Honda Talon 1000R vs Polaris General XP1000 TRACK LAP BATTLE!
Plus, Leo blows his back out..
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    Which would you rather rip? Talon or General?!

    • walter toly
      walter toly


    • Jeffrey Flicek
      Jeffrey Flicek

      General XP all the way

    • Thomas Jolly
      Thomas Jolly


    • Jayden Reynolds
      Jayden Reynolds


    • Derek Kersten
      Derek Kersten

      General 👌

  • Kyle Glassman
    Kyle Glassman

    Where is this ? I see a flying J, im an otr driver, would be cool to meet up sometime if im through!

  • Ryan Holloway
    Ryan Holloway

    I’m in the market for a four seater side-by-side I have only rode in a can am Defender Which looked and feel more like a golf cart my first pick was a Polaris general or Honda talon I was wondering what you guys think about comfort and safety on those machines ? I haven’t got a chance to sit in either one front or back besides a razor which seems very tight in the back Looks like add-ons are cheaper on the Polaris being I want to put a turbo on my machine Comfort and safety are top priority Thank for some feed back


      Depends what you’re looking to achieve. The talon and general are both excellent units

  • Edward Brooks
    Edward Brooks

    I would love to see you guys long travel that xp general..

  • William R Gordon Jr
    William R Gordon Jr

    Is the Polaris general stock in this time trial if you said I missed it.

  • 78stimie

    The new Yamaha Rmax 1000 is supposed to be direct competition to the general. Hope you guys can get ur hands on one

  • Chevagado

    Doug's voice sounds like Kermit the Frog.

  • Henry Rosema
    Henry Rosema

    What part of Michigan

  • Julie Price
    Julie Price

    Put a turbo kit on the General

  • Donald Gowans
    Donald Gowans

    Totally love watching you guys wish I was there riding keep up the good work boys

  • Donald Gowans
    Donald Gowans

    You guys need to get the new Yamaha Wolverine rmaxx 1000 ya man it’s about time

  • Aaron O'Rourke
    Aaron O'Rourke

    Did I just hear that jeans can't be worn in 80f(26c) weather? Dafuq?


    Honda Turbo Please

  • Jacob Frank
    Jacob Frank


  • Sand Dogs
    Sand Dogs

    Your times would be a whole lot faster if your corners were bank just saying keep having fun..

  • TheExtremeRace

    How come sxs blog guys haven't turboed the talon yet?


      Haven’t been able to get our hands on one yet

  • Cameron j Marsh
    Cameron j Marsh

    Will you guys do a turbo kit for one I’m in Australia and am looking at the general it does everything I want it to and would love to turbo it and have more power at my disposal

  • Brady Mcgregor
    Brady Mcgregor


  • mrdattopet the rat
    mrdattopet the rat

    What's the thorts on the general to the commander

  • Derek4780

    I was rooting for The General the whole time! 🙌🏻

  • drwinlied

    I honestly wasn't thrilled when you guys hooked up with Cleetus (because I like Cleetus), but I had only watched about 2 of your videos prior. You just seemed so half-assed (the Textron XX jump comes to mind). However, I have now watched a lot of your videos (because I'm looking into a sxs purchase) and I apologize for dismissing all of you. You guys work hard, know you shit, and play hard too. Not everything is going to be perfect and you do what you can to make things even keel. I'm in the process of going through a TON of your vids, and I'm definitely a new sub. I hopefully can find some trail/sport comparo's and also some real-world (educated with a large sample size) opinions on makes/models through your videos. So, long story short, keep up the good work and hopefully some more "cheaper priced" machines can filter in now and again. Sorry for being a jerk. Sincerely, Internet Stranger Guy.

  • colby hobart
    colby hobart

    When are we gonna see a turbo on the talon ?

  • Justin DeYoung
    Justin DeYoung

    Love watching your videos, but I feel the talon can go a bit faster. On the tracks I race on my times between the talon 1000x and Rs1 are within .5 of each other, so there’s no reason the general should’ve won.

  • J P
    J P

    I wanna see the footage of leo after the jump, before he was laying on the floor with his dog.. lol.

  • Paul Mackeigan
    Paul Mackeigan

    Plse mod the General look forward to that

  • Paul Mackeigan
    Paul Mackeigan

    Great video’s guy’s very entertaining to watch 👍

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    Nice video I always like talon footage. I wish you guys would get one of the 4 seater talons and do more extensive riding and testing to see how it is and hear your thoughts as I'm considering one. Leaning toward the live valve.

  • Craig Weir
    Craig Weir

    I would love to see scrambler more, but you guys never fail to entertain was surprised by the Generals performance

  • B-Dang

    Vape? Vape...

  • Mike Harder
    Mike Harder

    Just bought a 2019 General and love it! She rips up the trail and still carries firewood around the farm. Hahaha! I am curious how much the tires on the 2020 make a difference?

