Let's EXPLORE! New shops land, pond, and NEW GAUNTLET? Pro XP rip!
We take a look around our new shops land to see what kinda trouble we can get into!
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  • Jed R.
    Jed R.

    12:30 and thus the new gauntlet was born!!

  • Justin Whitman
    Justin Whitman

    Need a nice jump as the finish line 🏁

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    I think the start and finish line should be sorta like the one at the house, but only instead of finishing with the same jump as the start Y off to the left for a big jump for the finish line

  • Joe Padilla
    Joe Padilla

    This is sad 😢 stuck on a 3ft hill roughts and you guys need recovery vehicle to keep you safe wow what happened

  • Jack Schwisow
    Jack Schwisow

    Where are you guys at? What city?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Where is sous?? You need to make him a big air jump on the property.

  • Aaron Moody
    Aaron Moody

    Talon name suggestion: "Sylvester TalOWN"

  • joutlaw50

    For a welding and fab station check out weldtables.com/ Super nice tables and equipment


    To build side by sides theirs not to much skill in driving thwm

  • Keo Fewer
    Keo Fewer

    I would gladly install your air lines/compressor skid but I am in Washington State

  • Coletrain6502

    Y'all otta reach out to jcb and see if they'd send you a demo unit for one of their skid smears, I've worked with their teleskid and it is a wonderful piece of equipment

  • Michael Beasley
    Michael Beasley


  • Joshua Waggoner
    Joshua Waggoner

    Congrats guys! You earned it. Thank God for Youtabalism!!

  • Iron Tough01
    Iron Tough01

    Why did you guys not like the wildcat?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Slow, heavy, awkward, unreliable, loud, tingy, uncomfortable, no one drove it.

  • Jeremy Pyke
    Jeremy Pyke

    You should try going left side of trees to the right side of the sign then come back through the trees. That way you're taking a left around the sign and not down a hill turning right.. Just a thought!

  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark

    Doug, it's going to feel like going to work again being so close to the old stomping grounds ;) haha keep up the good work guys!

  • Levi jarman99
    Levi jarman99

    Love your videos they are the best I watch them every single day you are my inspiration and I got a video idea why don't u all by mx cs atv all out and that you utv add ons like polaris rzr 1000,polaris rzr turbo,Yamaha buggys that got everything you can all play online and vs each other that would be my dream video keep up the work you are the best youtubers in the world

    • Levi jarman99
      Levi jarman99

      The game is called mx vs atv all out

  • dragonhead889

    jump the pond with beastmode

  • Mango Mussolini
    Mango Mussolini

    Lets see a SxSblog Annual Ice Drag Race on that pond.

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Turbo the talon x will be untouchable around the gauntlet. ⚡️

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Why did you sell the wild cat? My guess is it’s same reason you don’t have the old wildcat.

  • Bad Dealer
    Bad Dealer

    I actually like that a couple of the SxS’s are completely stock. I like knowing how reliable a machine can be if you don’t modify anything. I like to play, but dependability is my first priority.

  • Vipr Media Productions
    Vipr Media Productions

    That hill that Leo drove up with the talon at the beginning (before he got stuck lol) really shows the I-4WD system at work. First time I've seen that system really do it's job. And don't blame ya at all selling the Wildcat. Good riddance!

    • SXSBlog.com

      Maybe we'll play with that more


    Every day I think “I wonder what the jacket is doing today” 🤔

  • Kidneybeans

    Congratulations on your new home!!! Well deserved!! Love the channel!! Wish you guys could come to my area for a rip....

  • Allen Allen
    Allen Allen

    Is it me or that font on Doug's hat and the jacket reminded me of Boy's In The Hood movie.

  • Moe Silva
    Moe Silva

    You bought a swamp with our money...aka retention pond / local dumping spot. The only savior will be if you're getting revenue off of that sign.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Lolololol we didn't buy anything

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain

    Are you guys going to review the KRX?

    • Christopher Cain
      Christopher Cain

      SXSBlog.com interesting that they haven’t yet. You guys are always my go to for reviews on machines.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Kawasaki's move..

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    Excited to see the land and shop transform! Keep the update vids coming

  • Tanner Fisher
    Tanner Fisher

    Y’all should get a Can Am Maverick Sport

  • Chad

    For the new gauntlet I'd try to encompass every aspect, hard corners(each way maybe a chicane) braking, acceleration, a decent jump. Some thing for the suspension whoops etc... Might actually make a big and small gauntlet to show where the hihhr hp of the turbo machines make the good times vs the short track where less power and suspension shine

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Brett B
    Brett B

    Do you guys still have mud lyfe

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Lori B
    Lori B

    So glad I found your channel !! Looking forward to learning from your experience.

