Freedom Factory SECRET TRACK RIP! Big air and BURNOUTS! X3 RZR
Went to the Freedom Factory and SENT IT!
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    • Seth Stuck
      Seth Stuck launch factory

    • Seth Stuck
      Seth Stuck

      The Launch factory

    • Calvin Davis
      Calvin Davis

      The Freedom Cross

    • D&K Gibson
      D&K Gibson

      Terra Firma McFarland

    • fm 1055
      fm 1055

      Dictatorship factory

  • Darren

    You can always tell when there is an x3 on the track... nothing but squeak squeak squeak.... sounds like an excavator’s tracks!!

  • squatchman 757
    squatchman 757

    Shall be names "The Eagles nest"

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull

    Leonardo's tires just dont smoke like the others. Tough tires

  • Kalieb


  • KeithMinnicksRacing

    How come leo always uses the slow green key

  • Whackin Axes
    Whackin Axes

    Freedom Fast Track

  • Whackin Axes
    Whackin Axes

    Freed Fast Track

  • Deloss92

    @25:38 Who got into Cleets SOD!!!!

  • Dalovesac King
    Dalovesac King

    6:29 Check my sack out, just shaved em

  • Derek Vancleef
    Derek Vancleef

    I need my x3 to move like these!!

  • Matt Benson
    Matt Benson

    Freedom factory fun field!

  • Mike Parkhill
    Mike Parkhill

    hey gents, on the X3 front shocks need to be reversed, put the reservoir needs to go up. to do so right on the left and left on the right. looks awesome and easier to adjust and clean.


    I would call it just simply FREEDOM X

  • vinwiki

    10:55 not a bad ripper

  • the_gaming_freek

    Dream factory

  • Operation 660
    Operation 660

    Freedom 51

  • Justin Webb
    Justin Webb

    Freedom Factory Breakroom

  • Mike Ramia
    Mike Ramia

    I love this whole group of dudes. They help me get through the day.

  • Vyllain Da Rogue
    Vyllain Da Rogue

    Thats the Mullet Factory.

  • John Cline
    John Cline

    Think it needs a water truck visit

  • Brenden Belcher
    Brenden Belcher

    Freedom testing track

  • Dwight Schuette
    Dwight Schuette

    Nice air

  • Lyvynwyld

    The freedom flyer!

  • Jake Cook
    Jake Cook

    Just a little tip for burnouts put more air in to break traction easy

  • WTP Gaming
    WTP Gaming

    The freedom Feild

  • Jairus Frazier
    Jairus Frazier

    Freedom zone or freedom fields

  • Naval Infidel
    Naval Infidel

    I am in the researching stage not yet an owner, I am SO glad I have spent the time checking out channels and you guys by the way are Great! Between your channel and AdrenianeJunky's channel I have been able to learn a lot and see the ins and outs of the various machines. Many Can-Am new owners have had a lot of issues from exhaust in the cab, suspension problems and CVT issues. The Polaris owners have issues but they are more related to getting to know the machine if you know what I mean, breaking axles and silly crap. I have been doing this research for several weeks and checking out all the aftermarket sites and reading reviews and at the end of the day I am leaning to the Polaris platform. Again you guys ROCK! Thanks for all you bring to the side by side world and the hard work that goes into it. You efforts make a huge difference and they are especially helpful to someone trying to decide what the best way to go is. Peace.

  • Thrill_Billy_ LS14
    Thrill_Billy_ LS14

    🇺🇸Freedom Factory Dirt Unit🇺🇸

  • braking stuff
    braking stuff

    Eagles Nest

  • Crypto Info
    Crypto Info

    Welp we found out what was making all that squeaking noise.

  • Cru Jones
    Cru Jones

    The Factory’s dirty dangler

  • Tactical Innovation
    Tactical Innovation

    ' Fly like an Eagle" FF

  • Llama Cebu
    Llama Cebu

    Dang.. I was hoping for a lawn mower/go-kart track

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez

    Tater toss

  • Asher PlayZ
    Asher PlayZ

    Freedom braapery

  • Ian s
    Ian s

    2 fails in a row but it's not really a fail if it's fun though

  • Jerry Dee
    Jerry Dee

    I wanna vacation with ch'all and work for free for fun

  • LitLuke


  • Darrel Tr
    Darrel Tr

    Freedom Factory Blog N’ Bog

  • Justin Hobart
    Justin Hobart

    Holley's Dirt Diggins


    freedom factory send pit

  • Thomas Good
    Thomas Good

    fsp the freedom sand pit

  • Chris Archer
    Chris Archer

    J.H. Who

  • Magic Mushrum
    Magic Mushrum

    i think it should be called Murrica Motocross

  • Terry Bolin
    Terry Bolin

    Freedom Factory fun field

  • Greg Huff
    Greg Huff

    Freedom factory mailroom for sending it

  • Capt_Merica60

    Since it’s a dirty track, call it The Freedom Factory Back Door or The Back Door At the Freedom Factory

  • Martyn Cox
    Martyn Cox

    Go BIG or go home lol

  • Sticker Chief
    Sticker Chief


  • Martyn Cox
    Martyn Cox

    Fair Play you lot are bat shit crazy keep this shit hot content coming helping me though this lock down peace out

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes

    It was squeaking the whole time, didn't they notice that?

