China wall jump, Gecko drags drama, and DUNE RESCUE!


    Whats your favorite part of our Glamis trip?

    • Juan Palacios
      Juan Palacios

      @12LOOK4 2FAST

    • Drizzle gamez
      Drizzle gamez

      when you pooped your pants

    • Killerbees_Tv

      the great view at china wall and the jumps off the wall were great Hell Ya Brother!!

    • Christopher Larter
      Christopher Larter

      the x3 squeakfest at 18:30

    • Porcelain Jester
      Porcelain Jester

      All of it

  • D J
    D J

    Nick and the Florida boys have no shame lol

  • Ryan Welter
    Ryan Welter

    27:09 that motion tho

  • Phantom Werks Productions
    Phantom Werks Productions

    You guys need to make a trip out to st anthony

  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios

  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios


  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie

    Nice ! video!

  • mike scully
    mike scully

    I do not recall New York looking like that,super sandy now.

  • VictorERoyale

    I will definitely be visiting California ,what tire pressure were you running

  • HQ City
    HQ City

    Why is the x3 so squeaky?

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    Cooper acts like he ripped a blunt

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    That Sheriff X3 tho? Sweet, it’s wrapped up like LAPD

  • Jeb Little
    Jeb Little

    Have you guys ever been to st Anthonys

  • J.P's. Roosta
    J.P's. Roosta

    That air looked small but when your in the ride it feels huge

  • shawn walden
    shawn walden

    do you ride with four wheel on the sand??? or just 2x4

    • shawn walden
      shawn walden thank you!


      4wd fo sho

  • rc send 16
    rc send 16

    Man what i would give to drive one of these for even 20 mins!

  • AAA Superior Sliding Door Repair
    AAA Superior Sliding Door Repair

    Love your videos this one was really awesome in your opinion which is the best overall stock side-by-side for power and ride… Thanks I’d like to have your opinions

  • Han Lu
    Han Lu

    > you're playing connect 4. > if you choose the wrong move. you'll lose. > choose wisely... □□□□□□□ □■□□□□□ □■□■●□□ ( you're playing as ■ ) □■□●■■□ ●●□●●■● a b c ---------------------------------- my insta: angel16287

  • Kyle Schilling
    Kyle Schilling

    Little Sahara sand dunes put these dunes to shame way bigger than China wall

  • Killerbees_Tv

    awsome rip guys like seeing ostacrusier there also rip it up!!!

  • toordog

    You should have seen that dune 30 years ago... comp used to be huge too... even olds is smaller...

  • Gael Vargas
    Gael Vargas

    2 x3’s couldn’t tow it out but it only took 1 turbo s

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    I'm doing a trip in my can am across Canada

    • Kitty Kat
      Kitty Kat

      It's super fun

  • Catdriver

    26:12 pretty much sums up that doesn't do it justice...i say that everytime i'm there which is never enough

  • Mark Build
    Mark Build

    stop spending money on these guys and get out and live your life!

  • Liam K-YT
    Liam K-YT

    how do u guys get your vids so not blurry my gopro vids are blurry

  • Neal Schmidt
    Neal Schmidt

    it looks like brawly slide

  • Bobby Heath
    Bobby Heath

    So everyone I talk to tells me the sand tears these machines up. That can't be true right?

    • Bobby Heath
      Bobby Heath awesome thanks for the reply looking into the new 2021 maverick turbo rr


      Lol mud and water is MUUUUUCH worse. Some of the cleanest used cars are sand only

  • Austin Jenkins
    Austin Jenkins

    Nice ride out to the wall guys💯

  • Łukasz Chowaniec
    Łukasz Chowaniec

  • fishon! inc
    fishon! inc

    Ahh I missed y’all in SoCal.. hey can we talk about a sponsor?? I see something missing from every sxs

  • Orlando Betancourt
    Orlando Betancourt

    I feel so bad for that Turbo S, 😭😭.

  • Team b1aZe
    Team b1aZe

    What kind of sand paddles do you guys use?

  • Pnw Faller123
    Pnw Faller123

    Come to Oregon dunes some time super fun

  • DevilzDance81

    Living in the Phoenix area we are so lucky to have Glamis 4 hours away. Been riding dunes since 2005 and it never gets old. Try Gordon’s Well or Buttercup next trip out. Also, if you guys want some epic desert riding we have some SERIOUS trails in Arizona. We are talking elevation changes so you start in a desert and wind up in the ponderosa pines on a mountain. We are so lucky to have the best riding in the world at our doorstep.

  • Moku Mizu
    Moku Mizu


  • Mark Wolfe
    Mark Wolfe

    Nice, found you guys when I was researching SxS. Picked up a Turbo S and I've never been to Glamis even though it's less than 3 hours from me. I suspect that will change. :) Good job on helping that broken UTV out. We've drug so many people back to the highway in the jeep world, it's just the right thing to do.

  • jvandenberg100

    "We get to do a lot of cool stuff and we still get to say WOW!" David Osticruiser.