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    I took my Jeep completely around three ponds and In between! Love seeing my local stomping grounds. When’s the open house love to rip around with you guys

  • Marnie Larocque
    Marnie Larocque

    there looks to be a nice little hill between where you were set up the gauntlet and the pond, should be able to turn that into coolness

  • Christopher Caruso
    Christopher Caruso

    If you also build a stand for filming may be worth it as well. Just an idea

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Nice area to play .I hope it works out better than you imagined..till next vid godbless .

  • KuschallRacing

    whow…..so fast, so much Energy in there allready, conX, new dougring….would it not be cool to have an oval-speed cours around the lake to check enginepower and speed handling, then some slalom exits for the supension handles, a woop path beside, a mud-hill-crowl section for wheelarticulation and a fun-ramp to jump, this are the most interesting 5 points to prove the cars…..wishing you gooood planing !

  • Upnorth Kenny
    Upnorth Kenny

    Oh snap the winter gauntlet studded ice tires

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Doug, you are the most humble, amazing person, I'm so glad to get to follow this journey you guys are on.....couldn't happen to a better group.....you'll continue to succeed because your very appreciative of the people around you

  • Chevy Jim
    Chevy Jim

    While you are building the Gauntlet could you do yourself a huge favor? Build up a tall mound of dirt to stand on for filming. A observation mound?

    • SXSBlog.com


  • Robert Dockery
    Robert Dockery

    Did anyone else rock back in forth in the chair to help the talon get unstuck LOL?

  • Robert Dockery
    Robert Dockery

    Did anyone else rock back in forth in the chair to help the talon get unstuck LOL?

  • Dean BoogaBear
    Dean BoogaBear

    Need whoops, braking bumps and a double jump in new gauntlet,

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie

    hope all is well guys. i just poped onto the website there and the top links in the very first of the page , the links to the other pages are coming up unsecure, no prob but have your web developer do the due diligance and lock into that. espically for foreign buyers it can be astickler fer people that are actually payin attenstion. congrats agin on the new digs, thats one heck of a place.

    • SXSBlog.com

      Wix built it. Weird. Will fix

  • J P
    J P

    You guys should go up with the drone and get arial photos, then draw out the track the way you want it from a better perspective.

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Tree Squeeze please!

  • Kwmike

    Tough Break on the Wildcat, thing was junk anyway

  • Lulu's Offroad
    Lulu's Offroad

    You guys must be stoked out of your minds. What an incredible setup. So happy for you guys to have found this shop and land setup. I think myself and everyone watching can tell there are so many more great things to come for you guys. Keep Rippin buds!!!

  • lol per
    lol per

    That riding camera angle was titties

  • Ian Hickmott Adaptive Wakeboarding Waterskiing
    Ian Hickmott Adaptive Wakeboarding Waterskiing

    Is the RZR New? Haven’t seen it before

    • Ian Hickmott Adaptive Wakeboarding Waterskiing
      Ian Hickmott Adaptive Wakeboarding Waterskiing

      Awesome boys you are killing it :)

    • SXSBlog.com

      Yep this is the new Pro XP! Good unit

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Table top jump

  • Big J
    Big J

    algone.info/slow/video/q67NsmetppKWyJs. Idea this is for an idea for you guys super high powered walk-behind wheelbarrows at least 400 horse lol

  • Paul Dombrowski
    Paul Dombrowski

    Umm, thats more than 5 acres. Is that I75 in background?

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M

    need some woops, high berm corner, tabletop and a double for sure. Then a crawling spot.

  • love muddin
    love muddin

    you should have the gaunlet go over to where you said the gigglies are in the video i think that would be awesome. inky cause one the old track looks alot bigger then this new one but then again i should wait and see what it looks like in final form

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    To bad all that land will be buildings soon looks like they are already starting

  • john cox
    john cox

    Gauntlet 3.0

  • Ken Leppek
    Ken Leppek

    3 ponds...... Wow haven't herd of that in a long time.

  • NW Riders
    NW Riders

    a whoop section should definitely be in there

  • Andrew Alonso
    Andrew Alonso

    Need to play paintball in the side by sides!!!

  • RobesEleven

    Get a tube bender and make some cages

  • Kelley Cameron
    Kelley Cameron

    Breaking news!....Doug Butterfield has received a hair cut....we now return you to your latest video

  • Nmbr1GMfan

    New spot looks great but I'm probably going to stop watching since I'm not sure the "refrigerator" will be making the trip. 😆😆😆

  • Edward Higgins
    Edward Higgins

    At 22:50 does the new track have its own Stonehenge

  • inthemud14

    Those manholes in the back are a sign to start putting in utilities for more development. I work with that stuff for work on the daily, hopefully this track can have some good runs!!

