FIXING the ROLLED Polaris RZR Pro XP then 2 wheeling it!!
We fix the RZR Pro XP Sous rolled and then 2 wheel rip!!!
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  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Anyone who complains about "speeding" and makes remarks to "reckless behaviour" is plain and simple someone who doesn't ride and has never ridden, these machines are made for (mostly lol) that type of riding and also they are seeing you guys in familiar territory and if they watch all your vids when you guys are scouting new areas ofcourse your going at a very safe pace, same thing here i started riding at 6 with a 175 big red lol and continued riding for over 25yrs threw MANY different machines and bikes that were built to a level of scaring most people but we NEVER hit anyone head on or hurt anyone else besides ourselves so that being said its obviously coming from people with very small to no "rip" experience......tough break, only help we have for you is get out there and TRULY ride and become a "sender" and then and only then let us know how you feel LOL......factual things right there people..... long live S×S blog!!!! (Dougie you said it best but we still got your back bud) 😃🤙

  • BigTurbo_24v

    Out of the pro xp and x3 with smart shox which in your guys opinion do you like more?

  • Mike Behling
    Mike Behling

    good to here (saftey) we travel 20 ish

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull

    If you dont like the speed guess what dont follow these guys. Shut it. If you truly ride then their speeds wont bother you.

  • Nick Whitefield
    Nick Whitefield

    All y'all need for the plastics is some jb weld and it will be like a new car. And no need to buy a new tail light. Just needed some red tuck tape and it would be all good.

  • Chris Richards
    Chris Richards

    Dang guys, thanks for the "promotion", haha! Said it many times and will say it again, love supporting you guys. 110 to the end.

  • Naval Infidel
    Naval Infidel

    Good stuff! You guys are killing it, always fun to watch you guys mix it up and having fun! Thanks!

  • Paul Russel
    Paul Russel

    That's so funny that people complain but your biggest fans are your haters always remember to thank your haters for watching they pay your bills haters always try and find flaws in your content but what they really don't know is the more they watch the more you make off of their stupidity always loved the content keep it up all around World accidents happen so you got a little sideways on a turn not the end of the world nobody was hurt nobody needed emergency assistance so in my eyes all's well that ends well have a great one

  • Daniel Bennett II
    Daniel Bennett II

    you guys have a blast it isn't anyone's business. your body parts, machines & most importantly your smiles. ya"ll rock, keep it up.

  • Brogan Cunningham
    Brogan Cunningham

    The General will do a wheelie just saying, know from experience!!!

  • Zach Hill
    Zach Hill

    You are cool

  • Mark Wolfe
    Mark Wolfe

    damnit doug, get an edc knife and stop using your key to open boxes. :)

  • H_Vega_ 701
    H_Vega_ 701

    What’s the best suspension setting to jump a 2020 rzr xp turbo


    Really need to get Doug one of those small knifes for his keychain.... never has a knife to open packages...

  • Kieran Mann
    Kieran Mann

    Keep doing EXACTLY what you guys have been doing!!

  • cornspace

    Hope the repair bill on the tree wasn't too much to handle!

  • Mike Ashton
    Mike Ashton

    We ride mainly bikes and quads and really don't do anything too crazy. Most of the time, we are just cruising through the woods. Things still break. Plastics still get cracked , paint gets scratched, people still get bruised, just the way it is. You don't have to be going fast, drinking adult beverages, or doing wheelies for it to happen either. I was personally impressed with how well the car held up.

  • stephen johnstone
    stephen johnstone

    Y'all should put out a bandaid sticker that reads "Tough Break" on it

  • Chris Rau
    Chris Rau

    Damn Doug you must have a hard time walking with them giant balls! Good lord that was awesome! 👌

  • Paul Ursini
    Paul Ursini

    Leo going full pepper grinder on the Polaris. That's a big compliment from the Can-Am guy 🤘

  • WadeWoods

    I said it makes my butt pucker seeing the trees fly by that fast but that’s not a bad thing. You guys can drive and I’ve been a sub since 15k so I know you guys take proper precautions. Big balls ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 and adrenaline hungry is all. Keep sending it.

  • WannaGoFAST 322
    WannaGoFAST 322

    Sous needs some angled wheels on the kick panels like training wheels so he doesn’t flip over.

