This was a doozy!
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    Should we do this again with Ostacruiser?

    • 82leone

      Damn dudes what a mission you guys are beasts 😎👍

    • backyard builds
      backyard builds

      Used to ride those trails all the time live only 5 minutes away from it

    • T Mager
      T Mager

      Hell yeah!!

    • Stacy Reid
      Stacy Reid

      I agree with everyone else yes absolutely Ostacruiser and maybe some of those Russian guys he rides with Only carry a chainsaw or a manual bowsaw along with the camp axe and as I always do on a long trail ride about a quart of diesel to help start fires when it's so cold that fire starting bricks don't want to work.

    • Ashley Plamondon
      Ashley Plamondon

      And you guys should have made a skid ware the track ripped off little hay wire goes a long ways

  • Kerry Soden
    Kerry Soden

    Epic two days boys. What about mudlife on track for the next one

  • Ron Daman
    Ron Daman

    Lol I live in kinross. You where absolutely trying to go thru the swamp area which isnt even much of option in the summer lol. I had my honda talon stuck out there the other day trying to see how far I could go. Nasty area you guys where going thru and yeah the ice storm last winter still isnt fully cleaned up on the trails. You all rock though love ur episodes to funny to see you by where I live. I was checking to see of I wanted to get tracks for next winter but I'm not to sure after watching this lol.

  • Thomas cannon
    Thomas cannon

    That was a valiant effort boys! I'm suprised you didnt take off a door or something to skid that back track. How is the rick-mav never maimed in these rides? That machine is legendary. Absolutely love these videos.

  • Anders D
    Anders D

    My old Scorpion Stinger got stuck less than you guys...cheaper too

  • Evan MacArthur
    Evan MacArthur


  • idontneedaname85

    The ice on sous’s Eyelids at 16.44 :(

  • marco acosta
    marco acosta

    Cheaps tracks thats why, poor quality 😊

  • Randall Miles
    Randall Miles

    great video. I might have built a skid with one of the roofs on the machines at the first break down. Strap it on and then tow it ? But everybody knows what to do after the fact.

  • Rick Schroeder
    Rick Schroeder

    Does anything get Doug's blood boiling? Even with all the obstacles, he keeps his cool doesn't swear. Something to strive for!

  • matt Calder
    matt Calder

    Here we go with the porn music again lol 😂😆😂😜 awesome

  • Ryan

    Great video. But how pathetic are these tracks you weren’t even going fast.. hmm still think riding with sand tires in the snow is more fun if it’s fresh.

  • Machine 7
    Machine 7

    Air mattresses are really cold to sleep on it is just like sleeping on a cot and the air circulates under you making you really cold. Need to sleep on a foam pad on the ground or a piece of foam between you and the air mattress. You will stay a lot warmer


      I'll take "Advice I could have used 3 months ago for $400" Greg. lol

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    Stay out of our land city boys. Total disregard for equipment. Serves you right.



  • skeeter 93
    skeeter 93

    Yaw should build a dedicated "overland" ranger 4 seat. That would be sweet.

  • Tankyanker 1267
    Tankyanker 1267

    You guys should pack a freedom rope with you won’t have to worry about not having a rope they just don’t break.

  • Jon saterstad
    Jon saterstad

    Invest in a “Bubba Rope” you won’t be disappointed.

  • Pete Peterson
    Pete Peterson

    You should have bought the bow saw, lot less work on the wood.

  • Gregory Parrott
    Gregory Parrott

    I missed information saying who makes the tracks which failed and for what vehicle they were initially intended. Does anyone know? I have tracks made by both Mattracks and Camoplast and neither have failed.

  • Bogdan Cristian
    Bogdan Cristian

    Damn! What a tough trip you guys had! But I'm glad you uploaded this to show what happens when things go bad, cause not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Would it be any helpful if you guys had spare wheels with you? I'm thinking if you replaced the rear tracks with wheels... Or would that not work if the front's on tracks? Nice video anyway! :D

  • yo buddy
    yo buddy

    let me know when you want to come up to Northern Ontario at -30 ripping thru the rhubarb

  • Dave

    Feel so bad for you guys!! Really cool how all of you still found some humor in the moment. Had me laughing with ya a few times as one thing turned into another! lol Great Vid!!

  • Dakota k
    Dakota k

    Always keep an impact and sokets with ya and should have used winch on othere machine to pull track back in place but dam sucks when shit goes wrong when far away

  • 1994Suzuki Fan
    1994Suzuki Fan

    I live 10 minutes from Kincheloe Michigan

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly

    Could have taken it off and rigged up a ski

  • dead north
    dead north

    Poor poor trolls

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones

    Is much crap that you guys do you should have bought a Sherp never stuck never stranded it's worth the money

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    What happens when you go forward. CRUNCH!!!! Keeps going. Wtf.

