BEAST MODE Maverick X3 gets an AEM CD7 dash! (mega burnout!)
This CD7 from AEM is LEGIT! Check it out here:


    Who's ready for more Beast Mode burnouts?

    • Stacy Reid
      Stacy Reid

      After this lil display of burnout power while it be pack up and move time ? Lol It would be awesome to see a motor like BeastMode in a Defender

    • Jasonlt1982
      Jasonlt1982 I’m ready for Sous to be back from vacation

    • swank savage
      swank savage

      Who isn't ppsshhh!!! Let er rip

    • Evan Hall
      Evan Hall

      what town you guys from?

    • Austin K
      Austin K

      Also that burnout was epic and that turbskie gets me so damn jelly bub good stuff love the content my friends 💯

  • Connor Stimpson
    Connor Stimpson

    I am I want to see a Mud Life video

  • Franlismer Martes
    Franlismer Martes

    Got the Dash on a 2019 MAVERICK. But DPS is not working. Just staying at DPS Min not moving to DPS med or DPS Max. Can I get help?

    • Franlismer Martes
      Franlismer Martes 🤔. In the electric diagram I see the DPS switch is connected directly to pin 6 of the original cluster. I wonder where should I connected now on the new AEm Dash


      I believe that the mode you select when you unplug the dash is the mode it remains in.


    You ain’t scared of flipping over ?

  • Brock Moore
    Brock Moore

    I was waiting for it to say 'Unleash The Beast'. Either way great vid 👍

  • The UTV Overlander
    The UTV Overlander

    I was kicking around getting a MoTeC setup on my X3 because I hadn’t seen one before. Decided to save the $3500 they wanted for it. 🤣

  • lsonechevelle

    what blow off valve is under the outter wear sock?



  • vovasgarage

    Nick tpms was intertaning I loled

  • Rockytop VFL
    Rockytop VFL

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross

    Damn that blow off valve sounds amazing !!! Loved that ending ride in the cab

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson

    Belt temp?? what are your thoughts??

  • Josh Domoslai
    Josh Domoslai

    Heck ya. Little gymkhana action at the end!

  • Turbogunner 87
    Turbogunner 87

    Is this system capable of gps trail maps?

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    My god that thing is a monster

  • Dustin Smekens
    Dustin Smekens

    How about the hulk of kitchen appliances in the background while Doug explains the AEM unit???? Pizza pizzazz for the absolute win!!!!!

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Awesome video! I want that dash!

  • Darius M. Thompson
    Darius M. Thompson

    Hey guys huge fan of your vids! About to pick you a 2 seater SXS. Torn between RZR XP turbo or X3 turbo! Which one is better for mainly trail riding?

  • sebskee

    Yeah baby !How do u get your blow of valve to flutter like that ?

  • armando matos
    armando matos

    Afr pretty rich at high 9

  • David Leslie
    David Leslie

    Dude can drive.

  • Jernulf

    I was looking back at some old cleetus videos and you guys are the absolute best. Just had to come here and throw my love out!

  • Princess Burnout
    Princess Burnout


  • ODXJ

    Can the razorback belt temp sensor be integrated into this system?

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes

    I'm sure none of those truckers were sleeping in their sleepers 👍👍

  • jj1479

    Whats the hold up on them pouring the floor in front of the garage door?

  • Sea Stacker
    Sea Stacker

    Bad to the bone. No shot of the burn out meter in action..? Lame 😒

  • Marnie Larocque
    Marnie Larocque

    Morning gentlemen after watching that snow field trip/ epic adventure, today i think is the 28th of feb i just watched a Video o a Canam on "Ken Block-Shredfest in the ULTIMATE Can-Am" amazing how the new backcountry tracks work, love your vids i watched this one twice and I am waiiiiiting for the next one.

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez

    God!! Beast mode is angry

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Why is the Bruised Banana there? I thought it was sold? Chur.


      Buyer backed out, she's back up for grabs

  • Carolina mud Reaper
    Carolina mud Reaper

    Lol i take it the fuel station gave a go for parking lot shenanigans 😂

  • Daddy Father
    Daddy Father

    0:20 beast mode started as an Xrs and y’all converted it to an xds? Haha


      Narrow width is preferred for drag racing, and it's lighter


    what sound bar did u guy put on cleetus mcfarlanes maverick been looking for something good for mine

      FISHING WITH FINESSE also if u guys find yourselves doing anything with rocker switches it would be dope to learn how to set them up and connect them to the item they are for

      FISHING WITH FINESSE awesome ethank youuu!!! I was gonna get the 6 but I wasn't sure if it was big enough the 10 looks perfect what did you guys use to secure it like just the standard 1.75 inch tube clamp ?


