Cleetus trip PREP! Ghoul vs CF1 vs REED X3! Beast Mode rips, YXZ SENDS!
Our old friends ARE BACK!
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  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Nick is a legend in his own mind!

  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Can am nick is pro can am! Fire him!

  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Is doug a acting like he’s a crybaby? Or don’t want a do shit?

  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Doug is the best no shit talking sxs blog guy!

  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Rick the worst cramp cram-a guy,,

  • Brent & Rosemary Wacker
    Brent & Rosemary Wacker

    Rick u and ur x3 is not the best… I wouldn’t let u ran my bicycle,

  • James May
    James May

    25:18 is that "You think I ain't worth a dollar, but I feel like a Millionaire" lyrics written on the roof of the X3? Cause its actually "Space Fucking, Four on the Floor". Not "Face Fucking, Enougahhdndksj" or whatever it is you put hahaha

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Doug made a good point. Cf1 needs to be on better tyres. Yeah standard ones.

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Cf1. Desert racing. Good idea???

  • Tyler Buckner
    Tyler Buckner

    Winner was smart and started in the grass. I could outrun a x3 to 60 in a stock Rzr 1000 doing that

  • Glockspecific

    Get a water tank you can take in and out of your truck and water that shi* down boys, no more dust!

  • Connor Brady
    Connor Brady

    Very upsetting about the stickers

  • bodywerks

    CF1 deserves a set of Skats!

  • Alex

    You’re handling the growing pains and success super well guys keep it up 🙌🙌

  • derekseab

    Y'all need to make a water truck. Simple. Use race unit. I made one from a discarded 100 gallon plastic tank, a valve, and a few PVC pieces. I had a 8ft, capped, 2 inch PVC pipe with half inch holes every 6 inches or so. ....It made a HUGE difference on our little MX track. A lap or two with the water truck and you're good to go. I probably had $25 in it

  • derekseab

    Put a decent tire on the CF1 and let it whip up on everyone

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb Thomas

    Anybody else see the Honda monkey


      We've been whippin a pair of monkeys all over

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown

    I have the same helmet and the same problem won’t stay on.

  • Isaac boettcher
    Isaac boettcher

    You guys should make it out to the st Anthony sand dunes! They are massive with a lot of incline

  • Bash Zilla
    Bash Zilla

    Don't you notice they both sound like planes and that's good because they both absolutely fly

  • Kaiden Sockabasin
    Kaiden Sockabasin

    you guys should get polaris ace

  • Shane King
    Shane King

    Random question from looking back through old episodes, what ever happened to Steve’s X3 and the old Grizzly 600 he built? And the Banshee that was in the Battlefield Barn?

  • daniel Belt
    daniel Belt

    Love when doug says "unbelievable":)


    Like the video

  • Evan Hilliard
    Evan Hilliard

    you clowns should put a water container of some sort on the back of the race unit to cut the dust. instant water truck....

  • Dale Prokop
    Dale Prokop

    How come you guys never do anything with cf motos.

  • Carson Baldwin
    Carson Baldwin

    Did anyone see what it said on the roof of beast mode 😂

  • 06goatm6

    "At some point he's gonna go home early and it's just gonna happen. Tough break Rick" love it. Those stickers gotta get on there

  • Assim Monshi
    Assim Monshi

    Hi guys , nice episode as usual How these SS360 tires on the YXZ perform on sand dunes , My setup on my X3 is STI sand drifter rear and bighorn front. Am planing to replace them with full set of SS360, will these tires perform better than my setup Need your advice

  • Silver Vette
    Silver Vette

    From Sandusky Michigan I have a dilemma !!! I watched all your videos from the first one,,,, all I can think of is to rewatch them all... Heck yeah dudes.. #1 on ALgone hands down 👍. I hope you all keep the old videos on ALgone. It seems the first few are no longer on you tube 😪😪

  • Jorge Alvarado
    Jorge Alvarado

    We need more nick sous

  • Victor Davila
    Victor Davila

    What happened to beast mode?

