HUGE burnouts IN THE SHOP?! Maverick X3 power! (and new office!)
Well this is one way to break the new shop in....
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    What should we do a burnout with next?!

    • dingakasteve


    • Iron Tough01
      Iron Tough01


    • Megan Hensley
      Megan Hensley

      Project base mode

    • Rmz250ryder

      Blue ox!

    • James Payne
      James Payne

      The talon needs to burn one or two

  • KeithMinnicksRacing

    Orangeade rehab my favorite monster

  • ray comstock
    ray comstock

    I love your channel educational and entertaining I do have some input on the cool burn out pad to make it easier and safer by putting adjustable safety hooks to attach to the front a arms which will eliminate the bump stops for the front tires then it will work at glamis and on anywhere and with any length vehicle... keep on keeping on your friend crazyray67

  • All Things Offroad
    All Things Offroad

    Lol Sous looking at the carpet like “ why the F#*k is there a giant Kenworth logo on the ground?!” 😂😭😂

  • zloftsgard1

    Here’s the ‘every video obligatory comment to keep the ALgone $$$$’s flowing’.... 😜😜😜😜😜

  • mckrackin5324

    Anchor the sheet to the front bumper of the machine doing the burnout. That way you can use it anywhere. Just sayin'. lol

  • Iron Tough01
    Iron Tough01

    What’s that orange X3


      Customer rig

  • nick fritter
    nick fritter

    Just anchor the pads to the front wheels then you can use it anywhere and it won't move around


    Nice burn out been watching you just having way to much fun lol I have seen you guys beating the snot out of just about every this nice job have you checked out the 2020 Kawasaki KRX 1000 I just got one very happy with it . I have no complants on it get power could use a turbo in the future .

  • Wil Schell
    Wil Schell

    If you anchor the plate to the side by side it can't go anywhere

  • BigD1395

    Man! I can not believe you guys went and purchased a $350+ dollar piece of steel just to do a burn out when it could have been shared with the homeless that is in every city, state, & county in the US. I realize that it’s your money once we give it to ya. This is a little bit much though, especially when you could’ve just waited a little bit longer. So this is the only video that I’ve ever gave a thumbs down brothers.


      It was $70. Costs money to have fun (and make content).

  • Tampa Boys Customs
    Tampa Boys Customs

    Great idea guys awesome burnout really cool you guys rock deftinely had the right shirt on to Doug. Cleetus and car's I'll be there in April can't wait

  • Philip Foster
    Philip Foster

    Just a word of caution though when that steel heats up from doing long burnouts in one spot like that the concrete flooring underneath can still pop out from overheating so be careful

  • ryan7974

    you guys going to the indy show

  • David Hicks
    David Hicks

    Why didn’t you just chain it to the front of the side by side? Then u can do it anywhere. Portable burn out

  • dsm02c

    2 min in and the only question is what is the tire gonna do on steel?!?

  • matad311

    very cool and excited to get into one of those rentals this summer! my SXS purchase might now happen but a rental could and I heard about this on facebook!

  • longstroke1982

    Are we not gonna talk about the Rick-mav with skinny's on it?

  • howard the Whelan wahlen
    howard the Whelan wahlen

    When you guys going to be able to afford Sous to quit his job


      Months ago. Dude won't leave. Unreal

  • josh Wunrow
    josh Wunrow

    I would just have a winch off another machine hooked to it for more saftey

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    100% worth waiting for that burner. GG Leo! Nice work on the gauge Dougie!

  • Jimety Etty
    Jimety Etty

    You know what you really need to hold that steel in place? #pushpins


      How did we miss that!?

  • mxzr2

    Just anchor it to the front bumper on the sxs.

  • Jonathan Thibodeau
    Jonathan Thibodeau

    You have the best ALgone channel ever but just a suggestion why not more trail ride

  • Chase Havens
    Chase Havens

    Yall guys have a hook up at rocky mountain? I'm in the market for a skid plate.

  • fullyford

    kinda makes me want to do a burn out with my fl350 odyssey..

  • Steve Kunde
    Steve Kunde

    I have to ask.... did project Ghost just show up at Osta’s or was there some SxS Blog Shop work that we haven’t yet seen??? 🤔

  • James Tinnel
    James Tinnel

    Need a big shop fan for when you do burnouts

  • Mike Desilets
    Mike Desilets

    Doug should have secretly programmed in "idiot" level on the meter. Lol.

