FLORIDA MAN turns Honda Talon into a submarine! (full scene)
This was too good to not show...
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  • SXSBlog.com

    This was one of the funniest things that we've ever recorded!

    • Vanessa

      it really is ha ha

    • Jeff Fisher
      Jeff Fisher

      Ashton5Point0h again not a hater of the sxsblog guys. I was an early subscriber and many things they do I really enjoy watching.

    • Ashton5Point0h

      @Jeff Fisher you still gave them the view tho lol. Its more power to them that they get to do the stuff they love for their job.

    • Jeff Fisher
      Jeff Fisher

      Mouse Gipson and I'm not a hater on the SXS guys, it's just I work hard to fund my SXS hobby and to see utube funded antics like intentionally driving a buggy into deep water for views just kinda rubs the mechanic in me the wrong way. I know zip about running a utube channel as a business and obviously the SXSblog and Cletus crew have latched onto a gold mine where people pay for this.

    • SXSBlog.com

      @Mouse Gipson I think the CF1 is way cooler now 🤷‍♂️😁 lol

  • Brian tel
    Brian tel

    That's why you never buy used

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    When u guys coming out to fl I would love to ride with yall it be a blast

  • Tabor Tackett
    Tabor Tackett

    fricken honda’s 😂

  • Brian Rogers
    Brian Rogers

    "It's the PVC, man. It's, uh, Water Resistant PVC." HAHAHA

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Him skipping at the end is savage lol!

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Oh lawd y’all need some talon owners that can give those guys some pointers

  • CrippledMerc

    Looks like you guys got a Florida mixed in your Michigan. I swear Florida is like a whole different country. You should be required to have a passport to go there. That said, I love Cleetus and the boys, and when you all get together it makes for some extraordinarily fun viewing!

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    Lmao, only Cooper can turn an SXS into a Submarine! Might as well SUB, *err hur hur* what a stooopid pun... 🤣

  • magickennyj

    Money to burn get a jetski.

  • Greg Cremer
    Greg Cremer

    Wow! Pretty impressive bit of work all of you guys getting it back up and running so quickly!

  • Cesar Robles
    Cesar Robles

    SAVE CLEETUS!!! I'm dying 🤣😅😂

  • Nigel Nghtmare12r
    Nigel Nghtmare12r

    What’s the song at the end of the video?

  • Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones

    It’s a Honda

  • Escuela Vieja Garage
    Escuela Vieja Garage

    That would have kinda sucked if water would have gotten in the oil....... buying a new engine can get a little expensive.

  • BigD1395

    LMAO now we know that alcohol and SxS's don't mix huh?!!!

  • SOFLO OFF-ROAD media
    SOFLO OFF-ROAD media

    Never hook to the bumper! Lmao

  • bob knar
    bob knar

    Did the talon need new rings? Did you guys get all the water out of the oil? I did this not too long ago in my talon and had to do two diesel flushes then two oil flushes.

  • Shaun A
    Shaun A

    Hold my beer and watch me destroy this 30k talon.

  • Carter Chance
    Carter Chance

    It’s a Honda that’s why the air box is dry

  • Tundra Guy
    Tundra Guy

    It’s a Honda what else would you ext

    • Tundra Guy
      Tundra Guy


  • Paradise Off Road
    Paradise Off Road

    You guys are awesome cant wait till you come to pismo beach if it ever opens up again

  • txpacket

    Y’all have a vid called “Our Wettest Ride” or some such... I think you may want to switch that title!

  • Tyler Matheson
    Tyler Matheson

    Wheres the cleetus woods ride dont leave us hanging like he did

  • derekseab

    That's a Talon not an Auqatrax! I feel the need to ask for one of those UTV's before yet another one gets wasted. I'll actually take good care of it.

  • ostacruiser

    Looks like you guys are getting the required training in before your trip North!!🤣🤣🤣

    • Wyatt Wells
      Wyatt Wells

      Did you just foreshadow? 🤔

  • dianna baker
    dianna baker

    got more money than sense

  • Jorge Gamboa
    Jorge Gamboa

    I have a video oh my turbo s like a sub too lol

  • scott reynolds
    scott reynolds

    Honda refuses to die!

  • POV Adventures
    POV Adventures

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  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    Coop steady rocking the single Croc. That is the new fashion choice of the summer.

  • Dr Art's Hot Rod Rehab
    Dr Art's Hot Rod Rehab

    enjoyed the series , stop by my channel and hang out

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man

    Try adding a nuclear reactor.

