Making Beast Mode X3 GREAT AGAIN! Clutching woes, and racing THE GHOUL X3!
This is the trials and tribulations of setting up drag clutching...
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    Who's ready for a YXZ vs Beast Mode battle?!

    • Joshua King
      Joshua King

      One day I hope to actually go riding with y’all. I live in WV.

    • Mike Kadlec
      Mike Kadlec

      Not sure if theres any chance,but ive had issues in the past with clutch alignment causing erratic shifting and also the secondary shim on the shaft being too tight not allowing the secondary to float on the driven shaft....clutching is the biggest headache! its getting there-keep up the great work and vids!

    • Jesus Gonzales
      Jesus Gonzales

      We all are ready

    • jason pettit
      jason pettit

      if ur running 8 lbs of boost u might need more boost try 10 lbs n turn it up higher

    • BR Speedy's Automotive
      BR Speedy's Automotive

      most def

  • Justin Mcmurray
    Justin Mcmurray

    Yall just a suggestion but a water truck is what yall need to buy now . 😁

  • Vortex_Xt_1986

    The trash talk is real 😜 love it 😎👌

  • Grayson Grubbs
    Grayson Grubbs

    It is bucking really hard the line not good for it

  • CrippledMerc

    You guys should have a water tank that you can put on one of the cars with a multi-head sprayer hanging off the back to spray down your strip and help with the dust. You could probably fab one out of a 55 gallon barrel with some basic tubing into some sprinkler heads or something along those lines. Might be worth a little time investment to improve your quality of life by having your own pseudo water truck when you’re out there testing. You could just toss it in the back of Mudlife whenever you need it since it wouldn’t be all that big. I’d say you could use one of those pesticide sprayer bottles you can grab at Home Depot but I don’t think that tank would be big enough. Just a thought.

  • beast mode
    beast mode

    I think all of yalls cars got turbos why dont yall try a supercharger or nitrous love the vids cant wait for beastmode to be badass agian

  • Ryan balgoyen
    Ryan balgoyen

    Legend says ghoul is actually still faster to this day.

  • Rusty Reese
    Rusty Reese

    "I got hit in the penis with a rock" I think you're trying to steal Sous thunder.


    Am I the only one that notices how competitive/ sensitive nick is about beast mode ? Lol

  • Ken

    Lol Doug is the adult in the room.

  • Ken

    Lol leo needs a new car

  • Ken

    I hope leo

  • Ken

    Leo... do something about it... lol

  • Ken


  • Ken

    Time to get leo a new machine to trick out.. sell beast mode

  • Ken

    Rick always always looks worried he’s going to get beat lol

  • Ken

    It’s comical that you all want your original machines out to try and beat rick.. master of stock bolt on after market parts Goul

  • honeybadgerl39

    Battledad 2020!!!!!!

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    I would make the clutch work well like a clutch and spool the turbo with N.O.S so you get the best of both worlds. That way the thing would be a huge beast and beat everything. My2c

  • Barnicle Bill Baxter
    Barnicle Bill Baxter

    You guys have it all wrong.... Clutching is so much the reason you have no pull ..... I might be able to give some ideas but what you have is horrible

  • Scotty Malone
    Scotty Malone

    How bout a 0-60 vid for the Ghoul??? Or for all three fast machines??

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman

    Great video... Still waiting on the articat z improvement video and btw adding Rick full time was a good move

  • welden mad
    welden mad

    Just the tip 😆

  • Evan Hilliard
    Evan Hilliard

    The race unit would make a fine water truck. The dust is real.

  • Tom McGee
    Tom McGee

    Always good content, but I’m disappointed today. Leo is scared that he’s going to blow the engine and not a helmet in sight. Remember that kids watch this channel. This is the first time you guys have let me down. As a former motorcycle drag racer, I always promoted safety first.

  • SXS Marine
    SXS Marine

    Good info guys I need a clutch setup from you all soon. I got a xds and put on 32” tires and stage 3 evo tone. I have never changed the clutch. Hope you got something for me

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    God I wished ever ALgone automotive channel ran for office and this country would really be good then! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

  • Uncle Todd's Garage
    Uncle Todd's Garage

    Maybe time for you guys to look at dynos?

  • Michael Cary
    Michael Cary

    Leo: "I did get hit in the penis, with a rock"

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    I think these engine’s are built for light weight aircraft in which they can withstand 10,000 rpm constantly for long periods but I know that’s not tested while pushing big big boost


      The particular engine is used in tons of different applications.

