KOH 2020 Day 2! Backdoor, chocolate thunder, ripping, and X3 rolls!
This event is INSANE!
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  • SXSBlog.com

    Should we race KOH 2021?

    • James Siddons
      James Siddons

      That sounds good for the next step to what you guys are building at sxsblog or sponsor a new driver? /unit

    • Sonny Galloway
      Sonny Galloway

      Of course you should.

    • Matthew Lund
      Matthew Lund

      Its funny how many people say you should race..... if you race , then race but one off races serve no point but to waste major amounts of $$$$$.

    • Josh Owens
      Josh Owens

      Dumbest question ever.

    • funwithguns89

      Doug kills KOH '21 in the never before seen..Yxz1000-4 turbo! Say whaaat?

  • James Tiefry
    James Tiefry

    I’m so surprised I didn’t see you we have to ride next year!! When’s next race in so cal???

  • Michael Sorensen
    Michael Sorensen

    Thank you for all your

  • Eric onelove
    Eric onelove

    Can you make a general 1000 video!!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Wish I could ride with you some day!!

  • zloftsgard1

    Nice coverage as always!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jared jean
    Jared jean

    KOH 2021 needs to happen! At least bring your rigs!!!

  • Benny T
    Benny T

    That's good stuff. I wonder how the CVT belts do

  • absconder ie
    absconder ie

    That dude at the end of the video wouldn't have rolled if he gassed out. He used his brakes instead. Noob

  • SXS Videos Zach Nash
    SXS Videos Zach Nash

    Cool video guys, thanks for the footage!

  • jeff young
    jeff young

    Thanks guys!

  • Josh S.
    Josh S.

    Hey great vids. I have a truck song for videos you can use free. Just put in my soundcloud link in yer description...soundcloud.com/josh-shapiro-944681192/jacked-it-up

  • Alex

    Chocolate thunder back to back back door???? Yikkeeesssss tough break

  • Rich Spencer
    Rich Spencer

    I would with your experience, all you three should. I'm thinking about it.....thinking hmmmm

  • MadRam11

    I still can't believe the leaders co-drivers got out and held a rope so they could go down backdoor.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Agreed, overall seemed sketchy and unnecessary


    Captian Gnarkill there commenting the heck ouuta this one.

  • Trevin

    So far this is absolutely the best chocolate thunder view from Sunday! great video thank you guys👍

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    Great video y'all y'all and Steve from Dukes of OffRoad Hazard were in great places to video. He didn't tell that he was in an X3 and rolled it over. Lol. Glad they were ok

  • Joshua Maldonado
    Joshua Maldonado

    Ryan Deegan was 100 yards from you!

  • Cody Hagel
    Cody Hagel

    When are you guys gonna build a unit to race the KOH?? Would love to see you guys race it.

  • Doug Summers
    Doug Summers

    Next time you need a chair. Pull the rzr seats out and sit in them.

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews

    Guest appearance by David Uptain toward the end!

  • Sterling Bell
    Sterling Bell

    2 back doors and a chocolate thunder sound like a good day

  • Keith Fox
    Keith Fox

    How did you guys like the wind storm?

  • Keith Fox
    Keith Fox

    Damit I was there camped behind the Honda booth!

  • Brad Vandenboss
    Brad Vandenboss

    Would really like to see the Kawasaki on your channel sometime

    • SXSBlog.com

      We have a demo coming eventually

  • mike martin
    mike martin

    Love the channel guys....came on from seeing u all on cleetus's channel but was very disappointed hearing Leo say GD....not gonna unsubscribe yet because I can tell you all do try not to swear just sucked to hear coming from a great group of guys

  • Legoman585

    Newsflash SXSBlog enters 2021 KOH

  • robert ruggles
    robert ruggles

    What doesn't come out in this video is how steep the hills are around Johnson Valley, it's an awesome OHV area.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Soooo hard to convey it!

  • Joseph Zimmer
    Joseph Zimmer

    I really hope you guys enter in the KOH race next year.

