How we're going to WIN BURNOUT RIVALS against CLEETUS!
What would you do with a million dollars? Two burnouts at the same time man...
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    • 69Dartman

      I paid for it the day he announced and you guys did awesome. The tandem burnouts and banana was a nice touch. I gave several cars the awesome rating including you. Good job and I'm sure you'll be back next year. 😂👍

    • HillBilly Shine
      HillBilly Shine

      I vote for y'all, thought your was the most unique!

    • Matthew Kilgore
      Matthew Kilgore

      Good luck and have a great time

    • ctb0302891

      It was sick.

    • XJlover

      Wow what a show guys, here's hoping you guys win cause you definitely didnt disappoint

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    I AM IN MY HOUSE YELLING "YES, YUP...BOTH OF THEM....BURNING" threwout that build up LOL yessss guys awesome idea that is bad ass 😆!!!! THIS PEOPLE IS WHY THIS CHANNEL IS THE BEST IF YOUR NOT SUBBED JUST DO IT TRUST ME ITS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO LOL!!!! Ty guys another amazing vid!! KEEP EM COMIN!!!!🤙

  • John Brown
    John Brown

    Ok so I'm just now seeing this video, y'all shoulda backed the side by side on the truck to get the weight in front of the axel


    shoulda used a second sxs to pull from behind in opposite direction melting rubber off all three...

  • Rob Masek
    Rob Masek

    old man advice gets the thumbs up


    Just put spme tractor weights on the front of the truck, she'll hold down!!😂🤣💯

  • A A
    A A

    Sponsor me with GoPro Shiro black

  • Aren Schaffran
    Aren Schaffran

    When in doubt- “YOU JUST NEED MORE LUBE!!”

  • eOp

    Why not using a line lock to lock just the front tires ?


      Rear brakes disconnected

  • Bo Perry
    Bo Perry

    If yall did the cam can i please have the specs of it

  • shawn swinea
    shawn swinea

    First of all outstanding. We didn't vote enough that wasn't on you guys. We got you the next time. I agree keep rick fired up!!!!

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry

    Too much talking and not enough action. A wider tire will mean less pounds per square inch as well so a different tire will give you less traction which you are looking for here. With a wider spray nozzle at the end of your water tubes will increase the flow all over the tire to increase even less pounds per square inch on the rear end as well. Plus mounting a heavier tank on the front bumper will increase your weight on the front to give you more traction on the front tires that will help in this project. Or even add some weights to the front bumper will do the same thing as well. More soap in the water will help it be slicker or a different additive solution. Plus using a different compound brake shoe in the front axle and removing the brakes on the rear wheels, and put more weight at the front axle. Would have been easier to mount a set of rods onto the front bumper to add some barbell weights like they do for Pulling Tractors to keep the front end down. Then just keep piling them on to get the weight off the back.

  • Tom Brenes
    Tom Brenes

    Wow love it guys if it works u got my vote, I would flame thrower kit on it and a couple tube flag holders

  • Mad Pat
    Mad Pat

    next time get a manuel

  • Scotty2HottiE904

    You guys are awesome!

  • Noe Pena
    Noe Pena

    Guys I need help I have a XMR X3 Turbo it cuts off at 65 I need a tune what do you guys recommend????


      Email us

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    Rick is a fucking legend

  • Bailey Seman
    Bailey Seman

    needs a hand break and dual caliper setup dedicated to the front wheels

  • NormalGuy

    Omg came from burnout rivals just to see this thing. This is badass

  • Rollcage

    Maybe should have flipped the CF1 around so the heavier part of the car was closer to the cab.....

  • Benjamin Kartak
    Benjamin Kartak

    Just need to mount another sxs to the front for front tire traction.and get Sous to do a burnout on the front of the truck. Lol


    Add a rugged radio pumper system w/helmets


    Remove weight in the back and add weight to the front!

