Beast Mode Maverick X3 gets built for 500HP! HUGE TURBO! CNC PORTED HEAD!
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  • Alex

    Great move on upping the second channel content 🤙

  • Cade McAllister
    Cade McAllister

    You guys have taught me almost everything I know about the small engines on my toys. You rock!

  • kylekeirsey1

    Typically cylinder leak down is performed @ 90 psi. Not all, but most testers are calibrated at that pressure.

  • Bill Little
    Bill Little

    When are you guys going to be in glamis ?

    • Bill Little
      Bill Little

      Well be there Friday afternoon, where are you guys camping? Hope to meet you guys!!!


      This coming weekend!

  • colton ward
    colton ward


  • BrokenDreams

    I hope grout doesn’t make it stout.. so I can see it with an aluminum block 😉

  • Bryan Miles
    Bryan Miles

    love your channel but would be nice if you guys would list links for some of the parts you use... like the studs from this video or the taps and specialty tools, amazon affiliate links if its not in yours or the rocky mountain store... just food for thought...

  • Half Benjamin Marshall
    Half Benjamin Marshall

    500 hp.....yea oooook You may fool the majority of your subscribers but there's a handful of us out here that know better, By the way whatever happened to that race between you and Packard? My $$$$$ on Packard

  • Justin Jansen
    Justin Jansen

    Just run an oil cooler or a larger oil cooler. Plus a cooler thermostat. I filled my 5.9L Cummins and did that same setup worked great.

  • larrymond

    Great job Doug and you guys for the video great job on the first startup get her done🤙🤙

  • mecrob9852

    When is sxsblog gonna be in Glamis? I can't find anything on social media

  • Casey Norris
    Casey Norris

    Bunk!?!?!? I love it!!

  • Jeffrey Le Fevre
    Jeffrey Le Fevre

    Just looks like hydraulic cement

  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !

    Billet block next?

  • River Sharp
    River Sharp


  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !

    Need to build a bounty hole build . With 400hp and 8"portals and 50s

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    Any plans on ripping into the RZR Pro? I want to see what they are capable of doing.

  • Doug Hooper
    Doug Hooper

    Tune the clutches on the Dyno...

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    You guys a great lol I think if your trying it it's because you give it a 50 / 50 chance of it working so I can't wait to see what happens am saying it's going to work anybody willing to bet against me and the S&S Blog guys ?????

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    "Fill with cement before it gets sent"

  • Ryan Barton
    Ryan Barton

    Love the idea of the other channel with the more day to day stuff! Can't wait to see beast mode eat!!

  • Marc Hepner
    Marc Hepner

    I think it's time for a Sous update, I mean, where's the love......

  • Tuckerburg

    16:00 Douggie Concoctorfield


    I neer knew mich about engines but I always wanted to learn. You guys are slowly but surely teaching me. Almost enough to wanna start suping up my base mode. Myself

  • Will Cultra
    Will Cultra

    What are the wind socks you use on the GoPros and where did you get them? I have been wanting them.

  • Gio Frias
    Gio Frias

    I ain't never seen two beautiful blocks, one of them always got a be ugly 😂😂 jk guys!! Excited to see her rip!!

  • APARTMENT .223
    APARTMENT .223

    Can I say, at the 21 minute mark, that is some truthful advice. Most people half ass it through life than wonder why they get half as far (if that) as others. Just do a decent job with everything you do and you will find success and fortune.

  • HathawayHappinessLoveSoul

    Any aftermarket particle separators out there for the 21 rr maverick x3s?

  • 10rctp

    Cool stuff, slick stuff! Was that a YMH reference?

  • Matthew Goe
    Matthew Goe

    Slurry Fury

  • Austin Fouts
    Austin Fouts

    You guys need the billet inner belt cover from mr. rpm

  • Woolman Workx
    Woolman Workx

    Imagine what Leo would do in the outro if a humongous spider just so happened to be crawling on him.... big problems

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith

    Is this just going to be a drag car now?

  • Bradley Dunten
    Bradley Dunten

    Is it time to let her start sipping some of a harder drink? Alcohol or methanol maybe?

  • Alonzo Franco
    Alonzo Franco

    When are you guys going to Glamis?