  • Bad To The Bone Off Road
    Bad To The Bone Off Road

    This vid makes me want to build another banshee like the old days

  • Trx450Rider01

    Man if you guys like the big hills make a trip to flagstaff AZ In the summer and check out the Cinders.

  • Sand Snow And H2O
    Sand Snow And H2O

    Great. Great! GREAT VIDEO of the Glamis experience. Theres nothing like our sand box here in California. I enjoyed watching that Can Am rip and “the jump”. We were in the Can Am group that showed up when you were pulling the RZR out with Freedom Ropes. Thanks again for the cool video.

  • Linda Neal
    Linda Neal

    Okay last one. Radios to talk each car and become ham radio operators like Kenny and i so you can talk beyond the cars. Sorry couldn't help myself .. ; ) These are the items and more, I did on my Can Am Maverick X3XRS when I first got it. Be safe have fun.

  • Linda Neal
    Linda Neal

    Been going to Glamis since 1985. Know lots and lots of fun places. 1st you guys need a good GPS and set camp on there before you ride! Unless you have a good guide. Lol Like Kenny and I.. 2nd get a Parker Pumper on your cars you well appreciate it. 3rd put lots of lights all around your cars for those nights. And always ALWAYS HAVE A JACKET IN YOUR CAR FOR WHEN IT GETS DARK AND VERY COLD AT NIGHT. That's all for now, enjoyed your videos.

  • Mike Larsen
    Mike Larsen


  • Vicente Ruiz
    Vicente Ruiz

    Hey that’s my tundra and it’s got kings on it not ranchos 😂😂😂


      Vicente Ruiz Kings RS9000’s

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    So awesome thank you for sharing. Epic!

  • 7DoubleO

    The BIG stuff is IDAHO DUNES StAntony Sand Dunes Ya

  • kracee1

    When do we get to see the yxz rip the dunes?!?!?

  • badzr2

    Make a trip to St Anthony's

  • Kreg Dion
    Kreg Dion

    @12:20 when you squint and tens up before remembering it cant really hit you lol

  • Reviews Zone
    Reviews Zone

    very good

  • Chad Stellwagen
    Chad Stellwagen

    Hey Leo, Big brass cajones for jumping off China! How did you like the ss360 tires? Would you get them again or stick with scoops?


      Theyre legit. They'll be my new duners.

  • AJV Editz
    AJV Editz

    I have a banshee my self

  • Brian Duran
    Brian Duran

    Ive been going to glamis since 83 and its still so beautiful!

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    I gotta tell you, I first saw the "rescue" clip on Osta's channel and I had a sick feeling when I saw that Air-Evac happen and the blue RZR taco-ed and Doug was nowhere in sight... Thank God you all had a safe trip. Thanks for the videos, we all love watching them!


      Thanks TJ

  • eric lessard
    eric lessard

    Hey leo, what is the name of those tire? I want to try these on snow...

    • eric lessard
      eric lessard

      Tank you



  • 1_ Zaddy_1
    1_ Zaddy_1

    Hair color confirmed

  • LowAss720

    China Wall aint shit compared to Choke! Turbo's at a minimum.

  • ononewheel7

    China wall after watching this now lol!

  • Kodiac Echols
    Kodiac Echols

    Like the videos

  • BaJa Clan Media
    BaJa Clan Media

    audio is much better in this video

  • Jerry Shortt
    Jerry Shortt

    Leo check out SXS Radios. That’s what my whole group uses for communication.

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    Cooper needs more power from the looks of that hill climb at the beginning


      Could always use more power, that's the biggest hill we've ever run into though

  • Fabio Gutierrez Jr
    Fabio Gutierrez Jr

    How many yee yees did you hear on this video? Looks like definitely a place to throw on the bucket list

  • William Godfrey
    William Godfrey

    hell yeah brother

  • Ryan Rose
    Ryan Rose

    We keep trying to tell you, if you think that's huge, you ain't seen nuthin yet. St. Anthony

  • djm93

    full send bro!

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White

    Love your videos keep it up

  • Jonathan Bothwell
    Jonathan Bothwell

    !!!!!! PSA !!!!!! Use the Ride Command app on your phone and make a ride group, as long as you have cell service, you can track each other up to 25 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Kelley, F 50!
    Tim Kelley, F 50!

    Surprised you didn’t have radios to keep the group together. I’ve been there done that. In Baja we lost a guy for over 10 hours once. Drove up and down the looking for him. Eventually we picked him up once we crossed the board in San Diego. Was scary day

    • Tim Kelley, F 50!
      Tim Kelley, F 50!

      You could do hand held PCI radios. Keep them in glove box etc for the times when someone does get separated. You have great videos and great guys. You deserve all the success and more!


      It's a big chunk of change to do so many machines, and typical radios wouldn't really hold up in a lot of the wet / muddy conditions we ride in. Definitely need a betted solution though, would have helped tremendously


    Losing your group is bad duning Etiquette on the leader.

