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  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers

    I just stumbled on this video so I dont know much about your background or area. Just trying to help keep yall out of trouble, but the last time i tore ass through a development like that, it cost me lots of money and jail time.

  • Gabriel Norton
    Gabriel Norton

    What dash screen is that ?

  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley

    Man, when there "test" spot gets paved its going to be a nice drift spot with a good switch back then long swinging left tern!

  • Fernando Magaña
    Fernando Magaña

    "For rull MSRP" had me dying!!!!

  • KungFuGripDave Local80Grip
    KungFuGripDave Local80Grip

    Ha is that Gram ? (aka Grambo) T?he guy that was mounting your wheels. If so tell him Smarty and all his Hollywood hommies say what up!

    • KungFuGripDave Local80Grip
      KungFuGripDave Local80Grip


  • FamousFor Noreason
    FamousFor Noreason

    There is NO drift in this video... "gonna send it" .. puffh cmon slow af.

  • Pétur Stefánsson
    Pétur Stefánsson

    That last bit was so good LOL :-)

  • Dan Letter
    Dan Letter

    That ticking sound is the valves bending

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    On mounting the tires I use liquid dish washing detergent it maybe a bit nasty but it's soap not oil so it will be easy clean up.

  • Dawson Keener
    Dawson Keener

    I see a billet block in beast modes future and 50psi.

  • YouBetBrother

    I build roads for a living, it looks like this racetrack was just about ready for finish touches and asphalt! I bet the grader hand won’t be happy in making this video! Beast mode is a beast spitting rock over all of the curb and gutter! Job security for the guy who has to sweep it all off! Haha love the videos.

  • Alex

    Mad respect spreading the team love ending. Get em Rick 🤘

  • martin urbaniak
    martin urbaniak

    at first i was like that aint even 30psi of boost but when i watch further of the vid seen him really open it up and was like dam that really is 30 pounds or more of boost hahah awsome vid! the new tires did wonders

  • James Last
    James Last

    The engine in that truck sounds awesome! Keep rolling with your channel guys. It would be cool if you would organize some local events on a fairly regular basis in your area to keep interest high.

  • corgily

    Thanks for the video

  • Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing

    That thing RIPS!

  • Trystan Bisson
    Trystan Bisson

    whats funny is that he wears a 100$ gmax helmet and has a 60g x3


      60 grand? DAMN!

  • NinerOut

    With as many tires y'all put on it's time to buy a proper tire installation machine.


      You're gonna like tomorrows video :)

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    music was from an old show hard casle and mc cormic with the coyotte race car


      Weird..ALgone has a bunch of royalty free stuff you can use. They must have used the same!

  • tkou272

    Rick always looks pissed. Lol

  • Terry Dee
    Terry Dee

    Classic Rick! :-))

  • Kristofor Pinkerton
    Kristofor Pinkerton

    I have those same rims. The bolts will rust in no time. I changed mine out to stainless.



  • KeeperOfTheLight

    Ummmm... Compressor surge

  • ValleVaan

    you can change any tires at home lol.

  • Svt_Vick


  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis

    45 psi? Are the heads ported?


      No lol

  • Rito Garcia
    Rito Garcia

    How much psi do u run in tires ?

  • Gerald bake
    Gerald bake

    U really can't beat the stock buck horns as far as smooth and hook up, specially when low on pressure

  • luis becerra
    luis becerra

    Where did the Rick Mav get those Evo power sports decals?

  • Dan Dilauro
    Dan Dilauro

    All these ads and advertisements almost makes these vids unwatchable.. It literally causes my computer to freeze up. Great vids guys, love the content, but youtube just flat out SUCKS!!!

  • Levi Miller
    Levi Miller

    What is the expected life span on the x3 engines before you have to start rebuilding stuff?

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer

    great job as always guys! I enjoy being able to forget about everything crazy going on when i watch you guys! Love seeing more Rick.

  • Josh & Brooke Gallman
    Josh & Brooke Gallman

    Its a lot easier to put the rim into the tire rather than the tire onto the rim.

  • Uriah Frakes
    Uriah Frakes

    Last 5 minutes best video y'all had in a while

  • Charles

    is this the official teddy return.

  • dunerinaz

    With all this virus panic and being told I have to stay at home, I hope you guys can keep the videos coming. I've pretty much finished youtube in the last three days, lol

  • Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson

    My favorite part is yea man what you think I'm out here for


    What do those tires weigh?

    • H2ULTRA
      H2ULTRA that’s not really bad at least.


      Sticker said 39

  • Mark pojda
    Mark pojda

    Rick Mav???

  • Douglas Lowe
    Douglas Lowe

    Get him rick. Love you videoing Leo haha

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson

    Rick needs to quit being so serious

  • 8rivers_native

    This vid was a glorious hodgepodge

  • kyle morgan
    kyle morgan

    How do yall keep belts alive with that much power


      They just work lol

  • G Cherv
    G Cherv

    For some reason Rick just rubs me the wrong way, anyone else?

  • blindmiceproductionz

    You guys were going to review some goggles 🥽 seems like you like them?.... 3 or so months ago. A quick video rundown of them would be nice. I'm looking to upgrade my helmet setup.

  • Jason Brass
    Jason Brass

    Drivetrain on that X3 must be half decent to handle the substantial increase in power and not just instantly grenade lol.


      Super tough honestly lol

  • John Collins
    John Collins

    This is the best channel I love the video I look every day for a new one just can’t wait for the next one you guys are all awesome

  • skidoochris

    not sure who is doing your math...but a 4 bar can see almost 45psi


      It's a 3.5 bar sensor

  • wheeln 24/7
    wheeln 24/7

    You guys building your own burnout competition truck out of that thing? Has Cleetus corrupted you guys too into getting into the box and going for the belt? If so take the back brakes off and make sure it'll get into high gear while whipping donuts! And if you really want smoke look into finding the lowest highway rear gear you can for it. That's one of the Aussies tricks.

