Glamis Day 1! Beast Mode explodes, Sous jumps, and we drag Olds!
This place ROCKS!
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  • Lemaster56 Salisha Lilla
    Lemaster56 Salisha Lilla

    The subdued jumper wessely enjoy because carp prudently sneeze pro a unwritten driver. long-term, knowledgeable double

  • 08CspecGT

    Really shocked Sous didn't go bigger and land on the downside...

  • Dave Mac
    Dave Mac

    Lol fireworks going big, cleetus goin big, JH goin huge, zeuz comin up real short twice lol

  • Abel Gee
    Abel Gee

    Notice how it’s all the can ams braking down

  • Outlaw Tubbywales
    Outlaw Tubbywales

    What doors are those on X3 at 18:18, they are sharp !!

  • Kstorm 88
    Kstorm 88

    So many blown belts. Why not just have a boosted yxz and call it a day?

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74


  • c_alright

    Gahh, you guys are out livin my dreams.

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Great video and ole Steve from “ Dukes of OffRoad Hazzard “ saves someone’s day. Lol I wear the T-Shirt he sent me all the time and people always ask me about his channel. Can’t wait to till I can make a trip out to Cali to see him and I can hear his stories of y’all riding all together. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Paweł s
    Paweł s

    any advise what to chose honda talon 1000x or maverick x3 base ? its for 90% east coast trails rocks/mountains and tight woods ? thanks

  • Aaron G-S
    Aaron G-S

    Kiddie tracks are so dangerous.

  • Cuco Lopez
    Cuco Lopez

    That 4 seat X3 was quick

  • Syzygy

    Jumping sxs down a dune with 2 seater almost always requires more rebound dampening. The rear wheels are the last thing in contact with the ground. If your rebound is set to low the back of the car moves upward under spring force. If you increase rebound dampening it will slow this down and the car will fly flatter.

  • Blake Pascual
    Blake Pascual

    That’s technically Brawley slide. Not flag pole

  • Waleed Mohamed
    Waleed Mohamed


  • SmallBoreOutlaw


  • Milan Siroky
    Milan Siroky

    Too bad about fat wrench taking smoke... fantastic show👍

  • Ryan Fewster
    Ryan Fewster


  • Quakers Oats
    Quakers Oats

    At the washes you have to watch out for the pit tracks they’re viscous and could hurt you my dads friend broke his back from hitting one of those

  • Joe Arnold
    Joe Arnold

    Hell yeah Busch light!!!

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    22:04 Dougie Biceps-field

  • RiverBend

    Ok we know beast mode is a beast but we need a side by side comparison against a stock or close to stock side by side. 😁

  • Shawn Munroe
    Shawn Munroe

    Why am I watching or should I say trying to watch your blog on everyone else’s blog ??!!./;)$&@& I know it’s hard to stop but fuck I like the interaction with your group I want see it from your side

  • Ken

    Damn nice of you to let others rip that 2jP. That is a badasss machine. Hope to see it rip in person one day.


    It's a good thing the CVTs are reliable, cheap to service, easy to maintain, convenient to service on the trail, and do great in all conditions...

  • Grim RZR
    Grim RZR

    Can't wait till I get to go ride some dunes

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    Merry Christmas Men I love your page!

  • Sterling Hugueley
    Sterling Hugueley

    You guys were camped right need to us

  • Dylan Trammel
    Dylan Trammel

    Yall should try a 4bt diesel in a unit.. that would be something neat to see.

  • Colton Peare
    Colton Peare

    Thats a tough break for sure, is it a surprise? No not really. Lol

  • Brian Byers
    Brian Byers

    a lot of people who watch your videos including myself don't have the extra money to buy the high dollar Evo stuff that you get for free. so it's kind of a slapping in the face when you ruin the stuff you get for free and then laugh about it. After 2 years of being a patreon I will be canceling.


      Cup half empty or half full man. Excuse me for having a positive attitude.

    • Brian Byers
      Brian Byers no, I'm not asking you to cry about anything but non-stop laughing and pumping your fist was a little much.


      Should I cry about it instead? Not sure what you expect. Thanks for your patronage thus far and I hope we don’t offend you in the future.

  • Alex Hilton
    Alex Hilton

    Looks super awsome out there! Loved this episode!