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad

    My retired Great Uncle has two of them big beautiful dogs like that one and they are so freakin big in which they made me look little when they think they belong in your lap! Lol

  • joel blanco
    joel blanco

    Im sorry dude but yeah not gonna lie Leonardo is sometimes alittle selfish/the pretty boy of the group, he needs to act his age and just accept the fact that “beast mode isnt the star of the show highest hp car like before, and i can personally tell that leo is the easiest to get butthurt about every little thing especially competitively with rick.

  • Stuart Doutch
    Stuart Doutch

    dont ever change rick

  • Ian Kenney
    Ian Kenney

    Excellent stuff as usual dudes! Maybe reach out to Jon B. He probably needs help in the SXS world. Kid just bought a pro xp with basically no experience. Not to mention 1.5 million possible new subscribers. Also I'm sure at least one of you guys likes to fish. A little diversification won't hurt your channel. I'm a big fan just the way it is but to reach a larger audience...

  • StreetSlayingGTO

    By the time you're done testing best mode the motor will be wore out

  • David Morales
    David Morales

    Rick n Leo 😂😂🤣

  • Daniel Vinette
    Daniel Vinette

    How about a helmet to start.

  • chevypimpin20002

    Why don’t you guys stand on the other side so you don’t get dusted every time he makes a pull.

  • jacampos6

    I’m Team Rick, Ghoul is a steady all around rig.

  • Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing

    Let's see a supercharged YXZ up on here 👀👀

  • Gregg Kiest
    Gregg Kiest

    Im laughing at standing down wind in the dust

  • jeff young
    jeff young

    Thanks guys!!

  • Nicolas

    Kinda new to the channel, how is the Ghoul X3 setup? That thang is quick

  • Chad

    Love how serious they are about showing the fans the steps and process of everything! Some tubers just cut to final product and I believe I speak for a lot of followers when I say we wanna see the fails and trials and screw ups! Makes it much more gratifying for everyone! 🏎

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    Rock to the penór

  • dakotalayinlow

    I'd vote for the guy if I lived in the area!

  • donavon roberts
    donavon roberts

    Gave a like just for the GREAT AGAIN. Been watching u guys way back before u all though u be making this much money from ALgone. Keep at it. It been Inspiring To my watch u guy grow can wait to see two years from now

  • M Salsa
    M Salsa


  • Project T
    Project T

    I love ricks Unit even though beast mode won.. Well i mean isn't called a beast for no reason but the ghouls still the best in my opinion for me at the end of the day rick!🇺🇸🇺🇸👏 Love the videos guys! @Project T

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds

    Would the clutch cover not being on prevent the 9k rmp? Kinda seems logical.

    • Chris Reynolds
      Chris Reynolds

      @Born Behind Bars All that dust getting in the clutches and belt is gonna cause slipping.

    • Born Behind Bars
      Born Behind Bars

      I’d like to hear your reasoning

  • Aaron Haas
    Aaron Haas

    One word: SAVAGE

  • Jnl Jnl
    Jnl Jnl

    Needs a semi truck filter system. Huge paper filter

  • gregory chenault
    gregory chenault

    Drink a mountain dew and think it over!

  • gregory chenault
    gregory chenault

    “ 19.20 at wide open will be it’s happy place”. Haha

  • Spartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea
    Spartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea

    Rick aka the ghoul is correct you just can't give it a win without running them. And alot channels get lazy in their content and the ghoul talking shit keeps you guys at the top of your game then Rick run it you guys are in the big leagues now. Sous is still a favorite but that ghoul is a Wheelman let that Fucker run!

  • *KASHLET920 *
    *KASHLET920 *

    Soooooo when is beast mode getting nos?

  • Paden H
    Paden H

    the ghoul is extremely fast lol

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    When are you guys at Silver lake again?

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    The amount of hours you guys put into beast mode, it better be faster than the ghoul. I would still take the ghoul over beast mode any day. More reliable, less time in the shop and way cheaper, and it’s still damn fast.

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World


  • OnlySphinx


  • ponypwr

    I vote for a 75 shot of the giggle juice for beast mode and Ricks mustang drag setup for wheels and tires all make for a great time on asphalt!