  • Nathan Panter
    Nathan Panter

    Little Smokey lube this time, need a set of twin Nagasaki noisy bois next for that gmt400. Hell, even a belt driven compression compounder would get that bad bitch to light nooooo problem bud. Keep on sending it dudes, can’t wait to see this bad bitch rip.

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    Ya gotta take into account that the driveway is covered in loose dirt and gravel. Its gonna slide.

  • NS Gearhead
    NS Gearhead

    Project idea; CRF450 engine in one of the Monkeys. :)

  • Tim Barton
    Tim Barton

    Gotta ask, is Rick related to Cleetus? Lol. They should be

  • Rob Wagner
    Rob Wagner

    Trans brake

  • jasonkboyer

    Personally I think you guys got robbed at Burnout Rivals. Hands down one of the sickest and sketchy burnouts I've ever seen!

  • 06goatm6

    Love it!

  • Christina Ramey
    Christina Ramey

    put more weight on the front

  • Dennis Sims
    Dennis Sims

    Add 100 shot of nitrous to it to get a tire spinning 👍

  • BSB333

    Let's be honest, where you guys are going, you don't need visibility.

  • AussieZ X
    AussieZ X

    just seen bit it the burnout pad going have blocks in square not going be freedom in burnout pad they need remove blocks so u have more fun let loose do a great burnout in freedom factory. so express your self.

  • Garrett Rogers
    Garrett Rogers

    i live in florida and im about to go to michigan in a 19 hour ride

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown

    Turn the Polaris around so the weight is towards the front of the truck And at the end of the burn out drive it off the truck coming out of the smoke.

  • derpAcola

    Yooooo saw y'all at my hotel this morning. Rig is looking beautiful. Love y'all.

  • David Mclagan
    David Mclagan

    put a line lock on the front brakes like us drag racers use in the burn out box

  • kylelach2011

    Every time i see this thing in a video I think that she needs a nice big stahl converter. Definitely woulda helped get her burnin right off the line

  • john spiteri
    john spiteri

    duct tape the wheels to get the burnout going.

  • the dude
    the dude

    Hope you have a scuba tank and mask so you can breathe during this

  • Socalfun

    Didn’t you ever think that you’re doing it on dirt and thats why the tires were pushing? The burnout pad is way grippy!

  • Adam Loader
    Adam Loader

    Good idea to weld the rear solid to stop sideways tipping roll through the suspension. I hope it’s more epic then sketchy 😆

  • Socalfun


  • Josh

    But I do love fig newtons

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green

    Good work guys

  • Wil Schell
    Wil Schell

    Firing order is written on most stock GM intakes

  • Outlaw Mechanics
    Outlaw Mechanics

    I’ve actually had quite a few sets of those tires and they are surprisingly good for the price. No they aren’t nittos but they honestly dig good

  • James Black
    James Black

    I laughed Doug I Laughed!

  • Gaige Uhlry
    Gaige Uhlry

    Put some bleach under the back tires and it’ll REALLY roast em then

  • TagGeorge

    the pf454 you should only need if the engine is old pre gmt400 or from a 2 wheel drive.

    • SXSBlog Garage
      SXSBlog Garage

      TagGeorge ya it doesn’t have a 90 degree adapter to clear the driveshaft

  • Fs Atomic
    Fs Atomic

    Maybe if there wasn’t dirt and gravel where the front tires are it wouldn’t push them

  • Alden Filko
    Alden Filko

    Could have sprayed vegetable oil for more lube 😂

  • Mike Nieuwsma
    Mike Nieuwsma

    Next time nitrous

  • Mike Majors
    Mike Majors

    Can you imagine Rick at work. What a spaz but funny as shit

  • Wyatt Blair
    Wyatt Blair

    I just saw you guys on your way back home with the Bernanright race unit

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Let air out of front tire to help hold

  • Jeff Stiles
    Jeff Stiles

    Reinforce the driveshaft on truck

  • Jeremy Holmberg
    Jeremy Holmberg

    Put some weight on the front

  • mississippi mudslutscrew
    mississippi mudslutscrew

    or put a line lock on it

  • Born Behind Bars
    Born Behind Bars

    Pulling weights on the front take pressure out of the fronts and add pressure to the rears

  • Brian ermeling
    Brian ermeling


  • D. Miller
    D. Miller

    Tractor weights up front

  • Litebulb

    Outstanding, thanks for the great smile this morning!