  • Rolando Gonzalez
    Rolando Gonzalez

    Started coughing watching this...COL🤪

  • Andrew Faryna
    Andrew Faryna

    Why not chain the plate to the front of the truck??? Lol

  • Adam Klenk
    Adam Klenk

    chain it to the unit that will make it safer and no break wear or chalks that will fail and then it can be mobile take it any place

  • André Renaud
    André Renaud

    I start to see jacker carpet!! I no the futur now!! 😉😁👍 i love you guy s!! I like to see you like family! Dont stop.🎉🎈🍻🤗

    • André Renaud
      André Renaud


  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    When you opened the garage door your neighbors were prob' thinking that Cheech & Chong had moved in. lol.

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    Would love to watch the RZR s roll smoke! Love it guys!

  • SchecterOJ

    I'm a parts guy for a honda polaris orv dealership. my office chair is a rzr seat. lol.

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    that was a real sheety burnout leo🤘🖒🖒


    I can only imagine being on the job to install some office furniture at some business and pull up to a bunch of yahoos doing indoor burnouts in the shop. First thing I'd think: "Y'all think this box truck could do it?" Other yahoos bring out the yahoo in us all. Hahaha!!!


    W.T.F.?! That. Was. Epic. EPIC. Indoor burnout pad. Whoda think it was such an epic idea?! Hahahaha!!!

  • Alfred The Savage
    Alfred The Savage

    Whats all that white stuff on the ground? I don't understand why people just don't move.

  • Lee Ashworth
    Lee Ashworth

    Fasten it to the SXS

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris

    Just recently came across your channel. You guys keep it real and I appreciate your videos.


      Thanks Josh!

  • TC Jerzy
    TC Jerzy

    That bitch was boggin' deep

  • Rustbelt Mechanic
    Rustbelt Mechanic

    Mix in a little ingenuity with a big pile of insane ideas, add a dash of boredom....Now that’s how you do some grand ol homegrown fun! Take her to “THE BURNOUT PLATE OF DEATH!”

  • Michael Deemer
    Michael Deemer

    this is what i love seeing

  • Sean Norris
    Sean Norris

    Great video again guys just enjoying watching the work shop come together and more of your crazy antics keep it up

  • KuschallRacing

    crazycrazycrazy..stay like that !

  • Eric Styer
    Eric Styer

    Ive got a legit hookup when you’re ready for some serious exhaust fan(s). We also have HVLS fans for the shop. Lookup CaptiveAire - Service - TN or MI field service for contact info. Congrats on the shop, it’s coming together.

  • Andreas 27
    Andreas 27

    Shop Initiation Ceremony!

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    Did that in the late 80s But we are in Australia the burnout capital of the world!

  • alex gunde
    alex gunde

    Use the forklift. It’s a Mobile then

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith

    Cleetus is a bad influence

  • 420MadBloke


  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer

    The Kenworth jacket needs to become it's own character on the show

  • joe e. fuytinck
    joe e. fuytinck

    Kinda funny!!!

  • Broke Dad Films
    Broke Dad Films

    And this is how the fire department showed up.😆

  • Phil Krochak
    Phil Krochak

    Haven't seen the General for awhile, you guys didn't get rid of it did you? Wanting to see what you do with it.


    How does carnivores work on a x3? On road and off? I’m not into much trail riding but it might start on I get my x3 rs it will mostly see farm use. But I like speed. And the ride of the x3 so was wondering about those tires vs. the stock bighorns? It will c it’s share of mud and cow crap. Cause I own a brute force 750i 2015 model and gonna sale it cause I won’t b able to ride it no more cause I had a farming accident and dropped a Round bale of hay over back on myself crushed my L1 vertebrae so the 12th of March I will b having surgery idk if I can ride it again after the do 8 screws n my back and a rod.. so I’m gonna need a sxs and I want the new 2020 x3 me nor my wife has worked since July of last year tying to get on disability. Been denied twice already. I’ve found the machine I want and I want to go try and get it but I know with the bills I have and the no money that ain’t gonna happen my wife has to give me showers I can’t bend Down and she has to go it my pants on me my sick and m shoes. We n a tough Planck n life we had to move in with my parents and our two kids man I wished I could find someone that would say u want it in the blue green and grey wit a full windshield and roof the carnivore tires and winch and the bigger front bumper and all of have to do was give them my brute force for it. But that a big wish lol but it’s been taken care of nothing wrong with it only has 1021 miles on it. But what do ya do? Let de is rough and is about to get a lot worse after my surgery Atleast till I heal up that’s 6-12 months. But y’all keep up the great videos! I have rode the 2020 and man does it ride great 10x better than the brute.and tha what I need and want it. But not likely for someone to say hey go to this dealership and pick up your new machine and drop off your old one I’d die b like hitting the lotto.

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    It's official the shop is broken in.

