Garage fun! X3 goes stage 6, boost leaks fixed, and we RIP the TIG!
Just a good time with yo frens...
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    Sit back, relax, and come hang with the boys!

    • Joseph Zimmer
      Joseph Zimmer

      Hey guys. Just a heads up to help with your tig welding adventures. Watch some videos on what they call walking the cup. It will help you guys out alot with technique. Keep up the good work. Love watching you guys living my dream lol

    • WXOOXDS09

      ©©©%%%%%%©If anyone sees this tell the guy with the stage 6 to cut some lugs off the tread it will for sure gain two tenths on his time%%%%%©%%%©%%©

    • Alex Pennington
      Alex Pennington

      What app do you use for your 0 to 60 in the utv

    • Rowdy Broomstick
      Rowdy Broomstick

      That dog Milly is huge and awesome 👍 good job sous on the tig, good to know he can lay down some tight weld's that's got to helpful if you needed him too. I just see blessings one right after another in this video! You guy's be careful maybe avoid the eating out quite so much, not because anyone is a chungus but because it's just not safe right now. You can guy's can fix a Crock-Pot in that shop of chilli, just make stinky butt Leonard go outside 🥺😆😁🤠🙏💯

    • Superdutychase

      Y'all seem to be doing alot with the Can Ams, will Doug or Sous be led to the other side in the quest for more speed??? Or will Sous's love for the jump lead him to a pro xp??... Find out next week

  • jaybajan

    how expensive is it to tune one of these?

  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon

    i did notice that your concrete curb and gutter is not set up where it is flat it has a lot of high and low areas and then large mounds of rock humps in the track road you all made i have put in race tracks and also large parking lots as well as drainage systems you should of shot in the grade and set up forms to do it or even use a commander 3 and ran a line to do it, then grade and roll the gravel in and make it smoth for faster travels and gravel to top of paving gutter or will roll a car or bike or utv if it hits it.

  • Peyton Rowe
    Peyton Rowe

    I see you guys running Simpson seats in most of your machines. Have you tried any of the other brands to compare them to? Is their extra price justified by more comfort?

    • Peyton Rowe
      Peyton Rowe

      Awesome, thanks!


      Yeah we've tried a number of them, the Simpsons are built better and hold up much better.

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    I like the life of everybody being around in the shop. A lot going on.

  • John In WV
    John In WV

    Outstanding boys, keep it up!

  • Cameron

    I mist have cleared notifications at the wrong time because I never saw this get posted! Well here we are

  • Nick .januik
    Nick .januik

    I want to see a 0-60 of the tuned pro xp with some traction in comparison to the x3 or just some tuned pro Xp vs tuned x3 drag races

  • Dave Wallen
    Dave Wallen

    I am a SxS blog fan! Just wish there wasn't so many up close camera in face moments...

  • HICKS 439
    HICKS 439

    What did y'all paint the OEM muffler with? Its all black

  • TRX Cummins
    TRX Cummins

    The Ford don't have enough power to do a burnout!!.. Eeeeeeeeeee!!

  • TRX Cummins
    TRX Cummins

    Hey Nick can you back the camera out of people's face just a little bit ..I keep pulling my head back. I feel like I'm invading people's personal space lol 🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍


    2020 Yamaha YXZ SS SE!!! Come on guys it’s a badass rig!


    ©©©%%%%%%©If anyone sees this tell the guy with the stage 6 to cut some lugs off the tread it will for sure gain two tenths to his time%%%%%©%%%©%%©

  • Tyler Almen
    Tyler Almen

    What clutch kit is Mike running?



  • derrick blackburn
    derrick blackburn

    shine your metal up an sand paper your tig rod it will work alot better

  • Hype Joey
    Hype Joey

    Is mike legit Mike Trout?? He looks so much like him! If you don't know who Mike Trout is Google him.

  • ISOZero

    I think that fart is lingering in the air all the way here in Manitoba.

  • dunerinaz

    Has anyone ever told Leo he kinda looks like Eric Church?

  • Neil S
    Neil S

    Heater is a Loud one

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Best way to sharpen tungstens. In a a drill, on a grinder

  • DirtRoadBoyz

    Damn good episode!

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    My high light was watching Mike rip the X3

  • Sami Parkkinen
    Sami Parkkinen

    Awesome stuff guys! Getting things done!

  • M K
    M K

    HA i got the same dog, but a puppy

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    what a nice friday morning vid fellas well done. love The bantering between rick and Leo always hilarious. what a start on the tig souser. and Doug with the fat rod lol great stuff.

  • C Chap
    C Chap

    If you want, you can play with the rod...

  • DoubleA Day
    DoubleA Day

    Did I just see a fathead Sous, NOICE!!!!!!

  • TJ Shine
    TJ Shine

    Rick Mav, was that Official Soapy Wooder from Chris Fix?