  • Glockspecific

    I love the sound of Coop’s rig!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yeah Evo exhaust on a Talon sounds excellent

  • Dean Vigna
    Dean Vigna

    Extra stupid. Dumb people don’t know they are dumb.

  • NW Riders
    NW Riders

    hey what belts do you guys run on your x3s?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • TheDude

    Poor Rick looks like he's so tire of fixing these idiots Fkups...

  • Hunter Moore
    Hunter Moore

    Drain the air box take the filter out and try it

  • Mark Tiny
    Mark Tiny

    Hands down best videos on ALgone! Keep up the good work!

  • Riders Miami
    Riders Miami

    What a nice place...where is that?

  • Neil Gouws
    Neil Gouws

    Having fun is one thing... Honda guy, takes STUPID to the next level 🤔

  • Brandon Urick
    Brandon Urick

    I love how cleetus is just standing and everyone is swimming

  • nicholas lamb
    nicholas lamb

    I wish I had that much money to waste

  • Travis Redden
    Travis Redden

    You can’t get a better durability promo video for a talon

  • Joshua Elias
    Joshua Elias

    Should've locked the diff

  • gooru 1
    gooru 1

    "every talon owner needs an x3 friend to work on their stuff" best line ever!

  • gobigparts

    Wonder how much water is in the oil. Probably not good to run it that way?

  • James Karayanis
    James Karayanis

    Cooper must have gotten engaged, he seems on a mission to prove he's still wild and free, or just intent on killing himself...who can say.

  • S FERG
    S FERG

    THIS is the reason to not buy used.

  • Boosted 6.6LBZ
    Boosted 6.6LBZ

    When Cooper said “ it’s not like I rolled it’s just that the tires started flipping” LOL

  • Bart Benn
    Bart Benn

    All I can say is well wow

  • Chris Gingerich
    Chris Gingerich

    Clearly it was closer to 15-20 feet of water if the Giratte's head was barely above water

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Put down the camera and help say cleetus ! Lazy leo says help them rick !


    Love how they laugh as they watch him roll it n the water 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂😂

  • shawn crosby
    shawn crosby

    Hopefully nobody had a leech latch onto their bird!

  • Timber Servant
    Timber Servant

    i seriously have dreamed of life like this. one, for fun two to feed my family. i love you guys, plain and simple. yall inspire me. probably forever ill.

  • Timber Servant
    Timber Servant

    let me just say, im very very well with egines. i could literlly pass every certifacation exam all self taught. i have my own atv! anted a sxs but just too much money for the likes of me... i sense a job out there for meeee..... just uhhh, you know, let.me.know.

  • Andrew Cash
    Andrew Cash

    when you start useing boating turmes for boating when sid by siding you may have gone to deep

  • two stroke tripod
    two stroke tripod

    A Florida Man

  • Sea Stacker
    Sea Stacker

    Guess we should have checked the oil. Doug..... “oh. I just assumed someone did that.” Words don’t do his reaction justice. Classic Doug. 😂

    • maximus prime
      maximus prime

      I died laughing

  • John Boticki
    John Boticki

    How do you not check the oil?

  • Charles M
    Charles M


  • Woofer SD
    Woofer SD

    Didn’t drop the Oil, new LS coming soon.

  • عراقي وافتخر
    عراقي وافتخر

    That's happen if you let aclowns drive a monster

  • S W
    S W

    No Fear Cooper.

  • mark smithson
    mark smithson

    This is hilarious guys but sad for the talon.

  • Pinheiros Kids Tony
    Pinheiros Kids Tony

    Y’all should take the 2jz rzr out there


    Apparently the Talons lazily list to the left in water

  • Patrick Hardison
    Patrick Hardison

    Just Sinking The Heck Out of it!! 🤣🇺🇸

  • Omar Santana
    Omar Santana

    ☣️ coronavirus ☣️😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🤧🤧🤧🤕🤕🤕🤕🏥🏥🏥☣️☣️🤒🤒😔😔🤒☣️☣️🏥🏥🤕🤕🤕🤕🤧🤧🤧😷😷😷🏥🏥☣️☣️☣️🤒🤒😔😔😔 ALgone google

  • KC W
    KC W

    Blooper Spaghetti

  • ATC, ATV, 4X4
    ATC, ATV, 4X4


  • j can am rider
    j can am rider

    I don't even go half of that on mine and watet get inside of my front differential how come?

