Kawasaki KRX1000 vs Honda Talon 1000R... drag and short course!
We put our demo KRX next to our Talon 1000R! 68" vs 68"!
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  • Venture All-Terrain
    Venture All-Terrain

    Honda talon 4 or Polaris General XP 4. Which one would you guy's choose?

  • ジjackalジ

    i like Kawasaki KRX1000

  • The C.R.E.W
    The C.R.E.W

    Talon vs 2021 rmax. Already a video confirmed 3 times its faster than a krx.. Id say talon and rmax neck to neck..

  • Charles Boylan
    Charles Boylan

    damn i know exactly where you guys are running those. live not to far away. looking at buying two sidexsides and went to youtube to check out how they all are.

  • Aaron Maguire
    Aaron Maguire

    Well...when it comes to ATVs I've always been a Honda guy. If that Talon has the usual Honda reliability that Honda is famous for I might just get one. I wanted to wait until they dropped that 1000cc engine into the Rincon but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

  • Greg Rowe
    Greg Rowe

    Krx is a great machine except its a bit slow. Kinda like the wildcat 1000 when it first came out. Slow is relative though. It’s still 100 hp but it’s too heavy. A 60” version that weighs several hundred lbs less would be peppy with this engine.

  • Eric Knowles
    Eric Knowles

    Wow kawa is slow as shitttt

  • Kevin Ruddles
    Kevin Ruddles

    You guys helped me pick out my first sxs with your videos. I bought a 2021 krx trail edition. My girlfriend and I love it. Great videos.

  • Adam Riel
    Adam Riel

    I want a KRX so bad. But it’s slow and I’ve yet to locate a turbo for it.

  • Mario Eid
    Mario Eid

    Man really appreciate you guys! Definitely helping me make my choice on utv. Keep up the content!

  • TripleAstyle1 A
    TripleAstyle1 A

    you guys should have a bobcat flatten a drag on that land.... flag it at 1/8th mile and start recording times! That way its pretty exact.

  • Deuce724

    You guys even flooring the Kawi?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lol yes

  • Jake Malone
    Jake Malone

    Sxs wasteland

  • john colosio
    john colosio

    That key is screaming but don't seem that fast.

  • Trevor Frazier
    Trevor Frazier

    The KRX is pretty slow

  • The Send It Crew Off-roading Arizona
    The Send It Crew Off-roading Arizona

    I’m thinking about buying a KRX because of how much you guys says it’s a crawler!! When will we see some crawling in that thing?

  • mike herber
    mike herber

    Talon all the way

  • Full Force
    Full Force

    What's the deal with the belts on the talons? Are they going out left and right like the rzrs.

  • Max Caisley
    Max Caisley

    If you had to rate the machines from first to last, what would be the order? Also, please turbo that talon!

  • gray 77
    gray 77

    My last sxs was a 12 900xp looking at a krx now but not sure how it compares power wise, i'd hate to spend that much to be disappointed and no demos around. Is the. 2020 1000xp non turbo significantly faster than the krx? Thats my second choice

  • PinPoon Gameplays
    PinPoon Gameplays

    Que hay compa están chidos tus videos pero hay gente que no sabemos mucho ingles y solo pude entender la mitad del video jajaja de verías poner subtitulo Salu2 desde Zacatecas México 🇲🇽

  • windsock777

    Anyone happen to know what tires are on the Talon?

  • ChristianX Z owner
    ChristianX Z owner

    Brother Units are looking good

  • 08CspecGT

    The KRX is painfully slow. I bet an OG Mav will put a whopping on it.


    It’s a tal-on not a tolone

  • Jason Hendrickson
    Jason Hendrickson

    I think it's time to step up the risk.. put 3 cars on the track at once..

  • White Rhino Outdoors
    White Rhino Outdoors

    Man I love my krx I almost bought the Honda but thought the krx had more value for my money but damn if it’s not responsive they could have done so much more with its motor and clutching. On the trails it’s a beast does better than all other brands that my friends have but again I want a better throttle response and the krx would be perfect with that said great video keep them coming

  • Denisus Vilegzhaninaes
    Denisus Vilegzhaninaes

    All guys are so fat. Too much food, people... and too less sport.

  • Ken

    Dirt trax mag doesn’t hold a candle to you guys and they know it they are fading away now your on the scene ... again.. your becoming the gold standard. OWN IT $$$$$$$$$

  • Ken

    Those two units took to long from r$d to market the class leaders are light years ahead of them.. help them obyjuan lol your our only hope !

