Cleetus wheelies turbo YXZ, Beast Mode X3 RIPS and Coop SKIPS!
The most action packed day OF ALL TIME at Silver Lake! Unreal!
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    Huge thanks to Cleet and Coop for coming out to bog!

    • chris77777777ify

      I think it will be a fun set of videos. & I will just tag along in the background watching all the adds !!!!!!

    • Reckless Ranch Oregon
      Reckless Ranch Oregon Sand dune drag race, Sxs jumping


      Vid awesome as ever!! Running all the "Dude" through Google Translate, I determined that "DUUUUUDE!!!" = Success and "duuuude" = Failure, before Google Translate stuck a S&W 500 in it's mouth and pulled the trigger.*

    • Derektion 2
      Derektion 2

      Love the video and all the action but please for the love of God guys, chill on the "dude"

    • 81rfrench

      Support your Michigan local dune apparel.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Smells like farts from kmarts.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CamJuice Kissy
    CamJuice Kissy

    It feels like i was there boys. fun day boonyies boys.

  • Brandon Aubert
    Brandon Aubert

    you guys really gotta learn you never try to start it without pulling plugs first..

  • Zack Lee
    Zack Lee

    i HATE this vid how many times can a man say dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Danny Borden
    Danny Borden

    Love the channel guys!! What state is this in? Beautiful riding!

  • Lee Knudson
    Lee Knudson

    Finally you guys are busting out

  • chris77777777ify


  • Sly

    beastmode is ripping hard

  • Jaycee Abbo
    Jaycee Abbo

    The babies and I were directly exposed to COVID. We are all symptomatic now and waiting on test results. I still have content that I need to edit/film while in quarantine but I honestly am not feeling the best and just going to rest the next few days so uploads should resume on Friday if I don't get worse off than I feel right now. Thank you for being understanding and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. At Home. With their family they live with. Safely. COVID-free. Saving lives.

  • Prince Valiant
    Prince Valiant

    What's great about this video is it is all positive, no swearing!

  • Roman Santarosa
    Roman Santarosa

    “That wasn’t even a wheelie but he brought up the front end” what haha

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell


  • فاء بن ألف'
    فاء بن ألف'

    Can someone tell me where those dunes are?

  • stevo kanevo
    stevo kanevo

    Did he really have to fuck a guy up lol nice work

  • john hallock
    john hallock

    You guys ever run any "comp cut" paddle tires.? They shave like 3+ pounds per paddle on the molded paddles like cleetus is running... less rotating mass and they hold up rather well.... i have buddy here in Utah that does alot of peoples around here...

  • Ian Norton
    Ian Norton

    Has one of you guys been on the TV on boyd codingtons show a few years back 🤔

  • Forest Shane
    Forest Shane

    You said “dude” 219 times

  • Joe Hall
    Joe Hall


  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    " I think I'm gonna get on my knees" the natural environment for a lot lizard. Just a joke bro , love this channel

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    CleetusClearWateRevival The Wheelie Master 🔥👍✌️

  • Liam Mcdonald
    Liam Mcdonald

    Yamha outdoes Polaris and can am

  • Dave Boi
    Dave Boi

    Can you do a Top speed video on all the units like so they can see

  • cekmore Gato
    cekmore Gato

    187 on 168 🙀👊🍻🦒🔥🔥🔥

  • Eastern Rednecks
    Eastern Rednecks

    It would be nuts if u put launch control in beast mode

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams

    DUDE!!!!!! DUDE!!!! Nice Units DUDE!!!! Lol awesome stuff Guys,the Dunes are such a Blast!!! So much fun👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Colton Claxton
    Colton Claxton

    You can’t kill a honda

  • Evan

    of course it started back up its a honda!!

  • Hartzfeld Racing
    Hartzfeld Racing

    Is it nescesary to say dude every 3 words?

  • J. W.
    J. W.

    In the nicest way I can say it.... you guys do not have the right skills to be out there in your machines with everyone. YOU are the type of dipshits that cause accidents and people get seriously hurt or worse. I'm not a hater... but damn man.. go get some lessons from someone who knows.



