Making Project 168 GREAT AGAIN! Polaris RZR Turbo S full rebuild!
it's about time this sucker gets a rebuild!
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    Nick Zuess is going bald 👩‍🦲 on top. Getting thin buddy.

  • Wade Moulton
    Wade Moulton

    Slowmo music montage level 100 👍

  • Topshelf 710
    Topshelf 710

    I.damn sure wouldn't trash JP just for a cleetus durnout comp. He does cause hes got all that money


    Fantastic Archival Footage of 168!

  • Douglas Lowe
    Douglas Lowe

    Hell ya. Jet boat build (aluminum only)

  • Adrian Campos
    Adrian Campos

    Meet & greet at glamis!!

  • Lp

    Boat side by side best idea i have ever heard of

  • Erick Zavala
    Erick Zavala

    You guys going to glamis this Saturday ?

  • Alex Maldonado
    Alex Maldonado

    What's the name of the spring compressor you guys used? Im not seeing one with as much of a bite on amazon

  • Scooby Dew
    Scooby Dew

    no link for the spring compressor tool

  • mike dawg_501
    mike dawg_501

    Haha my add was McDonald's in Spanish lmao

  • Elio Ruiz
    Elio Ruiz

    Hell yeah with the Jet Boat. I'll love it!

  • Junk Forless
    Junk Forless

    It makes sense now.. Polaris years are counted like dog years.. that's why everyone says they last so long.....

  • brad grant
    brad grant

    What weekend are you guys thinking of going to glamis? It would be awesome to see you guys there!!!!!

  • Oh No Not That Guy!!!
    Oh No Not That Guy!!!

    Need to invest in a rolling work bench so Rick doesn’t have to work on the floor.

  • Mark Larson
    Mark Larson

    Would it be cheaper to sell the machine as is, not buy parts, and get a new machine?


      Nah, it ain't THAT bad

  • Mark Newell
    Mark Newell

    You guy should definitely do a mini jet boat build with the engines you guys build the thing would be a water monster

  • Nick schmitz
    Nick schmitz


  • Mitch Arthur
    Mitch Arthur

    When getting arm hardware, do you guys shoulder your own bolts or do you run Polaris’s hardware that has the threads in the pivot points?

  • Bart Weeks
    Bart Weeks

    Why no Video's about the KRX 1000????? 🥺🥺

  • Rmz250ryder

    Make a video going around to all the units and show us the miles and hours on each.

  • Josh Bertke
    Josh Bertke

    jet boats would be sweet.

  • TheDude

    Am I the only one that washes my machine? Never understood not cleaning it before working on it...

  • cain sample
    cain sample

    Who else got a Biden Ad? 😂

  • James Rieman
    James Rieman

    Good stuff

  • James Janzen
    James Janzen

    You guys seem surprised that they got your order wrong Every time I go there they always get my order wrong I have all most never gotten the right order when I get the right one I am very surprised

  • Russell Long
    Russell Long

    Isn’t this the unit that smacked into a tree as well? Where was that clip in the montage?

  • Tyler Sitz
    Tyler Sitz

    Project BIG DOG aka BIG BOAT

  • vinnie P
    vinnie P

    Glamis info?


    The camaraderie between the four of you is awesome. Early on I didn't see the same between Sous and Rick but now have come full circle. Seems as if they really like and especially respect each other which is great. You guys have become better than ever

  • Aaron Loomis
    Aaron Loomis

    SXS boat please.

  • Brandon Nagle
    Brandon Nagle


  • SumoFlip511

    People always talk about the chemistry between the old hosts of the British top gear. These guys make me laugh harder, makes me feel like theyre my friends and over all just big fun haver guys.

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    Didn’t this thing already get a replacement engine from 2JP?

  • ostacruiser

    Hahahah I had to go sooooooo bad!! Those are memories we will never forget 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thank God for wet wipes 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • 859romulus22

    I was dying at Sous’s impression!!!! I mock my coworkers the same way hahaha

  • Diamond Thomas
    Diamond Thomas

    Nick is my guy 😂 to funny

  • Nathan Acosta
    Nathan Acosta

    Was that a supra??

  • Corbyn Rogers
    Corbyn Rogers


  • Kale Christianson
    Kale Christianson

    9:00 When it gets reeaaaaaaaaaaal good

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    Build. The. Boat. Please.

  • Broke Misfits
    Broke Misfits

    SOUS Getting what he deserves ! The best on the channel! YEE YEE

  • Dexter Shouse
    Dexter Shouse

    We absolutely want to see an sxs boat. Going to try out or sea legs Lieutenant Dan

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith

    You guys need a MotoJet! Badass mini jet boats out of northern Idaho! Check out or check them out on Facebook!

  • brandon lewis
    brandon lewis

    Spare turbo rzr motor in a jet stream with a cage and all. 👌🏼🤘🏼🇺🇸

  • G Rapids
    G Rapids

    I don't much care to see a boat side by side, but that's just me

  • reaper2009rzr

    finally a good build !!!!!!its about time.

  • Cris Arceo
    Cris Arceo

    Bad ass car but i remember when it overheated at Glamis on Halloween

  • Carpe Diem Flyer
    Carpe Diem Flyer

    Sweet! Happy that Sous is getting some love!