  • Jody Dyckman
    Jody Dyckman

    I saw most of the 2JP footage long before you guys posted it because everybody with a camera phone and internet access put up footage of you guys lol I'm glad your such celebrity's now congrats !!!! PS Leo is still annoying but getting better

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    oof I can tell Dougs wife was shook up. im super bummed that happened with her in the car. Glad you are ok and I hope she was able to get past that over the rest of the trip. as always great content gents!

  • Jeep Kid
    Jeep Kid

    Where are you guys at?

  • JB Outdoors
    JB Outdoors

    So awesome to see so many of my favorite channels get together and have an awesome time

  • VIIJuniorIIV

    Im at the dunes rn should meet up

  • Ray Trent
    Ray Trent

    You guys need to post your videos faster I’ve already seen this three other times on three other channels almost a week ago

  • G’s Life
    G’s Life

    Dang man, you guys need to come out twice a year. Glamis once a year is not enough.

  • Martyn Cox
    Martyn Cox

    Starting to think sxs stands for Serious Xplosion Soon lol still loving all of your lit af content boys keep it up and I hope you all have a amazing Xmas

  • Steve

    Thats why i try to not go mobbin through the washes, pit bike ruts are crazy. Also peoples fire pits with broken glass and everything else strewn about.

  • Sterling

    either Doug is real good at keeping it together on camera or he the most solid person alive. not sure yet

  • Tyler Foy
    Tyler Foy

    is your turbo over boosting?

    • Tyler Foy
      Tyler Foy

      if you were wot for that long i can imagine the turbo wanted to spin like crazy

  • Buy&Hold

    Welcome to CA!

  • Jerome Armijo
    Jerome Armijo

    Still waiting on a comment from the last video boys 🤷🏼‍♂️😭

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    If you guys cold up load faster you could prolly gain more views.

  • Umbrae Legios
    Umbrae Legios

    Just remember as you go through your day ask your self " What Would Nick Do".

  • J T
    J T

    That closeout had me thinking Doug has been hitting the gym pretty hard...Doug looking swole.


    Good times with great ppl

  • Rods Adventures
    Rods Adventures

    Send it good tomorrow nick 😂

  • klimo13

    what an awesome video, to many quotes to quote!!! beer30 bro!

  • Judge has the Word
    Judge has the Word

    That is a awesome place 😎 Never been there going to try and make it this coming year. I have to plan my trips when I know people who will be there. With being in a wheelchair it an sand is not the a good thing. I can get around in my Can-Am X3 XDS Max Turbo R. I just worry about out there riding if something happens an you go by yourself just have to wait till someone would stop. Some people don't look at it that way. But I will make it. You guys are awesome 👌

  • Jonathan

    man I would like to go there but im not lucky enough to have a group to go ride with anyway next year I could tag along I have a x3 xmr lol im not a mucher I can pay my own way just saying

  • Wes Baldwin
    Wes Baldwin

    I can't figure out how you guys aren't pushing a million subs yet! 🤔💯🤘

  • Mike Lamy
    Mike Lamy

    Leo, like the new helmet but it took me a min to realize who it was when jumping down China wall. You in the xrsds and the new helmet made me think there was a new blog guy at first ha ha.

  • Bw Yyy
    Bw Yyy

    I guess it’s funny when you blow up an expensive engine when you don’t have to pay to fix it


      Would rather laugh than cry. We’ll have several grand into it don’t you worry

  • cmorlok

    Y’all KNOW we are dying to see 2J laying waste to Glamis & ya just keep teasing!!!!

  • Jesse Roddick
    Jesse Roddick

    7:24 "How are you?!" "ajlksdlkjflfgkljdfngjds it is beautiful out here" hahaha

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Fun video!

  • Mike Man
    Mike Man

    Be careful you don’t get busted hauling that much fuel without DOT placards. Or do what I do is cover them so they aren’t visible


      Fuel??? That was water, gotta stay hydrated in the desert

  • deck man
    deck man

    Refur to my last post. That motor will not last more that a few minutes.....

  • Zac Smith
    Zac Smith

    Sick video!!!!!

  • Yohanathan Downs
    Yohanathan Downs

    Been saying this for years and ill continue saying this, you guys are killing it. Its a privilege to have followed these builds

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    I just wanna see 2j

  • Legoman585

    Already watched most of it on Cleetus and boostedboiz channels but still had to watch anyway.


