BIG TURBO Polaris RZR Turbo S vs BIG TURBO Maverick X3 XRS!
A BATTLE TO THE DEATH (ok not really)
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    Battlefield or XRSDS? What would you chose?

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez


    • Nono Bean
      Nono Bean

      Can am always

    • Outdoor Man
      Outdoor Man

      XRSDS needs a hand brake!

    • Jake Malone
      Jake Malone

      Turbo talon

    • Jeanne Carr
      Jeanne Carr

      Battle just cause it looks like a besst3

  • William Carroll
    William Carroll

    If you do the average of all three laps battle wins.

  • Lane Stinchcomb
    Lane Stinchcomb

    Y’all need to go to Taylor county boondocks

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Doug’s parts list please show it to us. We all know that he’s leaving it like it was now

  • Nono Bean
    Nono Bean

    Can-Am 3. Polaris 0. Exactly how it should be 😂

  • jrolf423

    Maybe this was already mentioned but what's the horsepower on each of those?

  • GeneralG40

    How is the paint holding up on Battlefield? Thinking of possibly painting my UTV soon....

  • blownpony99

    X3..... all the way..

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    I got my SXSblog merch new logo hoodie. Man is that thing comfy!! Definitely going to be ordering more soon. Great video as always guys

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris

    love this channel it reminds me of leo wankers moto jump dunno

  • Felicia Lindsey
    Felicia Lindsey

    Y’all should go riding at top trails in talledega Alabama

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Props to the Cat operator!

  • TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP 2020


    • TRUMP 2020
      TRUMP 2020

      @WildBill 33 My bad. Didn't know that. Thanks!👍🏻

    • WildBill 33
      WildBill 33


  • Wes Peggs
    Wes Peggs

    It would be cool to see you guys take a trip to Rush, KY or Huntsville, TN. Hit some trails and gnarly hills.

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Rick is looking a bit like the American Jesus!

  • drwinlied

    I've been bugging Yamaha Outdoors regarding getting you an RMAX 1000 and yesterday they finally told me they've been in contact with you. I hope you guys can work something out!

    • drwinlied
      drwinlied I see DirtTraxTV got to review an RMAX on their own turf; so I've nicely pointed out to YamOutdoors that DTTV has considerably less eyeballs on their vids so there really is no reason to not send you a machine for your own acreage. Here's to hoping!



    • drwinlied
      drwinlied perhaps they saw the XX introduction on your channel and are a bit apprehensive lol. I'll keep pushing them (for whatever that's worth haha). Really want to see you guys back-to-back that thing with some of your machines and get your honest opinion (and some lap times). Thanks again.


      We’ve been in contact with them the biggest issue is that they want us to come to a controlled demo and not let us compare on our land on our time. Thank you very much for bugging them! Ideally they’ll cave and send us a demo

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B

    Battlefield put up onehell of a fight

  • Turbo Garcia
    Turbo Garcia

    Dude the rzr is Halling ass

  • cornspace

    Rumor has it, the SXS boys are remortgaging for the new billet engine.

  • Devon Massie
    Devon Massie

    Where did Doug get his mirrors for battlefield?

  • Cash Wilson
    Cash Wilson

    Are y’all gonna do a build series on the rzr 800 in there

  • O Sérginho
    O Sérginho

  • Ryan Braccialini
    Ryan Braccialini

    That was a good video now do it again but switch cars Doug drive Leo's car and Leo drive battlefield.

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Are we gunna see a rmax vz a general? That rmax looks pretty snazzy haha.

  • drwinlied

    Nice job! Doug lost the most time lining up for the tabletop every lap. Maybe you guys could try going clock-wise around the first tree after the burm? I feel like the burm is not being utilized to its full potential because you need to get out of it like mid-way in order to hit the line for going around the tree counter-clockwise. Obviously hard to judge from just video, but running that new line seems a bit more fluid and you might be able to stick on the burm for its entirety. just a thought. Keep up the great work and thanks for everything.

  • Jason-MI.Dunerunner

    A couple a class A drivers. Good job to both of you

  • Arch417

    Can you guys do a video of y'all comparing the UTVs against each other and having a "What should you buy" discussion?

  • Trailnecks

    One of my favorite videos from you guys! Doug needs to build that motor in Battlefield!

  • Jake Malone
    Jake Malone

    I think the turbo talon would be faster on the new track

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer

    Great video guys! lets see some more battles!