  • Patrick Robert
    Patrick Robert

    Something to think about. Just saw a vid on the Talon 0-60. Between stock tire and 32". Stock +/- 10sec. 32" +/-15 sec. Would’ve made a dig difference I think. Thanks for the content. Always fun and interesting.

  • Dang Bo
    Dang Bo

    Sous in the Talon would have really destroyed if he dropped lower in that right turn past tree before straight away, in my opinion. Great stuff guys!!

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Great video Leo I hope you’re OK. Good to see your dog getting around.

  • John Horazy
    John Horazy

    Lot of Jaw jacking, aka hack, yack

  • Ken

    Doug Lol beat nick.. awesome. Lol

  • Ken

    Threee wheel Doug

  • Ken

    That general gets it!

  • Ken

    Leooooooo.... hello we don’t need the editor to die...

  • Rmz250ryder

    Def like the new mike reed on the channel. Old reed was a cocky douche. Haha. Awesome vid as slways guys.

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Hopefully you guys will see this ... what y’all need for the talon is speed healers for the talon from 12’0clock labs .... it basically tricks the ecu into shifting harder faster or slower !! I just had them installed along with a 25% gear reduction to control my shifts ... I spin 35s on pavement in 4wd !! The ecu shifts from speed sensors on the diffs ... you need the H-4 plug 🔌... I believe ... also a tune would help out with the exhaust ... is Honda guys really want y’all to take all the sxs’s to the next level

  • Lloyd Schultz
    Lloyd Schultz

    Bank that hairpin around the final tree. That would clean up the machines wanting to roll.

  • Joshua Foust
    Joshua Foust

    The general should match mudlyfe tbh I'm just commenting to comment lol help ya guys out as much as I can you guys are a great buncha dudes having a great time living your best life

  • Shane Munyan
    Shane Munyan

    Am I the only one that wants to leo in beast mode ripping

  • Bill Yowell
    Bill Yowell

    I think the tires were the difference. Put stocks back on the Talon and see what happens.

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Lmao, good thing your crazy ass governor said dogs can be walked now. Scary how much the power went to her head.

  • KC 135
    KC 135

    The fact that the general out runs the talon says a lot about the poor handling of the talon very sloppy threw the corners

  • Jamie Cerasoli
    Jamie Cerasoli

    just seen the krx 1000 stock on dyno in two wheel drive, 85 whp, 57 ft.lbs. torq

  • 01chaley

    More General content please!

  • Kyle Go Hawks
    Kyle Go Hawks

    Uhmm. Maybe why shock therapy basically bashes the talons suspension

  • Jay Harrison
    Jay Harrison

    I can just see the Honda engineers making a list of excuses. LOL But honestly put the stock tires back on the Talon and let it have a second chance. Then if a Polaris crossover is even close, well maybe that’ll help Honda put more power in it.

  • Mike Chapin
    Mike Chapin

    Doug, results of general lap timesat 21:50 are messed up. You show Mike in second with the slowest time. Pain killers?

  • Josh burton
    Josh burton

    That Talon needs a good Tune to be running 32’s. Contact Hess Motorsports or Complete off-road powersports services and bring that machine to life. Lots of hidden power in that Honda motor.

  • TrippyyTrix

    okay not to be rude but im 15 and can drive the talon i have faster than this

  • Jeff

    Need to stiffen the suspension on the talon to help those corners.

  • LGHTSPD675

    Doug, you asked for General mods, this could be a running series! You could do a long term series on how much each mod lowers lap times! Go through the most common types of mods so us regular guys know where we can get the best bang for our buck. Tires, wheels, clutches, shocks, springs, sway bars, ride height, air filters, engine tuners, exhausts, etc. Include unconventional mods as well. My vote for the first unconventional mods on the General - Install a RZR Turbo steering rack (faster ratio). Tighten up the front end feel so it's easy to slide and correct unexpected behavior. Performance improvement prediction? 0.5 seconds a lap (I know, wildly outrageous, but it's more fun to guess big gains!) If the mods work, then sell them in the store!

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    Do some mods to the General. I think it would be enjoyed on the channel.

  • CorwinINaDSM

    Curious if the tires make a difference. Also might be worth doing a tire battle/comparison In the future.

  • Mike Vann
    Mike Vann

    Anybody else see that coming? "I'M JUST GONNA SEND IT" oof

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown

    Man Polaris has come along way since the old days. Pretty impressive.

  • Will Dyckll
    Will Dyckll

    So where is the battlefield unit?

  • Twisted SxS
    Twisted SxS

    Unbelievable, a piped and shock therapy 64” wide Talon R is any faster than a utility SXS with a dump box. So so impressed. What the heck dude!! Yelp

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell

    Not really blog topic but what condition does your dog have? Mine has some skin issues didn’t know if you knew anything good to use.

    • Noah Mitchell
      Noah Mitchell

      Sorry to hear that.



  • Daniel Kmit
    Daniel Kmit

    Hey Leo I hope you do not have spinal problems anyway you should bring back the OG intro for a week that would be cool I miss the old beat


    Leo, how’s your butthole?