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams

    Leo: “looks like some other stuff we’ve seen recently” Me: okay so what Florida man was doing coke? #hellyeahbrother

    • Matthew VanEpps
      Matthew VanEpps

      Exactly what I was thinking. These guys doing a bunch of yayo?

  • Sly

    You guys are just to the point where y'all are flexing on us.

  • Frank Montez
    Frank Montez

    Hey to get great dust and Debris protection with you air filter. Take a look at AFE filters. They are a high filter high flow. They out preform K&N filters hands down. They are costly.

  • Red's turbo S
    Red's turbo S

    Yo that can-am looks sick

  • Joey Goosen
    Joey Goosen


  • kui woods
    kui woods

    Why don't you guys run a particle separator on your rigs?

  • WhiskeyRiver21

    we need Nick love!!! Send it bud

  • Racingb67 Race
    Racingb67 Race

    What is the goal here? If you go full meth you can get rid of 200+ lbs.

  • Cameron Askew
    Cameron Askew

    How many miles does beast mode have?

  • Shredxcam22

    You guys need to go to an srrs event!

  • Ryan Bogle
    Ryan Bogle

    Man that thing weighs half what my car does and still has almost 2.5x more hp

  • Blake's Builds
    Blake's Builds

    Can't wait to see how that thing holds up with the cemented block. 500hp is insane for a stock sxs block

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    You guys are frickn awsome!

  • Jason Jaeger
    Jason Jaeger

    Hey SXSBLOG, if you want your valves to seal better let me know. I'm a valve face grinder and the valves we send out are FAR better than any OEM out there. Dodge actually has ALL their valves sent to us and I grind them to a .0001 to .0008 runout. I've put OEM valves from GM, Ford, Mopar, CAT and the best OEM runout (ask Doug, he should know what that means) I've seen is .002-.0025. So if ur lookin for better sealing, I'm ur guy. And I live in Michigan to, just a yooper not a troll.

  • Ben Beall
    Ben Beall

    How long till you out grow that shop already?

    • Ben Beall
      Ben Beall

      I know you been there for months. Every time I watch it seems to get more cramped. Like you need to knock that wall down and get more room


      Lol we’ve been there for months

  • Ben Beall
    Ben Beall

    Woo woo woo!!!! Y'all big dogs almost at a 1/4 mill subs?!?!?

  • Michael Baake
    Michael Baake

    I would like to know what happened to the 2JZ drag race they did it in the beginning to test it but then after that I didn't see the real time that they got

  • Curt chop side by side
    Curt chop side by side

    So you’re headed to glamis.. does that mean a stop in Moab ?


      Naa too cold

  • joey22877

    Big dog

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    That's what E-85 does , makes everything wet, and will ruin your 02 sensors

  • Relax Gringo
    Relax Gringo

    We need a unit named big dawg now😂

  • Leander Kaiani
    Leander Kaiani

    What belt support this engine?lol

  • Quakers Oats
    Quakers Oats

    Shirt idea: you should have a shirt with like 1-10 going down the and it say bunk or how ever you spell it on it and put what was in the bunk list

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Beast mode has just been THAT animal from day one! She doesn't fuss, she doesn't fight she takes WHATEVER you throw at her... smiles threw ANY mod (good or bad) and does her beast mode thang and crushes competition LOL!! Her mode is beast fellas and thats the code she lives by and that being said excellent job guys...LONG LIVE BEAST MODE!! (P.S This is my sons graduation speech i stole..seemed to fit)? 🤷

  • mike zwak
    mike zwak

    This should be very interesting!

  • Mags Eh
    Mags Eh

    Are you guys using a she-pee as a funnel?!

  • jacob anaya
    jacob anaya

    Do you guys have a date yet for glamis?

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    If there's Big Dog Kool-Aid, "Oh Yeah BIG DOG", They're all drinking it and I want to buy it!....through the part store.

  • waterfowlhunter20

    “That’s a bigggg turbo”. you sxs blog guys haven’t seen a big xona rotor. That’s a baby, especially for a sxs that wants to keep up with the “big dogs” 🤣🤣

  • Patrick Lowe
    Patrick Lowe

    when are you guys going to Glamis??

