KRX vs Pro XP vs Talon vs General SHOOTOUT PART 2: carnage + freestyle
Hill climb and freestyle CARNAGE!
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    In your mind who won the FREESTYLE?

    • JKBlue N' Stuff
      JKBlue N' Stuff


    • pete

      Doug just because he went first

    • Carl Boehm
      Carl Boehm

      I don't know what video you guys we're watching but the Pro Xp SMASHED everything in the freestyle!

    • Chris Wilson
      Chris Wilson

      Rick in the Talon won for sure. Talon is really a well rounded machine

    • Jed R.
      Jed R.

      Sous for sure without a doubt

  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    Awesome, you guys have the best time, just coming up with something entertaining for us viewers! Thanks so much!

  • B-Dang

    Hopefully next summer another orienteering video? Nick and his vape adventures and all lol

  • brantley fienhold
    brantley fienhold

    Where are they riding at?

  • sub4 trump 20'
    sub4 trump 20'

    Sheriff rick 🏆

  • Dakota Henige
    Dakota Henige

    “Is that an agreance?” -Sous

    • Dakota Henige
      Dakota Henige

      “Sponsored by Simpson himself”. This guy. Love it.

    • Dakota Henige
      Dakota Henige

      “Through the debrit”

  • RZR Daze
    RZR Daze

    Really good head to head comparison. The KRX will be great once you get it enough power to overcome the mass. Big RZR guy myself and pleased with the XP pro performance. As always, the General, great all around machine. Talon put on a pretty good show but I still don't care for it. But the SXS blog team gets a solid 9 in my book. Lost a point since Doug wouldn't try the hill in the General. Good stuff guys.

  • Bill14886

    Enjoyed the show. Nice comparison between rigs. Looks like that Honda was top dog for that say. Keep them coming.

  • Elliott Green
    Elliott Green


  • JKBlue N' Stuff
    JKBlue N' Stuff

    Rick was spot on with leo camera joke... i laughed so hard...!!!

  • JKBlue N' Stuff
    JKBlue N' Stuff

    Have they always called rick, rich...


      Rich is Ricks alter ego

  • chester82gtstang

    I really want a SXS but this is how I think they are meant to be driven but damn it seems like stuff was failingon all of them. Blown tires, tail lights fell out? Only the first one seemed to be able to really hit the pop jump.

  • Samuel Bentley
    Samuel Bentley

    Honda talon

  • jeff cain
    jeff cain

    Great show! Love to see ya'll torture test the new 1000 wolverine.

  • Igor Afichuk
    Igor Afichuk

    Another great video, thank you guys.. always fun to watching you, having fun out there👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • TCB Offroad
    TCB Offroad

    If you guys are ever in East Tennessee would love to team up with ya’ll at Windrock.

  • Joe Nadeau
    Joe Nadeau

    Congratulations to all the racers for giving it 110 in the first annual "rip it and rip good" event.. I must say though Doug and the general I think was a freaken solid run dudes and deserve a few extra points in my opinion. But hey cheers to givin' er hell boys

  • Baby Boom
    Baby Boom

    Doug 8 Leo 6.8 Rick 9.3 Sous 7.4

  • john huya
    john huya

    My opinion doug won hands down

  • James Tiefry
    James Tiefry

    Do a review on back door and chocolate thunder 🤷🏻‍♂️ what one would you recommend??

  • Stratten 45
    Stratten 45

    The talons so badass

  • Farmer Joe
    Farmer Joe

    You guys should get either the sportsman or scrambler 1000 s to add to y’alls group. Been thinking about adding one to our sxs group, I still have the itch to ride ATVs. Would be neat to see how they would do with a group of sxs’s.

  • matad311

    Now that the KRX is goin away is there going to be room for a new YXZ?!?!

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Giving us a show!

  • Justin Ybarra
    Justin Ybarra

    I was driving home the other day n kinda geeked out i seen you guys with 3 side x sides on old 23 in Highland/heartland area I tried to get pictures but couldn't :/

  • mrdattopet the rat
    mrdattopet the rat

    Dam I came for the general on the hill

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones

    Hey where my t-shirts at!

