Maverick X3 BRUISED BANANA goes on it's first ride! (and gets sold!)
We rip and sell the BRUISED BANANA!
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  • Polaris g
    Polaris g

    Dear mr. Sous.... I understand you have a business to run. That is VERY respectable, hell I have to make the same sacrifices daily to run my business successfully. however!.!.!. I don't have the friends, followers and supporters like myself that get excited every thim a SXSBLOG notifications pops up! So uhhh... what do ya say, you get your shit together because the SXSBLOG simply isn't the same without you! I think i speak for ALLLL of your ALgone family/followers we miss ya brother! P.S. Rick, congrats brother that is one wicked bitch! THANK Y'ALL FOR THE AMAZING CONTENT!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Polaris g
      Polaris g

      I really hope this reaches the giant ball of energy we call Sous lol! Im a idiot when it comes to doing anything online! Does he actually get to see our posts?

    • Nothern Buds
      Nothern Buds

      "Sometimes sous"

    • ononewheel7

      Well said haha!

    • New T30
      New T30

      Polaris g I’ll give that a huge thumbs up!

    • Daniel Seashore
      Daniel Seashore

      he should sell the liquor store and go all in on sxs blog!

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Awesome deal guys i would give you guys 15 for that any day of the week!! Please do more flips like this guys cuz i will be ready for a mav soon myself and just to meet you guys and GETTING it from you guys "DOUGIE APPROVED" i will definitely go all the way out there to pick it up!!! You guys rock, ty guys and keep em coming!!🤙

  • RC


  • Brendt Goss
    Brendt Goss

    what were the specs on those rims, factory offset?

  • Jacob Slabach
    Jacob Slabach

    Turbo s sounds better than x3s all day

  • Skinny 343
    Skinny 343

    Love seeing you guys tear it up out here! How come you never seem to run the harder hills off to the left of the main hill? Or the big bowls up and to the left?

    • Skinny 343
      Skinny 343 yeah I guess that's true. You guys need to run fence line trail and hit up the massive mudhole out there lol


      Not good for video because of the trees. We've ran the bowls before, just not that fun in the snow.

  • Matt whitt
    Matt whitt

    I think the sxsblog boys needs to go on a snowmobile trip!

  • Joe Piercey
    Joe Piercey

    Keep these coming. And everything else. Love it all!

  • Out Sider
    Out Sider

    Hell yeah Brother! It’s the SXSblog. Found your channel through Cleetus. My friends and I just started getting into SxS. Awesome channel Brothers!!

  • Red Fox Tx
    Red Fox Tx

    Great video guys. Keep up the good work and lets see more #SENDITSOUS

  • Connor Brady
    Connor Brady

    I like projects like this.

  • Team Trash'n It
    Team Trash'n It

    I’m sure this has been asked. But where does the “it’s kinda funny”quote come from????

  • Rodney Standish
    Rodney Standish

    I could smell the 2 stroke when the sleds went by lol

  • Reid Gargiulo
    Reid Gargiulo

    Hay its reid here im a big fan of watching your videos I love watching your videos you guys really make great interesting videos I really love watching your ALgone channel I think your videos are great and exciting to watch

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    I think as a snowmobile and side by side user u know u shouldn't be tearing up the trails thay look pissed keep up the good vids stay off the trials!!!!

  • Bryon Ott
    Bryon Ott

    You know guys, i wouldn't be mad if you guys did some snowmobile videos too.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Really off the subject here, but are you guys going to test the new Kawasaki Krx 1000?? I need your input !!!

  • 780tuner Tube
    780tuner Tube

    Around here you would get yelled at for being on the snowmobile trails!

  • Adam Whiteccotton
    Adam Whiteccotton

    I have been looking at the terbites how do they actually do in the snow i would be riding in less groomed trails making more of my own i have heard they are not great for cleaning themselves out what is ur opinion

    • Adam Whiteccotton
      Adam Whiteccotton

      Thanks for input love watching u guys


      They're a good all terrain tire but not specifically good for mud or loose snow.

  • Dr. DCT
    Dr. DCT

    What do I need to make my 19 XP Turbo comparable power wise to the Rick Mav?

  • Str8Sketchy

    Just Throwing it by you guys next time try a giveaway every $10 spent in merch will put your name in the drawing Love what you guys are doing keep up the amazing work and yes loved watching the build

  • FordManiac

    Nothing wrong with CanAm other than the yellow.

  • John Sharpnack
    John Sharpnack

    Loved the bruised banana content and would enjoy more like it. I have a 2014 Maverick, it would be so amazing to see a video of you guys upgrading something like that. 🤪

    • John Sharpnack
      John Sharpnack I will!


      Watch old videos lol

  • travbaker

    asking out of curiosity cuz i see you guys do it a lot but why only 2 straps on the rear tires of the machine during transportation on trailers


      How many more do you need?

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell

    That corner track looks like it’d be a blast. Always like videos from there.

  • AtvRacer

    Okay get Doug out of the can am before his blood spoils

  • Cobradaddy

    An oil temp gauge in Leotardo's machine would be awesome, so he knows exactly how hot that oil is when he just shuts his machines off after WOTing it. Not like actually gives a fuck lol.

    • Cobradaddy
      Cobradaddy Lol more like MAH TERBA


      MAH EARL

  • Canuck Trail Rides
    Canuck Trail Rides

    cool project series i enjoyed it, should tackle a blown rzr next

  • Logan Krause
    Logan Krause

    The sand hill. Spent many laps around it and jumping the massive burms. Good time out here.

