Freedom 500 ACTION and Florida SWAMP RIP!
Florida is THE BEST!
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    The next Freedom 500? PURE BLOODBATH lol

    • Deno Tech
      Deno Tech

      Frank Lanois llllll.ll.........last year What’s good for ya girl and yyyyyyyIuyUujuuiiip

    • Rodney Duran
      Rodney Duran

      Joshua BARTON Can’t really do that; it’s their track. They make and change the rules as per Cleetus. If Doug would have won that race Cleetus would have gone into a tantrum just like he did when Leo beat him at his home trac.

    • Jeremy Keith
      Jeremy Keith

      James is a dic-

    • 0oJoe

      Same thing just no pitting, i thought it was a whack idea to begin with. They should keep the trading paint and love taps. But isn't any reason to have people pitting others into the wall. When y'all got pitted and turned around on the track cars scattering to miss hitting you head on, pure butt puckering moment.

    • John Helbig
      John Helbig

      Ok, nobody, NOBODY puts the blog into a corner... or wall... LoL , next FF 500, us 4 we work as a pit maneuver team! WE TAKE THEM ALL OUT! WOLVERINE! can i get a.. WOLVERINE! WE GONNA "REDDAWN" EM! See what i did there.... i snuck myself in as a driver! BAHAHAHA missed Rick! That busy guy!

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Omg that was sick! Awesome man and dougie i see NASCAR in your future you a bad ass driver! All you guys did amazing and the burn out after was epic!! Ty guys ANOTHER amazing vid!!🤙 please keep em coming!!!

  • Ryan Rose
    Ryan Rose

    I've been crazy busy and got 20 vids behind. This is what I've missed?! Crazy awesome!! Had me laughing and rolling with excitement!!

  • BaseJit

    only happens in florida 😂

  • Dwight Schuette
    Dwight Schuette

    Cool video!

  • Jake Cook
    Jake Cook

    When it comes to swampy boging holes in the Midwest the goal no one talks about is to hydroplane the whole thing

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr

    As a Florida native I can definitely relate to this video. Give us some mud, vehicles of any kind and there will be shenanigans

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Did sous get slowest driver award again ? Doug you were killing it until you were spun out ! Who did the work to leos and souss car lmao !

  • Dang Bo
    Dang Bo

    Done with the Cleetus channel. I mean Cheatus channel. WTF This is not how we do things in the South

  • Brian YXZ1000R
    Brian YXZ1000R

    This is the best sxs vids on youtube and we only get 4 mins of the Florida ride, what gives? Boosted Boyz video was better imo.

  • ngh

    Man James..... What the hell? Can't believe you punked Doug like that. BLACK FLAG! I suggest next time you are passing Cletus or James. Punt them into the wall as a preemptive move.

  • Jake

    Quick question who was playing the country music cleetus or JH!?? Lol 😂 awesome video!!

  • Shane Wilkerson
    Shane Wilkerson

    Doug with that hot boi line on the inside.. looked like he learned the lesson on how bad the car reacts when straddling the apron and the track 😂😂

  • Jeff Clayton
    Jeff Clayton

    Great job fellas!!!! Hangin with Cleetus has to be a blast.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    R y'all going to bring mud life to fla?

  • Mark Horne
    Mark Horne

    It's all part of racing..remember the night.remember the number 🤘🤘😎😎

  • Connor Brady
    Connor Brady

    Doug was pissed lol

  • Simpson Rd Larry
    Simpson Rd Larry

    This looks awesome! Hahahaha what a fucking blast!!

  • mgordon1995

    Where at in Avon park where y’all riding as I’d love to go ride that place !

  • Off-Road World
    Off-Road World

    Straight up good ole wholesome content. Heck ya dude.

  • Blake Martinez
    Blake Martinez

    absolute banger video! love all of the content keep it up boys! YEE YEE

  • Jason Crews
    Jason Crews

    Y'all was 10 min from my house.i love bogging in the estates

  • Paul Griffith
    Paul Griffith

    Cool video! I was white knuckled holding my phone watching that race!

  • Chase Johnson
    Chase Johnson

    Glad y’all had fun out here sorry it is pretty dry out here rn tho

  • Mitchell Whitcomb
    Mitchell Whitcomb

    "Cleetus put his neck out there." Is this a girafe joke?


      low key lol

  • Spencer Sexton
    Spencer Sexton

    That bumper cars more than anything

  • Ori Hefzi
    Ori Hefzi

    in my country a stock pro xp costs 61k us dollars i dnt wanna even start talking about a new x3


      Tough break. What country?