      It was a Wetsounds Stealth 10

  • Cameron

    Will I see beast mode in the sand april 1st?


      We'll be on our way to Florida for Cleetus & Cars

    • Cameron

      Please tell me you'll be at the dunes opening day lol

  • Dennis P
    Dennis P

    I have the Glazzkraft dash, is there a way to mount it into a dash?

  • Mario

    Nice cage on the 2jz rzr

  • Frank Lotito
    Frank Lotito

    You guys never disappoint keep on shredding dudes👏

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill

    Watched to much of you guys had a dream beastmode was parked at our local parts store an i turned around to go see you guys an I woke up lol

  • AtvRacer

    OKAY Leonard! Edit: La Nard!

  • Micheal Gale
    Micheal Gale

    Hell Yeah ,,,, Morning to Y'all from this end ,,,, Send it

  • tom behmlander
    tom behmlander

    What an excellent driver you are Leonardo!!!

  • Harrison Remedios
    Harrison Remedios

    What’s with the unit on true skinnies and slicks by the door???? BTW beast mode needs a full disassembly and power wash. Could probably loose an extra 10+lbs worth of dirt and grime


      That's the RickMav. He hit a winter drag event last weekend

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    I'm a little offended we didn't get to see Doug's burnout meter in action haha! Beast Mode lookin good out there!


      Tomorrow ;)

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    Yeah I forgot how much of a BEAST BEAST MODE was. Freaking crazy. Love it

  • BulletProof Coatings Ltd
    BulletProof Coatings Ltd

    Do u got stiffer sway bar setup how are you keeping it so level drifting


      It's just lowered currently, stock sway bar

  • Joshua Lester
    Joshua Lester

    How often you take your sxs's through that mcds drive through? lol

  • Judge has the Word
    Judge has the Word

    I love the power that has. I wish my 2017 X3 DS 4 seater had that kind of power. I bought this one here in Missouri a guy came down from Michigan to trade this for a Bass Boat. I was wondering if you guys ever seen it up there. It has a lot of options on it. NEXT Month I am going to be call up to you about a few parts to buy from you. I wish you didn't live so far away from Cuba Missouri. I am having trouble it goes in to limp mode when I am driving in 2 wheel drive kinda hard. I put the green key mod in it drive it for 2 miles. Put the sport key mod in it's out of limp mode an running great. Any ideas ??? I bought it from a dealer did it the first time in 2 months they said 75$ hour just to look at it. I am the guy lost both my legs above the knees at my work in 1993. Hope you can help. Love your channel you guys are awesome.

  • SuperMario133

    Hell yeah that unit ripppssssss 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Tarheel Trailblazer
    Tarheel Trailblazer

    Burn it!!


    That was rad!!! Beast mode...... she is alive!!

  • david arms
    david arms

    Great commercial


      No problem promoting the things we like.

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Jesus she's Alive!!! Lol

  • Deej Phatwood
    Deej Phatwood

    Heck yeah dudes!

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    The turbo was putting in some work. You could hear really good in the credits.

  • Gottfried Smith
    Gottfried Smith

    When you unhook the dash the engine hours increase but the miles don't. Do you have to program the mileage into the AEM to keep track?

  • sduymich

    Thing is soooo nasty it makes me want a turbo SxS

  • Cody Mccrae
    Cody Mccrae

    lmfao dude that thing is fast in drift.... i has a wild idea now...

  • Eddieluscious

    Can you guys leaving a link for this product? Can’t find it...


  • daniel thompson
    daniel thompson

    Who else was waiting for "porn hub" to pop up on the dash haha


      SXSBlog After Dark

  • Colton Peare
    Colton Peare

    Frickin Leo out there just Ken Block style in the X3. Love it guys. Great content.

  • jeff young
    jeff young

    👍👍Thanks guys!

  • Broke Dad Films
    Broke Dad Films

    I could watch this wild man drive all day!

  • Greg B
    Greg B

    How are your guys bodies going to survive with a McDonald’s that close to your shop?? LOL


      It's a real problem.

