Building our (hopefully) indestructible BILLET 2JZ RZR ENGINE!
Doug had to hold off on having kids to afford this....
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    • boostedmonza502

      Want to see more of the race machine burnout truck! You guys should build a truck puller with it

    • Broke Misfits
      Broke Misfits

      Yee yee!!

    • Anthony Peters
      Anthony Peters

      i learnt of you guys from Garret Mitchell's content, stayed for the dune ripping and now this 2JZ that is better than most peoples drag car setups, you guys rock and i love the way you play off each other, very interested to see what else you come up with

    • Hunter Conrad
      Hunter Conrad

      Love it!

    • ThaGingaNinja69

      Real fans love all of your content. You could be building a scooter and we'd watch. 💪

  • RIchard Cerebellum
    RIchard Cerebellum

    Between the slow motion fingering of the crank bearing grease and the ice cream eye contact, you might have to change the age rating on this video. Also, thank you (blush).

  • Conan Ruisi
    Conan Ruisi

    >hey guys we’re building a super high hp 2jz rzr >”that’s not gonna turn out well” >does it anyway >turns out exponentially bad, exactly as predicted >haha hey guys we’re gonna do it again >autism.jpg


      Yeah exceeding the mechanical limit of parts makes it the worst project ever.

  • Денис Ершов
    Денис Ершов


  • junior miller
    junior miller

    So we are ready for a 2jp update

  • Dave Van Gemert
    Dave Van Gemert

    When all hope is gone "WWDD"? DOUGY GO BIG!!! and BILLET!!!

  • Ray McCormick
    Ray McCormick

    Cringed when the impact went on the head studs

  • Gabriel Bowden
    Gabriel Bowden

    I like how they put a 2jz in a SXS, true American

  • Broke Misfits
    Broke Misfits

    Ooooooo the music 🥳 at 8:10

  • X3 Andy
    X3 Andy

    I’m not sure if it was the intention, but I may have gotten off to all this engine porn.

  • Jeff Haussler
    Jeff Haussler

    You guys are insane. Big insanity guys. Can't wait to see 'er rip.

  • Pro Tips
    Pro Tips

    Y'all left a peice of tape on the top of a piston

  • Brian Hicks
    Brian Hicks

    How long is RickMav gonna keep the beard??? @beardedhick

  • Jackitup Garage
    Jackitup Garage

  • chad l
    chad l

    let us know when you test it

    • chad l
      chad l

      in Waynoka

  • chad l
    chad l

    Good luck keeping the frontend down now!!!!

  • DaGrumpz

    OOF that hurts the wallet, but boys this is going to be exciting!

  • Stingray

    To be fair, the 2j is the only project I am watching on your channel right now. Glad to see it back up and going so fast, no pun.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford



    "Bad things transitioned very very quickly" -Doug, 2020

  • ThaGingaNinja69

    Shout out to Doug for the mcflurry eye contact 💀😂😂😂

  • Will Gardner
    Will Gardner


  • Sruikyl

    Very surprised whoever built your engine the first time around didnt put in billet main caps. Thats day 1 shit on a 2j over 800. Hope its not the same guy building the billet or he just took you for a ride.

  • That Bearded Veteran
    That Bearded Veteran

    Next level B roll LEO!

  • Chad Parker
    Chad Parker

    Definitely hope this one doesnt dildo

  • dreadgnarr

    wow level

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Doug going to be a daddy?

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Block is what like 13,000.00 alone

  • David Watt
    David Watt

    "It takes a lot to contain these kinds of forces" love this content!

  • indi grace
    indi grace

    When a piece of aluminium billet makes you proud to be Australian...

  • Bill M
    Bill M

    Help Polaris build a stock clutch that lasts more than 6 months.

  • David Tornow
    David Tornow

    cool motor

  • Brian George
    Brian George

    Glad to see you guys stuck with this project and very quickly. that billet truly is a work of art! The sxs to auto crossover is 👌

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    put some dirt in the fuel rail and run it full blast if it lives its truly indestructible 😂😂😂

  • The EpicSlayer7 SSS
    The EpicSlayer7 SSS

    i have no idea how these costs but if i go by some logic that certain Legendary engines are worth like 50k, this might be one of them, not to mention this is not a standard version but a race purpose built one... you better live in that vehicle cause it probably costs as much as a house at this point!