  • Aaron Hausman
    Aaron Hausman

    Your now playing in my field. I'm actually a welding inspector by trade. Certified CWI and over see the piping fab shop at one of the P66 refineries. The more you play around with the tig rig the more you'll like it. I want to see you guys get to where your walking that cup like a pro. Trust'll get it. Loved watching you guys mess with this today. Plus all the rest of the cool sh!t in the video "as usual". Keep em coming boys.

  • KuschallRacing

    please explain the audience more about the several stages vs the horsepower you get….and how reduces ea. the belt-lifetime...

  • reaper2009rzr

    sorry. too many canned hams this time,,,, time to get back on track

  • Elton White
    Elton White

    TIG welding absolutely requires the metal to be free of any mill scale , so you should hit it with a flap wheel first and then wipe that ground surface with acetone !

  • nunya binis
    nunya binis

    03:10 Of course Fed Ex lost it. Shoulda gone union and paid the few extra bucks for the service - UPS or GTFO!


    No bicycle is safe when RICK is around

  • Jay Som
    Jay Som

    ole Rick is quite the wrench. i enjoy him taking over the camera. explains stuff well. Thanks for the content. Good Job guys!

  • Daniel Frisch
    Daniel Frisch

    So....basically it’s really nice to see more of Rick. Cause basically he usually brings great content. And basically makes great X3 videos and basically is basically the best. Basically :)

  • Tim Waltz
    Tim Waltz

    Just saw you guys north bound 23

  • Cory Lee
    Cory Lee

    Damn those thick rods!! I busted up laughing out loud

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    So much going on! Not even sure what I watched!! Lol! Good garage video and testing!

  • Sunny Pringle
    Sunny Pringle

    I love the shop videos 👍

  • Ian Malone
    Ian Malone

    Love the pwrtune shirt!!

  • Cash Wilson
    Cash Wilson

    You guys should turbo the wider talon

  • 420MadBloke
    420MadBloke Whats the app you guys use for run times? Great channel and content btw 😘

  • Jason Foerster
    Jason Foerster

    17:25 Funny I saw those letters at the same local hardware store and thought of you guys right away.

  • The Layla Bean
    The Layla Bean

    Not tryin to be that guy but.... Why do people say cold as hell?? Is that one of them there oxymorons??? Man i couldnt believe the difference when he flipped that switch.

  • Brett Forbes
    Brett Forbes

    Covid-19 is in full in effect down here in NZ and we are in Lock Down for 4 weeks so I’m looking forward to each and every episode you guys release, I’m also binge watching all your old videos. Long time subscriber here. Stay safe guys!

  • Ray c
    Ray c

    I feel like you guys need to back up a little when filming people. Its a little up close and exaggerates the camera shake.

  • The Layla Bean
    The Layla Bean

    Just goin straight meth injection clean her up a bit. Hahahahaha. Y'all crack me up

  • Tonythetiger

    What’s air filter/intake system is that on beast mode


    Great video guys love all the activity in the day of the life at the sxs blog garage

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Cool seeing the whole crew working on different stuff. Would be fun to see you guys get a group ride in.

  • Michael Deemer
    Michael Deemer

    Best quarantine vlogs

  • Peter Tronset
    Peter Tronset

    Garage tips with Rick!!

  • FULL SEND Productions
    FULL SEND Productions

    My name is Logan Flanagan and I am a 17 year old kid that races SXS's professionally in Indiana. Me and my dad have been watching you guys since you rented that suburban to go to Glamis. It would be super cool to my dad (Kevin Flanagan) if you could shout him out in a video for all the work he puts into my RZR. He is my version of Doug and I couldn't race without him. I also have some race videos on my channel i think you guys would enjoy watching. Thank you


    How bad was that fart Leo . You can smell it thru the video


    Great content boys. Is that stock blue terba s a customer or friend.



  • Evan Haas
    Evan Haas

    Take your tungsten and put it in a drill just like a drill bit then use the angle grinder while running the drill. Homemade tungsten grinder 🤘🏻

  • Glenn Tumbleston
    Glenn Tumbleston

    I’m still just trying to figure out how 10 ppl could 👎🏼 this video! Keep up the great content guys! And no I would not trust sous with my daughter😂


      Who's to say really

  • jeep2003

    Cool I didnt know tig doesnt need rod thats why its so neat your not adding unnessesary material

  • sduymich

    What did you guys use for the roof of beast mode? Thinking of making a different roof.


      S3 cage and roof

  • Dalton Harrington
    Dalton Harrington

    This was one of your best videos in my opinion. Very informative and lots of just kicking it with the boys all day type shit

  • All-IN Offroad
    All-IN Offroad

    You dont need special tools it's that easy lol ya when you know what's wrong with it , just add more evo 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ enough!!!!!!!!!