  • Joshua Montague
    Joshua Montague

    Checking u guys found u on cleetus's channel

  • Notyochannel

    What kind of glasses is Sous rockin?!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Spy brand

  • MI.Dunerunner

    Can't wait to see the SXSBlog unit out there showing them how its done.

  • Jesse Warren
    Jesse Warren

    There definitely needs to be a sxsblog car in the race.

  • BrokenMTBer

    Shitty driving at the end, what an idiot

  • Superdutychase

    Nick looked like he was about to wear out Doug's back door lol

  • Austin Brown AX97
    Austin Brown AX97

    Y’all should’ve met up with Deegan

  • Jax Redline
    Jax Redline

    Awesome vid guys! Keep up the good work

  • joe e. fuytinck
    joe e. fuytinck

    Great job 👀

  • ericclaburn

    Hell yeah a purpose built machine for koh

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    What cause that x3 to roll at the end?

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Classic moment of letting your guard down. It never should have happened. Just goes to show anything can happen any time.

  • Colin Watt
    Colin Watt

    Does anyone know if those Honda race machines were built off the X or R? That rear-end looked short.

  • Aaron McCracken
    Aaron McCracken

    i cant be the only one that thinks this place has some funny on purpose made up names. come on guys. chocolate thunder. back door. wtf lmao

    • Aaron McCracken
      Aaron McCracken

      @Turbo Brian thats awesome lol gotta admit those are pretty great names lol

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Check Google Maps. They're official 🤟🤟

  • jasong712

    I still don’t know what cause him to roll. He was going straight and then all of a sudden fit was sideways. Did the sand kick it sideways?

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Super soft sand.

  • Asylumental

    11:55 what the hell is going on here? Why do they keep sending cars up the hill? Hahahah

  • Alan Golat
    Alan Golat

    1:23 that’s a hard “oh yeah!” Hello form your neighbor in NW Wisconsin. Ok real good talking to ya. Bye. Bye

  • honeybadgerl39

    Seems like there is a theme going on at KOH with names like back door and chocolate thunder lol!!!

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Whaddya mean? 😉

  • Brad Thackston
    Brad Thackston

    I’m still waiting on a Kawasaki video.

  • reaper2009rzr

    Koh is on my bucket list

  • Breadkrum’s Channel
    Breadkrum’s Channel

    When u boys moving to so cal?🙌🏼

  • Shad

    some of these copilots are fearless

  • Victor Alley
    Victor Alley

    Nick Sous is a back door man

  • 『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф
    『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф

    Shit looks fun

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Rollover? How?

    • Jaran Higley
      Jaran Higley

      @Turbo Brian I guess! Funny watching their video and they are heading down the hill straight, then all of the sudden, rolling over. It was just weird to watch.

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      You ever have a moment of how the F did that just happen? Sometimes you just get swept away in a freak sanvalanche.

  • Keith Patterson
    Keith Patterson

    Heck yeah dude. You guys deserve way more subs . Great content poppa Leo, sous and doug .

  • Sami Parkkinen
    Sami Parkkinen

    Heck Yeah Dudes! Seeing this race in person is definitely on my bucket list! Would be super awesome if you guys raced this next year!

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      A good time, all around.

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines

    I love the razors that y’all build can’t wait till I come in to some money because I will be contacting y’all ASAP

  • Muff Duster
    Muff Duster

    You lost me as a subscriber for your “GD” commentary. I have no tolerance for folks who use God’s name in vain.

    • ringo11

      Yep, gotta agree, not boycotting anyone but I do not like those words

    • UWS DWF
      UWS DWF

      Lol ....says the guy named: "muff duster" lol awesome!

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    Cool coverage; thanks for sharing. I hope no one got hurt, with the roll overs.

  • Austin K
    Austin K

    How did his machine flip like that looks like he was just driving and whoop it flipped lol

    • absconder ie
      absconder ie

      He used his brakes and turned in heavy sand. You never do that.