  • Don Bolles
    Don Bolles

    Hey guys. What does the roof of Beast Mode say? Face F****** __________? Wife thinks it says Entrance.


      Face fucking engaged lol

  • Shaun Perkins
    Shaun Perkins

    Hit the like button if Ric should put on those stickers.

  • Everything.On.Wheels 519
    Everything.On.Wheels 519

    Lol Rick's face in the background when Doug said I'm no dummy 2:30 in.... Priceless 😂

  • lakelandpowerwashing

    You guys should get Ricks rig wrapped in over the top Goul graphics!

  • Z400

    love the dust writing on the roof of beast mode😂

  • Dylan Lilly
    Dylan Lilly

    Anyone notice the dust writing on beast modes roof? 😂😂

  • Robert Larson jr
    Robert Larson jr

    Thank you Doug and Leo definitely do that with the stickers!

  • MactheMasher

    If y'all aren't going to use the CF1 stock seat can I have it?

  • Rich ard
    Rich ard

    Sooo happy you guys enjoy what you do.

  • Klifter Phleefin
    Klifter Phleefin

    Good Ole Reed, Hes really fitting in, and is getting comfortable on the camera. Keep him around guys, hes a SXS original.

  • Ken

    Here’s a thought... new models are coming... not even remotely surprised when all of you get new machines!

  • Ken

    Healthy competition.. lol

  • Ken

    Rick didn’t actually win he cheated.. mike even said he had Rick sore

  • Ken

    Rick is still great 👍

  • Ken

    You still need a dedicated lot boy to wash your units

  • Ken

    Wait til the big gun Doug comes out lmao 🤣

  • Ken


  • Ken

    Rich has hurt feelings rick has hurt feelings lol

  • Ken

    Dug could see the fight building... lol

  • Ken

    Lol mike hurt his feelings lol

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World

    Good to see Rick is finally getting a personality 🤣🤣

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Cf1 needs to be on stock tyres

  • ABC

    Rick is balding 👨‍🦲

  • Smooth_Ops

    Rick is a unique character with manurisums and facial expressions that I've never experienced before. Some would say his face speaks 3 languages and 2 of them I don't speak...he's a likable fellow for sure 👍

  • Billy E
    Billy E

    Where has SOUS been lately?

  • Robert Zavitz
    Robert Zavitz

    What do you have to have for that razor seat I'm building a custom SXS thanks to you guys lol it's a full suspension buggy that's being converter to a full send buggy lol I live in Michigan straight across m46 one of these days I'd like to meet you guys been watch for a long time back when leo snapped the ball join on the wildcat

  • Blake Burns
    Blake Burns

    Where’s BEASTMODE? I wanna see Rick, Yank-em, Doug YXZ, and Beast Mode. That would be epic.

  • Mark Hanna
    Mark Hanna

    Long travel CF1?

  • Jameson Wells Wells
    Jameson Wells Wells

    Ghoul vs beast mode!!!

  • Weston Maslow
    Weston Maslow

    Where’s the 2j?

  • Sly

    Rick was MIA there for a good while its glad to see his crazy ass eyes having self

  • Haistapa


  • Zacyz125

    would really love to see a more trail oriented YXZ build.

  • Andy Redmon
    Andy Redmon

    Have to beat the CF1 first. CF1’s new nickname is The Gatekeeper.

  • Jon Valyan
    Jon Valyan

    Yall should get an ace, I want to see what yall can do with it

  • Howell92

    Did nobody notice the message on top of beast mode??


    Mantàp bang..🙏😊👍

  • Austin Matthews
    Austin Matthews

    So happy beast mode as returned been wanting to see her burnin again for a while now

  • Rory Alsberg
    Rory Alsberg

    Nice note of the roof of Beast Mode.....haha.