      Yeah it’s almost like we had to figure out what’s wrong with it. Shocker.

  • scott stanton
    scott stanton

    Pay per view bahahaha anyone that actually orders that is a moron

  • ttmatt

    I need some more RS1 content! Great job guys!

    • MrTrevtrev198

      Turbo rs1 💪💪🤘

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson

    Sous can weld...finally found something.

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    doogie chugawunga explaining that welding technique was lewd...... gotta get that puddle going and dip the tip of your rod into the puddle.. Then she.. I mean it will melt a little bit...gotta take all the material in...

  • Brian Hubbard
    Brian Hubbard

    Very good video. Great to see the gang plus friends and most important ( Baddle Dad ). God bless.

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly

    Big thing with tig welding is you have to make sure the materials you are welding are very clean, makes for much better welds.

  • charliemartinnow3

    I actually need your advice.. 4 seat rzr xp pro or can am... I know the can am has a better motor. But what's your overall thoughts ?

  • Rj Hennis
    Rj Hennis

    U guys riding any sxs while in Florida

  • JustB

    What app is that?

  • Rick Colbrook
    Rick Colbrook

    25:53 Doug Musclefield 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Jonathan Lagace
    Jonathan Lagace

    That’s what she said! Hahahaha if you don’t know what part I mean I don’t know what to tell you! Stacking dimes sous!!

  • Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    Clean the steel first dudes 👍

  • Random Ryder
    Random Ryder

    Sure wish you guys were in my neck of the woods. Would gladly volunteer some of my time/expertise with any of your welding projects. Happy for you guys to be doing so well. Keep up the good work 🍻

  • Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan

    Ahh remember my first day Tig welding. Just hope you get it on video the first time someone touches the rod to the tungsten and gets lit up.

  • Grant Glor
    Grant Glor

    Well boys with carbon you don’t have to have post gas, argon ain’t cheap!

  • Adam David
    Adam David

    Is the f150 an ecoboost?



  • Larry Sutton
    Larry Sutton

    Remember people it is free to subscribe and it does help so why would you not do it especially for such a great group of guys

  • Joe Gom
    Joe Gom

    Do you guys have any experience with the Boondockers turbo kit

  • Dustin Duke
    Dustin Duke

    Are y’all going to take 2JP to the freedom factory!!!!???? Hopefully yes!!!!!!!!!



  • Sean McCormick
    Sean McCormick

    Doug put the tungsten in a cordless drill and spin it while sharpening it on a flap disk.

    • Sean McCormick
      Sean McCormick

      Bench grinder is best but flap disk works decent. Also only use that grinding disk or flap disk for the tungsten only. Clean is the key


    Friggin 1tigsti8 just stacking dimes like a pro!!!!

  • Brian Hicks
    Brian Hicks

    Need a T shirt. Battlefield......oh ok ....oh ok !!! Ahhhhh?????

  • Alex

    “Poly Pocket Mode” = how small businesses keep their financials and receipts together. I’d rather your boys be in Limp Mode 😂🤷‍♂️. Also.. I’d like to pet Milo

  • Jasonlt1982

    Make sure you like every video before you hit play!

  • Geezer Life
    Geezer Life

    Nice Video Guys!!

  • BoostedLS7

    Hey what about social distancing?

  • Jacob Meinema
    Jacob Meinema

    Am I the only one that wonders why beast mode gets all the hammi down parts hahaha


      Right srs

  • Blcoffroad

    A easier way to sharpen your tungsten is to put it in battery drill and use a bench grinder works pretty good.



  • jeff young
    jeff young

    Thanks guys!

  • AtvAddicted

    Rick I feel your baldness aha buzz it off man

  • David Cason
    David Cason

    A friend of mine ran into the similar problem on his turbocharged snowmobile we're at the top and it kept on breaking up what she did and figured it out took the spark plugs out Shrunk The Gap down 5 to 10 on thousands I think that's how it goes with the Gat with those things I always don't remember right on that but he shrunk it down because the spark kept on getting blown out so was he drunk it down the spark didn't get blown out on the spark plugs anymore and it ran a hell of a lot better and you didn't have that problem anymore

  • Dustin DeBruhl
    Dustin DeBruhl

    When are you guys going to start selling roll cages

  • JaySoos O
    JaySoos O

    Doug trying to show some self control on the pizza! Bahahhaa

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig

    Sous.... don't listen for a BOV with the foot pedal...

  • RageMonkey

    That one touched cloth boys.

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig



      When r y’all gonna play with Kawasaki?

  • Slash Macleod
    Slash Macleod

    Busch Light, T-T-Tough break, Michigan is full of good local breweries, fill that fridge up with local goodness dudes. Small businesses ftw (including but not limited to Yours, a brewer

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