  • USMC 1911
    USMC 1911

    Drove a half hour to work one day and opened my large McDonald's coffee and had a large cup of hot water .

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Lmao that end clip poor nick

  • The House
    The House

    do yall have a build playlist of MUDLYFE?

  • Derick Price
    Derick Price

    Yes we want to see a boat sxs

  • Cdavis21

    Should make SOUS rig like Al McBeth long jump rig

  • Orel .Garcia
    Orel .Garcia

    Boat sxs would be dope

  • Tuckerburg

    In all honesty you guys have this channel to fund your Mac Donald’s addiction

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris

    I gave a thumbs down because I am unable to follow the scripts without closed captioned.


      ALgone doesn’t auto generate this any more. Very sorry

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    Everyone do Nitro Nick an even BIGGER favor... Get the man some 30" in length britches!!!!😉🤣🤣🤣 good luck

  • Zach

    We need more Nick Sous in these vids!.

  • Angus Mackenzie
    Angus Mackenzie

    thanks sxs great video once again! please hire another mechanic so that we can get more videos!

  • Sam Mcgowen
    Sam Mcgowen

    Lower the cage maybe 🤔

  • Thomas Blais
    Thomas Blais

    I would like to see a boat

  • Gene Bond
    Gene Bond

    I cringed when I saw you pounding on the axle cup at the front diff. The trick I found somewhere is to wrap a ratchet strap down around the shaft between the cup and the diff and out to the end of the A-Arm, and use the leverage of the A-Arm to pop it out. Slick.

  • tom behmlander
    tom behmlander

    Finally 168 Gets Some Love!! I’m Happy for the Souster!!

  • Harley Elward
    Harley Elward

    Yes do a frickin boat car. You guys are the type of crazy bastards who would think of an abomination like that haha

  • Collin Simmons
    Collin Simmons

    Any chance given a rough estimate on the rebuild one on mantiance and the other on performance parts just a rough estimate thanks love the videos

  • red bitter123
    red bitter123

    Guys convince Yamaha to supply you with a RMAX 1000. Luke and aj gave it some right peddle testing it. Both came away very impressed.

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    Boat sxs yes!

  • MiT Lei
    MiT Lei

    First thing should have been a wash job!

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    This is going to be awesome when it gets back out there

  • Willie Arias
    Willie Arias

    Big slow motion guy!

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell

    Highlights of the ol 168 brought back some memories!! Well deserved TLC on her. 🇺🇸

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith

    Now roll it outside and give it a much needed thorough washing.

  • Alec Ecker
    Alec Ecker

    Ok who wants a fast boat sxs to compete with cleetus and James? Like this so they see it

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    I will support these guys and this channel until the end. They bring it in every video.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    I remember the day it was delivered in the back of a semi. Go Nik Sous!

  • Bob Reicherts
    Bob Reicherts

    Do you happen to have a link to that spring compressor? Ty

  • chayce volpert
    chayce volpert

    Get a BOAT!

  • Dean Coppini
    Dean Coppini

    Loved the Montage edit, keen to see Sous send it when she's done 🤙🏻

  • Troy D
    Troy D

    Yes to the boat

  • Dylancooke55

    Side boat side. I can dig it

  • Sterling

    I now click your videos before cleetus, take that for what you will. just saying

  • Troy Setterberg
    Troy Setterberg

    Questions. I have hit 240 a couple of times. What temp is considered overheating? And what fixes do you recommend?

  • Charlie Reeg
    Charlie Reeg

    Ok hear me out. You cut the hull and weld a jet ski in the hull. You then put a Rotax ACE engine in the jet ski with an Evo turbo. And you have a SxS powered jet boat

  • Andy Bowers
    Andy Bowers

    Slow mo with music - while I'm enjoying the freedom zone - great work.

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown

    When yall going to make it to Disney,Ok?

  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin

    😆 LOL How many helmets do y'all have on that top shelf and it's about time for Battle to break out the KENWORTH jacket just go get it from the cleaners HELL YEAH BROTHER

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Full sends coming soon.

  • Shayne _0605
    Shayne _0605

    Hell yes to the jet boat boat! Glad 168 is getting some love. Sous's personality does a lot for the dynamic of the videos. Looking forward to the new content. Keep up the great work guys! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    That unit flys so, so good!

  • Wheelin N’ Dealin
    Wheelin N’ Dealin

    Also really cool slow mo wrenching

  • Wheelin N’ Dealin
    Wheelin N’ Dealin

    Yesss these are the videos I missed

  • duck9191

    Sous when that axle came apart, priceless lol.

  • Nick Long
    Nick Long

    As a Polaris tech I can agree the axles in those suck 9 time out of 10 I weld a u bolt to the cup and use a slide hammer

  • Alden Filko
    Alden Filko

    Is it going to be ready for Florida?

  • Brown Outdoors 🤘
    Brown Outdoors 🤘

    Boat SXS YESSS

  • di5trac7ed

    Sous:comeback over here - that's the turd I'm talking bout "I'm just ghoulin so hard " best sound byte of 2020 for me so Far I will now continue the vid

  • Justin 91D
    Justin 91D

    Only if you make a Can-Am versus razor both side by side War

  • Zack Gilbert
    Zack Gilbert how many miles do you guys have on your main units?

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    The guy that gets flight plans for his jump's because they're so epic!

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