  • 7nAhalf marshall
    7nAhalf marshall

    I'd love to see that those 2 machines are amazing side by side comparison lol no pun intended

    • Subbing back to the people who Sub To me
      Subbing back to the people who Sub To me

      Same broo

  • randy schroeder
    randy schroeder

    2 very sick sxs's. everyone likes to compare company X to Z and one says this Whp on the dyno and the other says xxx on the dyno but the fact is that sxsblog cars just flat out run no matter the Hp level. they seem to get the most out of every kit and I would have no issue sending them a brand new sxs and blank check letting them do what they do best. If you think they are big now, just wait a year or 2 as these guys will be in a bigger shop doing full 80 to 100k builds

  • Defenuttly Uh rerun
    Defenuttly Uh rerun

    Save yourself headache and total waste of time. 39:48 Be no views if world had no COVID or did not have to sit down to shit

  • Kirby Youngs
    Kirby Youngs

    Beast mode looks like an RC car the way it makes the tires balloon up at WOT

  • Gregory Bird
    Gregory Bird

    Wheres the 2JZ

  • Hunter Michalik
    Hunter Michalik

    what brand do you guys run for clutches on beast mode

  • Jace G
    Jace G

    Yall have 2 supras in your shop????

  • Marklineham

    Does your sxs store ship to Australia?


      We can. Email us

  • JOLO93

    when they're arguing if the Ghoul is faster than beast mode, i can hear Doug behind the camera. *laughing in YXZ* lol

  • Reno6.7 -
    Reno6.7 -

    I want to hear Leo talk more** said no one ever 😂

  • joe e. fuytinck
    joe e. fuytinck

    Damn it y’all 👍

  • john downs
    john downs

    Me at 26:33 "oh Rick no"

  • Zach Monsue
    Zach Monsue

    I know a water truck is out for now but how about a 300ft water hose with a bunch of holes? That dust is crazy boys

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    God, I remember watching you guys driving around on mavs and then the videos of you two buying the yxz and beast mode... watching both those cars still have life is a wonderful thing to see! I’m proud of you fellas and wish you all the success in the world

  • Auston Gill
    Auston Gill

    Anyone else feel the tension in this video? Seems like you guys might need a vacation away from each other. Great videos and I want them to keep coming.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    BattleDad is A GREAT American. Michigan needs him a whole lot more than he needs the headaches, but he cares about his community, so he steps forward. As it should be. You people who live in his township are lucky. The country could use a whole lot more men like him.

  • jason pettit
    jason pettit

    u might need more boost more like it

  • skinneone1

    Guys, helmets, seriously, come on...

  • Fieldsinv

    Lets get the primary clutch updates. Ive been waiting to buy mine when they show back up on the parts site.

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    "I did get hit in penis with a rock!" Excellent quote! Rick does great impressions.

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    If they do the fall hill climb at Silver Lake you guys should get a few machines in there!

  • Marc Durupt
    Marc Durupt

    Where’s the lids? Amateur hour. Helmets boys, helmets.

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    BattleDad 2020!

  • Zach Frye
    Zach Frye

    Merch drop “ I did get hit in the penis with a rock” 😂😂😂😂

  • stonecoldbaker

    What’s with all the tension between Rick and Leo?

  • BIKE is LYFE
    BIKE is LYFE

    Visiting from cleetus

  • wilfredo nunez
    wilfredo nunez

    What BOV does Beastmode have?? What brand

  • Lonnie Reavis
    Lonnie Reavis

    Looks to me like you guys need to get a hill on the other side of your test track So you can get out of the dust and The videos will be better. My big question is I don’t know if you build beast mode as a flat drag car or if you still plan on bringing it back to Glamis. Because if you are I really think you need to get some suspension work so you can actually run through the whoops a little better.

  • Nick Caputo
    Nick Caputo

    It makes sense if beast mode is having a hard time making that rpm if it’s running to rich

  • Kathleen Krachey
    Kathleen Krachey

    I love the channel. I just bought a poalris general delux xp it runs 75 easy with me in it. I am debating weither or not to tune it i need your guys help u have the same thing as i do just i have a wind shield and heater setup. I dont know if i should tune it just due to the fact that the clutching is so amazing please give advice thanks

  • Maxdady01

    Helmets for the high speed runs, my dudes! We need you all around for a long, long time. Great content!

  • stoichiometry147

    Time to lease an Eddy-Current dyno!

  • Upnorth Kenny
    Upnorth Kenny

    How are DOUG’s clutches doing haven’t herd much??

  • Asylumental

    Lol, what the heck was with those face shields instead of using actual helmet's?? Hahaha, worse helmet ever, big facts.

  • U-Gene Fabrication Machine
    U-Gene Fabrication Machine

    man just unzip the pants and see who's bigger and get it over with !! LMAO you guys are something lol

  • RCM KR3W
    RCM KR3W

    Can't wait to see beast mode in it's natural habitat! send it in the dunes..

  • Paul Dombrowski
    Paul Dombrowski

    Was hoping Rick was gonna win.

  • Edward Gardner
    Edward Gardner

    Whats up with a warranty on a w.b.b lol

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