Bruce Wilson and WhistlinDiesel ruin all our units! Ranger sunk, X3 explodes
Ok maybe they didn't ruin them all but my gosh lol
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  • WhistlinDiesel

    Hahahahaha this will be entertaining

    • The runner 108
      The runner 108

      WhistlinDiesel I am sub to you on ALgone and I have been for about a year now

    • Brody

      Why aren't you posting

    • Tommy Ealey
      Tommy Ealey

      Why does this truck always break just driving?

    • Jack Camden
      Jack Camden

      its monstermax not megamax

    • Braden priedout
      Braden priedout

      He's no a maniac he's awesome

  • Andy Brown
    Andy Brown

    I was there. I got video on my mobile of you guys water skipping. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

  • Yung Jay
    Yung Jay

    Did y’all see his hair in his hat 🧢

  • Tague Riggen
    Tague Riggen

    0:46 he called mega max it’s monster max

  • Dayton Trail Riders
    Dayton Trail Riders

    A day with Cody. That would be awesome.

  • Bucket Mouth Inc
    Bucket Mouth Inc

    The guy in the blue shirt Rick when he’s talking he sounds like Casey Kasem. 😂

  • burntsilverado

    I love how monstermax's travel tires are the size of Bruce's big tires haha

  • Koua Vang
    Koua Vang

    Big ass truck

  • Adrian Howard
    Adrian Howard


  • Bar D Stables
    Bar D Stables

    This was by far the funniest one I've watched yet.

  • Rhett Gerner
    Rhett Gerner

    I cant wait for yalls to blow up yous are to good and help the bigger youtubes have fun especially when they break there own stuff!

  • Tin Tin's Random videos
    Tin Tin's Random videos


  • bassbuggy101

    R.I.P. monster max!

  • Elliot Redcliffe
    Elliot Redcliffe


  • Devin Clutter
    Devin Clutter

    Rip monster max

  • kraZn8

    Where were you guys at? Looks like silver lake

  • Jordan Navarrete
    Jordan Navarrete

    where is that place located at? The place y’all went to have fun?


    *_I like Cody's 45 cap that he wears in his uploads. Its an undercover way to not get censored by ALgone. Good day at the dunes guys_*

  • mattb4554

    31:54 That dude that didn't want to be on camera did the best tactical ducking maneuver when you pointed the camera that direction! Also: As a new viewer, you guys should include the location in the Description. This place looks amazing. (I was able to find it from the shop you visited luckily!)

  • Jacob Morse
    Jacob Morse


  • JuicyFruitKid

    Yep I love the megamax lol

  • Jeffery Slack
    Jeffery Slack

    Freaking silver lake!!

  • Taylor Johnston
    Taylor Johnston

    As if whistling diesel needs “flagging up” hell the flag will be in the clouds

  • Remington Artman
    Remington Artman


  • Hondaman ATC4life
    Hondaman ATC4life

    I have a atc70 that is pretty fast top speed 55 I might have to try this have five other machines I can try it with as well lol

  • Kenneth Wasserstrom
    Kenneth Wasserstrom

    That is awesome! Can you do it with a dirt bike.

  • Ryan Slut
    Ryan Slut

    Well done Cody. They deff sound like awesome people, im glad you made some new friends and broke youre cherry by geting out on the dunes and having fun. 👍🍕

  • Mackgod 11
    Mackgod 11

    Megamax, 😂

  • Sour Brothers
    Sour Brothers

    I'd rather have Bruce's flat nasty over Cody's monstermax _any_ day. That thing is awesome. Definitely more my style.


    “Mega Max” 😂

  • Drew Anderson
    Drew Anderson

    What happened to Bruce. I miss seeing his videos . Hope all is well!

  • Sally Mroz
    Sally Mroz

    I just watched it and You A Little IDIOTS

  • deck man
    deck man

    Haha that pos broke in no time.

  • Phyllis James
    Phyllis James

    So what are the odds whislin diesel will be wanting a sxs for his channel now?


      Been in the works for a while we’ll see

  • the the
    the the

    Why so many adds like can we watch the video without being sold on like four different products that have nothing to do with ur channel

  • Lane Breitkreutz
    Lane Breitkreutz

    oh i am the same as WhistlinDiesel just send it btw like the videos

  • This guy Ian Hornschemeier tik tok ian_the_flash0
    This guy Ian Hornschemeier tik tok ian_the_flash0

    Throughout the video that’s what she said

  • William Mayberry Jr.
    William Mayberry Jr.

    they wouldnt need to water skip with monstermaxx

  • Christopher Butcher
    Christopher Butcher

    Gonna have to go out to the dunes with you guys sometime lol

  • Jake

    It's either gonna go or it's gonna blow up .. who cares?!?! Live it brother

  • Wilson RC
    Wilson RC

    My dad's name is Bruce Wilson

  • chad l
    chad l

    or basketballs

  • chad l
    chad l

    Do you get free footballs

  • Corbyn Rogers
    Corbyn Rogers

    Hahahahahahaha L=

  • CountryBoyK5

    I remember, I was about ten years old an got speed fright while driving a 1979 Sandrail. I did make the skip but I just kept going. I was frozen and so was my foot lol. Sand Lakes, OR. Drove right into the ocean. If I didn't have a flat tire (piece of glass attached to a metal shard just after the pond), we would've lost the sandrail. One of the scariest times of my life haha


    Question what did you expect your with WhistlinDiesel

  • Robert French
    Robert French

    Am I dreaming or does that rzr have a f******g backup camera like cmon it’s a side by side pretty good filed of view

  • Christian Identity News
    Christian Identity News

    Great videos, maybe Cody can learn something.