  • cain sample
    cain sample

    BIG Fender Rub GUY 😂

  • Samuel Suzuki
    Samuel Suzuki

    When will you boys be getting the new RMAX ?? Love to see a shootout between that and the general and maybe the talon...

  • Everything.On.Wheels 519
    Everything.On.Wheels 519

    I love watching Rick drive 😂 boys got balls the size of grapefruits 🔥🔥🔥🤣 #supersender

  • Daniel Youra
    Daniel Youra

    Sand dunes over thanksgiving!!!!!!!


  • Nate SoFla
    Nate SoFla

    He did it like it was a day off in the RZR. Hahah

  • Kyle Bokor
    Kyle Bokor

    Talons are the way to go I love mine

  • DK Goodrich
    DK Goodrich

    "He needs to shift it, that'd be good" lmao

  • Curtis Heldenbrand
    Curtis Heldenbrand

    Sous did well also.. but I think Rick did the best but over all it was a Great Episode.. Good Work Guys!!!

  • Curtis Heldenbrand
    Curtis Heldenbrand

    Rick is Dee Man!!! Great Job!!! 👍🏻

  • Alex

    Once you’ve been to 1 o’clock 😂

  • Jesse Warren
    Jesse Warren

    Pro xp body's are just too fragile and have so much unnecessary weak points.

  • Brandon Giron
    Brandon Giron

    Us mud riders would just be rocking the sxs side to side

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner

    That fender on the Pro is only $57 =) already had to buy one lol.

  • Junk Forless
    Junk Forless

    "Heroes come and go, but legends never die" High horsepower Can-Am and Polaris units have their hero moments, but Hondas never die....

  • SXS Shuster
    SXS Shuster

    Love it

  • S C
    S C

    Please get an XMR Sport 1000R 2019-2020-2021 doesn't matter. You guys are killing it...

  • Brad Ledo
    Brad Ledo

    Sheriff Rich unlocked, new favorite character.

  • Fluffynugs

    Question for the pros!! On your page you guys do a send your ecu for tune.. what does stage 2 tune do to my stock 19 turbo. I need something that will keep up with the turbo s... I win from the hole but they just pass me at around 45-60 mph

  • smitty0655able

    Have you been into the diffs or trans in the Talon? Has it actually held up to all these outings?

  • Groundskeeper Woody
    Groundskeeper Woody

    I like seeing this type of content love bush tracks and hillclimbs

  • Aaron Mcfee
    Aaron Mcfee

    I've been snowmobiling and wheeling for ever and usually a hill climb is not a place to go slow

  • omair AL-Sheryani
    omair AL-Sheryani

    do you need a good mountain place and the sand dunes are high it’s liwa

  • p Paulys_garage
    p Paulys_garage

    Talon for the win

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    You guys couldn't have waited to go to rocks and valleys until this weekend. I'm going Saturday October 3 hopefully I get to meet you guys one day. My family are big fans of you guys. We live in Michigan and hope to trail ride with you guys one day


      Hey sorrey!

  • jaybirdls1

    Added to Favorites list. Great video boys, keep it up!! 👍🏻 👍🏻

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    It would be pretty epic if u guys built like a drag quad and you’ll have a nice quad community and you’ll have more content 👌🏼👍🏼

  • Scott Nelson
    Scott Nelson

    Stopped watching when you wouldn’t even give the general a shot at the climb

  • durider


  • Greg Corkern
    Greg Corkern

    The Honda Talon is the comic relief car in the group lol!

  • frank cox
    frank cox

    Thats why the pro should have been 72. The body is out by the tires.

  • Bw Yyy
    Bw Yyy

    Are the manufacturers asking you to return the units ?

  • Bad To The Bone Off Road
    Bad To The Bone Off Road

    That Pro XP looks like a beast! SXS Blog should get a ride in with Blown Budget Offroad! Make it happen.

  • Arnold Shoezenegger
    Arnold Shoezenegger


  • yall stop
    yall stop

    does it hurt these things bad if you roll one over?

  • OG1

    Best video in a long while ! Yes it’s fun to see 300hp machines ripping in the sand, but most of us usually ride in the woods with mostly stock units, so it was very fun to watch you guys abusing these « regular » units, getting back to your roots ! Good job !

  • Brett Baratheon
    Brett Baratheon

    Rick is just.........he must always be here. Dude is on another level.

