Bout time that boy got himself a unit!
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  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Omg Corey's a savage, Leo is fricken hilarious LOL, and thats why we love this channel and it'll stop your heart every now and again i thought 1hr after buying it Corey's Crawler was going to be on its roof 😳🙃LOL KEEP EM COMIN GUYS!!🤙

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman

    The race truck does sound healthy

  • Fabio Pena
    Fabio Pena

    Call it “big blue”

  • Fist Cover
    Fist Cover

    Name it "White Lightning"

  • Aneronix -
    Aneronix -

    White Lightning - new name suggestion

  • Jayden Rhodes
    Jayden Rhodes

    Twin turbo the race unit and stiffen up the rear end build a roll cage tie it all in

  • SouthernApproach

    You can see the excitement in his eyes. Congrats on the new machine!

  • Plebiness RL
    Plebiness RL

    Call it Ghost

  • c f
    c f

    breaker of chains

  • Aaron Galbraith
    Aaron Galbraith

    name it "Core"


    Hey love your content!!!🙌 the red pick up should get twin turbo kit cheap form ebay and it has to be fast💪💪💪

  • Mike Kadlec
    Mike Kadlec

    race unit definitely needs ALOT looser convertor...get that and itd haul

  • vovasgarage

    Congrats. Nice color too

  • the auto parts guy
    the auto parts guy

    I hope you guys stayed dry down there.

  • mattd19902010

    Do you guys have issues with the stock x3 turbo rr intake manifold blowing apart when running like 28 psi of boost

  • fish guts
    fish guts

    white load , name for the the rig

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    Oh come on the race unit needs China turbos

  • Chonch

    I love that color, thats what mine is xpt its a 4. love it! grats dude!

  • soldierofliberty

    Where's 2jp?? You guys are killin me. I'm guessing there's an issue or something holding you guys back

  • Michael Wigley
    Michael Wigley

    The race unit needs a big stall converter so it would leave the line and not bog down the first hundred feet. It would be so much faster.

  • colby griffin
    colby griffin

    Polaris a+ on the engineering of the machine f- for the looks god those things are ugly as shit the rzr turbo s is so beautiful and then there's that ugly bastard child

  • Fluffy Busch
    Fluffy Busch

    Look guys at this point.... It's time to release the beast. I like the filler episodes but... The time has come for the absolute monster, enough of the fluff

  • spencer dauphine
    spencer dauphine

    CRZR (crayzer), I was thinking since he's crazy and goes big it could mean crazy/rzr or Corey's rzr.

  • Chris Richards
    Chris Richards

    Congrats Corey! Love the colors

  • Tristan Trevino
    Tristan Trevino

    Make the race unit a full long travel trophy truck

  • beardog one
    beardog one

    White lightning

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Did he say...."jizz her up"

  • Rpm Rare Performance Motorcars
    Rpm Rare Performance Motorcars

    Do this guy's do anything more than run hacked machines around a dirt lot behind there shop?

    • corey malone
      corey malone

      Haha nope 😎

  • Alex

    Rick and the truck Only Fans coming soon

  • Crypto King
    Crypto King

    I just bought my first SXS 2020 Honda Talon 1000X4 With Fox Live Valve

  • Southern SXS
    Southern SXS

    Love the videos! Great ripper!

  • yung drew
    yung drew

    Please buy the monster truck that truck has alot of history behind it

  • JMF

    Call it white rhino

  • عراقي وافتخر
    عراقي وافتخر

    No fucken way. Stick rzr will beat my ford raptor 6.2

  • phil friesen
    phil friesen

    Leo trys to hard to be Nick sous. other then that, great friggen videos

  • honeybadgerl39

    Perfect way to break in a new machine!!! Good job!!!

  • ridgerunner xx 70
    ridgerunner xx 70

    The shark

  • tim s
    tim s

    Storm Trooper XP

  • Andrew Kerkstra
    Andrew Kerkstra

    White Lightning for the name

  • Chris Pohl
    Chris Pohl

    You guys should get a redline revolt for the channel!! Little rs1 vs redline

  • Macdonald Mathew
    Macdonald Mathew

    First day i got my dirt bike a broke it today a year ago

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Put this guy in the RS1 then he will see what power is.

  • Jesse Abel
    Jesse Abel

    Awesome video

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith

    I am sorry but i believe you cannot get chocolate whiskey from spice box in the states but I think this is awesome and I I am 2/3 of a bottle in

  • Bridger Staker
    Bridger Staker

    White Knight

  • Geoffrey Timms
    Geoffrey Timms


  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Call it the Virgin, or Prom Queen, Corva

  • Bryan Leach
    Bryan Leach

    Should name it the “White Rhino”!

  • Life of Bri
    Life of Bri

    I vote making the race unit a monster truck!

  • mark warren
    mark warren

    Sounds like the race unit needs about a 4500 stall converter.

  • BackyardGoons

    I feel like the converter is to tight from the dig in the race unit

  • Kidneybeans

    Gotta name it “solar flare” lol

  • Scott Zarb
    Scott Zarb

    Guinevere for the name

  • Srt Jg
    Srt Jg

    Need to Name it Slayer

  • DRockDreamin

    "The Yeti"

  • Dylan O'Neal
    Dylan O'Neal

    The great white buffalo

  • Acoustic Offroad
    Acoustic Offroad

    Please, please, please shift the race truck into 4 low next time. your killing me smalls!!!


