Maverick X3 INSTALL & TEST Shock Therapy springs + HUGE jump!
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  • My Friend PETE
    My Friend PETE

    Here's the real story about Shock Therapy -

  • שאד אבו סאפי
    שאד אבו סאפי

    Hello, how you doin? I have a maverick x3 XRC 2021 I need some good springs. What is your advice for me guys. I hope I will get a response. Thank you


      Shock Therapy is the go-to place. Shoot us an email or check out our parts website, we can get ya set up.

  • Phyllis James
    Phyllis James

    “About an inch short” “Heard that before” “Oooh, tough break”

  • Wade Moulton
    Wade Moulton

    Thank you for all the time thats gets put in off camera for editing.


      Thanks Wade

  • JM Synthetics
    JM Synthetics

    Maybe already asked but who makes that spring compressor?

  • Curt G
    Curt G

    So did I hear ya right that spring compressor didnt work for the rears? So what did ya do? Was bout to order that...but..

  • Patrick Campbell
    Patrick Campbell

    You sold me!

  • T.J. Kober
    T.J. Kober

    What is the speed you are hitting the your jump @???



  • mrtosh

    Do you guys have a link to the spring compressor?



    Today I Learned Leo must be around my age, based on that boomer Ronco Oven name drop.

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett

    Amazing! Great product!

  • Elijah Rich
    Elijah Rich

    Wow! Got new springs and Leonardo becomes a bulldozer. Phenomenal!

  • Justin Whitten
    Justin Whitten

    Should I get rid of my turbo r xmr, and get an xrs? Is there a big difference in the shock packages? I thought I was going to mostly mud it but I really just like whoops and wide open throttle trails.

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid

    On the shock Compressor could you possibly turn it over to where you can reach the adjustment nut

  • fitbike12393

    What year are these x3s?



  • Bruce Schermerhorn
    Bruce Schermerhorn

    I've been thinking about doing shock therapy springs for a while. Now you guys have me sold


      Make sure you get em from us! Save some bucks and support the blog.

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper

    What spring tensioner is that?

  • Craig Lapointe
    Craig Lapointe

    armma kraton.

  • Jordan Sleppy
    Jordan Sleppy

    The entire time I watched this I was screaming “turn the spring compressor around!”

  • Douglas Lowe
    Douglas Lowe

    Well I like mike reed. Mike did a great job explaining the process and experience shows. You can just tell who knows what by listening lol

  • Lazaro Reyes
    Lazaro Reyes

    @alain8doors is called you guys out wassup wit that

  • Lazaro Reyes
    Lazaro Reyes

    Yall scared to race @alain8doors thats his ig hes called yall out yall seen it and know he got a faster x3 than yall

  • Bob Laws
    Bob Laws

    Now it will ride almost as good as the KRX...

  • Diamond Thomas
    Diamond Thomas

    Do you feel it Noooo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex

    Current pandy or not.... silver lining you’re on board with STORR and hell ya brother! Glad to see the blog approval on the gold juice 🤙

  • Deagan Z
    Deagan Z

    I bought a brand new 2020 XRS 2seat in January and still haven't taking it out for its first trip. Im sad about it.

  • Greg McFadden
    Greg McFadden

    I was to put the shocker pipe on my RR, what tune would you recommend, or anything in general, to go with it?

    • Greg McFadden
      Greg McFadden I am comfortable with the powa for now, I want a good sound to it. Exhaust, blow off, everything


      Depends if you want the powa or just the sound.

  • SmokEmBoe

    "Turns out that was just totally untrue..."

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST

    @SXSBLOG.COM Long way from Rocks and valley Harrison episode one nick cat was jumping like 5 feet and it was 👌Now its like 20 feet🤣.

  • Asylumental

    I have a few rc's and actually my x-max is my can take a ton of abuse and rides over damn near everything, on of the best for all-around use. It's usually the unit I let people play with, especially kids lol.


    You guys need to build a spectator stand or deck out there to watch and film all the ghoulery at the track 👍

  • Colin Kasben
    Colin Kasben

    Silver lake needs to open June 8th I want to ride

  • mike hussey
    mike hussey

    Love the RC stuff. Should encorporate more of it!!!