  • Andrew Crawford
    Andrew Crawford

    Otherwise you'll end up doing what you see a lot of Tubers doing which is placing their hand behind the item to create and artificial background

  • Andrew Crawford
    Andrew Crawford

    Protip: when using a camera with the auto focus feature and your having problems with the camera focusing on objects do not bring the object from the background into the foreground bring the camera to the object have a better chance of staying focused

  • Thomas Mattison
    Thomas Mattison

    It is awesome to see beast mode continue to grow! That thing is going to be so gnarly! I have a strong feeling that cement block is going to hold!

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    I think you guys should enter the King of the HAMMERS NEXT YR. What u got to loose! Now that would be killer 🤘 I'm betting Evo will sponsor your team along with a few othere

  • Jeff Stiles
    Jeff Stiles

    Why are u using that??? Use resin....

  • Jonathan Kizer
    Jonathan Kizer

    Since 2jp has a billet block why not a beast mode billet block !!!

  • Wyandotte Weaver
    Wyandotte Weaver

    tons of honda guys do this typically though we pull the engine out then fill the coolant ports with sugar salt etc then fill the block. also use straws or dowels to drill holes around the cylinders for cooling

  • Mike Tyler
    Mike Tyler

    I can't wait to see this thing RIPPPP!!!!!!

  • Sergio Castiñeyras
    Sergio Castiñeyras

    That bottom end will melt with the new turbo and head combo

  • Henry Dimatteo
    Henry Dimatteo

    The hp to weight ratio is pretty impressive.

  • eric worthington
    eric worthington

    Last thing ya wanna do is get bent...

  • Asylumental

    Hell yeah, cement that block. Learning from the honda guys, I also did it to my volvo white block. It does wonders for aluminum blocks You didn't have to use sugar/salt underneath the cement to protect the coolant passages?

  • CorwinINaDSM

    Great to see the Seusinator back.

  • Robert Abney
    Robert Abney

    It's a rock block👍

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    Hey guys, appreciate ya.

  • Tony Trumble
    Tony Trumble

    I believe grout would liquefy with the heat of the block

  • Chad Pudvan
    Chad Pudvan

    Are we turboing the pulling lawn mower?!

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST

    Awesome love the videos. Nuckle busting torque turning tunes and builds. That's what brought me here years ago that and climbing pellets in the wild cat lol. But just a bunch of bros in a garage love it.

  • Alex Godin
    Alex Godin

    We NEED more yxz content

  • Quakers Oats
    Quakers Oats

    Rick looks like a business man with his hair now

  • Ed H
    Ed H

    I’m pretty new to the channel but I’m rapidly becoming a big SXS vlog guy... The machines are very cool but you gents are what really make it entertaining 🤜🤛


      Thanks Ed!

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    Not ghetto, it’s gonna work.. for now. Lol

  • T stuff
    T stuff

    I think it will work. Overheating will probably be you only issue if that. And if it does you could switch to methanol. Love the channel

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    All you need is a dust cover for the k&n filter. Y’all should run those on all your bikes.

  • Thomas Jones Jr
    Thomas Jones Jr

    Ok time to get some more BUTT HURT people fired up on what beast mode is or isn’t. I can’t wait to hear all the crying!!!! 2JP is a SxS !!!!!! 🤟 on

  • Abraham Almaguer
    Abraham Almaguer

    I need some advice, which will be the best machine in terms of reliability, 2021 Can am defender max xt hd10 vs polaris ranger crew xp1000? Thanks in advance

  • KuschallRacing

    it starts to go epic...crazy team, but thats why we love you. .whats about the belt situation....dont they need to follow up the HPs ? new innovation is needet


    Rowdy Beastmode via grout: grouty

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Duuuglas pulled out the ol’ mortar mix and cemented her right up! Leo is a “Big Risks Guy” lol


    Sand ingestion: poor man’s porting & polishing

  • Bobby Law
    Bobby Law

    So thoughts for the next big build.... tesla power race sxs to maybe get some more younger people into the sport? I would love to see something like that for sure! Who's with me?

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash

    Get a s&b particle separator!

  • NCliving

    Last thing we need is to get bent..... Doug Lol

  • Jim

    With all the cool stuff you guys have been getting into maybe it's time to buy a mill and lathe.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    I’m just glade Leo didn’t say “brother” a hundred times

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