  • miguel Lozano
    miguel Lozano

    Come to glamis thanksgiving weekend

  • Savage Off-Road Media
    Savage Off-Road Media

    That was SAVAGE!

  • Savage Off-Road Media
    Savage Off-Road Media

    Just here to say why my media name is savage.. lol

  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen

    Rick is a savage

  • M. Wilson
    M. Wilson

    When did Rick become Rich?

  • Clint Bassett
    Clint Bassett

    You guys should consider a trip to cloud9 ranch in Caulfield Mo its almost 7000 acres of trails just like this we ride there every chance we can I have a talon1000x4 its cool to see you guys on the type of terrain I ride on

  • Mountain Views
    Mountain Views

    I don't understand the grown men thing in children's 4x4

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins

    Rick owns that helmet. Don't get him another one. 😂

  • Chris Shirey
    Chris Shirey

    How does general compare to the sport sxs ?

  • WD4ED

    It appears Rick won’t drive anything he doesn’t hate! :-)

  • Joe Dorr
    Joe Dorr

    Just keep Leo on camera duty. He is too scared to send it and doesn't take good enough lines to go so slow.


      When you realize the KRX is too slow to “send”

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar

    Thanks a lot Guys for showing all this... I’m surprised about Talon 4WD system. Please Keep Saved..!!

  • Aaron Castro
    Aaron Castro


  • True Genius
    True Genius

    Floor it or Just Idek 😘

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    I love watching you guys playing with your cars!

  • 82leone

    Rich is a savage and the head gear reminds me of the chips cops 😂👍

  • Rmiata

    This is a thing, you guys need to build a freestyle course at your place and make this a sport

  • the nice guy
    the nice guy

    No donuts..... A bit 😥

  • Izom

    even this shooutout doesnt make much sense to me - the rzr ride was savage in this part- destroys the others...;- () done good!!

  • Ron Clements
    Ron Clements

    If you ever need a stunt double call me lol. Thanks I live my life through you spoiled dirty rotten so and so’s great job as always.

  • Clapped MX
    Clapped MX

    Take the gd things out of 4wd that’s all you guys run em in !!!

  • tnross23

    We are currently on our way home from glamis, missed u guys by one day in little Sahara, then glamis, then Moab, then Silverton Colorado. Glamis was crazy cuz the dunes were drifted and hardly any tracks but it was brutally hot! Only could ride from sunrise till about 11:30am. Still a great trip👍

    • tnross23

      Rick won, Doug second, sous 3rd, Leo 4th Krx looks cool, suspension looks great just no power💩

  • martin vidrio
    martin vidrio

    Leo clearly needs to take driving lessons from the other dudes. Not trying to be a dick, but dude can not send it compared to the other 3. Sorry dude I know I'm hater it is what it is. 😂😂

  • Cody Ball
    Cody Ball

    No hate on side by sides, this is just another reason why I prefer dirt bikes lol

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    I think we found our Monster Truck driver right around the 9:00 minute mark, yeah that guy that looks like Paunch from Chip's 😎 Seriously though Rick is the real deal!!

  • James H
    James H

    Rick aka The Full Sender

  • Mike Kosmalski
    Mike Kosmalski

    Want to see Rick tearing up the KRX

  • coburna5

    I fucking lost it with nicks impression of Ritch at 9:25 🤣🤣

  • Ty Martin
    Ty Martin


  • Brad Cox
    Brad Cox

    Rick is a big big sender ! Heavy foot ! 👍 in my book

  • aaron dale
    aaron dale

    Can someone donate Rick some hair saver like every video there more gone, great beard tho lol

  • Brian Lund
    Brian Lund

    Rick needs to wear the CHIPS helmet forever.

  • Black Panther wilderness
    Black Panther wilderness

    Rick took it all the way in the talon awesome ride!!!

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    The level of carnage made me cringe a little. But it sure looked fun. The pro looks like a great machine for the money. Nice video.

  • Trevor O'Banion
    Trevor O'Banion

    How did Rick get the win in the freestyle when he didn't make the whole run?

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Glad to see the pro xp got a text book break in! Rick was definitely the winner he continues to amaze me with his lack of interest in gravity!!!

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