  • xBillboardx

    Man let me hit the pond on the 40s

  • Ryan Bieberich
    Ryan Bieberich

    I really think you guys need a 2019 or up YXZ SS to compete with the Talon. Congrats on the new place, i'm sure you guys will make it super awesome!

    • James Moore
      James Moore

      That’s no competition the yxz as stock would smoke it

  • Devin Burk
    Devin Burk

    Shop gauntlet #1 keep it easy lol

  • Dean o
    Dean o

    Leonard and his high centered driving that's like time 3 or 4 lol!


    Looks like some wetlands for Mudlyfe ! Heading up soon to ride sleds , maybe will swing by ? Nice place guys!


    Needs a big table top jump in the middle. Take the sign turn as a left so it's a little safer for the driver.

  • Tyler Armstrong
    Tyler Armstrong

    Battlegrounds 2.0!!!!

  • Zax Garrison
    Zax Garrison

    Would be awesome if you could incorporate the bank next to the highway in the gauntlet

    • SXSBlog.com

      Fenced off unfortunately, can't get that close

  • Cody Hagel
    Cody Hagel

    So awesome that you guys found such a great place. New shop and area to rip. Looking forward to all that it brings. Excited for sure!!!

  • ponypwr

    Def need a lil jump between the trees land brake hard and have to carve the sign post corner! Paintball sxs course? Lol!

  • Tim Waltz
    Tim Waltz

    I know that pond. Pass that thing everytime I go to st helen. That thing in the middle sticking out of the ice is I think a 3ft culver pipe

    • Brian 66
      Brian 66

      yes ithink it is. I think ts been there 25 years at least .

    • NoLimit

      It's a great obstacle of ice racing

  • BigApple Ranch
    BigApple Ranch

    Seems like a great piece of land for some test and tunes. Great place y’all!

  • Johnathian Brown
    Johnathian Brown

    Im ready to see the new shop and office finished

  • Cleetus The Dog
    Cleetus The Dog

    So how many times have you guys eaten McDonald's at the new shop? 🍔🍟🍪

  • Anthony Stamper
    Anthony Stamper

    Why did you sell the wildcat? 😢

  • turba Dean
    turba Dean

    Someone actually bought the wildcat👍🤣

  • Alfred The Savage
    Alfred The Savage

    You are going to have to change that sin structure to display the image on your shop fridge.

  • Carson 131
    Carson 131

    New Holland

  • Pat

    Wow very nice place you have there!! Can't wait to see you guy's rip that land!!

  • Kimberly Evans
    Kimberly Evans

    I would like to see a proper burn out our donut inside the new shop maybe but thank y’all for the videos I find it very enjoyable

    • SXSBlog.com

      Haha would love to, gotta respect the owner though

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    2 problems I can see is too much dust blowing up on that highway during the dry season.?? #watertruck Also people will try to ride on your track because everyone will know where you are. #fences

  • djm93

    Sous gonna send it!

  • PNW_Native

    Ice drags on the frozen pond...coming soon!

  • Bob Man ight
    Bob Man ight


  • danny Newman
    danny Newman

    Dont make it alot of smooth areas keep some alittle natural like bumps type area

  • dcaterjr20

    I know exactly where that pond is .lol i pass it everyday.cant wait to see future vids

    • Don Weiler
      Don Weiler

      Same here. Probably be the middle of January before that damn thing ever freezes over.

  • Mark Cox
    Mark Cox

    Leo which machine would you advise for a man 6'2 around 280 lb.

    • SXSBlog.com

      You'd fit best in either an X3 or Pro XP

  • tom behmlander
    tom behmlander

    I dig the new shop but please don’t forget to Bring BattleDad out for some Vids!!

  • ononewheel7

    Man you guys really have the setup now! And that pond man thats gna be fun! You guys gna go back to that frozen river were you guys were racing last year?

    • SXSBlog.com

      Absolutely! As long as the weather coorperates

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Open the track to the public to rip!!

  • Hummy Hero
    Hummy Hero

    Thank you guys for your videos👍

  • Alex

    Just snagged a Bobcat a couple months back. When she thaws let me know. Ice cream X3 will deliver her to ya 🤙

  • Jeff Patrick
    Jeff Patrick

    Way to rip em boys!! 👍👍

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    If it wasn’t for the jacket Leo would still be stuck on that dirt pile. #imhereforthejacket

    • SXSBlog.com

      Kenworth power.