  • Jeff McD
    Jeff McD

    my Kiwi's will thank me

  • Ken Neider
    Ken Neider

    Looks 110 better than b4. Great work!!!!!

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R

    I have an XP 1000 would that spring compressor tool be worth getting for when I get my shock therapy springs?

  • tysontman87

    Hows the yxz ????

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    nice to see Steve out there

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson

    Nice vid guys! HiLifter spring lift coming soon on my '19 X3 XMR Turbo. Anyone done this?

  • Joshua Guidry
    Joshua Guidry

    Leo’s favorite saying Your not wrong in every video lol

  • Noah Bennett
    Noah Bennett

    R u guys release a memorial weekend vid? I saw u guys in st Helen this last weekend



  • daniel Belt
    daniel Belt

    I love that leo is being a good dude finnaly lol hahaha only joking i knew it was in him all along :)!! You guys r legit love the video and the content please keep it up!

  • Elijah Campbell
    Elijah Campbell

    And Popa Leo ghouls today! 👌

  • ngh

    New Record time!!! And a new marker to boot!

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill

    Those tires are to heavy

    • Ryan Hill
      Ryan Hill



      Which ones?

  • Mike Alsip
    Mike Alsip

    I'm so happy that Rick got a hair cut.

  • devvyboy tiktok
    devvyboy tiktok

    Picking up my first SXS in a few days. 👍 You all are very convincing! 😂🤪

  • Scott Estergaard
    Scott Estergaard

    The RC car was a nice touch, I love watching you all play at the new shop! Keep up the great vid"s!

  • You You
    You You

    I wish you offered these for the talon x!


      Email us

  • David Cress
    David Cress

    Leo, Just wondering if the clear zip lock bag that you tossed over on the glove box was the instructions for the spring compressor? Figured it out , I see anyway! Nice video as always. I have been following Shock Therapy and saving for some Dual Rate Spring Kits for my RS1 and XP Turbo


      Probably lol

  • Hillbillyblog coleman
    Hillbillyblog coleman

    How much for the springs. For xrs.

  • Kevin Hanley
    Kevin Hanley

    Just did the same to my RS1 and it’s outstanding! In my nasty whoop section where I ride I could do about 60-65 before my teeth felt like they were gonna fall out. Now I’m at 75+ and plush. I was in spring manufacturing and understand rates etc. I’ve designed springs for medical to ovens. You’d be amazed at the return. Good work fellas!

  • Chuck Hudson
    Chuck Hudson

    Friggin dope!

  • dakotalayinlow

    hey.. your link to the Shock Therapy kit(s) brings you to a "Product Not Found" block.. just sayin! 110 buds!

  • Leeroy Jenkinsss
    Leeroy Jenkinsss

    poor mike😂😂

  • William Dubya
    William Dubya

    Hahahaha awesome video ! Been debating shock therapy !!!!!

  • Yan7001978

    Elka comparison would be awesome!

  • CharlieboySLONDON

    RC jumps are about as close as I get to SXS jumps 🤣👊 I got a Savage XL that I've had a for a few years , good little unit.

  • Brock Willoughby
    Brock Willoughby

    What is the distance you guys are jumping,?

  • offroad adventures
    offroad adventures

    Info on the spring compressor please!!!

  • Sarcastic Albino
    Sarcastic Albino

    couldn't stand the squeaking! thank god!

  • Vince Daugherty
    Vince Daugherty

    Are you gona be selling RZR spring kits also? Looking to get a set soon


      Ya email us

  • Everything Off-road
    Everything Off-road

    More rc in the videos would be cool

  • Dave Mariotti
    Dave Mariotti

    The shock therapy billet pre load collars and crossover rings are super worth it...

  • Lee Ashworth
    Lee Ashworth

    Flip it over

  • Danny Cardin
    Danny Cardin

    Awesome video as always.This video was perfect timing for me because I am getting ready to put new tenders all the way around my xpt and I ordered the same spring compressor so you just showed me how to use it. Thanks so much. I think you guys need a silver lake trip with all these new springs.Take care and stay safe. Best channel on ALgone.👍👍

    • Danny Cardin
      Danny Cardin can’t wait to watch those videos 👍👍👏👏😁😁


      We will be soon as the dunes open up, lots of stuff to test there.