  • Firebird400

    Sounds like you should have bought a car ...what’s the point of doing that to a side by side?

    • Firebird400
      Firebird400 . Be way cheaper and probably do it better. Let us know how it holds up ....


      As if there's more of a point doing it in a car lol


    From watching the video when you first got Beast Mode to now is crazy man! That thing is a freaking monster! Great job buds

  • Shane Ducker
    Shane Ducker

    Lower and stiffen suspension settings and that awd thing would be an autocross machine.

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    Beast Mode is just a sick car, period!

  • reaper2009rzr

    breast mode..........nuff said

  • Rick Mathews
    Rick Mathews

    Nick your x3 has to be the baddest x3 not owned by a company on ALgone for some reason the parking lot drift just made me realize how far above a stock x3 it is to see how far you guys have come in 4 years is amazing keep it up and thanks for the entertainment


      Thanks Rick!

  • Danny Plank
    Danny Plank

    Rick mav is looking awesome.

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Holy smokes Leonardo, that was some pro driving I thought I was watching Travis Pastrana! Extremely impressed with your skills. Beast mode never disappoints just like the blog.

  • rick morrissey
    rick morrissey

    How many bearings have you replaced in that Can-Am. Probably none!! 💕

    • rick morrissey
      rick morrissey

      I know Rick doesn’t want to be a bitch about it but,,Can-Am is a dominant force about reliability. All are reliable to a degree but Can-Am has proved that they don’t have to replace bearings every year like Polaris. Lol. Love you guys.

  • BrokeBike Mtb
    BrokeBike Mtb

    That x3 is really something special....I'm not gonna lie ...I kinda miss the wider stance before you swapped them with the new one


      We've talked about going back, not sure yet

  • Shockin Awesome
    Shockin Awesome

    So we don’t get to see the burnout screen in action?


      Next vid ;)

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    That thing is Naaaaaaasty holy shhhhhh love it

  • ESR250R1

    She looks nasty picking up that front tire!!

  • techs 1smh
    techs 1smh

    That's bitchen.

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    220 221 whatever it takes! That thing is a monster! Did I see 420 hp on that tune?

  • John coffey Memorial riders
    John coffey Memorial riders

    That’s f$cking cool. Well done fellas

  • Nick Mcconnell
    Nick Mcconnell

    Heck yeah in cabin rip

  • TagGeorge

    Why has the owner of the Banana not picked it up?


      He backed out, she's back on the market

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines

    These dudes no what they are talking about everything they build is awesome and well put together I will be getting them to help me in the future win I get some money it will be well spent

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig

    I'm loving the BOV!!! Sweet sweet sounds!

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines


  • Justin Fee
    Justin Fee

    Seeing beast mode rip totally made my day I showed this to everyone I work with it is definitely an impressive machine very fitting name 👌

  • Tim McHugh
    Tim McHugh

    Get the belt temp on the dash!!!

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli

    The tires are howling! Sick!

  • Alex

    More burnouts for sure 🔥. How you like that BPV instead of the normal blow off? Massive sound difference eh

  • Gregory Eddowes
    Gregory Eddowes

    Doug is gonna be a really really big deal in the industry sooner than later.

  • William Vigneault
    William Vigneault

    Who else paused at 8:15 just to see that GORGEOUS cage fab, hot dang I’m excited to see that thing


      Hang in there, BIG updates soon!


    SICK ! LOVE IT !

  • Polaris g
    Polaris g

    Can you get rid of the razor back gauge and display it on the screen too?

  • matt crnkovich
    matt crnkovich


  • ivoman7

    25:34 Nice driving. You handled that really well, imo. -Heck yeah.xD

  • G20xwarx

    This is badass I wonder what the Jurassic park machine will do


      Oooooooo baby

  • Steve Atkins
    Steve Atkins

    Will this dash be available for a xp1000 rzr?

  • Wayne Hicks
    Wayne Hicks

    That burnout meter screen is amazing lol make sure you are always at least in the "okay" range when you are ripping a fat skid!


    It’s been awesome seeing this channel grow.

  • John Rylee
    John Rylee

    I'm a die hard Honda guy, when will we see more talon stuff?? Love you guys!


      We're workin on it, it's comin!

  • Walter Carkner
    Walter Carkner

    She rips!!!

  • Fangio Lermyte
    Fangio Lermyte

    Damn it's a monster,really i love the sound of the turbo

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