  • chase werner
    chase werner

    Should’ve went to Facebook and posted on our local sales site (Brimley Sales is the most active), so many people that live around here would’ve came out with supplies and equipment to help you out without a doubt

  • bill45colt

    seems to me,,,guys trying to smash and crash their equipment,,,,,,why not go slower, more careful, and why ride the rutted trails that others have torn up many times? Arent those things made for raw snow? If so, get off the road, away from broken rocks, limbs, snags, and pot holes. Go a bit slower and dont take the chances that you do,,,,,you see the cost and delays it often makes,,,,

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    I am cold just watching this. And I lived in the Northwest Territories.

  • TheCornstalker

    ThAt blows been there. Tell me that you had a tall glass

  • Roger Malter
    Roger Malter


  • Duane Hodgkins
    Duane Hodgkins

    Great video take the good with the bad shows the 2 sides to the sport great determination didn't just give up and hand the problem off. Great job Respect.

  • Sled33

    Could of avoided all of that by using snowmobiles. That's what they're designed for..... snow travel.

  • Mr504319

    Tracks look cool but are junk

  • NJ in the MJ
    NJ in the MJ


  • CanAmXTP

    That's muskeg bro...It never freezes!!!

  • Josh Frank
    Josh Frank

    Wouldn't it of been best to hook the two machines together?

  • Dave Hansen
    Dave Hansen

    When you are in a fast machine with questionably mobility in deep snow your are in a near death experience. You need to have survival gear ; webs and skis and do not go alone. Iguana

  • Sam Mue
    Sam Mue

    Darwin Brothers

  • Robert Mahar
    Robert Mahar

    Off roading........ Shit happens.... It is what it is.... Smile and learn my brother. Bet you all carry a hi lift jack now 😊

  • The Hands
    The Hands

    You SxS guys are always tearing your shit up.

  • Dale olson
    Dale olson

    Did you pick up the garbage you left in the fire pit?

  • Keith Fulk
    Keith Fulk

    lol.. that a normal regular 3 season tent.. lol... canvas fools... lol crazy

  • Conner Pyles
    Conner Pyles

    Omg I laugh so hard when the Dougnator almost blowed him self up why couldn’t you video that part lol

  • scott17818

    the second that rotated and you noticed the hub wheel had failed, you should have cut a decent sized tree 4-6" diameter, and lashed/ratchet strap tied it to the rear lower arm, and just had the other 3 tracks drag it to the nearest point.. remove the track if you can, but expect some more damage.. the tree would be the sacrificial part, and save your metal components from being destryed, and costing more $$$

  • Tha truth hurts
    Tha truth hurts

    Those tracks seem to be worthless

  • soundmandave21

    Oh my gosh...NOT prepared for winter survival!

    • soundmandave21
      soundmandave21 Glad you guys survived and had "fun"! Been a part of these survival rides in the past, they are memorable to say the least!


      nope lol

  • ramairetransam

    wow , that was bad , sorry to see that happen .

  • Asteria ATV Adventures
    Asteria ATV Adventures


  • RedNeckRacing 88
    RedNeckRacing 88

    Tracks are junk


    Note to self: Stick with wheels.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe

    Boys Boys Boys, I'm fricking rocking my chair trying to get you thru ! Well your young. Do yous dear hunt federal land? Swamps with heavy snow are NEVER solid. FYI. Ever a snow mobile would've got buried. Scout, plan, and scout the route again. Good luck next time.

  • Drew Burton
    Drew Burton

    X3 sounds like a chainsaw lol

  • Brad Hough
    Brad Hough

    Garbage machines. Can't even drive down a straight flat trail without breaking.

  • Mike Tibbetts
    Mike Tibbetts

    Lucky no one died.

  • White Supremacist
    White Supremacist

    “No one can get it out.” Me *Laughs in LS Jeep on 40s with lockers*

  • john tripp
    john tripp

    Respectfully; never go out without a come-along and two bags of sand.

    • Lowell Funk
      Lowell Funk

      What would the come along do that the winch wouldn't? And 2 bags of sand are totally useless in that amount of snow! They simply were woefully unprepared for even the smallest of disasters, almost no experience in the bush don't help neither. But accidents can happen to anyone. I have personally been involved in 3 events of a more serious nature in the last 3 years! Still going out having fun,just use even more caution and more prepared than ever.

  • UP freebird
    UP freebird

    Makes me glad I got bigger tires instead of tracks!