  • Austin K
    Austin K

    Not to say I dont love all the content but this was an epic video lol love y'all be safe out here 🤟🏻

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    That’s hilarious!! Old Sleepy Joe would be proud! He knows about roaches too!!! HAHAHAHA 👍🏼🤣🤣

  • Phil of the Outdoors
    Phil of the Outdoors

    I think Rick’s commentary is hilarious!

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    I didn't think anything could beat the butt bounce tire mount😆, but then the end of the video came and that guy did the early day NASCAR interview with the camera I was smiling and laughing ! Thank you so much for something positive! Btw love the intro!!!

  • Michael Culp
    Michael Culp

    “Fupa power for life dude” lmfaoooo



    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ Lol, he’s one sick SOB



  • Tyler Nielsen
    Tyler Nielsen

    Once again an awesome video keepem coming boys

  • ZambieZav22

    How did he go from 5 bolt to 4?



  • Dutchrudder Films
    Dutchrudder Films

    Rick is back lol 👍👍

  • adam wilson
    adam wilson

    love seeing the old rick back.

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers

    2020 looking to be a great year of content. Thanks 2 the Blog.

  • Nathan Panter
    Nathan Panter

    Little gmt400 love!!!

  • Vince Daugherty
    Vince Daugherty

    Leo, much has changed. Time for a new intro broski. #update



  • matt crnkovich
    matt crnkovich

    Lmao!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    Guys. Just spend the money and get a real tire machine. You guys spend so much time doing tires.


    Omg the ending had me laughing my ass off so hard!!! Rick is da man!

  • Joshua Maldonado
    Joshua Maldonado

    I noticed you guys don’t run any full windshields on any of your sxs s . Is there a purpose for that?

    • Josh Frank
      Josh Frank

      Feels more sketchy that way. Lol

  • Nate Acfalle
    Nate Acfalle

    When are you guys going to turbo the talon? and or the general? love the content!

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    There’s the old Rickmave we been missing haha 😂 😂😂 who wants that drive way to be a dedicated line lock pad!

  • jasond38134

    Is that the bruised banana still in the shop?

  • DatDamDilly

    We need more night time Rick on the channel!

  • Luke Crumrine
    Luke Crumrine

    Rick Mav is sick, like having Rick in the vids too

  • Jacob Daily
    Jacob Daily

    DONT be afraid of the lube!!!! Alot is good and more is better!

  • Luke Crumrine
    Luke Crumrine

    From drift cars to short tracks to everywhere else Leo is one hell of a driver.....

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Can't go wrong with an old school chevy haha.

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    I'd say 2020 should have a electric torque wrench brushless. Castle powered . Haha.

  • honeybadgerl39

    “How high will it rev”. There’s only one way to find out, til she blows son!!!

  • huts spencer
    huts spencer

    Find a round of hardwood or pull the wheels off that stool so it does not move. Although you could buy a wheel size adjustable tire changing stand.

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    Wheel/Tires look good on the Rick Mav, he’s always good for some comedy. 4:44. - Le-mounto!

  • Tomax XXX
    Tomax XXX

    Great job getting that first tire on 😂😂😂😂😂


    In the next video I’m hoping to see Doug in the coat riding the pulling tractor

  • Erik Hoffman
    Erik Hoffman

    The turbo studder is not good for your turbo your out of the boost curve you need a bigger turbo

  • Micky Smith III
    Micky Smith III

    Here's the thing you didn't do right. Ya gotta jizz that edge up. Lol thats what she said. Then he blows out a butt cheek. (Cheese &Rice)

  • Troy Cropper
    Troy Cropper

    Rick is the man!! Love it when he lets himself go!! Leo, the empire is great. However, it has been the team building that has propelled the GREATNESS!! Keep it up boys!!

  • News now
    News now

    Where’s the woman?

  • West27

    Do they make those tsunami wheels in a 14x7? Are you guys going to sell them?

  • tomas valadez
    tomas valadez

    Neutral drop vibes at the end lmaooo


    Hey Leo has your ass cheek bruise gone away yet

  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith

    She's a ripper, I bet the operator that's building the road is real proud of you bud, someone is going to have to shovel all that gravel off the curb before they can asphalt, but hey as long as you're having fun screw that guy it's the new American way

  • OpEng Chris
    OpEng Chris

    Paving crew is gonna be pissed when they show up for pour prep and all the curb and gutter is full of roosted road base! LOL!


    Rick Blastin Casden

  • Larry Temen
    Larry Temen

    😂😂😂😂 the end of the video is hilarious


    Rick just brought me back to 1998

  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    How long till the landlord kick's you out for tearing the hell out of shit 😱😀👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    Sous needs more money. He is going to leave if he does not get it. He told me. Demand sous gets 50 percent of all money made on sxs blog

  • Powerglide Klyde Barrow
    Powerglide Klyde Barrow

    its becoming ever increasingly evident that you boys and some other youtubers are my only friends... it does not suck! i and many others live vicariously through you guys! your living the dream which in a weird way makes me feel like i am as well! thanks is not enough!

  • Rab

    You "jizzed" the tire up and then sat on it with force resulting in your a** being cover in ....... oh no.

  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    Hell yeah Rick it's a beast👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • logan stevens
    logan stevens

    I watch you guys all the time, but the ending to this video literally had me crying unlike any other. Keep doing great stuff guys!

  • Jr Rios
    Jr Rios

    Bravo!! Fellas good way to break in the new shop your the man rick

  • Chippys ATV
    Chippys ATV

    Mcjesus that thing hauls ass🤟

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