  • JustiBoy

    Refinance the buisness? Sure. Write it all off on Taxes, HELL YEA BROTHER!!! CONTENT BABY LETS GOOOOOO!!!!

  • Brett Whitmire
    Brett Whitmire

    Hell Yeah Brother!!!!

  • Justin McHugh
    Justin McHugh


  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    Stepping up BIG TIME !!!! Overnight parts from Australia you don’t hear that every day lol Damn that is one sexy dime piece !!

  • Klifter Phleefin
    Klifter Phleefin

    Don is the best thing to happen to the blog since rich coming on full time! Good on camera. Funny, composed personality.


    I have to say this video with all the zooming in and out and getting the super close ups was annoying. Other than that good to see the motor coming together.

  • AimlessMoto

    Take the zoom lens off... way to friggen close to everyone.

  • 02taco1984

    YES!!!Looking forward to more content with this engine. Good work guys!

  • Netter Kuser
    Netter Kuser

    i feel obligated to buy stuff now because of the money you guys just threw at this thing

  • Anthony Nixon
    Anthony Nixon

    Oh my goodness😱😱😱 look at that sexy engine...

  • bartz118

    Ouch $10.5k for that block. Well you shouldn't need to worry about it handling the HP. Make sure to keep the sand out of it!!!

  • Desmond Wright
    Desmond Wright

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Ouy Ouy Ouy all the best from Australia, Turbo Smart Bullet Engineering cant go wrong. cant wait to see how loose this thing gets.

  • Daniel Moody
    Daniel Moody

    Bad choice in head gasket. Should of used cometic

  • Brandon Cope
    Brandon Cope

    Dang! Nothing better than a little engine porn to start the day!

  • Clampgodbilly

    SO happy it’s gonna be back so soon

  • Al Parker
    Al Parker

    The montage music is so 80s its amazing. Keep up the rad as content.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    Glad to see a block from Aus being used!

  • Jaxson Shriver
    Jaxson Shriver

    Big Power, Big Bucks, and a little bit of worry on how to pay for this beast! On a positive note, however, you didn't have to clear it with your wives!

  • Casey Hatfield
    Casey Hatfield

    Who else wants to see 2JP in the sand dunes in Qatar?...I’ll wait 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nick Caputo
    Nick Caputo

    Big McFlurry guy

  • Sunny Pringle
    Sunny Pringle

    Yes i am loving the automotive content keep it coming also daily vlogs would be cool

  • J Rock
    J Rock

    The Rick outros are epic. Had to go back and replay the “I’m Leo, haha, I do cool things like hold the camera and tell people what to do!” clip. The best!

  • stuffingf

    Big eye contact guy! 17:28

  • J Rock
    J Rock

    That bottom end really is like jewelry. Beautiful! It’s a shame it’s hidden

  • Greg Travels
    Greg Travels

    30-40k in engines and haven’t raced a single person...suckas!

  • Donald Tripp
    Donald Tripp

    It's refreshing to see an engine being built right by someone who shows passion for his craft. I didn't see any plastigage, but I'm sure Don's already checked the tolerances. I've spent many hours myself slaving over an engine build; honing cylinders, valves, and bearings, and it's great to see it done right. 2JP should really rip!

  • Kevin Kalivoda
    Kevin Kalivoda

    I'm curious. What made you choose a composite head gasket with fire rings vs copper or mls head gasket?

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper

    Doug: “That was tight”

  • Matthew Hembree
    Matthew Hembree

    Leave room in the budget for a firewall and fire supression. Stay safe!

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson

    Great job guys

  • luvs2race370

    Hey Don! Where's my cartwheel?? Lol!

    • luvs2race370

      @Donald Summerton LMAO!! Fair enough. Don't wanna see you injured.

    • Donald Summerton
      Donald Summerton

      Turns out I can't actually do a cartwheel without hurting myself!

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Yee haaw can't wait to see it up and going again but now ye yep gonna be nice

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    When I built my twin turbo Cummins diesel there was a saying “ how fast do you want to spend” I do not fully feel your pain but I understand the pain you’re feeling. Nice move Team

  • Knox Smith
    Knox Smith

    With the close up slow mo and music I felt like I was watching a porno lol

  • Gavin6060

    ~12,000$ block. I can respect the hell outta that. You guys are doing right right came a long way since I started watching in the wildcat days. You guys are killing it and living the dream

  • Trevor Frazier
    Trevor Frazier

    Pretty sure them Bullet Pro blocks are like $10,000-$15,000 bare with no sleeves or anything.