  • Danny Cardin
    Danny Cardin

    Great video hope Nick is ok. I don’t think I have ever seen him leave and not come back. Come back Nick I bet you would have beat all there times in both machines.👍👍


      Feeling better now but she's still hurt lol

  • TD3269


  • Zach Monsue
    Zach Monsue

    where did we end up on the Monster sxs build to make Mud Life look small? To scratch that monster truck itch

  • Cody Hazlett
    Cody Hazlett

    What shocks and specs are on the Talon?

  • codycoyoteee

    Leo went full ghoul... or should I say goon?

  • Wxll

    Would you guys consider buying some timing gear? Transponder for the cars and a counter for your start/finish line - would be great for lap times!

  • Brody Patton
    Brody Patton

    Did he get his phone back

  • troy davis
    troy davis

    Get another yxz on the channel!!!!!

  • g williams
    g williams

    I like my general. But I would like more HP for my tracks 👍😎😁

  • mason ackley
    mason ackley

    Make a mud build with the scrambler

  • Matthew Milam
    Matthew Milam

    Y’all need one of those tripod deer stands so y’all Can film over the trees

  • jeff young
    jeff young

    Thanks guys!!

  • Eric Savage
    Eric Savage

    I’d be happy with either machine, but.....for everyone that says Polaris is junk, and not a true comparison because the Honda had oversized tires robbing its power blah blah blah, this comparison is between one company’s top sport model against one company’s suv. If the Talon gained a couple seconds then the best you could say is one company’s top sport model slightly edged out another company’s suv. Shouldn’t the “real” gears overcome the big tires if “real” gears are better. When the “real” gear machines come from the factory with the same power as rzrs and canams then we can see if they are so much stronger and more durable. Reminds me of the local fair having an ATV drag race back when scramblers first came out and there were some kids in the stands laughing because the local Polaris dealer was there with a “snowmobile”. It was a new scrambler that cleaned the competition, even Yamaha tri z’s. Lucky for them they didn’t bring a snowmobile or it would have been more embarrassing. Of course Doug knows a few things about dragging sleds.

  • David Beck
    David Beck

    RIP. Leos tailbone.

  • quadjbb

    Polaris general is a great machine. Would love too see you guys install the HCR long travel kit on it. They now have turbos for them as well, really blow the Sox off the crappy talon. Keep up the great work.

  • Judge has the Word
    Judge has the Word

    Rick I emailed you about ordering parts tomorrow. I wanted to ask something about the parts before I order them. I couldn't find a number to call. If you can email me back the number would be great. I am wanting to order ASAP.

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    General upgrades👍👍

  • Riley Bruh
    Riley Bruh

    Hell yeah brother!!

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    Wanna see the race unit do laps and jumps

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    That was a fun video guys! I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

  • Dante Ros
    Dante Ros

    where the 2020 yamaha yxz

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    More big jumps on the scrambler!

  • Jeffrey Lawson
    Jeffrey Lawson

    You should build another berm so you come out of the left hander after the jumps right into a right hander.

  • RandomRed

    God bless yall!

  • kelly densmore
    kelly densmore

    general xp TURBO would be cool

  • Igneale

    Oh man, relatively new follower and love the content but I didn't know you were doing this under the thumb of "literally Hit ler"... even more respect for getting er done. Love the content guys keep it up.

  • Zack Barcus
    Zack Barcus

    Did Sous just say meow? 😆

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Leo crazy balls move jumping that! Way to go!

  • Everything.On.Wheels 519
    Everything.On.Wheels 519

    Ouuccchhh and that's why I don't have a back rack on my Renegade 😬 My tailbone is throbbing for you Leo!

  • David Cason
    David Cason

    Hey you guys I hate to say it but I think the old Gauntlet back at dark house is a lot more challenging Gauntlet course then the one that you guys are currently running at your shop I would really love to see some of those Vehicles me and ran at the old gauntlet even with the higher horsepower it would make it even more challenging to get it around the old Gauntlet course with the higher horsepower

  • kylen Phillip's
    kylen Phillip's

    Btw if you have the talon in sport mode you can still down shift with the paddles. Judt an fyi

  • Corey Brickner
    Corey Brickner

    I’d like to see how a similar hp can am would do, you only have high hp models. Maybe flash base mode back to 120hp for track time day?

  • TheRedMenace 1199R
    TheRedMenace 1199R

    You need a hand brake to rip that final corner!!!

  • kylen Phillip's
    kylen Phillip's

    Put poles around the track with gopros so we can see different views of that track. Think 8t would make it that more enjoyable

  • Ryan Troester
    Ryan Troester

    Happy to see you guys playing around with the General. I have a General 4 and wouldn’t trade it in for anything. But I am a hunter and that’s why I purchased this unit. Love ❤️ the content guys thank you for all you do. 👍

  • BrokeBike Mtb
    BrokeBike Mtb

    Fuckin leo......out here casin shit

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