  • Jeanne Carr
    Jeanne Carr

    Lost my phone on trail 69 today in st helens so if anybody comes across please let me know i have irreplaceable photos of my kids on the sd card u can keep the phone lol

  • Creamy Goodness
    Creamy Goodness

    Anyone else used to watch pinks and catch that reference at the end. Lol

  • Aaron White
    Aaron White

    Leo’s not taking the berm all the way. Cutting that corner 😬

  • C.massey207

    Dude the dude side dude by dude sides dude are dude killer dude. Dude, duuude dude doooood!!!!

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Every time Rick talks while holding the camera he kinda sounds like one of the ninja turtles!

  • Jerman Perez
    Jerman Perez

    Good shit man good shit 🤟🏻

  • Tim Genz
    Tim Genz

    Time for a BCF cage on Battle

  • 7791guy

    If Doug is going bigger, put the take offs on the CF1!!!!!!!

  • mr4x4s

    Tug-O-War... the one event where horse power means ZERO!!!!!! Weight and traction are the only two factors... why do people insist on this as a basis for competition?


      It’s called fun and entertainment

  • Kevin Keller
    Kevin Keller

    😆 looks fun!! Add a little alcohol!! Just kiddin

  • Jace G
    Jace G

    Tak about constant with battlefield, 2 30.998 times


      During editing I nearly didn’t believe it lol

  • Justin Buller
    Justin Buller

    If Leo would have stayed in the berm it would have slowed him down on the short course. Doug took the full corner. I wonder if the times would have changed if you switched drivers. Make it about the machine instead of the driving ability. But that's just nitpicking. Great content guys!

  • Willie Arias
    Willie Arias

    SxSblog is the chuck norris of youtube!!

  • Frank Haret
    Frank Haret

    Put cones up and run it again - Doug will win

  • Kevin Steele
    Kevin Steele

    One of the best parts of this channel has always been just you guys having fun together with your machines!

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen

    I would like to see the big turbo turbo s vs s stock one and same as the X3 to see how much faster they are now compared to stock.

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen

    I’ve been waiting for this video for so long as I just bought a turbo S and want to see how it will compare to a xrs turbo rr. Thumbs up even before I watched I know it will be good. Keep up the good work guys.

  • codsac

    Acting classes?

  • Dang Bo
    Dang Bo

    Turns out not taking the full berm turn, get's you the WIN. 21:45 V 22:15 Good job both

    • Frank Haret
      Frank Haret

      Yep Leo cheated

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    Rick ur so mean!!! Hahah

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    H*** yeah Doug I like the way u think you can win and u will...

  • 82leone

    I dig Ricks beard I can only wish I could grow one like his 😎👍

  • Dennis Bermudez
    Dennis Bermudez

    Lol I'm scared to look at these two nice Machines race, I wish the turbo s takes it

  • Buzz Buzz
    Buzz Buzz

    Shock Therapy callout! These two machines need a front sway bar fitted to get rid of the body roll.

  • Buzz Buzz
    Buzz Buzz

    Nice save Doug! And just enough to get back on the gas. Just shows what you can do with enough time in SXS's, you can lower the roll over down enough to still compete. Much Props!!

  • Sami Parkkinen
    Sami Parkkinen

    Battlefield deserves the same treatment XRSDS got in the suspension department!


      Yeah I think it’s time

  • JC Carpenter
    JC Carpenter

    I was watching to POV portions at the end.... Why don't yall try coming off the berm and going down under the tree back up high. Probably would flow a little better. Its just a matter of time before someone rolls over going the way yall are going.


      We made it more difficult on purpose, keeps it interesting and really pushes the handling ability of the machines

  • jorge f
    jorge f what are the engine mods? Just turbo upgrades? And what are these cars doing 0-60 in the dirt?

    • jorge f
      jorge f awesome ty! 0-60 would be sweet to compare to what they ran before


      Head studs and Evo big turbos on both. Been awhile since we’ve 0-60’d em, need to do that again

  • Curt chop side by side
    Curt chop side by side


  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    I’m glad you guys decided to run these, we know them as regular characters but have never seem them compete 😀😀👍🏻👍🏻

  • Shenanigans & SXS's
    Shenanigans & SXS's

    I like the inside view of going around the track more than the outside. Looks nice.

  • gump636

    Any one else feel like Leo doesn’t hit the burm right ? He clips it and then like skips it everyone else tries to ride it

    • gump636

      @Frankie Jungnitsch if your doing a timed course then everyone should run the same same track

    • Frankie Jungnitsch
      Frankie Jungnitsch

      You are probably the type of guy that runs in the two track the hole time you are riding

    • Frank Haret
      Frank Haret


  • Shenanigans & SXS's
    Shenanigans & SXS's

    7:34 Doug! What the F happened to "she's burnin right" !!!!!!!!