    2JP BREAKING THE ALgone INTERNET .... great work guy and keep it up rock on !!!!!!


      Heck yeah 😎

  • Salvador Aviles
    Salvador Aviles

    Be:er pm 👌

  • Robby Gray
    Robby Gray

    Liked and commented just for that YXZ. Love them machines!!!

  • Pedro Dominguez
    Pedro Dominguez


  • ngh

    I did that same thing Doug except it was a turn and drop then climb in the desert so it looked flat til you were right there. Of course, there's a 5' boulder on the corner. I have no idea how I survived but it caught the inside rear drivers so I must have gone just past center. Bent a wheel and popped a tire. Almost rolled when I didn't hit as hard as I was ready for. I was doing 65 - 70 mph when I had turn / boulder about 10 yards ahead. I needed shorts along with the wheel.

  • ngh

    You lit way short the first time Sous and I'm sure it hurt. Why did you let off again the 2nd time? Like pain? Lol JH smoked everybody!

  • Jay Som
    Jay Som

    JH does not play. hahaha god damn!

  • Jason Goodrum
    Jason Goodrum

    Great video guys

  • Aaron Linder
    Aaron Linder

    It’s truly non of my business but I am legitimately confused/concerned by Leo’s actions


      I’m confused as well and I am Leo 😂

    • Brad Diekow
      Brad Diekow

      What did he do??

  • Jered Jennings
    Jered Jennings

    We need more content!!

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Keep up the great content. Glamis is too far for me so ill just watch u guys have fun!!!

  • Greg croney
    Greg croney

    The only down side of performance upgrades is dam breakdowns


      Big freakin facts lol

  • Driven Lawn Care
    Driven Lawn Care

    You guys going to utv takeover in 2021 at little Sahara

    • Driven Lawn Care
      Driven Lawn Care we got our spot reserved my daughter's love the channel


      Definitely want too

  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks

    ALgone is blowing up with other channels talking about the sxsblog!!!!! Heck ya dudes

  • Matthew Kingsmore
    Matthew Kingsmore

    SXS never fails to give great content!

  • Shiftyone AU
    Shiftyone AU

    Absolutely Brilliant

  • John coffey Memorial riders
    John coffey Memorial riders

    Go to st. Anthony!!!

  • aaron mcfee
    aaron mcfee

    Been following you guys since day one up here in Canada , I havent seen anyone to worried about covid, is it not a big of any issue as they say

  • Andrew Pascarelli
    Andrew Pascarelli

    2 drums are “110” setup. Lol!

  • Mike01gsr

    Always love the content just a bummer to see it on all the other channels first now at these big events.

  • Joe Wdowiak
    Joe Wdowiak

    Take the zoom button away from Leo!

  • John coffey Memorial riders
    John coffey Memorial riders

    If it’s gonna break... it’ll break in the sand. Go boys go!

  • Tombomb1816

    Sous better redeem himself the SXS blog crew got showed up big time.

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    Glad Doug's okay, damn; near the end Doug showing the guns.

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    That hole Doug hit sounds like the one I saw the M3 guys total an X3 in at the Badlands (the park in Indiana, not the Badlands in South Dakota.) Glad everybody was ok and Battlefield didn't get smashed up. Those things can really sneak up on you and they are not fun if you hit the wrong.

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    You guys are living the life we all dream about.

  • BJ

    Oooooh cant wait to see JP tear it up!

  • Rusty Floorboards
    Rusty Floorboards

    Maaaan these are the dreams I wish I could accomplish!

  • PatrickScott87lx393w

    They break when making way more power then design to handle 😂 it sucks but it's gonna happen till international there upgraded

  • Brandon Evans
    Brandon Evans

    The Polaris never broken down 🤷‍♂️

  • Trav City
    Trav City

    Good video, unfortunately nothing new from what everyone else post a few days ago. I hope they all help you grow your channel. You deserve it.

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979

    1 word. BUZZBALL 🤠🤘🏾 did he drink it haha

  • TheBorderCivic 979
    TheBorderCivic 979



    Been waiting for this video

  • AVG Joes Garage
    AVG Joes Garage

    Totally appreciate you guys. Glad to see some Glamis stuff. Awesome! Side note, if a guy wanted to supply the shop with QPs, how many would he need to buy (so he would know how much to get the card for).