  • Deven Gudinas
    Deven Gudinas

    No limit straps 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    8MILELAKE Macpherson strut spring compressor is what its called on amazon. Even eligable for prime.

  • Brian Hubbard
    Brian Hubbard

    Have you guy's considered testing a lower cost trail ride machine from the manufacturer's . Keep the rubber in the dirt. God bless.

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    I would advise making the berm turn much seems like the machines struggle to get through the corners being so them up and let her eat

  • Wilmy030

    Rick getting shock therapy gold? Full Send!!!

  • Rodney Duran
    Rodney Duran

    I think the reason why X3 springs saga right-away is because they are compressed in shipping crate for while.

  • Peter Tronset
    Peter Tronset

    Glad to see the plush kit can handle a jump as well! I'm a plush riding kind of guy. Awesome!!

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez

    Another great vid, Love watching these guy

  • Nathan Everest
    Nathan Everest

    I would call it, "Graceful!"

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    Removing the first spring was like watching a monkey f*** a football.

  • Justice bdone
    Justice bdone

    Why didnt you guys do the shock revalve & the springs?

  • Tryingitall

    So glad that NICK finally drank the Kool-Aid. Shock therapy rocks

    • Tryingitall
      Tryingitall lol we all have it from time to time. 😂


      The stubbornness is strong.

  • reaper2009rzr

    you can put lipstick on a pig.....but.......its still just a pig.

  • DoonDood 23
    DoonDood 23

    Man, those springs just carry the fupa with ease! Can't believe how quiet the machine was. No more squeaks, clunks ,or chatter?!? Those just got bumped up on the list. Maybe next?

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Looks so good on the landing

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    I’m glade to see some X3 content


      All this dang RZR content lately, had to get the X3'S some love!

  • Jamie Cerasoli
    Jamie Cerasoli

    the krx needs some springs to, good video.

  • jake279

    "Should I worry about the Shock Therapy logo facing out" Well, since you put it on upside down I probably wouldn't worry about it LOL!

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B

    I see the track getting bigger

  • Papa Bare
    Papa Bare

    Thank goodness we can Fast Forward when NS speaks that failed college ghetto speak!

  • mottom

    Right to the permafrost! Lol great episode!

  • lauderdalechad

    I think it's probably time to make a jig so you can lay the shocks down horizontally on the bench and work on them easier and safer

  • T Sep65
    T Sep65

    Awesome vid like always guys! I have an xmaxx too and them thing are nasty!! Hard to control an RC when the tires Balloon at 50 mph! Lol

  • d26

    It’s just a freaking unit!

  • ryan g
    ryan g

    need way more videos i hate waiting to watch you guys ahahahah heck ya dudes

  • Ken

    Great video

  • Ken

    Guys you gota bulldoze the weeds brush etc right of the big jump landing area and move your burm to the right....

  • Frank Lotito
    Frank Lotito

    Leo's squeaking machine is gone LOL thank God for the new shocks👍 great video guys you're really killing it👏✌

  • Ken

    You guys and your friends check! Says the fighter pilot.. translated by an Air Traffic Controller !


      Roger Roger.

  • Ken

    You guys have come so far.. others are armatures at this point

  • Ken

    Thank you LEO

  • Ken

    Leo.... yes you hold the camera however, thank you because we wouldn’t have the awesome content to see every day.. and yes it only appears you don’t dooo dooo Editing video producing it and uploading is time consuming and actually a bitch... if people watch your earliest work they will see your becoming an accomplished content producer.. I say for a “lazy guy’ BRAVO...LMAO


      Thanks Ken! Lol

  • Tom McClure
    Tom McClure

    Grab a stool tighten the heck out of it

  • Sea Stacker
    Sea Stacker

    I sent the shocks from my General 4 down to ST and got the full work up. The best thing ever. Shocks are now one of the first things I will do in terms of mods. They sold me. Setting ride height was a pain. I didn’t have a compressor and had to fight those f’n adjustor rings against spring pressure. Plus the shocks had to come off to make adjustments (front mostly). I could have used that compressor. I think Eastwood has one like that.

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