  • honeybadgerl39

    I love the x3 but damn Leo that thing squeaks bad. There has to be a way to stop or minimize it.

    • honeybadgerl39
      honeybadgerl39 is it the heims on the radius rods? Mine squeaks a little would like to know where it is coming from I thought it was the shock mounts but I took them apart and lubed the shit out of them but still squeaks.


      Heims.... let them play the sound of their people.

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    If we had more people like y'all America would be Great!! Not to mention the world would be a much better place. With that being said... When you see someone in need .. help them .. the reward after is satisfying deep within. A memory that is never forgotten. Lol Doug all buffed up looks like the terminator of the whole group .. y'all better behave lol :-)

  • Racing with Jason
    Racing with Jason

    The Honda Talent needs more recognition it made it up China Wall without a turbo!!! 👍🏁. Pretty damn good


      We were impressed as well.


    You guys must eventually go rip in Dubai !


      Not against that!

  • Jeremy Pyke
    Jeremy Pyke

    This is why i install race radios in every car i buy so you dont lose eachother

    • Jeremy Pyke
      Jeremy Pyke First world problem we have here. But atleast one radio in front and one in back. Even if its just a handheld.


      This is fun until you have 15 cars lol

  • 1369 1369
    1369 1369

    Is that osta cruiser



  • Marcos Nager
    Marcos Nager

    I’m the guy that rolled down olds. The car was actually a regular 2019 rzr turbo xp. Glad I could make it in your video🤘🏼

    • rustolium123

      What caused you to roll

    • Marcos Nager
      Marcos Nager thank you guys🤘🏼 love the vlogs. Need to come to az to see what the desert is all about


      Glad to hear you're okay brother!

  • B-Dizzel Vlogs 429
    B-Dizzel Vlogs 429

    Dude John Roberts is my best friend


      Jon? lol

  • local enterprise broadcasting
    local enterprise broadcasting

    Gotta love those cute golf carts 👍

  • Robert Gomez
    Robert Gomez

    I've been there 4 times and never got to China wall, headed back for Thanksgiving, will make it this time.


      It's worth it, super fun hill

  • Kenny Allison
    Kenny Allison

    I would love to see Doug or one of the boys get a banshee on the channel!

    • Kenny Allison
      Kenny Allison I know it's called sxsblog but I know I'm not the only one who would enjoy seeing some good banshee content from u guys!


      There are 2 in hiding in the BSU....just maybe

  • Daniel Relph
    Daniel Relph

    From wash 10 to the sand drags and back used to be 1 tank of gas on my kx 500 through the dunes. it is far when you stop in the middle and reflect like you guys did your depth perception of these dunes is mind boggling.The camera doesn't do it justice.


      Full respect for ripping a KX 500 through there lol

  • RuggedRaw

    Dude that rzr roll was crazy

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Hey Leo how did those tires work in the dunes? The ones on the XRSDS. Super awesome of you guys saving that guy! Sweet video.


      They worked really well, we were impressed with them

  • Christopher Egan
    Christopher Egan

    Look into a TrailTech Voyager Pro. Nice GPS with plus buddy tracking. Makes a huge difference.

  • Chris schriner
    Chris schriner

    Come to UTV take over in Oregon


      We'll get there at some point, it's just soooo far

  • Joel Shurtleff
    Joel Shurtleff

    China wall jump..yeah it's an unreal place to ride.

  • docjeff2069

    We jumped up it in a 4 seat razr

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    One thing to remember at the dunes (especially holiday weekends).... someone out here isn’t going home this weekend ever. When I see flight for life take off I am reminded of this. Stay safe out there everyone.

  • Chris schriner
    Chris schriner

    Rugged radios

  • cscheidt1

    You guys need to try Gordon's Well and Buttercup in the south dunes.

    • TJ Shine
      TJ Shine

      Butter Cup used to be "The Wall" for climbing!

  • eric rush
    eric rush

    Don’t forget there are no speed limits and I only live 3.5hrs away it’s not as majestic too me anymore. But the place is super rad!

  • vovasgarage

    I can see you Michigan boys don't really like huge unorganized crowds very much. I respect that. I like how your race days are huge but very organized and safe.


      Fun to see for sure, we like to be reasonably safe though

  • Cameron Seeley
    Cameron Seeley

    Wish this video was another hour. This is my favorite series all year. Glad you guys kept going after your first glamis trip.

  • Nick Atkinson
    Nick Atkinson

    the suspension on the xrsds sounds so terrible

    • Nick Atkinson
      Nick Atkinson lol


      heims baby. Get used to it lol

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    16 people didn’t like this video they must be jealous

  • 2fast65

    Awesome video guys thanks for taking the time to make these videos for those of us that cant make it out there have a great day and a safe trip home.

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Never leave a fellow rider in the dunes or trails broken down never just like you wouldn't leave a fellow boater broke on the water! 🦅🇺🇸🦅