  • Hartzfeld Racing
    Hartzfeld Racing

    I don’t think dude was said enough 😂

  • Bugr N Fris
    Bugr N Fris

    Instead of having two rzr’s why don’t you get a custom buggy. A 5 seater with supercharged ls3 can pull down hill wheelies no problem (puts out about 1k hp)

  • De'andre Allen
    De'andre Allen

    Put drag slicks on beast mode and give it all its got

  • Gunner Kolb
    Gunner Kolb

    This is my fifth time watching this and I am still not bored of it at all

  • Taylor W.
    Taylor W.

    Cleetus felt weird showing up Doug in his yxz. Doug was super cool about it though.

  • Mrkentucky_720

    Literally stopped watchin bc i got sick an tired of hearin DUDE, DuDeeeee, dUdE, DUUUDDDEEEE!!!!

  • Graeme Dernbach
    Graeme Dernbach

    Dood yehdood doodless dood.

  • Lord o' Destruction
    Lord o' Destruction

    In the words of Kevin Talbot "Less waffle, more action!"

  • Aden Ross
    Aden Ross

    Hondas will last you forever

  • Pawel K
    Pawel K

    I like the way you played it off as Cleet got stuck, you were more stuck then he was...

  • wood family off-road
    wood family off-road

    y'all are wild. awesome video!

  • Necroplunger

    dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude

  • Brent Gilmore
    Brent Gilmore

    If I ever put that much water in a engine I'd change oil before revving the shit out of it lol. Tough Talon

  • K Finn
    K Finn

    Need a “Dude” counter in the corner of this video. 😂

    • Derek Nixon
      Derek Nixon

      Seriously huh lol

  • Josh Mazzone
    Josh Mazzone

    Frickin dudeless dude 😂😂😂😂

  • wrifraff

    Anyone have any tips for going to Silver Lake for the first time? I've had my Maverick for almost 5 years now and I've never had a chance to get out there. Need to make a point of going out there this year if this virus crap ever goes away.

  • fanof03always

    Can I please arrange for you guys to come to Mesquite Nevada...I know the owner of the Polaris World and I can guarantee some fun and pranks

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Let the dude have the pizza, come on...

  • mark walker
    mark walker

    much love cleetus is the doppleganger for judge rienhold probably spelled it wrong but it is what it is.........awesome content as usual love you guys!!!!

  • Cameron

    No opening day this year dudes 😔

  • Thrill Seeker
    Thrill Seeker

    Why did beast mode not have a clutch cover on it

  • Bubba C
    Bubba C

    Leo, did you have the clutch done up yet on the xds rs for this trip or was it stock? Thanks


      Stock I think

  • Sly

    Damn that looks like loads of fun when I can upgrade from the old 660 Rhino I might have to find some dunes somewhere I'm too poor at the moment folks but I'm on my way up steadily

  • vetron X
    vetron X


  • vetron X
    vetron X

    how meany utv do you have?



  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks

    When is SXSBlog going to Florida to race corvettes with cleet??

  • Damion Morgan
    Damion Morgan

    I keep watching this video. I cant wait to get back out there with my banshee. I live in michigan and go to silver lake as well. My family has been friends with maxxedout motorsports sense they were in highschool

  • Sitala SisImaTecAva
    Sitala SisImaTecAva

    must be so nice to have money.

  • Kefoo

    -- More fun than a sand bar sandwich. Thanks.

  • jamz cam
    jamz cam

    All I got to say is this... dude!

  • kylen Phillip's
    kylen Phillip's

    Cletus needs to put paddles on the ole Corvette

  • Chase Becker
    Chase Becker

    5 min 30 sec is so shreddy dude!!!! Holy cow!

  • Jared Randall
    Jared Randall

    That's a good ol Honda for ya. Dround it out, pop the plugs out, blow her out, then haul ass again. I can't tell you how many times I did this on my old Honda !!

  • Aj Taylor
    Aj Taylor

    Doug out there gaptizing them boys no cap Polaris ftw

  • kkingquad

    I’m curious about the YXZ. I just purchased one and I’m wondering how much trouble you guys have had with overheating. Did Doug relocate his to the back?

    • kkingquad

      Thanks. I’ll try to holdout and see how it does. Great videos fellas


      We've actually never had an overheating problem with ours, not once in 3500 miles. No rad relocate either.

