Dune RIP with the Cleetus crew! Epic jumps, skips! RZR X3 Talon!
These Florida guys!!!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    SXSBlog and the Cleetus Crew... great collab or greatest collab?!

    • The Architect
      The Architect

      I was with clergy’s from 19,000 subs , love u guys and a new suv! I also went to the University of Michigan Architecture school, first wife was from Detroit so I’m down with MI but back in Utah, u gonna make it to my playground???? Moab Utah?????? Love u guys bad ass energy!

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones

      It is not, not the Greatest! Lol! Hell Yeah! it's the Greatest collab ever! Tell em Rich!!! Lol!

    • Justin Cluster
      Justin Cluster

      I just saw your video with the air you guys are getting you should be using a R3 or a huans this would keep your neck from getting hurt

    • Big Daves World
      Big Daves World


    • MrTglynn

      The Ghoul Full sending it...!

  • Randy Lafleur
    Randy Lafleur

    What goggles are those on the red and black rzr with ls2 helmet?

  • Randy Lafleur
    Randy Lafleur

    You guys know how to entertain us with good content. You all are honest, don't break the law, and keep the language clean. We don't need any cussin to have fun and all of yall are macho and clean doing it, now that's entertainment!!

  • Daniel Vinyard
    Daniel Vinyard

    Were those Honda Pilots at 1:40?

  • Halli Lane
    Halli Lane


  • 204 Video
    204 Video

    Great video guys 🤘

  • Robert Pettersson
    Robert Pettersson


  • Jim O
    Jim O

    Did anyone notice the guy riding around with the iraqi flag? 🤨

  • TheDarkkiller66


  • Ethanleeut

    What if you got water in your turbo

  • Levi Cutts
    Levi Cutts

    Where is this at?

  • Don Dagy
    Don Dagy

    Most modest guys out there.

  • Jeff w
    Jeff w

    Any of the x3 an rr? Or what years are all of them... I bought a 2020 xds x3rr 195hp all cuz of Rick's rig and beast mode

  • Omar Perez-Soto
    Omar Perez-Soto

    How deep is that water

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    On the beginning part of the video with Leo driving to the dune area on that double lane, I thought they were making that to be bi-directional traffic or did I read that wrong on silver lake state park facebook page?

  • Jacob Diotte
    Jacob Diotte

    Man I wish I could do things like this

  • Phil P
    Phil P

    Thank god the water isnt taller. I think they call it "deeper" 😂

  • Alex Graser
    Alex Graser

    he needs to start in ludington LMAO!!

  • Zac Leslie
    Zac Leslie

    Did anybody else notice that the speedometer on one of the got to 160

  • Tucker Gust
    Tucker Gust

    Where’s the best place in Michigan to ride

  • POV Adventures
    POV Adventures

    www.slra.org/new-slra-member-registration.html That's the direct link to the FREE sign up page for SLRA !! If 200,000 people watch this video and all sign up it would help them in HUGE ways ! Who signed up ? Comment below or click the like button

  • AyeFritolay

    The rzr turbo s best sxs when it comes to sending it 💪

  • X3 Andy
    X3 Andy

    Man, you guys are entertaining. No other SxS channel compares.

  • Jacob Wessels
    Jacob Wessels

    Wheres this place?

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    I was with clergy’s from 19,000 subs , love u guys and a new suv! I also went to the University of Michigan Architecture school, first wife was from Detroit so I’m down with MI but back in Utah, u gonna make it to my playground???? Moab Utah?????? Love u guys bad ass energy!

  • deltaaddair

    The water I think they call it deep lmfao 👍

  • mottom

    190 k then a million.

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Rick is a straight savage! Love his style too. All black everythang!

  • Tyler Parisien
    Tyler Parisien

    Hey that was my Ram next to ya'll, Let er rip tater chip!

  • Daniel Breault
    Daniel Breault

    Y’all gotta use the intro in all your videos

  • G Rapids
    G Rapids

    "he's got to start in Ludington" lmao

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    Dammit! That car of Ricks is ANGERY!!👍👍

  • Adam Loader
    Adam Loader

    So many sends by the sender crews. Epic jumps and skipping 👍👍

  • mattijs leerink
    mattijs leerink

    nice intro!!

