Burnout Rivals BEHIND THE SCENES, drifting X3, and DOUBLE BURNOUT!
This was INSANE! Best few days in Florida EVER!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    What was your favorite part of this trip?!

    • Kris

      Your mom

    • OG1

      The DOUBLE BURNOUT !!! Nobody has ever done it at the Freedom Factory and the SXSBlog guys came to conquer !!!

    • Chris Hamre-Drake
      Chris Hamre-Drake

      ✌✌ One video 🤣😂

    • Falcar Deckion
      Falcar Deckion

      Outstanding work Gentlemen! I voted a 5 for you guys. So glad yall had a good time!

    • Luke Crumrine
      Luke Crumrine

      Ricks full cowboy mode

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    THAT WAS AMAZING GUYS!!!!! GOOD JOB MAN THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING OUT THERE!!!!!! Thank you so much guys ANOTHER amazing vid please keep em coming you guys SENT IT LOL!!!! (Sorry cleetus hood)🤙

  • Jonathan Wharton
    Jonathan Wharton

    Absolutely badass. Well done on the race unit

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman

    Awesome video loved the dual burnout it was a very cool idea and definately cool to watch.. It is always a pleasure to watch the videos and adding Rick just added to character of the show

  • Powerglide Klyde Barrow
    Powerglide Klyde Barrow

    These boys always put a smile on my face.

  • Mizz Grizz
    Mizz Grizz

    Omg this was bleeping awesome!!! Epic clouds!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Burnin right FTW!

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride 💪👍 I need some advice on a SXS , Looking at a 2015 RZR 900 with almost 4,000 miles , says well taken care of and they are asking $11 ,000 for it. Has front and rear bumpers , a rear lock box and full door's. In your opinion is this sound like a good deal ?? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Paul Dombrowski
    Paul Dombrowski

    You guys are not wrong

  • Tyler

    Killer hat Doug

  • J.M.R 84
    J.M.R 84

    Kick Ass.

  • Jordan Caird
    Jordan Caird

    Where's the Yxz 360s on that all day Doug bring it bak

  • PNW_Native

    Rick Kastomz cooling towel. Get yours at sxsblogparts.com

  • Sedrick Walz
    Sedrick Walz

    I think it’s time for a drift unit. Like full drift unit, hydro handbrake, cut knuckles and everything

  • Chris Hamre-Drake
    Chris Hamre-Drake

    Make a SxS blog shirt! I'd buy one. Keep it up gentlemen 🤙, love the show 💯

  • Darkness Moto
    Darkness Moto

    Sxs “we got our McDonald’s” blog. com

  • Terry Dee
    Terry Dee

    At 14:55 That was next level drifting.

  • Edgar Munoz
    Edgar Munoz

    Race unit absolutely needs an LS dropped into it!

  • George Quinn
    George Quinn

    I live in FLA Panhandle and you Boys are always welcome and Keep up the great Vibes an stay humble....

  • Adam Loader
    Adam Loader

    Great work guys it was epic. Yeah get a Supercharger and methanol for the race truck. Burnout pits get super sticky your going to need loads of torque. Everyone may say turbos are great but they produce lots of heat. I've never seen a turbo car win in Australia only Supercharged cars win burnout competitions.

  • Sean Ziegler
    Sean Ziegler

    Ok my friends are officially not as cool as yours. damn!!

  • Snek

    Gonna have to be honest, I find the humor obnoxious, annoying and loud. Just watch to see the vehicles.

    • Snek

      @SXSBlog.com still love y'all tho. Just way too much yelling/up-playing for the camera.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Snek u rascal

  • Connor Brady
    Connor Brady

    Lol the 1 vs 2 video debate was priceless

  • Connor Brady
    Connor Brady

    I'm just jealous they do so well let's be honest. Lololol

  • Riley Wellington
    Riley Wellington

    Trying the 360 over and over and over and never turning the tires at the right time was so upsetting to watch. Any 4x4 quad and SXS guy should know how to do that