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Billy Hoyle
    Billy Hoyle

    Great job guys! Now go get some aloe because you're burnt☀️🦞

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Another awesome video! Thank you Team SXSBLOG

  • Dave Jacobs
    Dave Jacobs

    Once again fellows great video good coverage keep it up

  • Josh Domoslai
    Josh Domoslai

    Doug going through the whoops in the rs1 “this is bad, this is bad, this is real bad” as he continues to laugh and hold it wide open 😂

    • Ben Robinson
      Ben Robinson

      Classic Battle attitude towards riding. To the wood 110% of the time aka battletude


    That hat SOUS is wearing is #BADASS / You guys need some hats like that!!! (Camo black ) #LETSGO2020 / #SXSBLOG4LIFE

    • SXSBlog.com

      You're not wrong!


    Where is Turbo Brian? He still recovering?

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ

      SXSBlog.com I cannot stop laughing! Lol

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hahaha poor Turbo Brian.

  • corey malone
    corey malone

    Dang Chris, just rolled the heck out of it! Lol

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      You're not wrong!

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    Great footage and editing this week!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thank you Elijah!

  • Samuel Lamb
    Samuel Lamb

    I’m looking forward to some more videos on the crazy projects (turbo yxz, z1 wildcat, And the 2jzjp)

    • SXSBlog.com

      Will be some soon!

  • Jacob Henson
    Jacob Henson

    Awesome what kind of radios do they use to communicate with each other on these trips does anybody know ?

    • SXSBlog.com

      As far as us, we use Senna Bluetooth headsets. No radios yet

  • seth spring
    seth spring

    I'd like to meet the person that named those area's "Back Door" & "Chocolate Thunder".. Seems obvious they have some internet browsing history if they pass, they have a good friend already setup to smash their hard drive. Sorry my 20 year old self came out for a minute.. Great vids guys!! love the content

    • Tate Halpin
      Tate Halpin

      I was laughing as they said names while two men shared a close, loving embrace.

  • Jason D
    Jason D

    Are u guys going to turbo the talon not for sure if it's out yet just curious also you guys need too do some content on the krx I'm Honda guy but love seeing different brands.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hopefully we can do it soon!

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    Omg a KAWASAKI KRK I never would of thought I would see one out there

    • joey schultz
      joey schultz

      SXSBlog.com omg never would of thought you would of read my comment. You’ll should get a KRX to

    • SXSBlog.com

      Jeremy McGrath races one now, probably will be seeing more of him in it.

    • joey schultz
      joey schultz


  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    You’ll should build like an overland/recovery type SXS that’s lifted ands got 40s and a huge winch a roof rack a bunch of rigid industries lights all over it a full cage another whole thing metal doors and a bunch of other stuff

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      And we could call it... Mudlyfe?

  • Jamie Cerasoli
    Jamie Cerasoli

    wow those talon's impressed me, good coverage of the race.

    • SXSBlog.com

      They were good man, had an impressive showing for sure.

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas

    How come you guys don't look at the KRX 1000 at all?

  • Paul Petraitis
    Paul Petraitis

    Did it last year, 30 bucks per person to get into the valley! then camping and breathing heavy dust all weekend, plus it's a total guy/dickfest(saw three chicks whole weekend) I say go see it once,then watch it on ALgone from guys like SXSBlog who make you feel like your riding along with them!

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Totally a guys trip, fo sho.

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ

      Best comment and your exactly right!

  • JJ Fishing MD
    JJ Fishing MD

    what do you guys think of the krx1000

  • Conner Romain
    Conner Romain

    I wish Michigan had this kind of stuff.