  • David Michael
    David Michael

    Loved Rick’s comment lmfao

  • Buurje

    Haha😂 see What happens was!!! JamiePFIspeed?! 🤘🏼😂😎 greatings from 🇸🇪 Damn funny video 👌🏼😄

  • SuperZpowell

    Clean Honda Talon low hours adult owned don't miss this great deal. Lol

  • Robert F
    Robert F

    Must be nice to have money to fix or replace expensive machines

  • Rob Wagner
    Rob Wagner

    Coup for the Win

  • John Mattu
    John Mattu

    Nah, that shit wasn't funny, destroying equipment that HE didn't pay or work for, ass clown period. Hell would have froze over before I would have got that thing running for him, he didn't even try to help. I mean I know he has zero skills, but he could've at least acted interested, he was to busy crying about a $20 pair of Crocs, really. The look on Rick's face told it all. Great ad for patreon. Maybe I've just turned into a grumpy old DICK... nah, I'm clearly not the DICK here. Not dissing on you guys @ SXSBLOG , I could tell none of you were impressed either, I mean if I remember correctly, SXS got him that rig for him for his birthday, what was it his 5th one!!! RANT OUT!

  • Pat Filipczak
    Pat Filipczak

    Good job not helping leo

    • SNS GGL
      SNS GGL

      REMEMBER ITS NOT HIS JOB TO HELP!!! HE DOESNT GET PAID TO HELP!!! But then again Doug n Sous would of been the 1st ones in there to help a friend or a fellow rider if they were there n I see them work the camera alot when leo wants to be in the lime light lol. I am glad the men n women I ride with do not think like that!!! Just saying


    Geez guys! Please be careful...your making me nervous!

  • Woody Wackers
    Woody Wackers

    What did y’all think was gonna happen it’s a Honda it Runs on water

  • RT Outdoors
    RT Outdoors

    Lawn mowers, pressure washers, ATVs, jets, cars, questionable trucks, submarines. Honda is in every market now.

  • Evan Moores
    Evan Moores

    What exhaust is on the red talon?

  • chris w
    chris w

    Yaint' havin fun unless you get the lake salad on ya!!!😂😁🤣😅

  • Muskrat Offroad
    Muskrat Offroad

    Wow! That was deep!

  • Chonch

    drinking game, take a shot everytime leo says "big facts"

    • Asylumental

      "Thats not my job"

    • David Leslie
      David Leslie

      Yer not wrong

    • Ryan Barton
      Ryan Barton

      "Who's to say"

    • Asylumental

      Everyone would get really wasted - big facts.

  • Asylumental

    Lotta real committed dudes to be swimming in a leech infested pool like that lol

  • Leonard Kerns
    Leonard Kerns

    FOR SALE: Almost new Honda Talon. Low hours. Easy use. Can see the ad now. And the next user wonders why all the strange electrical problems.

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli

    Wow! Awesome!

  • Fred Neuschwanter
    Fred Neuschwanter

    See even Cleetus yelled , PUT THE CAMERA DOWN AND HELP !!!!! Lol 😂

    • James Karayanis
      James Karayanis

      Some things just can not be left to memory for retelling. I support Nick's decision. If Coop had to take one for the team then so be it:-)

    • SXSBlog.com

      Not my job 😆😆😆😁😁 hahaha

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    I can't believe the air filter was dry. I think the curve in the pipe must have made an air trap. Its a good thing he shut it off quick before that started sucking water

  • Viking

    We need to name Cooper's talon "Red October"

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    Cory is now my favorite, "get in here you fat bitch". Love it lol

  • Julio Valencia
    Julio Valencia

    Crazy fukrrz

  • chevyboi88 420
    chevyboi88 420

    "God dammit coop"😂😂😂

  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    Talon tuff baby 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  • John Cutler
    John Cutler

    Ya'll are some awesome to put up with all their stuff

  • Mizz Grizz
    Mizz Grizz

    How the heckin!? It started hahaha

  • Nick Miraldi
    Nick Miraldi

    Why did cleetus play this as day one? Totally messed the flow up lol

    • Nick Miraldi
      Nick Miraldi

      @SXSBlog.com that makes sense, he didn't play the whole recovery through so it was fun to see. Can't wait for the next one! And let's get it out on time please! 😜 lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      It was day one, he showed his edit in his video, we wanted to release the whole thing.

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