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    Does anyone know what broke on Sous’ machine?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Front driveshaft u-joint

  • Sammy Duran
    Sammy Duran

    Chevrolet 😎💪

  • MrDavidelliottjr

    Bout time coop just said fuck it and send. Grow some hangers. Hell yea. Cleetus let's go bro. Send it

  • David Labbe
    David Labbe

    Glazed over the saying hi to Cleetus?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Sometimes you just wanna say hey to your friends without a cam in their face

  • Joshua Guidry
    Joshua Guidry

    It was so funny cooper didn’t even get enough speed from the beginning he was going so slow you can tell he don’t have a lot of experience driving because that talon will skim jus like the rest of them lol

  • DirtbikeJT812

    Rick had the eye of the tiger out there!

  • Kindaquick 1
    Kindaquick 1

    No offense to Cleetus and crew, But...sxsblog is commenting in the comments. I don't see that from cleetus and crew. That extra work put in means alot.

    • SXSBlog.com

      He responds there's just 10x the volume


    Am I the only one that thinks that you guys need to all meet like halfway and move to Tennessee and merge the channels?!?! THAT, would be flipping epic!!!! It would literally break the ALgone.


    Man! I am loving the retro loving friends skipping into the pond intro!!! You guys are killing it!!! JH & Dental. ⚒️🤐 Lmmfao!!!! The man is an F'ING maniac!!!!!! Cleetus you need to talk to your man man. Hahahaha!!!!

  • Mike Orr
    Mike Orr

    I want to thank you and the Cletus boys for keeping the politics out of all your videos. Both of your channels are a blessed get away from all the crap going on in the world. Keep the awesome videos coming!

  • Colby Norquist
    Colby Norquist

    What happened to beast mode?

  • Harry Dabs
    Harry Dabs

    Just ordered some of those ss 360 sand tires. Great video

  • codsac

    bring back the old channel

  • hester06

    'Send-it Sous' already back at'er! Never disappoints.

  • Dalton Harrington
    Dalton Harrington

    Rick's car sounds so god dam good at 14:22-14:27


    Where is this place looks amazing?

  • SuperHddf

    can someone please tell me where this is?

  • Socalfun

    Greatest, most funnest videos ever! Love you guys!!

  • Aust

    rzr pro xp or can am x3 for dune riding and jumping ?

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    YXZ fam here! Wheres that big turba beast at?? How do you hit the dunes and take battlefield over the Z??

  • Edward Dietsche
    Edward Dietsche

    When water skipping with the 360’s is it in 4x4 or 2x4? I’m making my first dunes trip next week and I have the 360’s

  • Andrew Almendarez
    Andrew Almendarez


  • phil callaway
    phil callaway

    I feel like JH is the most insane, just doesnt let rip as often as he did as a young fella

  • RCRebel

    I had hoped to see the RS1 race on the dunes.... Sad face =( Still, great video!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Next vid ;)

  • Ben Baird
    Ben Baird

    They need to get James out there

    • SXSBlog.com

      Busy boy, he's got an open invite though

  • timothy raleigh
    timothy raleigh

    You need to rename Rick to Jesus

  • Moto Adventure Haiti
    Moto Adventure Haiti

    I think rick took the cake on that skip 😳

  • Tony Webb
    Tony Webb

    Have you tried black diamond xtr tyres was just trying to find out what they are like? Cheers in advance for completely ignoring my question thing is I live in the UK and tyres like mongrels etc are not available here without paying twice there value in shipping and customs charges I would really appreciate if you could find time to give me some advice I have a 2016 maverick turbo if you could recommend a few for all round sending whenever possible lol

  • Jimi McCammon
    Jimi McCammon

    Need to tell those Florida boys that it's "Michagander", not..."Michiganian".

  • Z Gutierrez
    Z Gutierrez

    That jump off the trailer should have been a trust fall exercise lol

  • Scotty Malone
    Scotty Malone

    One word.... EPIC!!!

  • Rick Terrill
    Rick Terrill

    I find myself saying " your not wrong " and "overall" a lot more these days!

    • BSB333

      Hey man, as long as you're burning right, you're not wrong.

  • TheOnKnee

    Welcome to Michigan! South-East #1 fan here from Croswell! Ler'R Rip Tater Chip!

  • Mainville ATV and Outdoors
    Mainville ATV and Outdoors

    "Thank god the water wasnt taller!", "I think they call it deeper.". That is also what I heard.

  • Bad Beard Offroad
    Bad Beard Offroad

    Stay out of that tall water.

  • 300zxdriver

    You didn’t show Cooper drowning the talon.