  • Baby-Shark GTO
    Baby-Shark GTO

    Yall newcomers are making the billit 2JZ life looks soooo easy. It's not! Congratulations boys!

  • John Parent
    John Parent

    So a week ago it blows up. Now here you are with about 13 grand in parts to fix it. That’s dedication! You guys rule. Can’t wait to see it rip!!!!!

  • Fun freq
    Fun freq

    17:32 Doug! Ummmm Ice cream!

  • Rick Colbrook
    Rick Colbrook

    Definitely mcdonald's honey mustard as assembly lube 8:39

  • Duuur Rick
    Duuur Rick

    👍 love this build

  • speed 4life
    speed 4life

    So relaxing watching a piece of art come together cant wait to see it fly in the sand you guys rock

  • Dalton Hill
    Dalton Hill

    what is that torque wrench? I need one

    • Dalton Hill
      Dalton Hill

      ​ Well... after lookin that bad boy up, i think I'll stick to my Klutch wrench I can afford for now haha. Keep it up guys love the automotive crossover. :) and doug your YXZ is the reason I just purchased one myself!



  • Russ M
    Russ M

    I am blown away that you could build a ground up project like this in a week. Mind boggling. Motorheads are motorheads... if it makes a lot of noise and goes fast... I'm in! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • FlyinRaptorJesus

    Over 10k for a block lol... Thats nuts

  • Chan Dong
    Chan Dong

    Blame the tuner for the blow up.

  • Pj O
    Pj O

    Honestly disappointed. You go billet when you've squeezed every last drop out of a stock block. Not because you have a half-ass tuner that instead of turning and fixing little problems on the fly just has the owners throw more and more money and parts at it. A rather mild 2jz like that should have made it more than ten tiny tiny passes. I can’t believe you guys are continuing to listen to that idiot.

    • Donald Summerton
      Donald Summerton

      Can we fly this guy up here to educate me?


      😂😂😂😂 you’ve gotta be kidding me.

  • Tony Losasso
    Tony Losasso

    You are killing the content game!! Thank you!!

  • Marklineham

    MC Aussie giving up their block to the SXS legends 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👍

  • Weaver Kevin
    Weaver Kevin

    Think maybe this time break the motor in before dyno it.


      We did for a very long time.

  • Earl Luker
    Earl Luker

    I'd like to see you do more to the Talon !! But really enjoy the videos

  • dakotalayinlow

    Leo, nice job on the montages/transitions/slo-mos!

  • sickmyduck

    Would like to see you put it up against the boosted boy's and blow there doors off

  • Hunger4torque

    That is a BEAUTIFUL block. $10.5k for it though... DAAAMN!!

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin

    Not a bad way to spend 10,000 dollars!? Per cylinder buahahhahahahha

  • SpannMagoo

    Oof the price on these blocks is crazy.

  • Quinn Mahoney
    Quinn Mahoney

    Omg that's a 10k to 15k block 😳

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Lubing the main bearings with vanilla pudding huh? nice



  • Charles Ghosio
    Charles Ghosio

    2jp version 2.0

  • scantec gamer
    scantec gamer

    10,000 k for the block ,HOLY FAKING HANG ON .😳👍🤪😜😆😄

  • tian johan
    tian johan

    Billett. Wow. You guys are not dicking around this time. I can not wait to see this machine completed. Keep the momentum going on this build now. Things are happening and people are doing it!

  • Arnold Shoezenegger
    Arnold Shoezenegger

    17:41 that fkin mc flurry is as big as our medium drink in the netherlands W.T.F

  • Asylumental

    For some strange reason...after watching this video, I am craving a coca-cola...😂 Btw, the 80's music from the intri is way better than that weird CBS learning channel music you had playing for the time lapse. Lol

  • F5 Garage
    F5 Garage

    Mayo assembly lube

  • Claude Johns
    Claude Johns

    Wait, Damn it Doug you found a McDonalds with Ice cream machine Working? In south Georgia that is rare...........

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