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    Trump wrap... Yay or nay?

    • Jake Longcore
      Jake Longcore


    • Jake Longcore
      Jake Longcore


    • Vortex_Xt_1986

      Love the Murcia flag give or take trump 😉

    • ciceronkn

      🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

    • Un Real
      Un Real yay

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Leo with the "alright rick this is the biggest moment of your life" LMAO. Had me rollin and thank you for fast forwarding that but it was another very funny very entertaining vid!!! Ty guys KEEP EM COMIN!!!🤙

  • Vortex_Xt_1986

    Those next gen monkeys are fuel injected aren’t they? Love the vid you guys are the bomb 😎👍

  • emery jones
    emery jones

    She’s burnin He’s gonna send it Hell yeah

  • Matt Lee
    Matt Lee

    How did the paint job hold up over time??


      Reaaaaaly good!

    • Matt Lee
      Matt Lee

      On the battlefield rzr

  • Silver Vette
    Silver Vette

    democrats 👎

  • Jon Valyan
    Jon Valyan

    Congratulations Doug, that trump wrap is trash

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    That whole track will be in the next town over if you keep ripping up the dust like that. Lol

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Hahaha really called monkey? Lol

  • 808sandblvke

    I’m kinda confused about the term “car”

  • Steve W
    Steve W

    What exactly do you mean you have no affiliation with the Trump wrap? Curious?.....

  • snowtimeTV

    Who's driving battlefield.. Rupert Grint?

  • Bill Baldwin
    Bill Baldwin

    I love the TRUMP wrap!



  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Way cool Dudes. Be safe and looking forward to the next video.


    Probably not the smartest thing to have Trump on your channel right now ...or ever lmao

  • Bob Laws
    Bob Laws

    Still waiting on one of the big, bad turbo cars to beat the General... LOL

  • codsac

    perhaps rent a water truck

  • JM Synthetics
    JM Synthetics

    those T30s suck when they freeze in the housing and strip out

  • soldierofliberty

    Congrats Doug

  • Blake Wilson
    Blake Wilson

    Where the heck has Sous been??

  • That Bearded Veteran
    That Bearded Veteran

    Damn tough break on the Vegas footage! First thing I thought was how great that would have been for 3DOT... 3Dot Vegas footage is always entertaining.

  • benzboston

    ok ok ok ok,gettin it.ok ok ok ok.hes turnt up.ok ok ok ok ok

  • benzboston

    bunch of herbs

  • Billetal

    I have a 1971 Honda sl70 and it’s a little scratch the gearbox shifts on its own

  • dillon conner
    dillon conner

    U guys need a rhino on the channel

  • mark warren
    mark warren

    Still faster on the general xp. That definitely elicits mixed feelings.

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    You fellas oughta get one of those pumps you used for the race and wet the track down

  • Sean Littrel
    Sean Littrel

    What model is that Honda mini bike?


      Honda Monkey

  • preblewtf

    Drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear the word burn or burning. Drunk 60 seconds later

  • Calvin Pettet
    Calvin Pettet

    Next time step up the burn outs 4 wheel drive burn outs lol

  • All Things Offroad
    All Things Offroad

    You guys need to throw an S&B particulate sep on one of your rigs. I’d like to hear a review from da blog.

  • Mike Bower
    Mike Bower

    I bought a Honda monkey in October 2019. It was the 15th one built.

  • Ashton5Point0h

    Congrats doug! Watching you guys videos got me inspired and i picked up my 2020 rzr turbo last monday and had it in st helens rippin saturday. Things are crazy fun.

  • Hurco VMX42
    Hurco VMX42

    So where are you going this weekend?

  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors

    Yall need to finish getting the office set up and decorated and then give us a tour!

  • stgraves260

    That just goes to show you what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. LoL

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    Battle field and souses unit are fucking sexy!

  • Godly Powers
    Godly Powers

    You should get a few pressure sprayers and spray the track with water before racing so you wont have to breathe all that dust. Not to mention makes alot better footage. :)

  • Chris Shirey
    Chris Shirey

    Love the monkey bikes. Need one

  • Samson 531
    Samson 531

    Whatever happened to the krx you picked up? Collecting dust? Heard turbo option is coming next month.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen

    What happens in Vegas stays in vegas. If you need an excuse that works.

  • Adam Riel
    Adam Riel

    So is polaris junk? Their consumer report score is really really bad.


      Certainly not in our experience

  • Vince R
    Vince R

    What suspension seats do you recommend? I have a YXZ


      Simpson 100%. Shoot us an email and we can get ya a hook up on em.

  • Philonious

    Disappointing. Foolish. Insensitive. Ignorant. Unsubscribed.


      I knew people wouldn't like when Dougy hit the jump backwards

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    Battlefield had to jump that x3 feeling from last video our of his system.

  • Joseph Cleary
    Joseph Cleary

    5:40 Classic Vine reference haha

  • Brian Boudreau
    Brian Boudreau

    What was the fuel issue with Battlefield?


      Turns out the fuel line that we set up from the big fuel pump onto the OEM fuel pressure regulator had popped off

  • Will Dyckll
    Will Dyckll

    Battle field. We missed this car

  • The Layla Bean
    The Layla Bean

    Whom ever owns the Trump machine is a proud patriot. I love it. Maga mobile.

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    That Mav' with the Trump-wrap is awesome! If he comes out with more tax cuts it will be even better! #MERICA

  • jerry vincent
    jerry vincent

    What happens in Vagus stats there!!!