  • RideWithTy

    20:47 Literally the definition of peer pressure lol

  • Trevin

    Early prediction, Doug will podium KOH 2021!

  • kyle mathews
    kyle mathews

    The hell with the cry baby's hammer down cry later🤪💪

  • Tia MacQuesten
    Tia MacQuesten

    Using my girls phone to watch your videos an love watching you guys having a blast with your friends. Keep having fun and be safe

  • Dennis Delaney
    Dennis Delaney

    Do you guys own these. Or do the manufacturers just give you these to just beat the shit out of thease things for awhile.😁


      Most owned some demos

  • ivoman7

    Good thing Sous got out unscaved. That's the main thing. Great repair! SXSBlog-style ;-) Rippen' on two's xD

  • Devin Everett
    Devin Everett where do you guys get the havoc googles from?? Can I buy from you?

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Absolutely agree. I'm 29, been riding and racing dirtbikes religiously in the woods as well as track since I was age 4, ahab I go out with my groups I head up the pack and give a hand signal of how many riders are behind me in the group as well if I can and theres a real big group with me i strip the oncoming riders and explain. Theres always more behind the scenes. Most of us enthusiasts are much more careful and safety oriented than it looks. Even in dirtbikes with some side by sides in the group we have 2 way FM hand held radios we run.


    The last time my four wheeler broke my dad told me that he bought it to use and abuse it and not sit around the garage so don’t worry about people complaining they have nothing else to do.

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Great fix for sure. Love the two wheel riding but you’re on the regular and you’re causing damage lol 😆

  • Mike Bosley
    Mike Bosley

    Awesome job guys!

  • Renn

    That takes some nads to go up on two wheels.

  • Mike Salois
    Mike Salois

    Be safe gentlemen, I just read about your new order about no friends or relatives. This will all be in the rear view mirror soon enough.

  • Kenneth Atchley
    Kenneth Atchley

    Just send it!👍☝️🤟💯💯💯🏁

  • I got a Prius
    I got a Prius

    I think I’m from the same area as you guys, where are you guys from?

  • Romromthegreat 8
    Romromthegreat 8

    To do a wheelie someone has to stand in the bed and lean back

  • Steven D
    Steven D

    im waiting for yall to go faster ?!?!?! these guys have been doing this a long time i believe in ya'll!!!!

  • Logan Mckiddy
    Logan Mckiddy

    Bend it back out

  • FromWaterToMud -
    FromWaterToMud -

    Next time your in Florida come RIP with FromWaterToMud

  • BoydCo

    Bend the old one back in the press, plate and weld it up for a spare!

  • David Beck
    David Beck

    First accessory you buy for an expensive unit like that is a good insurance policy. Let’s face it, when you ride hard Stuff happens.

  • the breadedcrab
    the breadedcrab

    Heck the haters. They cant handle running full HK. Send it doods!

  • Tired of the Tyranny
    Tired of the Tyranny

    Sous just can’t drive!! PERIOD!

  • CharlieboySLONDON

    I came over from Cleetus a little while ago and I'm absolutely hooked on side by sides and this channel , been binge watching all youre Blogs 👊 I need one asap but I live in London and theres no where to use them 🤣👊

  • david payce
    david payce

    Check out dirt obsession roll a wildcat xx down the hill 6 or seven times land on its wheels the guy opens the door gets out and shuts it just like it never happened.But you guys hate cats. The reason I bought mine was because it is very well built. Let the howling begin

  • Darrick Dykstra
    Darrick Dykstra

    Does anyone know what happened to full throttle offroad?

  • Rickshire Gishire
    Rickshire Gishire

    Did he yell out DUDE when he crashed ?? hahaha

  • Christopher Winn
    Christopher Winn

    what are you guys using to clean the plastics? looks like it cleans up remarkably well.


      Zep goodstuff

  • William Whitman
    William Whitman

    "None of them hold up to rolls." Exactly! DO NOT ROLL IT! Drive responsibly. Those headlights being on really helped, didn't it? Nearly 700 people die each year in ATV/UTV vehicles -- between 2015 to 2017 55 died in Florida. Every year, right down the road from me, at least one person dies at Glamis on Halloween in a UTV. If you are hitting trees and rolling these cars over, you are over driving them. Period. But keep the headlights on -- that'll help.