  • Joseph Hanson
    Joseph Hanson

    Shouldn't make fun of Homeless People some people couldn't help there situation Dont laugh it could happen to you People.You Guys could lose all your toys and start.libing in Tents to.

  • Eric Smallwoodd
    Eric Smallwoodd

    That YXZ is fuckin nasty!!!!!

  • Eric Smallwoodd
    Eric Smallwoodd

    Legendary rivalry! Turb Z vs. Beast mode! #YXZlife

  • Ollie Will
    Ollie Will

    This is how many times he said dude 👇🏻

  • Ollie Will
    Ollie Will

    Holy moly gosh darn! Wowzers dude! YeEaAh brother! Oh my gosh dude! Dude! Oh yes dude!


    Cleeter cleeter pumpkin eater! Hahahahaha sousy is a fool

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Another great video. Your welcome Doug and team. Love the content. Sous bummer on the motor.

  • Tarheel Trailblazer
    Tarheel Trailblazer

    The sound of that YXZ is fire. Came up from NC this past summer and rode those dunes. Amazing.

  • Mangel Leslie
    Mangel Leslie

    Reminds me of Glamis in California. We went out with the guys from Roberts VW and they all had made their own rails. Top of the line stuff and each one was a totally different build.

  • Troy Wade
    Troy Wade

    Project 9 lives Z1 in the 168 would be sweet to see. Get air Sous the power to fly!🇺🇸

  • Bret Longmire
    Bret Longmire

    Idk the guy videoing the wheelies but he needs to shut up all he says is dudes

  • Prairie Hinton
    Prairie Hinton

    Dude dude dude dudeless dude dude!!!

  • mottom

    Been hanging around leeches my whole life . Little Table salt and they fall right off . Thank you guys and gals for another great episode. Someday soon we will ride together.

  • Joseph Quintiliani
    Joseph Quintiliani

    That looks like a blast.

  • Aj Karrer
    Aj Karrer

    man, my yxz n i wanna come hangout in Michigan lol

  • TheRubiconRacer

    You guys should do a colab with Ken Block nxt. He is doing quite a bit of X3 content.

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Arrrrrrghhh!! I wanna be there!😭😱 That looks like too much fun!😁👍👍

  • Johnp4x4

    All the YXZ needed was a Mt Dew and little sprinkle of McMurica, killin it

  • adrian cooper
    adrian cooper

    surprise cleetus by putting "Mountain Dew" stickers on the doors came from cleetus channel love the vids subbed straight away


      Considering a full mountain dew theme, he'll love it

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson

    Dude sounds exactly like the Charlie from Always Sunny.

  • Buy&Hold

    Is it just me or does that thing sound like a V8!


    SUPER SICK!! I never heard of this channel until your collaboration with cleetus. Definitely thankful for cleetus introducing me and thankful for your guys's super sick content. KEEP RIPPIN'

      BOOSTED BIG BLOCK no problem. I have an awesome UTV style off-road race car that I built from scratch. It's powered by a Yamaha R6 engine. I'd love to send you guys some pictures so you can check it out if you want to.


      Thanks brother!

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile

    Epic hour!!

  • hybridEP3

    Cooper gets snicklefritz 😂😂

  • David H
    David H

    Do they give you a hard time at the dunes about having the shocker open?


      It was "closed"

  • Rob Gurney
    Rob Gurney

    flooding out a machine in the DUNES!!! LOL! Awesome guys, keep up the awesome content. Very educational. Thanks

  • Grady B
    Grady B

    Awesome sound effects!

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson

    Channel could be good except the ridiculous overuse of the word "dude" makes wanna vomit dude.


      dude bags lol


    Bog deep!! Great content of the Cleet & Coop trip !!

  • Flexing101

    Nice, good job keep up to good work great show.

  • Carlos Alberto Silva dos Santos Silva
    Carlos Alberto Silva dos Santos Silva

    Yamaha te dá ASAS! huashuashuas

  • Jaxen

    Congrats on 100k

  • 999

    Love the show, but too much "dude" need a little more vocabulary.

  • Mr.Alucard


  • polariskid202

    Take that fella to ostas


      This is a good idea