  • SID

    15:00 - I get knocked down, but I get up again, y’all ain’t gunna be keepin’ me down.

    • AudibleVisible

      Close enough

  • SID

    15:00 - I get knocked down, but I get up again, y’all ain’t gunnavp be keepin’ me down.

  • William Uskoski
    William Uskoski

    The pitting just to knock em out is kinda lame. A race is way more fun if it's clean

  • Mike Bjork
    Mike Bjork

    Doug you should of pitted cleetus

  • Clay Perry
    Clay Perry

    James and cooper can’t let doug beat cletus in his own place

  • lower alabama country boy
    lower alabama country boy

    Did I ear a I wish I had a snorkle yes I did less do it

  • Edu Jarrin
    Edu Jarrin

    great video !!

  • Preston Humphrey
    Preston Humphrey


  • Liana Ilardi
    Liana Ilardi

    Best video footage of the race, great job guys

  • Zach Phillips
    Zach Phillips

    “Giant 6 foot gator” yalls non Floridian is showing 🤪

  • patrick thomas
    patrick thomas

    man... i almost had some hard feelings on some of this.. especially doug getting spun. SxS guys made a good showing.

  • fooman700

    yall are making a very weak vid boggin so weak real florida riders don't get stuck

  • fooman700

    rocky mountain what do you think about all the tire smoke it has got to be environmental right

  • J Farrar
    J Farrar

    The next time Doug has a chance to pit Cleetus and doesn't, NO MCDONALDS ON THE RIDE HOME

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Do you think Cleetus Crew like to party? They might be writing the book from the looks of it. Keep living the dream gents, and make sure to keep sending the vids, TY.

  • Tired of the Tyranny
    Tired of the Tyranny

    James and coop protected their boss! Tuff break!

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call

    What did it cost to race?

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call

    Felt like an old guy... “Get off my lawn you trouble makers!!!!”

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    James needs to be put in time out. What an embarrassment throwing his helmet then ruining the race for everyone else? Dude lost a lot of fans with that shit including me.

    • Rodney Duran
      Rodney Duran

      First Name Last Name The shit they pull off; totally puts them at par with scumbag. Cleetus should have declare his intent to win from the beginning of the event. In that order - others wouldn’t have made an attempt to win. I would have walk out the moment that BS is pull off. Nobody steps on my integrity...

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    I bet James feels like a dumbass

  • Xelsworthx

    Keep it up ya weirdos !! 👍🏻👌🏻

  • Johnny

    That's not a swamp lol 😂

  • Cameron Bridges
    Cameron Bridges

    I’m assuming a lot of alcohol was consumed that day lol

  • BRS Beard
    BRS Beard

    Love seeing you guys out playing in the mud

  • Brad Thackston
    Brad Thackston

    Next time y’all need to bring mudlife

  • South FL Mud Club
    South FL Mud Club

    Where are you all riding? Avon Park is near River Ranch but that's not RR.

  • Griffin Monaghan
    Griffin Monaghan

    Dude thats my neighborhood

  • Redman323232

    avon park estates damn I would of been out there if I wasn't at work would of like to meet all you guys keep up the good work

  • Elliott

    Spinning people out should deduct you seconds off your final time!

  • Steve Roberts III
    Steve Roberts III

    Cool footage I am from Avon Park Fl

  • James Cox
    James Cox

    that looks like sooo much fun!!!!

  • XJlover

    I was standing up yelling at my tv when. Doug and cleetus were going at it holy that was exciting

  • Jose Coreas
    Jose Coreas

    Everyone mad at James for his driving lol. It was expected to be a mess to begin with thats what made it so much fun to watch.

  • Zandalism

    where you guys at River Ranch?

  • Whuts Uhp
    Whuts Uhp

    Be careful! My cousin went into that swamp and he had aids. Then he came out and had gonorrhea!

  • Daniel Malek
    Daniel Malek

    Noone broke the law that day. Noone. Covid-19: Hell no brother!!

  • Sami Parkkinen
    Sami Parkkinen

    That's absolutely amazing! Just the thing we need while self isolating!