  • CDidntDoIt

    Where are these dudes? If they mentioned it I must have missed it.


      Silver Lake, MI

  • jason2147

    Should have know with those idiots

  • Lee Spears
    Lee Spears

    Any recommendations on 120 hp to 192 kits on 2020 can am x3

  • Michael Wyatt
    Michael Wyatt

    Hold up did you hear whistlin stayed with the truck to keep it safe does that mean this truck means something to him thats not normal at all I'll be disappointed if its not on fire in a month for sure

  • Diesel Brother
    Diesel Brother

    Dang boy he thcik

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright


  • Eric Knowles
    Eric Knowles

    Personally if water skipping I wouldn’t want to be buckled in. In case I went down

  • kenjiwenji

    A Ford Ranger would have made it to the top of that dune without breakin'.

  • Mikarx

    Hell Yeah! Silver Lake Michigan is AWESOME!

  • Kaiden Walker
    Kaiden Walker

    U really thought u would make it across the deepest spot in the money hole. Its the deepest hole in silver lake

  • 4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
    4 Wheeler And UTV Parts

    Wander how the bearings hold up under high speed water scheming. does it penetrate the seal

  • 6 Perfect’s
    6 Perfect’s

    10 reasons not to buy a canam or Polaris 1 reason to buy a yamaha

  • ivan

    Hey all my spirits are broken

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile


  • Kevin McGann
    Kevin McGann

    The guy who owns the cab over has a channel to dont he?

  • Kyle Swift
    Kyle Swift

    Cut down all the brush in the gauntlet so we can see around the telephone pole!

  • Zach

    Another reason why you never let whistlin dickhead touch anything with an engine.

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    9:40 whistlin peehole is scared to go 80😂😂😂😂

  • Todd Compton
    Todd Compton

    Love the vids, Y'all's content is so good, Keep it up. I have seen several of units sink and get water in the engines then y'all just do a few things and its running again. The next time y'all sink one, could you quickly go through the steps you do to get them back running. Again Great content and love the vids.

  • Touched By Pros
    Touched By Pros

    32.00 when Bruce high fives Bruce... weird lol

  • Cole Clements
    Cole Clements

    3:25 did I just see a sxs with a backup camera😳

    • Cole Clements
      Cole Clements


  • Adrenaline Driven Adventure Co. ADAC
    Adrenaline Driven Adventure Co. ADAC

    very cool


    I saw u guys before u guys were leaveing the dunes

  • CrippledMerc

    I have a feeling that Mr. Diesel will be getting himself some SxS’s in the near future. He seems to enjoy them and I know they won’t cost him hardly a fraction of what the Monster Max did. I’m now looking forward to seeing how he destroys a couple of them...

  • Matthew Pederson
    Matthew Pederson

    Hahaha really what did you expect?!?!?!

  • Andrea Prior
    Andrea Prior

    That was a oof for mud life

  • Tayfu

    Must be nice to have money to burn 🔥

  • Zac Conine
    Zac Conine

    The first time whistlin breaks something without trying to break it 😂

  • CB

    It's good that he is having fun stuff breaks all the time it can be fixed so he can keep having fun

  • todd paik
    todd paik

    The pit vipers unite

  • Anthony Witz
    Anthony Witz

    Of course whistlin diesel has no respect for anyone else’s stuff. RIP mud life.

    • Time_overload

      Ok but is it yours No it isn't so why u complaining

  • RedBullMan

    where is that at?

  • Willie Henderson
    Willie Henderson

    What is the top speed they go

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    If two heavily modded turbo s rescuing you is not a badass sight idk what is.

  • Nogainsnodames

    Lol they did Whistlin dirty and gave him the cooper puddle treatment smh

  • Thomas Holroyd
    Thomas Holroyd

    Not supprised that he broke somethin because usually can't go thru one video without breakim somethin

  • Miles Holt
    Miles Holt

    Awesome Collaboration.

  • Miles Holt
    Miles Holt

    Clayton needs to be the main character of something, someone needs to create a cartoon around Clayton's character lmao. IDIOT

  • The Stoned goat
    The Stoned goat

    Insurance claim forsure

  • Southern Hellstorm
    Southern Hellstorm

    Dumb and Dumber make videos.. Doing what they do best .. Be IDIOTS..

  • Patrick Lowe
    Patrick Lowe

    as leaders in the guys should really wear some freaking helmets! Literally the only thing negative about your channel. A helmet will save your life and with pumpers they stay pretty cool.

  • Mike Eral
    Mike Eral

    Whistle man blows everything with 4 whatever.

  • Chris Parrish
    Chris Parrish

    My God if I would have had utube in the 90s ,, all my buddies used to just call me stupid !!! Now it's just common to deep-six your rig . #imSoOld

  • ballsaglory

    Doug's commentary of mudlife hitting the water is great

  • One Rider's Legacy
    One Rider's Legacy

    Good video 🤘🏽

  • Michael Dupre
    Michael Dupre

    198k boys! Another milestone coming on! And for some of the nicest and just all around great guys- glad to see it. Million subs won’t be long.

  • dunerinaz

    Call me crazy, but if I'm driving slow in deep water, I'm NOT wearing a seatbelt

  • Adam Dude
    Adam Dude

    Looks like a genuinely kick ass time.

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    I knew his speed was correct due to his hair almost touching the intercooler

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    He always like well ya know basically shit happens and it's happening today lol

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    Rick's explanations are the best on ALgone

  • Winston Pratt
    Winston Pratt

    I love how Nick is always cheifin off camera and every once in a great while u see him take a rip

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