  • Blake Herndon
    Blake Herndon

    I just saw y’alljthe interstate 75 a few days ago

  • Josiah Cripps
    Josiah Cripps

    You need to make the rear suspension supper stiff and also make it sit higher that the front end. That will take the weight off the rear end.

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose

    Front wheel burnout

  • John G
    John G

    Just watched the PPV and you guys killed it, doing it SXSBLOG style! The Race Unit is a ripper.

  • Tyler Nielsen
    Tyler Nielsen

    Rick can you please take the Stupid Sport sticker off the rear sides of the box I dod mine and it looks way cleaner love the truck and the ghoul. From out here in Canada

  • Brandon Havard
    Brandon Havard

    I say do like cleetus and put a 75 shot on it it’ll get er done then

  • Swerval


  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors

    You just need to weld a mount to the front frame so you can add weights to the front like a tractor has.

  • RanDum Dealz
    RanDum Dealz

    Air down the front and add weight upfront. Over inflate the rear!

  • Conner Pyles
    Conner Pyles

    Try putting wheel chocks in front of the front tires

  • AlbinoMunkay13

    What about wider tires on the front, and air them down. Full psi in the rear.

  • Nick Atkinson
    Nick Atkinson

    disconnect the rear brakes

  • Pizzola89

    Should have bagged (let air out) the front tires of the truck. Would have drastically helped with front traction.

  • D Boy
    D Boy

    Lmfao. Doug said oh come on its only funny when you guys say it.

  • RatTerrier1369

    Next T-shirt idea...LOCK THE DIFF!! 😄

  • AXIAL32

    Never did say if you pinched off the rear brakes.

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love

    The answer to all your problems would be more horse power. Kinda sad I never heard that mentioned one time.. a nitrous kit is cheap go and very effective. Ask Jack stand Jimmy. He will tell ya

  • Rick Schroeder
    Rick Schroeder

    Great choice on the music score during outro.

  • Iam106racing

    Line lock would be way smarter 🤓

  • Car Culture
    Car Culture

    I watch most episodes for the last few years sometimes it plays in the background while I’m working but I must have missed what the CF in Cf1 stands for but I just imagine cunt force 1 for whatever reason

  • Robert Hillberry
    Robert Hillberry

    Lower tire pressure

  • Robert Hillberry
    Robert Hillberry

    Put the small tires on the front

  • Andrew Cash
    Andrew Cash

    bags of stones in the engine bay could of been a choice

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    Joy my feeds video keeps freezing every minute...

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M

    GOT MY VOTE and haven't even seen it yet

  • Even Strand
    Even Strand

    30:53 aww poor doug, no one laughed

  • awkward gamer
    awkward gamer

    Weld the diff

  • Oakley Jenkins
    Oakley Jenkins

    Delete the rear brakes and more air in the rear tires

  • Jerry Rigged TV
    Jerry Rigged TV

    you guys need someone doing a burnout in the sxs on the back, while you're doing a burnout! piggyback burnouts!!

  • Charles Owens
    Charles Owens

    could of drove off the dock onto truck...that dock is gold

  • allaboutcars86

    James is gonna fall in love when he sees that truck

  • Duramax Klem
    Duramax Klem

    I would put a few up rights under the frame of the rzr to keep it in place front sliding left to right

  • Brian Hawk
    Brian Hawk

    Put some caster wheels on the rear axle so the wheels are barley touching the ground. You just have too much weight.

  • Derek Christenson
    Derek Christenson

    Flip the rs1 around to get more weight to the front of the truck

  • Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ
    Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ

    There is to much sand and gravel on the surface that's why it's sliding

  • Kristian Black
    Kristian Black

    Put water in the front tires

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