  • TheShoelaceBandit

    Air mattresses in the winter! That's 90% of the reason you were cold all night. Newbs!!!!

    • William Uskoski
      William Uskoski

      Foam all the way

  • Edward III
    Edward III

    You guys would’ve been better off without the tracks huh...?

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson

    I’ve taken synthetic cables off and replaced with wire

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson

    That Polaris winch must be junk to

  • blmotor1

    Painfully real. Still making us all giggle. Thank you !!

  • Brad Hanson
    Brad Hanson

    Not fun tent below zero

  • 3wrapframe

    Those things are so cheaply built. They are not cheap to purchase tho. Everything on them is an after thought. I rely on one everyday to get to my off grid house but I’m always fixing something...


    Smart people who have sxs always bring a chainsaw lol

  • John Halter
    John Halter

    That sucked big time, hope things get better

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine


  • Red Garcia
    Red Garcia

    Im sorry but things aren't going well because you can't drive!!!

  • Steve Levesque
    Steve Levesque

    not very prepared

  • RA Kaiser
    RA Kaiser

    What a fun trip (sarcasm)

  • Mohikaani Jansson
    Mohikaani Jansson

    Russian knows how to build vehicles; D

  • snowrulesnate

    Love that “Dad’s gonna meet us in the truck”! Always have a backup plan...great stuff

  • Destry

    Hah... 12 below is tee shirt weather compared to where I am. -47 average and that is when brake fluid dont flow very well. Propane is useless because it is gel. Steel gets quite brittle at -65. Welcome to central Alaska!

  • Yeets Mgeets
    Yeets Mgeets

    Just hearing that squeaky/crunchy snow beneath your boots.....That just sounds COLD.

  • Garry where
    Garry where

    All I got from this video was how rich and inexperienced you all are. People moved wagons and logs with just a couple horses. But you have fourwheel drive and can't make it what sounds 3 miles on 3 tracks and a completely good running track machine. Please use your brain more than your money. Then you made it worse by having to call daddy to fetch you.

  • Cody T
    Cody T

    Do it again with paddles It would be a lot cheaper and make a good video

  • MTC Racing
    MTC Racing

    Spotted the black cherry white claw, and you know what they say.... "there ain't no laws" hahahahaha

  • Badger Pa
    Badger Pa

    Far from worst case scenario! You did not have any major injuries or frostbite, you walked out alive. Just a tough learning lesson.


      You're not wrong!

  • baka baka
    baka baka

    It's pretty clear you guys did not bring a block and tackle with some heavy long rope could have goten you out. You can learn alot from ice road truck drivers.

  • Douglas R
    Douglas R

    Stupid clickbait


      Uhhh we actually were stranded lol


    So tracks r junk yup I stay with a skidoo

  • Matt's Garage
    Matt's Garage

    Wow... Good luck!

  • Nolen Seymore
    Nolen Seymore

    You should have been driving the Honda Talon.

  • Jason-MI.Dunerunner

    Tough break fellas. Glad you all made it out safe.

  • cscheidt1

    Are these tracks more trouble than what they are worth? Seems to me large tires do just as good in the snow and less problems.

  • ricky kraus
    ricky kraus

    Bummer, I think I would sell the tracks and buy a snowmobile.

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    Not impressed with those tracks. My SHERP will go through anything

  • Nate Luther
    Nate Luther

    It's not worse case scenario boys! Ya got one machine that's good. You got each other and it's one for the record books man... Doug, as usual, you keep the ball rolling in the right direction man. Thanks for sharing... Would love to see the rest of the recovery!

  • SilverStoneFPV

    Are those Banggood tracks? Or did they come from Alibaba? ;)

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich

    Next time, bring a couple of chainsaws and tow chains. Tuff breaks, but still a great adventure!

  • MC Yooper
    MC Yooper

    You guys are lucky that no Yooper's showed up to laugh at you. should of came over to Munising MI

  • Koomafloo

    Those rear tracks need a better approach angle like the fronts. The low leading edge on the rear tracks causes far too many track flips when it digs in and makes getting on top of stuff next to impossible.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    The hardest trips are some of the best you’ll never forget! My opinion your centrifugal clutch side by sides lasted longer than I expected. Good trails not for the weak!

  • Mel Scardaoni
    Mel Scardaoni

    Those things with tracks or a bad joke 🤮stick to a snowmobile🕺🇨🇦

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex


  • AJ Bertelson
    AJ Bertelson

    Southerners Why are these guys driving in snow don't they know the foodmarts are going to be out of bread soon? Canadians Why not just use a skidoo?

  • George Fales
    George Fales

    I know it’s sxsblog but you guys should get sleds too it can be Powersportsblog

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