  • Cory Huggard
    Cory Huggard

    Race unit needs a blown 632!! That’s be aick

  • Martin Theriault
    Martin Theriault

    race unit with a 572 CI would be savage

  • Moto Tv
    Moto Tv

    Def put a turbo in the stock motor of Burnin right

  • Adrenaline Driven Adventure Co. ADAC
    Adrenaline Driven Adventure Co. ADAC

    Very cool

  • Norm

    Dude Leo lmfao bro 1996 with your blaster wheels flipped.... I'm guilty of that on my 96 blaster.... Lol I had a 96&02

  • Norm

    Best two youtube channels combines cleetus and sxs fuck yeah

  • Eric Kuhns
    Eric Kuhns

    Honestly I enjoyed Leo's coverage of the event waaayyyyy more than the PPV camera work and commentary.

  • M C
    M C

    Fricken burnout circus

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    Doug looks as slick as Cleetus driving that Vett

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    How did he say Tennessee?

  • idontneedaname85

    Positive displacement supercharger for the race truck! same motor

  • Taylor Guarino
    Taylor Guarino

    Big block blower race unit!!!!

  • Lahenie U.S. Army
    Lahenie U.S. Army

    Love your videos keep up the good work love to hang out with your when you do some trail riding hit me up Larry

  • bobby lee
    bobby lee

    Good on ya guys. Great tandem burnout

  • Kristin Williams
    Kristin Williams

    My husband absolutely loves your channel. He was about to buy his first canam maverick x3 but then last Thursday our house caught on fire around 2am. It’s been a huge set back for us and our family and he’s had to put a hold on getting it. I’m thankful he still can live vicariously through you guys. Hopefully things can get put back together in our lives soon and He will be able to finally get his own side by side. Once again thank you guys for putting out videos like this one to help keep his mind off the stress of what’s going on, it’s going to be a long road. ❤️

  • Mark Fonce
    Mark Fonce

    I know yall are not going to read this but it would need a super charger or something to give it more wheel speed and than make it lighter and u should have a really good burn out truck

  • You You
    You You

    Put an ole 8.1 dodge v10 in the race unit!!!

  • Thomas Cornelius
    Thomas Cornelius

    That was awesome boys. Great video.

  • BackyardGoons

    I feel like the truck needs efi and nitrous and a upgraded transmission to hold gears

  • joker

    Put a blower on truck 4-71 or better.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    yall had the best burn out hands down

  • David Hoyles
    David Hoyles


  • J A
    J A

    Awesome show. There couldn’t have been a mosquito left in the entire county. Awesome!

  • Rottie Dog
    Rottie Dog

    I know what #5 means LOL

  • Mike Tibbetts
    Mike Tibbetts

    You guys got SCREWED!! Brents awesome but you all had it!!!!

  • CHI MW
    CHI MW

    That JH diesel ford has died 10 times in the last year..

  • Pétur Stefánsson
    Pétur Stefánsson

    Wow, that was fun to watch 👍🏻

  • Angelo Libero
    Angelo Libero


  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Did I actually hear someone say, " its a 305 stroker?!?!?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Debored 400 to 305 then stroked to 355, new technology

  • NinerOut

    Rick...You should probably stay away from anything resembling a "DP"! LOL

  • GReviewz

    New tshirt idea "lock the diff" I'd buy one!

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli


  • matad311

    truck needs china special spooly boys!

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    Way to go SXS boys killin it in true burnout fashion!!!!!!!

  • Paul Lane
    Paul Lane

    I like the LS platform as much as the next guy but I say so something different. I’d like to see a huge cubic inch big block, maybe even huge turbo big block. Do something crazy not everybody has done. Either way, love the channel!

  • Dylancooke55


  • Dylancooke55

    this view was waaaaaaay better than the live stream. the action was lost with all the drone footage/far away angle and not the first person views from the sidelines were used to. if we had seen this view of the run you guys woulda placed, burnin right was BURNN FREAKIN RIGHT

  • Zachary Young
    Zachary Young

    Next time y’all get some DQP’s you need to get the to dress it like a Big Mac it’s a game changer

  • James Siddons
    James Siddons

    Build a blower motor drop it down a lil bit and put slicks on there so you can run it down the 1/4 mile and do crazy burn outs maybe a stroker motor

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    An angle mod would help that 360 out brother

  • Lord o' Destruction
    Lord o' Destruction

    Yep, well, that was another level of awesome!! Gonna take a lot to top that!!