  • Alex Garvey-welch.
    Alex Garvey-welch.

    God i wish we had something like this in the UK, it looks cool as F@#K.

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Rs1 whete

  • Riley Bruh
    Riley Bruh

    Hey guys a Question for rick and the guys does the ghoul ever get hot when doing the long trail rides or riding dunes? I want to do some big mods to the engine and turbo but like Cleetus Said he doesn’t wanna risk reliability issues.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Ghoul has been good. They stay cool as long as you keep the radiator nice and clean. E85 helps too

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    Cool lake, where’s the water from, just surplus rain water?

  • Roberto Higuera
    Roberto Higuera

    Freaking amazing video!

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    It tells you a lot about a man and who he really is at heart by who were the first guys in the water too help Cooper! And it also tells you giraffes can't run! lmfao!😂

  • M3B Felix Salazar Felipe
    M3B Felix Salazar Felipe

    I cant wait for the 2jz swap to be done

    • SXSBlog.com

      It should be running within 24 hrs

  • Avery C
    Avery C

    “Coops a skilled driver” biggest lie told in 2020

  • 79coolkid

    just ordered new front and rear bumpers from rocky mountain! you know to support my dawgs! lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks brother!

  • Haden Folwarski
    Haden Folwarski

    Hey now, the speed limit in the entrance is 15... glad to see you guys had fun! Hopefully I see you at silver one weekend!

  • Austin Kincade
    Austin Kincade

    I get so sad when I don’t see the CF1 ripping🥺

    • Austin Kincade
      Austin Kincade

      kylekdk456 didn’t even realize it said crf and not cf1 guess my phone corrected it or something

    • kylekdk456

      I wish they’d rip the cr500 who cares about a crf, the 500 is a beast

  • mje19D

    Send this video to your friends and let’s get them 200k subs!

  • John Sauls
    John Sauls

    Omg looks so fun I have an yxz 1000r se 2016

  • jason from cali
    jason from cali

    So I've been watching y'alls channel for quite a while, roughly the time u guys got together with cleete... originally from cleetus channel. U guys have such great content and not to mention....looks like u guys and the cleete crew are something great together! Keep it up DUDES and also congrats on the new shop and am looking forward to the jp-2jz build!

  • Jr Rios
    Jr Rios

    Awsome video sxsblog.com sous needs a complete suspension upgrade Rick's car is dam fast keep the videos rollin fellas

  • love muddin
    love muddin

    love the new intro to the video haha can we please get more of the greatest collabs ever

  • Gregg Bernard
    Gregg Bernard

    Sous rocking a nice lid :)

  • Tim Z
    Tim Z

    Coop for driver of year LOL

  • Dakota Henige
    Dakota Henige

    Maybe next year plan a SXS takeover and kinda have a cleatus and cars at the dunes.

  • Ixcelr8 Ixcelr8
    Ixcelr8 Ixcelr8

    Let’s see more of them Honda pilots

  • Nick Atkinson
    Nick Atkinson

    what happened to 168?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Broke a u-joint in the front driveshaft

  • brian mcbride
    brian mcbride

    What broke on the Red Turbo S after the jump?

    • brian mcbride
      brian mcbride

      Never mind, I see it now in the credits 🤣

  • Mainly3d

    “He is gonna have to start in Ludington lol”

  • AXIAL32

    Gawd dammer boys. If I wouldn't have realized it sooner in the day that my bachelor party day was that same day clet and you guys would be at silver. I'd skipped rehearsal dinner for my own wedding to come and hangout 😂

  • Harold Gillett
    Harold Gillett

    Best set up for 2020 pro xp thanks

    • SXSBlog.com

      Evo power, Shock Therapy suspension, all from SXSBlog Parts

  • Scott Sigmon
    Scott Sigmon

    Those jumps are epic!!!! People just don’t realize how BIG the air they are getting!!!! Great content!!! Cleetus always has epic content. The man is a natural!!!!

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    poor cooper he lucky the( WATER IS NOT TALLER) come on sous good catch leo

  • Don’t Test It.
    Don’t Test It.

    crank up the compression dampner on the RZRs they are seriously bouncy up front

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    The man with the power. Nice skip Richard 👌 Cooper, what a guy😁 Great vid guys👍👍 Watch out for that tall water🤣

  • Keith Mceuen
    Keith Mceuen

    Are motorcycles not aloud at these dunes

    • SXSBlog.com

      They are, just not as popular

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