong1118 Long
    raylong1118 Long

    LOVE the YXZ!!! Doug you're the man! Stay at it, it will make ripping the heck outa her that much sweeter when she's back again. Can we get some YXZ merch? " Doug get the tool box" LOL I'd buy that shirt.

  • don Ellefson
    don Ellefson

    I don,t have any exsp in these side x side and i have a 14 cat x but working on it and i am learning a lot and who says that old dogs don,t learn not true lol. I have enough ex with big truck powers and I think you need bigger diff on your YX


    Can you do a shop Tour


    Haven't commented in a while but what a Bummer

    • SXSBlog.com

      Comment more brother

  • Roberto Higuera
    Roberto Higuera

    Poor Doug, regardless of the struggles that the YXZ brings, it's still my favorite machine.

  • Step Fx
    Step Fx

    Such a bad as s machine, and I feel like you guys don’t give it enough love. Stop wasting money on scooters and tractors and throw some money at this thing! Upgrade the diff and do what you need to do (get someone in to tune this thing) and let her eat!!! - fan since day 1

  • jonniessink1

    In the next episode Doug swaps in a Ford 9in to the yxz and never has diff problems again.

  • Sparky

    Have McFarland Tuning tune it up and James get the tool box!!!

  • Mike Sieniarecki
    Mike Sieniarecki

    Guys watch alaska off road warriors we need to go there sra

  • Grmzlyy

    Leo with the launch noise 😂@13:47

  • Jr Killman
    Jr Killman

    You need a short throw shifter..asap

  • Casey West
    Casey West

    Differential you are the weakest link. Goodbye

  • STA

    Videos are way to long. I loose interest long before y’all ever get to the point:

  • TheWobblemyjello

    You boys NEED a Packard performance rear diff

  • Jordan Jessop
    Jordan Jessop

    Lookin good

  • Dan Smash
    Dan Smash

    Poor Doug 😂

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk

    Friggin beast

  • RT Outdoors
    RT Outdoors

    At the rate this channel is growing, you will surpass DirtTrax in subs in less than a month. That is freaking awesome for you guys.

  • Uncle Todd's Garage
    Uncle Todd's Garage

    Awe man. Gonna do my part to help and head over and buy more merch. Can’t wait to see this thing at it’s full potential.

  • Josh Powell
    Josh Powell

    poor doug

  • Ball Bounces
    Ball Bounces

    So do I 👍 a video that made me cry or do I 👎. I'm confused about how to go from here

  • Jon Young
    Jon Young

    Poor Doug. Just put a Ford 9” in and call it a day lol. Good luck guys. Love what you do. Hopefully we will run into each other some time.

  • Version135

    Sorry to hear guys. On a more positive note I finally jumped in with a 2020 ds rr! I'm going to st Helen since its not too far and you guys seem to enjoy it. Is it angry oven you eat at?

  • Jordan Caird
    Jordan Caird

    OMG that's just simple fix u guys had me thinking it was something bad the yxz is my favorite unit on ALgone it's the reason I've got a yellow one sitting in my driveway love you guys and don't scare me like that

  • Tonto Gonzales
    Tonto Gonzales

    Just put FlexSeal on it, and let it rip!!!

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    At least it wasn’t a motor problem!!!

  • J Cel
    J Cel

    Awww man that sucks... I own a yxz and love seeing the yellow beast in action. Hope to see it back in action soon

  • Alex Graser
    Alex Graser

    after watching this intro a few times now i have concluded that Doug needs a MKIV supra. he is just smitten around them.

  • Evan Jarvi
    Evan Jarvi

    Damn what a kick in the nuts gut punch combo for ol battlefield,c'mon on fedex🙏

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh

    I heard if you look for the foam, you can't see it...

  • J. Taylor
    J. Taylor

    I like Doug so much I think im gonna name one of my kids after him.

  • J. Taylor
    J. Taylor

    YXZ should be named doug mode

    • SXSBlog.com

      Now there's an idea

  • Rmiata

    Is the doon toon the same as the moon toon .

    • SXSBlog.com

      Same except completely different and way less good lol

  • j r
    j r

    Once you get that beast under control it will be unstoppable if it can't handle it it needs to be upgraded it's sad to say but once it's there it's there you'll love it I love the content keep up the good work

  • UC308Hatch

    Tuff break 😢

  • Zingzong

    Have cleetus tune it. Or see if Jeremy could touch it

  • Jeffrey Pauly
    Jeffrey Pauly

    Doug don’t be to down when you have to fix everyone else’s machines yours usually comes last. Mechanic life

  • bpallies


  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors

    Time for a custom diff!!

  • mark warren
    mark warren

    Time for some billet.

  • vinnie P
    vinnie P

    LaRue Performance are the boys to hit up, for the Billet Diff

  • nucklesamwich911

    Larue performance rear diff for yxz .. it reinforced for high horsepower applications.

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    dam to bad doug i love that yxz i have 2 myself

  • Damien T
    Damien T

    "Show ya something cool" is exactly what happened... We have just seen 'the process'. The effort and pain it takes to really make performance happen. No milk and honey documentary editing for a half hour show of eventual success. It will happen. Because you make it happen despite weeks like this. As they say; That's racin'. Thank you and I cannot wait to see the thrill of reward.

  • Samuel Lamb
    Samuel Lamb

    Get a packard performance billet dif.

  • Austin Morley
    Austin Morley

    Are doug and Rick brother's

    • SXSBlog.com


  • zbmjwc

    Maybe you use a automotive diff. Maybe from a Honda crv or a newer t-bird. Not sure just throughing out an idea.

  • Kyle Strayer
    Kyle Strayer

    You also need to have a race with everybody out on the track at once on a rainy day all crazy

  • adam lambert
    adam lambert

    Is there any way you can reinforce the new diff case to make it stronger???

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