  • GrimTrucker 101
    GrimTrucker 101

    The Freedom X

  • JETLEDS Keeping you on the water long after dark
    JETLEDS Keeping you on the water long after dark

    freedom factory fair ground

  • David james
    David james

    freedom berms

  • B53P_Honda

    The freedom fuckery

  • Todd Skaggs
    Todd Skaggs

    Freedom factory's dusty boggers

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    The free for all

  • Trent Terry
    Trent Terry

    Classified freedom facility

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders

    The freedomfactory ripper! LetErEat son

  • Jankums

    First thing that popped into my head for the name of the moto track is the Freedom Trail.

  • Eric James
    Eric James

    Question? Why are there so many dislikes for these videos? Guys testing out there vehicles, having fun? What is there to dislike? Is it envy? Rubber tire conservationists?


      Lol who's to say really

  • BOB

    Do you guys have any koalafications to even have a side by side blog


      Many. lol

  • Elaine Hammond
    Elaine Hammond

    Freedom factory (acoustic version)

  • Maxwell Gill
    Maxwell Gill

    Freedom Field! 🇺🇲

  • Andrew DUBUICK racing
    Andrew DUBUICK racing

    Freedom cross

  • Dash

    Freedom cross....

  • The Racing Verse
    The Racing Verse

    Freedom Ripper

  • DesertRatGaming

    "Its broken" 😂😂

  • CrazyFastPixe L
    CrazyFastPixe L

    To see crash go to 12:16

  • Jace Broadbent
    Jace Broadbent

    Freedom factory eagle

  • luke Holt
    luke Holt

    Freedom dome

  • Thomas holcombe
    Thomas holcombe

    Freedom Factory step up motocross track

  • Travis J
    Travis J

    Freedom factor fly track

  • Lord NT
    Lord NT

    FF 3:16 DTR Track An American Original

  • 94XJ

    Give 'er a taste of home and name it Soaring Eagle! You guys should build a dedicated burnout buggy for competitions with Cleetus.

  • jdmfanboi FiestaMK8
    jdmfanboi FiestaMK8

    She more squeaky than ol' sharrel

  • 710bigboy _gng
    710bigboy _gng

    freedom factory moto experience!

  • Barry McKenney
    Barry McKenney

    Eagle Balls Track

  • flybik3es

    Flight factory

  • wishing I was at the Beach.
    wishing I was at the Beach.

    Thread locker goes along way guys,,,,glad no one got hurt love you guys

  • danielson's garage
    danielson's garage

    Call it the Eagles Nest!

  • Bandit Biker
    Bandit Biker

    Its the Freedom Tracktory

  • Midwest DankAlumni
    Midwest DankAlumni

    Freedom factory 🏭 off-road track

  • brian matravers
    brian matravers

    The Freedirt Factory.

  • jeff

    Freedom field

  • nemo horsepower
    nemo horsepower

    Bald eagle training grounds

  • Igneale

    The Cleeter Yeeter Factory Bald Eagle Booter

  • Richard Elliott
    Richard Elliott

    Feedom freestyle

  • blueyfilms

    Hahaha love JH

  • Arnor Vilhjalmsson
    Arnor Vilhjalmsson

    dat cleetus closeup

  • Arnor Vilhjalmsson
    Arnor Vilhjalmsson

    To burst your bubble, there is a possiblility that there is another freedom factory in the universe, nad therer is a almost surtnenty that there is another freedom factory in the multiverse.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Kingpins don't use ball joints, that knuckle is a ball joint, not a kingpin unit. This is why you use castle nuts with cotter pins, things like this can't happen unless you shear the joint completely off.

  • airtaiH2

    This has got to be the Eagles Nest, at the Freedom Factory!

  • Muddy

    Freedom Factory Flight Center.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CanYouDOIT?

    The Liberty Bowl!

  • SilverbackHarley

    So is this a staple of side by side life? Talk about how the track isnt to your standards, then say youre gonna "sendy" then make half throttle rips?

  • Louis Adipietro
    Louis Adipietro

    Your digging in dirt right? So next to the Freedom Factory is the Freedom Foundry.

  • David Tooley
    David Tooley

    Desert Eagle

  • Golfguy5

    Dirty Freedom

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