  • Vernon Driggers
    Vernon Driggers

    That house is what a 200,000 house in Florida looks like

    • AudibleVisible

      Way more than that bud

  • Tyler Souther
    Tyler Souther

    Hey are yall in the Avon Park Estates in this video

  • billybro1999

    That's how we get down here in Florida

  • Philonious

    The 500 footage reminds me of the story of Sir Thomas Lipton. Corinthian Spirit was a myth in the 5 America's cup races Lipton competed for at the turn of the last century. None-the-less Lipton was always gracious, humble, and played the game straight down the middle. This was so endearing to the American public that a winning cup called the "the best of all losers" was made in his honor. This spirit and decency made the Scotsman's tea a household staple in North America, made him one of the richest men in the world, and earned him a Knighthood. Few remember the winners and their crews from those races so long ago, but everyone remembers Sir Thomas Lipton, 1st Baronet KCVO, and the tea-bag with his trophy on the package. SIR Dougie! 110!

  • MI.Dunerunner

    It was so awesome seeing Doug right there in striking distance. Glad you guy's are all safe after some of those hits. Can't wait to see one of you guy win the next Freedom 500.

  • C Ama
    C Ama

    Dude that’s bullshit James shouldn’t have been able to be put back in

  • cybermavrik

    Thats what riding is about !!!

  • Rob P.
    Rob P.

    Man Douglas had a great chance of winning that race! I wish they hadn't pitted him like that towards the end. Looks like you guys had an experience of a lifetime though just awesome stuff!

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson

    You guys are f'n crazy! Keep up the great videos!

  • Kenneth Ketterer
    Kenneth Ketterer can I make a suggestion on a build or alone those lines how about doing something with a mudding machine bc there is alot of people out there that likes to go mudding

  • michael lee
    michael lee

    One question... Where is Mud Life ??

  • Pétur Stefánsson
    Pétur Stefánsson

    Awesome guys 👍🏻

  • zo6freak

    I think a montage of Doug saying “Whew!” Is in order! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Murray Connelly
    Murray Connelly

    Very smooth driving there Battle. I watched an episode of Cleetus's where Cooper said you guys had no chance. In mine and many of your fans eyes you won Doug, you're a true gentleman. 👍


    What an awesome time you guys had 👍👍👍 glad you kept your helmets on during the ride most Floridians don't wear helmets on rides

  • Tracy

    What a great group! Came from Cleetus, stayed for the Blog!

  • 8133 Micro
    8133 Micro

    What if you all got together and set up some side by sides to run an oval track...slicks, suspension tuning, gearing etc. Kinda like midgets or sprint cars..sort of. Lol

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Holy Shiz! Wow, that race and that ride! One hell of a good time! Cleetus gettin er done!

  • Dakota Northrup
    Dakota Northrup

    Dang y’all really came to the Avon park States

  • My Gun Garage
    My Gun Garage

    The Freedom 500 was meant to entertain. I was entertained for the most part but I'm not entertained when guys who are laps down pick off the leaders. Just sayin'. I know there were 'no rules', nevertheless, I was not entertained by that.

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Glad you were able to get down to Florida, please be careful out there! This COVID Shit is REAL and it's not just killing old people.

  • 300zxdriver

    Not a cloud in the sky. Lol

  • john martin
    john martin

    Cleetus didn’t want Doug to win on his track

  • Jay Miner
    Jay Miner

    I've never seen so many Mullets in my life!!!!!

  • rolandrockstar mega
    rolandrockstar mega

    Love it. Doug is the wheelman!!!!!

  • Reckless Ranch Oregon
    Reckless Ranch Oregon

    that looked like a blast

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    Doug has some skills!! This was a badass race haha

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    Doug has some skills!! This was a badass race haha

  • Srt Jg
    Srt Jg

    They ride like I ride🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • kylelach2011

    Doug put on a badass show at the freedom 500 I was pretty butthurt when james and coop spun him out. Which is funny being I got on this channel from cleetus’ channel

  • Dukesofhazzard

    Looked like Doug was going for the “ Pass in the Grass” for a second......

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez

    definitely the estates in avon park. good place to ride. you guys missed a lot of spots

  • ray comstock
    ray comstock


  • ballsaglory

    Overall kinda disappointed In James's driving attitude. Tough break!

  • G Rapids
    G Rapids

    The funniest part, james was driving like a dingus, then got super pissed when someone spun him out

    • G Rapids
      G Rapids

      AudibleVisible No he wasn’t lol he was super pissed

    • AudibleVisible

      He was playing around genius

  • tayjadster

    Doug easily could have taken out Cleetus........he’s just too nice of a guy and wanted to play fair. Overall, great job boys!

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