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Rs1 turbo

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST

    Leo way to rep the x3 bro

  • Charlie Reeg
    Charlie Reeg

    Now I’m actually torn on getting a XP Turbo or an X DS RR. Battle, which one?


      Personal preference man. Both are great, need to drive them to see which one fits your style and you have the most fun in.

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45

    Y’all should do a subscriber ride! “if you build it, We will come”

  • Adam WithanA
    Adam WithanA

    Wow 🤩! These similarly equipped machines performed very similarly! 👏👏👏👏👍

  • Rodger Ginthwain
    Rodger Ginthwain

    Who needs comedy when you got these guys!!! They're a real class act 💯💯

  • keaton spencer
    keaton spencer

    The Maverick shits on the General every time if you get the Turbo RR. Better bring a spare belt if you Polaris Gang

  • Lance Cain
    Lance Cain

    Time for more power Doug.

  • Lane McNutt
    Lane McNutt

    If battle field had like 1500 to 2000 rpm I think battle field would have won the drag race

  • ballgoodrape

    lmao rick's brain forgot to work

  • tom behmlander
    tom behmlander

    RZR rules no matter what,😂

  • Eric Savage
    Eric Savage

    Glad to see the tabletop. Less back breaking chances

  • Luke Crumrine
    Luke Crumrine

    I know the video can’t lie...but Dougs laps seemed wayyyy faster idk why maybe I was rooting for him 🤔

  • Johnp4x4

    Ima go ahead and say the x3 dominated.

  • Michigan Moose
    Michigan Moose

    Freaking Frankie! and got to love the DPS...

  • Shiftyone AU
    Shiftyone AU

    Rick please do not sing again

  • RandomRed

    I just went from a rzr 900s to a 2021 canam x3 turbo RR and I love it however I still do love them RZR'S hhah and im very impressed how well the dougs kept up with nick's!

  • Dalyn Weilbaker
    Dalyn Weilbaker

    Long term review on the terra hooks? Better or worse than carnivore for trails?


      2000% better

  • Josh Bierbower
    Josh Bierbower

    I understand the track changed slightly but Doug had a faster time in the turbo talon. May be time to trade in the RZR.


      Not the same track

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    leo cutting berm short corner short cumon leo fix the PS run it over

    • Frank Haret
      Frank Haret

      That’s the only way he won - cut the burm in turn one short - laps 2&3 he was slower when he actually followed the line

  • Ethan Munger
    Ethan Munger

    Leo needs to upgrade to the newest high torque power steering motor.

  • Ross Rosseland
    Ross Rosseland

    Low gearing in the x3 gives it the tug of war win.

  • Chris McLeod
    Chris McLeod

    What turbo is Leo running in the xrsds


      Stage 6 evo

  • David Bourdages
    David Bourdages

    I owned the RZR but CAN-AM #1 BETTER MACHINE 🏁

  • Braden Pelham
    Braden Pelham

    FINALLY!! I love your content guys!! Keep it up!!

  • Rj Stephens
    Rj Stephens

    The can am blows any Polaris out of the water, Polaris are built shitty

  • keithp662

    It would be funny to see yall thrash some of those coleman sxs from tractor supply lol

  • Holmes Farms
    Holmes Farms

    When is Doug getting the pop pop launch control for the turbo s???!??

  • Darren Yankee
    Darren Yankee

    Battlefield. Billet Prostar. Motec, 4 injectors, Garrett or Zona 450whp... Suspension mods to keep it planted in the corners? D&M Racing has the engine goodies

  • jason pettit
    jason pettit

    30.530s leo won

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Out if all the controversial youtubers i watch.....i never get notifications for this one....i have to find you on my feed. Love ya guys


    Sneaky Pete! Lol

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    doug didn't just put a Diff in either >.>

  • Kyle Emerson
    Kyle Emerson

    Y’all need to find someone to redo your stores website because it is terrible went to buy so shirts but had nothing but problems

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    Yussss Battledoug doing it for team team RZR!!!!

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Always a great video to watch. It’s amazing how similar the cars perform and yet are so different. The X3 really has such a unique awesome sound. Nice job and congratulations Leo🍾🎉🎈🎊

  • Dylan Rio
    Dylan Rio

    I still love battle field the most, even if she didn’t win lol

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