  • Bj Crabtree
    Bj Crabtree

    Why does that guy try to talk like doug

  • Alex Garvey-welch.
    Alex Garvey-welch.

    Rick Mav or Ricky Johnson reborn??? that is the question. He loved the Honda.

  • rcastorena

    Worst wrap ever! Love your content, boys!

  • Cody Hazlett
    Cody Hazlett

    And also, what was wrong with Battlefield that put it out of service for a while?


      Nothing just haven't had her out

  • Cody Hazlett
    Cody Hazlett

    What year is Battlefield?



  • BackyardGoons

    You need to build another jump you can sent without going in the giggles lmao

  • Ol Dirty BEAN
    Ol Dirty BEAN

    Next project after 2jp should be LSX3

  • Mediocre Dreams
    Mediocre Dreams

    They got monkeys!

  • Josh

    Mini moto gang!!!!!!!!

  • Douglasw

    Your Bighorn stash seems to be dwindling. Hope Doug isn't stressing too much


      It's a real problem


    Great video guys informative and entertaining best channel on ALgone !

  • Bernie PlayzzYT
    Bernie PlayzzYT

    Progress on the 2jz rzr?

  • NerdWithSocialSkills

    Video quality has gone down. I'm tired of seeing this factory and tiny track day after day. Getting bored

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love

    Cf1 is going to Florida boys👌🤘

    • Brandon Love
      Brandon Love

      Don't let Coop rip it. Can't burn full of water boyz



  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    Congratulations Doug, congratulations.

  • dave korn
    dave korn

    Wouldnt mind seeing the blog boys build a banshee...just a thought!

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Lmaoooooo all those spare belts!

  • Mike Fritz
    Mike Fritz

    Instead of making that hair turn after the burn go around the tree the opiset way then go to the straight away it might make the laps faster great track otherwise. Love you guy watch u all alway....

  • MountainManKing

    No politics - I can appreciate the wrap but not for me. Love your stuff guys!

  • Chris Lostumo
    Chris Lostumo


  • Holm Motorsports
    Holm Motorsports

    Those Turbo S are the best

  • Holm Motorsports
    Holm Motorsports

    love seeing Battlefield Rip

  • rdhill3

    I blew my belt on my rzr 800 yesterday and it took a little bit to find out other spare belt. But if I blew it at your place I’d have it done real quick

  • Evan Hall
    Evan Hall

    @sxsblog when are you guys going to silver lake????? I'm going this weekend

  • Travis Rowe
    Travis Rowe

    Battlefield is still on stock springs?



  • Valley Adventures
    Valley Adventures

    Hmmmmm what you described sounds like you are coming to visit me in East TN on the way to Garrett's in Tampa....

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    So am happy to see battlefield again, it’s been a minute. It’s my favourite car by miles. It sounds so so good. Can’t wait to see the next vid I’m sure it will be epic as usual!!

  • Luke Diede
    Luke Diede

    I thought for sure the new units were gonna be YXZ’S. Like if you think they need to get a new one!!

  • Austin Zwiefelhofer
    Austin Zwiefelhofer

    Lap battle on the Monkeys!


      You try'n to kill somebody? Lol

  • DrivingGod1998

    The jump off the dock needs to happen before the trailer comes!

  • Terry Dee
    Terry Dee

    Drummond Island! What

  • TheSupersample

    My guess is they're going to silver lake for opening weekend

  • Justin 91D
    Justin 91D

    Idk what it is about timed laps and such, (I miss the old gauntlet) but it just gets my blood pumping. Something about humans and wanting to know what or who is better. Hints our favorite past time is pro sports and now gauntlet runs

  • AtvRacer

    The drive alone is a jackpot

  • Josh Domoslai
    Josh Domoslai

    Watching the Parker 425 desert races, I always see guys race with stock turbo s suspension (oviously with better springs and possibly some valving tweaks but stock for the most part), both walker evans and the fox live valve versions I’ve seen out racing and do plenty well.

  • Jason Kotlow
    Jason Kotlow

    I Also have 239,000 miles on the Original motor ,water pump , fuel pump 😁 Preventive maintenance is 🗝️

  • Jason Kotlow
    Jason Kotlow

    I Run Amsoil 75/90 Severe gear oil in my 2015 Wrx ! Amazing stuff ! I noticed a Smooth difference and my gas mileage is up! If I ever get a SXS I'll run Amsoil!

  • Darrick Dykstra
    Darrick Dykstra

    Hoping to see a 2020 yxz on the gauntlet soon.🤞

  • PhaedoMoto

    That Trump wrap is badass. America! Trump 2020

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Next blog purchase. Water truck, just sayin

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Need to keep busted parts for office art. Walls are bit empty but sure you guys can fill fairly quickly with your shenanigans

  • Christina Biegun
    Christina Biegun

    I love your videos I watch them on all my devices

  • Carson Baldwin
    Carson Baldwin

    Who made up the phrase “burnin right”?🤣


      Sous of course

  • Everything Outdoors
    Everything Outdoors

    Where do i get that wrap lol

  • Eric Mabry
    Eric Mabry


  • Esteban Tejera
    Esteban Tejera

    Battlefield is the equivalent to the best of the best sema build

  • Jeffrey Lawrence
    Jeffrey Lawrence

    Snoop Doug looking rough 🤣🤣🤣🍺🍺


      It was a slow

  • Brandon

    That trump wrap is freaking awesome!!!

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