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell

    Check out the game "Overpass" on PS4 or Xbox one. It's a cool RZR game. I think you guys would enjoy. Glad to see yall got the XP back in action. HECK YEAH DUDE 👍

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams

    As far as pro xp plastics, most people replace the broken parts rather than cobble them together and its understandable when your talking about taking pride in your 28K sxs. So when you realize that the drivers side had the softest rollover possible and still broke some expensive plastic panels then the complaints about the pro xp make sense. Imagine a roll with any speed or multiple rolls. The cost would be insane. Anyway, frame wise she is a tough buggy for sure.

  • David Floer
    David Floer

    Is that the second one in 3 months? And Cleetus can do the 2 wheeled sideways, of course he's a nut anyway.

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G

    Great Werk! Man I'de Like a 1 o those XP! LoL!

  • Luke Crumrine
    Luke Crumrine

    Mr. Douglas that was sick!!!!

  • Eric onelove
    Eric onelove

    That was a pretty cool 2 wheel man. Can you guys do a video on just the Polaris general

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    People always have something to complain about they clearly don't have any fun!! Keep ripping fellas!!!

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    i have all kinds of proof so i can write it and i can publish it as well.... i hold hard copies of letter and statements from attorney general of kasas derek schmidt and victim of crime all refuse to do justice even civil rights out of washington dc all refuse to take action....

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    i am so lost i dont know which rig i like best but i live in middle of nowhere ranch i only grow a few plants , one is poison oak, second poison ivy, third is poison sumac so all will give you a case of rash from hell, if you want seeds it cost a lot due to hospital bills picking the seeds will ship them in bulk and give a discount on loads ship to door, i would like to trade seeds for utv what you think on that one jents, lol i know you will be just like the attorney general in state of kansas derek schmidt wrote me a letter we appreciate your taking the time to alert this office to the problem you encountered with identity theft this office is responsible for enforcement of the kansas consumer protection act (KCPA) and we are only authorized to act within the guidelines of the kcpa. because the situation and described in your complaint does not fall within our jurisdiction , this office is not able to help you, so if you own a house in state of kansas and home destroyed by crime and identity stolen from kansas and having tons of proof the state and county of state of kansas even if the cops steal from your personnel bank accounts and corp bank accouts they protect the color of blue and the owner of said property and assets have no rights in state of kansas and since your a veteran you do not quilify for help and you own other property in other state you can go to hell this is what i got from the state of kansas from victim of crime, and attorney general office cops will not write a report on them selfs for corruption in smith county kansas and also the district attorney s was also envolved in the robbery and corruption steeling abstract for home and funds and forced me to sign plea deal by gun point so i beg all you that travel stay clear of smith county kansas or you will be target by crime ring hwy 36 and 281 hwy stay clear from this area smith county kansas.....

  • Joseph Waddle
    Joseph Waddle

    I did the flop in my 16 Turbo. That just means that you are having real fun and getting your nickels worth

  • Justin Henderson
    Justin Henderson

    Why waist y’all money going back stock instead of going aftermarket like L@W fab trailing arms so they want bend again?

  • Jay86 _
    Jay86 _

    Pfftt! 80!? Thats it!? Lol they don't even wanna know what some of them sleds out there are hittin! There's a place and time for rippin and most of us know them limits.

  • Dontavious Cashaw
    Dontavious Cashaw

    I believe that battlefield and nicks x3 could do a wheelie with the big drag tires on that they have

  • Rev Head
    Rev Head

    cut open the old 1 and see if you can fix it for a spare. would make a good video of doug welderfield :)

  • jr88brutus

    Sous ran out of talent on that crash.

  • TR3V 23
    TR3V 23

    If use are gurning about speeding on trials wise the F**K up be a man that's what us men want to do is F**K shit up and have a good laugh the boys will look back at that in years to come and have good laugh that's what life is all about making memories and having fun. Have good day/night 👍

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard


  • anthony cope
    anthony cope

    Stop saying one more and start saying another one

  • BRS Beard
    BRS Beard

    Need to see some more rocks and valleys. And Sand lake.

  • BaJa Clan Media
    BaJa Clan Media

    when are you guys getting a lift?

  • Ryan Zone
    Ryan Zone

    DAM DOUG! GREAT DRIVING AT 20:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dwayne swanson
    dwayne swanson

    Cleetus can do it the side wheelie better u might wanna practice more. 😆

  • Brad Lackie
    Brad Lackie

    I hope one of the new projects is a turbo for the taloné!