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Vhan "get'n her did" brother

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Hit the like button people, love yall

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Bro we need some turbo rick asap lol. My favorite episode is rick super pissed off just cursing and yelling non stop lmao

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    Heck ya dudes

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    You guys are the freaking best, hands down!

  • 06goatm6

    I love the high revving NA sound like your truck and James’ truck. I don’t know if it’s in your budget but I would totally do a destroyed LS7 or LS3 that spins 7500-8500 RPM

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray

    Also next time you guys come down I'll bring out my beater V8 RX7 and you guys can try drifting!

    • SXSBlog.com


  • M N
    M N

    This channel is AWESOME! Keep up the great videos boys!

  • Andy Redmon
    Andy Redmon

    What does the race unit need?... To be a Ford! Am I right Doug? I’d still like to see the unit that sat outside the old Battle Garage with the cut and turned front beams get put together and ripped at the dunes with your SxS’s!

  • Ken

    Sous. Damn. Put that away...lol

  • Ken

    I love leo when he throws out micro aggressions... “jealous of my cell phone” lol

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Ya all did great but as far as dominating well ya got slot of compatition and the truck just needs a nice camed out moter to keep from.s up and anyways the hell whith the ls moters do something different a nice built moter made for power just show them what your all made of .godbless

  • Ken

    Nice shirt leo

  • Ken

    Thank you for getting Doug out of the house!

  • jason miller
    jason miller

    Carb 6.0 LS cam, nitrous plate kit, with a th400 manual valve body to control the gear selection= burnin right burnout master

  • bodywerks

    Ok. Double burnout was pretty cool!

  • Chev_man _13
    Chev_man _13

    The truck needs a supercharged ls

  • bodywerks

    Does the drone pilot have a youtube page???

  • Chev_man _13
    Chev_man _13

    You guys get extra points for the American flags

  • Brooks336

    LS swap the truck with a good set of heads & cam manual valve body for the trans & lower the truck.

  • Rumball's Fishroom
    Rumball's Fishroom

    Easiest thing to do would b throw an injected motor in it. Your getting fuel slosh in the carby. Add a water tank to the cooling system. Don't make it to complicated keep it na but a water tank is a must look at all Australian burnout cars

  • Nace Garner
    Nace Garner

    definitely needs a spool or something to get them tires spinning faster

  • Carson Harris
    Carson Harris

    Make a drift SXS

  • JeepRollin


  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    You guys did an amazing job! Awesome! The look on your faces was so great! I can tell your wheels are turning! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Austin Rode
    Austin Rode

    do an old big block chevy big cubic inch you can build them stupid cheap with the lack of desire for them

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    Great job! Call him Le-doo-wop-o! 😀😀👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Justin Hobart
    Justin Hobart

    Now you're giving Cleetus the idea to do a similar 2 vehicle burnout, with his side by side on top of the Crown Vic... He's already at the setup LOL... I just heard a crazy burnout at outside 2: 35 in the morning while making this comment, not heard very often in my small town, LOL how ironic

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    Should have the heaviest closest to truck..

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig

    My face! My brothers have out done themselves! Speechless! SHOCK AND AWE! with a huge LMFAO and some BAHAHAHA! Holy gosh dang dudes! THANK YOU! Honorable mention to TURBO RICK! his eyes were LIT! darting around like a cat chasing a laser pointer! Awesome video gentlemen!

  • thunderracingnm

    You deserve a discovery show

  • TheLastAMX

    You guys did a great job with the build, I think if the camera angles would have been better during the live event you would have been higher in the voting. And an idea for the truck you could put more power into it and have a burnout vehicle and maybe also a drift vehicle?

  • 00squark

    thinner tyres

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    You guys got robbed! You were top 5 fersher! Loved the show!

  • Andrew Fryer
    Andrew Fryer

    Been. Waiting for this video well worth it excellent job keep em coming

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