  • Ken

    The Artic cat xx and the krx needs your help. This is a golden opportunity to cash in on those two platforms.. I said it first

  • Ken

    What sucks is people don’t have bottomless pits of money and ever single time there might be an opportunity to get a unit I watch your videos and I get completely turned off.. the xx was discounted the krx is big time discounted and in the end the only answer is to go all in and spend 40GRAND on a turbo s or Maverick I say fuck that and stick with my c7 corvette .. 😤. CAN YOU TAKE AN UNDERDOG AND MAKE IT A BEAST ON THE CHESP. PLEASE

  • Ken


  • Ken

    Sous actually had encouraging statements but said it best LOW ON POWER. COME ON GUYS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND MAKE MONEY IN THE PROCESS

  • Ken

    I hope you do understand your becoming the gold standard to a lot of people .... OWN IT

  • Ken

    It’s kind of like the Artic cat xx being a complete bitch as well and you guys didn’t do anything to prove any different. Sad your missing out on so much money IF YOU WOULD JUST PROVE a bitch can actually improve ... nobody wants a pos that doesn’t meet sxs blogs expectations

  • Ken

    Kawasaki should be embarrassed for not sending you the shit/parts to undo the bitch out of the krx how embarrassing

  • Ken

    You all are a riot regardless

  • Ken


  • Ken

    Sous is such a cheater

  • Ken

    Plus those guts are very competitive... hey sous.... Leo does actually have the car that kicks your ass. .lol

  • Ken

    Sous is no dummy. He took the car he knew right away had a pipe etc and he is a sore looser if he “ever” loses... sous doesn’t loose 😜

  • Ken

    And. And sous can’t drive the Honda.., Leo is too nice and won’t deliberately always try to get the upper hand..

  • Ken

    Kinda bullshit guys... put a pipe on the krx and run it against the Honda with a stock pipe


    You guys need to get the turbo kit for it

  • Timothy Yates
    Timothy Yates

    @ 17:44 WTF lol.

  • mud champ
    mud champ

    Graves is now making a really sweet high quality carbon fiber exhaust for the KRX 1000, it deletes the cat and sounds sweet...As well as Alba racing just came out with a tune for the Krx ,with those two paired ,it makes a big difference on my Krx few 10ths less 0-60 ...Leo see if they will sponsor a krx build? Alba tune and Graves exhaust

  • James C
    James C

    Anything but a Polaris

  • Billy Sarver
    Billy Sarver

    Dang I’d like to see that maverick on the course

  • J Shapiro
    J Shapiro

    Kawi needs some extra beef pushing those tires there's rumor the programming helps them alot but is it trusted?......all I know is my 4seater kawi wasnt fast but it was faster than the smaller utvs like 570, artic cat ECT it holds trails good not so much power it's wasted but enough to climb and get there with speed.

  • Eric Gregory
    Eric Gregory

    Shock tuning any one 😁?!

  • Taylor W.
    Taylor W.

    Really want to see you guys slap a turbo on that kawasaki

  • Yan7001978

    KRX is nicely build but no power! Why???

  • عراقي وافتخر
    عراقي وافتخر

    Trushhh Kawasaki made in China

  • Melissa Cooper
    Melissa Cooper

    The Talon sounds so nice

  • Jer C
    Jer C

    Took my sons krx out it’s a great all around machine very comfortable to drive for sure

  • Ken

    Lol hilarious you tear everything up ..lol

  • Ken

    Never put Leo in a car when you want it to win against zusssssss

  • ranchertrapper dieselbuilds
    ranchertrapper dieselbuilds

    I would pay monthly payments for this channel yall are awesome literally anything I look up about sxs ,yall have a good video on! I did not think when I typed talon vs krx someone would actually already have a vidja on it! You guys are getting me in trouble I'm now only allowed 2 episodes per evening. thanks...

  • Odyssey Offroad
    Odyssey Offroad

    looking to pickup a second car and i think a talon r is the ticket. i was intrigued by the krx when it launched but its just to darn slow good for slow trail riding seems.

  • Slash Blade64
    Slash Blade64

    You guys should try the zforce sport 950


    I love team Green. But fuk, its slowwww

  • Kieran Mann
    Kieran Mann

    How about a power adder on that KRX? I think someone makes a supercharger for it. SXS Blog Thrash Center???

  • evodynahd

    17.24 Ackerman Effect

  • michael malkowski
    michael malkowski

    You guys are literally on the map. Was looking at the signs trying to figure out where you're ripping around and Google has a pin there.