      He raced in low at the end. Runs outta gear too quick

  • Joneszzy208

    the race unit needs a 150 shot of nitrous

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    The rides are cool and all but I think what gives your channel it's appeal is something money can't but and that's seeing the friendship you guys all have.

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    You know. Without that sun visor on his helmet he could make a really cool Storm Trooper looking helmet. Or Maybe some Halo Master Cheif looking helmet. Name the new ride The White Warthog!

  • Cody Hade
    Cody Hade

    White Lightning

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams


  • Civilized Delinquent
    Civilized Delinquent

    The race unit needs a couple turbskis

  • Atv Adventure Vlog
    Atv Adventure Vlog

    All Ridersssss we Need a “Who’s to say” ! Great Vid! #atvpassion

    • The Player
      The Player

      o yeahhh!!!!!

  • Moto Adventure Haiti
    Moto Adventure Haiti

    😂 you should bring it out to silver lakes little drag strip and see how she does

  • Danimal Twisted Adrenaline
    Danimal Twisted Adrenaline

    Instead of a monster truck what if you put and X3 Turbo and you're pulling tractor, and turn Rick's truck into a full on pulling truck. You have to totally badd ass set UPS to start with. I would love to see Rick's truck made into a pulling truck and a Turbo X3 motor thrown in to your green wild horse pulling tractor. Curious what's your thoughts. Me and my girlfriend love your show keep up the great work. And congratulations on getting such an awesome unit for your 1st unit.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Night crawler

  • Mike Desilets
    Mike Desilets

    Hmmm...CRZR? CRAZN (Corey Rzn hell)? Blutus (blue brutus)? Pro-ton? Side chick? The XPress?

  • rpaarlbe

    You have the Buffalo. A solid name would be the White Rhino.

  • derik kahl
    derik kahl

    The new unit looks like a shark from the side, so maybe Jaws?

  • Calvin Pettet
    Calvin Pettet

    White rhino

  • Jesse Burns
    Jesse Burns

    Lmfao maybe a cage and a whipple for the race unit 🤘

  • Jesse Burns
    Jesse Burns

    Bolt a whipple on the race unit💪

  • Tannen78

    Name for the white ultimate "White Lightning"

  • Alex Stoy
    Alex Stoy

    I cant wait to get my own unit!! The more i watch you guys the more i wanna try and get one lol

  • polariskid202

    Maybe some Dixie horns for the race unit🤔

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    Corey: but Leo it's under warranty?! 😆😆

  • lenny 034
    lenny 034

    SXS suspension on the race unit 😉😉

  • Buzz Buzz
    Buzz Buzz

    Name of the unit, "Proxie"

  • Donald Liverance
    Donald Liverance

    Pretty badass they tossed in the storage box that's sweet

  • Dylancooke55

    Love the race unit. Hope the turbos become a reality. Whats that thing got for a converter? Sounds a little tight off the line lol.

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    They should just build SXSs already dirty, only time they’re spotless. 😀

  • Justin Medina
    Justin Medina

    Mud unit should go mudding before mud gets dried

  • Joshua Earnheart
    Joshua Earnheart

    Surely yal have some old factory buffalo suspension laying around you could fab up on the race truck right. Soak up those bumps no problem. Obviously would need some reinforcements, maybe an extra set from another machine or something. 2 shocks at each corner. Who knows. Big project, low budget. Would be awesome

  • Mathew Nunez
    Mathew Nunez

    Name the Pro xp ultimate: “fundamentals” since it’s his very first machine...he’s gonna need some learning how to use and drive it😂

  • Mr. EverythingRandom
    Mr. EverythingRandom

    Desert suspension on the race unit!!!

  • James pruitt
    James pruitt

    Call it. The great white.

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk

    White and Blue Rzr looks sick man. Nice buy sick rig !!!! Call it White Lightning

  • Trevor sobocinski
    Trevor sobocinski

    We need to see more of this truck lmaoo

  • Nic Laughlin
    Nic Laughlin

    Name it coco

  • lance vanhoosier
    lance vanhoosier

    White buffalo

  • Daddy Theo’s Poo Poo
    Daddy Theo’s Poo Poo

    That truck suits Rick so well. hahaha

  • Ken

    My ears were ringing after the video was finished lmao 👍👍👍

  • Tim Pearson
    Tim Pearson

    call the new rzr pro the C section

  • Ryan Conway
    Ryan Conway

    Name it Blue Ice

  • Rick Terrill
    Rick Terrill

    White lighting.

  • DypLow

    project snowflake

  • Haden Templeton
    Haden Templeton

    If the race unit had more than a 2.70 gear it would rip lol

  • Jay Ellingsen
    Jay Ellingsen

    Keep up the good work on the race truck. It’s the perfect foundation. Different gears, different converter. Screw the monster truck. Big hole in the ground for money.

  • Brett Nikiforow
    Brett Nikiforow

    Great white

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