  • bitsiphon

    If you hit a tree, grab your wallet.

  • N2rescue

    That’s just part of Polaris testing Sous does for there R&D dept

  • SpadezYT

    I love this channel

  • Dylancooke55

    Hope we see some big power mods on the proxp soon!

  • Everything.On.Wheels 519
    Everything.On.Wheels 519

    I'm a diehard can-am guy but the more I see that rzr rip it's making me want to try one out.

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson

    Nice driving Doug!!

  • Steve York
    Steve York

    Doug the”Prerunner”!Hey Nick S. It’s called left foot breaking🤣 I’m a little disappointed with you Doug you had a great chance to pit move Cleetus near the end and gave him a break.FF500. We were pulling for you!!


      Too much respect for the Cleeter team to spin em out. Wish the feelings were mutual lol

  • Nmbr1GMfan

    $400 Sous tax!

  • Jim Allen
    Jim Allen

    Great videos guys

  • John Barron
    John Barron

    I don't worry about you guys clearing trails of traffic/debris, you're clearly smarter than that. I worry about 80mph rollovers into trees. That's how people get impaled. Maybe a gauntlet redesign/expansion?

  • Kyle Lanoue
    Kyle Lanoue

    Big ol F to all the haters. Go read or something.... we have turbo sounds to enjoy.

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Best SXS on the market! Thanks guys!


    Good job doug👍 2 wheeling is always scary 😱👍🙂

  • Aaron Teague
    Aaron Teague

    Of course there’s always the debbie downers in every situation 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ just keep on doing yalls thing man don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says

  • octane jake
    octane jake

    I'll be honest I have NEVER been a polaris guy but after seeing you guys run them and have good luck has had me totally changing my mind towards them.. also that machine took a hard hit and was able to finish the ride cant ask for much more than that.

  • chris harding
    chris harding

    It only went that quick because there’s nothing else to do while quarantined. Lol



  • Devin Everett
    Devin Everett

    Dude!! 2 wheels, soo sick haha I love it. Side 2 is better than the rear 2 even though that would've been awesome to see lol have fun rippin.

  • Trevor Braden
    Trevor Braden

    It's just a social media way of life..... you always got critics....... Know-it-alls and assholes..... but most of us sensible people appreciate what you guys do..... keep it up

  • We Ride New England
    We Ride New England

    Great video! Glad it didn’t have any more major damage! My 2020 scrambler 1000 has already had 2 major breakdowns with less than 100 miles 😔 I have videos on my channel if you guys are interested!

  • matt dyer
    matt dyer

    I can't speak for everyone else talking about the pros taking damage on slow rollovers, but I can speak on my own experience. I watched one get totaled on a rollover that was under 5mph. Basically it was on a off camber hill, and when it tipped the top left front of the cage hit a rock. The cage was noticeably tweaked, but not bad by any means. My buddy who owned it turned it into insurance thinking they were just going to put a new cage on it. Turned out that where the front left of the cage hooked to the main chassis was also tweaked out. Insurance totaled it. Basically what caused the issue was bad welds where the front left of the cage hooked to the chassis. Multiple welds broke which allowed that side to move. Seemed to me to be a factory defect, which obviously can and does happen. They are obviously pretty stout in the back half for yours not to have anymore damage than it did.

  • Jason D
    Jason D

    Hey turbo talon anytime soon

  • Geos Vision
    Geos Vision

    Try rolling your car over lmao!

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy

    2:24 In short. STFU peeps. We ride how we ride and are safe about it :D

  • E Windfeld
    E Windfeld

    Sous looks like a Bear coming out of the windshield, hilarious!. That was a beefy trailing arm, I have an X3, there no where near that strength, just stamped sheet metal. I guess for the Crush factor or sacrificial, so you don't bend the Bolt points. A little bent isn't going to matter. That is one strong Unit! You guys where awesome in the FF 500.

    • mattd19902010

      My 2020 x3 xmr turbo rr rolled a couple of times going about 35 nothing seriously damaged a couple of plastics

  • lakelandpowerwashing

    A lot of people dont realize how easy it is to just cruise a trail at 60mph on these new machines. My 2020 XPT4 RZR is smooth as butter banging ditches at 65mph. These are not your dads old Honda foreman...

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