  • Cool Boy_66
    Cool Boy_66

    Next time you go to the dunes hmu I wanna go riding with you people lol 😂 @masoncontreras on Instagram

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    Can you imagine if those big rig's were not blocking BP's camera's from the truck stop you guy's would be up shit creek

  • Devon Farmer
    Devon Farmer

    We need a "you're not wrong" sticker

  • Dan Matz
    Dan Matz

    I'm still one of them dumb guys just waiting around for Yamaha to come out with something competitive. Still got my 17ss patiently waiting

  • Aaron Moody
    Aaron Moody

    GUYS!! Guys! Guys. SXS Cash Days.

  • Colby Ochs
    Colby Ochs

    Is Camp RZR still happening this year? If so will you guys be going?

  • Aaron King
    Aaron King

    I would love to see you guys create a cross country trip sxs only. travel like you did with JP in the orienteering vid

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P

    What’s going on with JP? It’s been a while.....

  • Aaron King
    Aaron King

    Where's Sous??? He been hiding

  • JeepFamOverland

    It was great to meet all of you guys thanks for taking the time to come say hi to us at Silverback Offroad wish I could have went out with yall after the work day but unfortunately I had some previous appointments that had to be dealt with but there will be another time I'm sure.

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    I like the name "The Ghoul", and the logo "face" y'all made it. I hope Rick sees it as cool, and not as something bad or degrading. It's awesome!

  • Zack Acord
    Zack Acord

    How TF has this channel not gone subscriber crazy is beyond me. So hello from Maine and You guys rock!

  • Nick Mcconnell
    Nick Mcconnell

    Hopefully I see you guys at the dunes

  • thursday224

    FOUR adds, jesus...

  • Jc Hamby
    Jc Hamby

    Put the stickers on ricks roof

  • Victor Alley
    Victor Alley

    I'm getting antsy... can't wait til 2JP is up n running.

  • Victor Alley
    Victor Alley

    I doubt too many people will get this reference, but, Mike Reed is to Leo what John Berfelo is to Bubbleman.

  • Kyle Wright
    Kyle Wright

    StAnthony is calling you , west coast trip to see turbo Brian’s side of the country! Yank um shirts in the near future?

  • Magia

    Let see 100 ft jump already.

    • Victor Alley
      Victor Alley

      That's what I'm talking about... These guys need to step their motocross track game up.

  • Rob71zilla

    Based on the amount of ads in this video I guess we know how Larry is funded lol. I'm kidding. Well, serious but not bothered by it at all.


      Man only 3. Unless they did doubles?

  • Aj Karrer
    Aj Karrer

    Old intro > new intro

  • Jared Gordon
    Jared Gordon

    We need ghoul apparel!

  • Travis Bauer
    Travis Bauer

    Need more sous and less Leo....

  • J Light
    J Light

    At 25:18 look at the writing on top of Beast Mode, "Face Fxcking" can't read the rest, LOL!!!

    • Victor Alley
      Victor Alley

      Finally... been trying to find out what it said.. just need to figure out that last word now. Thanks

  • cmegoe ngoe
    cmegoe ngoe

    I’ve been binge watching SxS for the last few days, starting at the very beginning. And I have come to the conclusion that Rick and Sous are like Michael & Janet Jackson back in the 80’s, everyone thought they were the same person because we never saw them together. I like how y’all have stayed true to what you started out to do, well everything except the pain in the ass Ads (and I quote “I don’t allow those pain in the ass Ads, you’re welcome “)..... LOL. And I kinda miss the cussing like sailors and Doug getting sh@#faced in the old garage.

  • ThaGingaNinja69

    I'm dying to see Larry with a semi wheel conversion in gloss black or some variant of that. 👀😂 Keep donating on patreon guys 😂 Lets get Larry some love.

  • Jeremy Jakobsen
    Jeremy Jakobsen

    Dudes Brent pfi let him get his hands on it.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    So...what would it cost me to buy a completely stock 😉, mod free 😉, OX?

  • Andrew Cable
    Andrew Cable

    We want a Twin Turba YXZ it’s like the Leroy of the channel

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