  • Nick Barrickman
    Nick Barrickman

    Chocolate thunder and back door are we talking about sxs’s lol

    • Nick Barrickman
      Nick Barrickman

      Turbo Brian dude the war machine is sic I feel like they need to make a war machine shirt in honor

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      I kept getting 'em mixed up... Chocolate Door, Thunder Back 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Alex Just
    Alex Just

    Why doesnt rick come on a lot of this stuff. Next year the 4 of you should enter 2 cars

    • SXSBlog.com

      Full time job, so his ability to get away is limited

  • Peter Tronset
    Peter Tronset

    What a deceiving hill at the end! Looked steep from the drivers angle but I wasn't expecting that! O.o Nice to see everyone was ok! Drink some Tiger blood and race it next year!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yeah she was a beast, hard to show it on camera.

  • Pat Filipczak
    Pat Filipczak

    U got the suits use them rade it up

  • Everything Off-road
    Everything Off-road

    Turbo your talon and enter it for 2021

    • SXSBlog.com

      Not a terrible plan

  • J R
    J R

    Hope you enjoyed the high taxes and "affordable " fuel prices that we offer here in California..

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      @DUNE YXZ San Andreas fault... MCGA.

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ

      Make California great again!

    • SXSBlog.com

      We especially liked paying for plastic bags lol

  • Logan Frahlich
    Logan Frahlich

    Need to start a race team ??


    You guys should do this race next year! What comms are yins using?

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      SENA 30K

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T

    Im only a minute into this episode but how are they resisting the easy puns and innuendos of "chocolate thunder" and " backdoor"?

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      @DUNE YXZ You must have an uptight gf 😂

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ

      SXSBlog.com Ok whatever! We’re not going to stop the gay jokes! 💩

    • SXSBlog.com

      This is a family friendly (ish) channel, how dare you assume that of us!! Ok that being said.... Not easy hahaha.

    • DUNE YXZ
      DUNE YXZ

      No idea!

  • Marnie Larocque
    Marnie Larocque

    just saying Sous holding Doug and saying back door i I snickered a little, sorry

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      What are you pokin' at?

    • SXSBlog.com

      You're not the only one lol

  • Cameron Bridges
    Cameron Bridges

    Them miller brothers and Chaney are by far the best UTV drivers in the nation, theee top 3 in everything they compete in

    • Cameron Bridges
      Cameron Bridges

      SXSBlog.com it’d be awesome to see you guys race a WORCS race or a race in the Midwest!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Guys are beasts for sure.

  • M. Andrew
    M. Andrew

    Gatorade and lunchables. LOL.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Heck yeah dude! Lol


    Nice video work Leo. Coming down the back door was great footage. Thanks for bringing your experience to all us. You guys are awesome

    • SXSBlog.com

      Glad you enjoyed it, bud!

  • M C
    M C

    Does jumping backdoor work?

    • M C
      M C

      I gotta see that carnage of the one that tried😂

    • M C
      M C

      Mabey you can coast down part way in reverse gear then floor it and do a flip.

    • Jason D
      Jason D

      Was thinking the same looks like it could be jumped but camera angles never show every thing

    • Dukes of off-road Hazzard
      Dukes of off-road Hazzard

      M C not at all haha, there is a UTV that tried and didn’t end well at all!

    • SXSBlog.com

      No, been tried, doesn't work lol

  • Showtime Speed Shop
    Showtime Speed Shop

    Sad to see all the yxz disappear.

    • Turbo Brian
      Turbo Brian

      Agree! Nice to see a wide variety.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Awesome vid guys. After the first koh vid I was hoping you had more. Cant wait for more. Definitely 2021 KOH if you can.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Would love to try and do it!

  • Michael Deemer
    Michael Deemer

    KOH KOH KOH for the fucking WIN

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Y’all need some camel backs

  • Maxdady01

    "Like we always do sometimes!" - Battle, 2020.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Hahaha love it

  • Troy Cropper
    Troy Cropper

    Only 1664 views before I got here! Dang I'm making progress!! Keep up the GREAT work boys!!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Nice job! And thanks bud!

  • Kevin Childress
    Kevin Childress

    When ya gonna terba your Talon for us?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    i cant handle the vids coming in like this but the content is just to good

    • SXSBlog.com

      Thanks boss!

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