  • Doug Lowenthal
    Doug Lowenthal

    Im still LOL

  • Judge has the Word
    Judge has the Word

    Where is my desk going. It don't need to be tall I have know legs. An no chair I have my own wheelchair. Joking . To all the people that take a joke. As I told you before I lost my legs in 1993 damn it life lives on. I don't let nothing bring me down. I mite not have no legs from above the knees down. Who cares I can do more then most people that can walk has legs. Enjoy life only live once. You guys are awesome how to meet you guys some day.

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Up in smoke hahahaha. Cheech eyes and burnout rides.

  • Joe Nagel
    Joe Nagel

    Why don't you just strap the sheet of steel to the front of the machine. The machine wouldn't move and you wouldn't have to use the brakes

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    Anchor the chains top the front bumper.

  • Todd B
    Todd B

    So stupid...

  • Shad

    Feel it would be better if you did it against a wall or used another steel sheet to make a back shield so rubber and whatever you pour on the sheet to help do a burnout doesn't go all over the shops and things in the shop.

  • Timothy McKevitt
    Timothy McKevitt

    Well done

  • Swamp Diver Outdoors
    Swamp Diver Outdoors

    Here from Cletus McFarland. Just got my first sxs, 2019 Yamaha viking vi. 👍

  • Kenny Allison
    Kenny Allison

    Love it!

  • Jonathan Jordan
    Jonathan Jordan

    Dougxplain ha ha ha ha

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    No one else see the x3 on dark star drag wheels?????! 🤤😍

    • John Thomson
      John Thomson

      yeah I saw those pizza cutters

  • Josh Domoslai
    Josh Domoslai

    Portable burnout pad nice!

  • Daniel Tarr
    Daniel Tarr

    You should hook a chain to each post,then you'd be in the center of the door way n case a wheel chalk should fail

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    My body is ready.....

  • Live2thrill

    So glad this channel is growing the way it is. You all deserve it! Great job guys! “That’s a good unit!”

  • jasong712

    One of the best things you boys have done!

  • Asylumental

    That kenworth jacket really was a great purchase.

  • Live2thrill

    What’s in that x3 back there? Drag slicks?

  • Mark Hudson
    Mark Hudson

    Amazingly, Beast Mode reminds me of Bad Ass Turbo Mountain Sleds, just saying.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    You guys are hands down the best thing on the internet. I have never missed an episode as soon as it comes out. Keep up the incredible content you guys.

  • Keith Parady
    Keith Parady

    How about a big truck tire tread

  • Keith Parady
    Keith Parady

    Good for you guys

  • craig bollinger
    craig bollinger

    Thank god you don’t have a smoke alarm

  • Smooth.McGee

    Walks in shop: we get it, you vape! 😂

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W

    1:48 Your guys' next t-shirt needs to be one of Doug wearing the Kenworth jacket! I can't help but smile everytime I see him wear it.

  • Wyandotte Weaver
    Wyandotte Weaver

    Cleeter will be proud. 🤘🤘😎

  • nigel lush
    nigel lush

    Have the chains in an X pattern under the machine and have a strap to attach to the front wheels. No brakes needed. And the plate will stay exactly where it needs to be. Other then that. Well done!!! 👏☝️🤘

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Very cool guys. Love the office, cheers 🍻

  • Morelyz24Tv

    I think I love the fact Doug rocks that Kenworth jacket he got on one of the Cleetus road trips... Wasn't a joke buy the guy seriously rocks it!!!

  • Tank’s link
    Tank’s link

    You should rig up to the chains to hook to the front tie down spots on the sxs that way you can put it down anywhere even out at the dirt track during the drags and have burnout contest

  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin

    Holycrap the KENWORTH on the floor HELL YEAH BROTHER

  • Dave C
    Dave C

    I feel like the Grim Reaper prob swung by the shop today just to check on these shenanigans

  • Frank and Gord's Excellent Off Road Adventures
    Frank and Gord's Excellent Off Road Adventures

    Be nice to see a thermal camera or infrared temperature of the steel and tires during the burnout 👍

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    Just a thought. If you attach the burnout plate to the front/underside of the machine itself not only would it definitely not move but you could use the plate in the driveway and not fill the shop with smoke.

  • Topshelf 710
    Topshelf 710

    Pfi dyno style

  • Topshelf 710
    Topshelf 710

    Need nick and rick more!

  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin


  • Emiel Coene
    Emiel Coene

    Just hook the plate to thr front of the sxs then you technicly don't even need brakes

  • Topshelf 710
    Topshelf 710

    I speak my mind as much as I hate it sorry daddy didnt raise a liar 💯💪🏼💯🙏😭😂

  • Topshelf 710
    Topshelf 710

    Tryn to hard to much like cleeter

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