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    KRX put a pipe on it and a ECU flash. Awesome 😎

  • Jaxcen Morris
    Jaxcen Morris

    I found a video of a ace 570 beating a krx 1000😂 algone.info/slow/video/jp-XqHh7sKqIuXk

  • drtone

    Cockpit more roomy and appealing in KRX...no leg room in Talon

  • Joey Mosher
    Joey Mosher

    100% watching gauntlet content is by far my favorite! Really shows a comparison on the performance of each unit. Love the new gauntlet!

  • Joe Riley
    Joe Riley

    If I lived and rode where you guys do, the KRX would not be my first choice or second. However we live in Moab Utah. And the KRX is the first choice for around here. They are everywhere. Simply a fantastic little rock crawler. Especially with the 35s we are running.

  • Oliver Kotalik
    Oliver Kotalik

    8:02 do you even preload? also can't beat the sound of the DCT

  • Rich Henry
    Rich Henry

    Should call it SxS sidetrax

  • Bryce May
    Bryce May

    Here from cleetus McFarland

  • Randy Carr
    Randy Carr

    Mudlife needs to try bundy hills bounty hole

  • Team6Loves

    All you need is a Light Tree and SXSBlog Dirt Drags is born!!!!❤️ 👊🏼

    • SXSBlog.com

      Search "SXSBlog Raceday"


    Love excuses when ya lose. Loving that honda

  • The Dubya
    The Dubya

    How does a guy go about getting a demo model?? I'd love to have one with all the bells and whistles (and not the extra cost 🤞)

    • SXSBlog.com

      Start a ALgone channel, work on it for a number of years relentlessly with no handouts, hope you have a personality so people enjoy watching, hope people pay attention so your audience can grow, and hopefully you'll catch the attention of an OEMs marketing department, and then and only then can you ask for a demo.

  • Robert Grizzell
    Robert Grizzell

    Would like to see rzr 800 against the Kawasaki

  • biglogdtt

    You guys need a 2020 YXZ1000r SS to compare against the Talonai. Dat be dope

  • ChevyZilla V8 Monster
    ChevyZilla V8 Monster

    Just race all that talking

  • Nick Krug
    Nick Krug

    BUT not a turbo... typical Honda..makes up spend THOUSANDS to up grade to like everyone else

  • wrenchinator

    You should call that the de ja vu jump!

  • Dirrty Murph
    Dirrty Murph

    I love the KRX! Great video guys! See ya on the trails!

  • Afish040

    That KRX handled the jumps much better than the Talon. It didn’t nose dive nearly as heard and had a smoother landing.

  • Brandon Chapelo
    Brandon Chapelo

    Name it the SxS Rip Center!


    Drag racing...for people who can't brake and turn.

  • Greg Dawildman Fast
    Greg Dawildman Fast

    You need to build a standard 300ft/100 yard drag track..

  • Jaxon1127

    Love watching ya'll run the Talon

  • Reid Gargiulo
    Reid Gargiulo

    I love watching you guys so much you really are fun to watch

  • steelcityracer412

    What’s that app you’re using?

  • joshua arnett
    joshua arnett

    How's the talon compare to a stock YXZ as far as power goes? I imagine they're close, considering making the jump from a YXZ SS to a talon R

  • J P
    J P

    Big Fun!! 😆

  • Alex Garvey-welch.
    Alex Garvey-welch.

    Get the Talon Turbed fella's, keep up the good work, you're get me and i would say a lot of other people through lock down in the UK.

  • Big D H2o's
    Big D H2o's

    Another great Vid. I really see so many great aspects of all these machines. But, for the first time I recognize the smoothness of the Kawi suspension. Love your SXS Blog guys!

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    Really love seeing the talon ridden. I still really want one of those. BTW I'm going to be putting in an order on rocky mountain soon and using your link. Keep up the great videos!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks brother!

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh

    Sous really is a fortune teller

  • Rob Schepanowski
    Rob Schepanowski

    You guys need to add a Maverick 1000R XXC (or XRC) to the mix and do a real 1000cc non-turbo comparison.

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    Am I the only one that thinks it's silly to have 2 jumps going the same direction???? Make one go the other way so you can jump in both directions. Prob solved!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Man line and baby line lol

  • cleanman133

    It’s all about who gets in front and you can’t do anything about it also v force John is getting almost 80mph on his

  • T U
    T U

    that's a shame Kawasaki finally came out with a 1000cc and yet it was beat by a honda.

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