  • Russell Toman
    Russell Toman

    Does the short windshield on the bruised banana really help with deflection of wind and things?



  • Jerry Bowman
    Jerry Bowman

    I like this kind of content keep doing these build's. Would love to buy a machine from u guy's one day. Love the channel

  • Kjell Olav Forberg
    Kjell Olav Forberg

    I love the honesty with the prices and everything, hope that's a mainstay! I enjoyed the whole banana process, and congratulations on your first very successful vehicle flip!

  • matthew dickey
    matthew dickey

    Let’s see doug send it on a cr500


      10/10 will pass lol

  • matthew dickey
    matthew dickey

    Remember the friggin beater artic cat days. Was a beater, but still sent it

  • Jason Strout
    Jason Strout

    No thank you Doug & the guys rocked this and made a good profit off this build. Do another one ASAP please.

  • khonky

    Great ending to the Bruised Banana series, love watching project videos that dont take months and month to come to a end result. Father in law just bought his retirement home in St Helen over the holidays. Excited to get up and ride that area more now that all I have to do is jump in the car and head up.

  • Tyler Malinowski
    Tyler Malinowski

    Best SxS Blog video ever put out!!!! Watching this video brought me so much joy in Central NJ! Love the combination of the projects and the rides, great group of guys. I can only hope I’ll be anywhere close to this happiness.


      Thanks Tyler

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman

    Definitely wonna see more fix it up projects

  • Kyle

    How about buying a krx?

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez

    Dude!!! Ricks rig sounds sick. Just seen video I'm at hammer town and reception in poor I'm glad i didnt have to wait til Sunday to watch. Great job guys keep them coming

  • Daniel Kapsner
    Daniel Kapsner

    I liked the bruised banana build, definitely do some more projects like it! Keep up the good work!

  • Donald Tripp
    Donald Tripp

    Missing the bruised banana jingle. Please make a highlight reel to the banana jingle.

  • Chris Trapp
    Chris Trapp

    Love the bruised banana project, but like all projects, hate to see it go lol

  • Douglas Lowe
    Douglas Lowe

    Love the builds

  • Aaron Spicer
    Aaron Spicer

    We need more bruised bananas👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • ryan devriendt
    ryan devriendt

    my first rip on a sled was a 97 vmax 600 basically a srx topped it out on lake st clair

  • Craig Lapointe
    Craig Lapointe

    all of the Braapp ! im still happy with the 48 hp at the wheel, in my 2014 Teryx T4. i am looking forward to the HCR Long Travel kit in the future! i love the content, it keep it coming. Awesome vids blow my mind!

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith


  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    Just awesome. Thanks for the Journey.

  • lee butters
    lee butters

    Where is Sous? last three weeks no SOUSY makes me sad :(

  • Jeremy Minor
    Jeremy Minor

    That’s awesome. I’d love to see more builds

  • Bad Beard Offroad
    Bad Beard Offroad

    Glad you guys did all that work on project 168.

  • SCHITHEAD7 justice4usa
    SCHITHEAD7 justice4usa

    Yup , here in the foot hills of the Adirondack mountains of N.Y. most of our old lady`s would ask why we need to have one of these ........... MY ANSWER ............ WHY FREEKING NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE UR HELL AND KEEP ONGOING MY FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iiB1GTH1NGSii

    snow dust? lmaooo you mean pow pow

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell

    So. I’m realizing pow pow is a very universal term for ole Leonardo lol

  • SCHITHEAD7 justice4usa
    SCHITHEAD7 justice4usa

    Man , you guy`s are awesome with upgrades , any chance you can get just a hair more out of my 1986 Yugo ? LMAO ........ all jokes aside ............. as always great stuff my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATS OFF FROM THE ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • klong8963

    What is your opinion on the Terrabites from Rocky Mountain?

  • Lori Doe
    Lori Doe

    As a newbie to the side by side life love your channel. I know Rocky Mountain ATV is a great sponsor but it would be GREAT to have in-depth reviews on some of the newer products (and please be honest, even if they are not great), I can go to their web site and see what they have to say but would love real world reviews. I saw your first interdiction of the Tusk Terrabite 10 ply tires so I went and looked at them and think I would like to get them after I complete all the suspension upgrades I am doing on my 2011 CanAm Commander (I call it Egor LOL, the rear end issues are so bad, putting in just over 3k to it). Would love to hear more about tires - Thanks !!!

  • Mr. Walters
    Mr. Walters

    In the last video with base mode, is that machine a turbo or turbo r? Curious because of the clutch stuff yall pointed out


      It was a Turbo and we turned it into a Turbo R

  • jasong712

    Why didn’t you use the SC1?

  • Travis Meverden
    Travis Meverden

    You guys should do a giveaway with the wildcat since it's mainly taking up space

    • Travis Meverden
      Travis Meverden

      Ahh didn't remember hearing anything about that


      The XX? Sold her awhile ago fam

  • David Foster
    David Foster

    Doug needs a trail yxz for trail rides like these... would love to see rev limiter on snowy corners


      You're not wrong

  • Richard Stammers
    Richard Stammers

    How wide is the xds now with 32's? Trying to keep mine at 64 inches but need bigger tires.


      Haven't measured but I'm sure it's a bit wider than 64

  • Nathan Neely
    Nathan Neely

    Id love to see you guys come to Gregory lake mud fest in Drakesboro Kentucky. There’s typically more than 5,000 people there and it get wild!

  • Tony Pollick
    Tony Pollick

    What trails do you guys ride? I'm not that far from your area and need some new places to ride!

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross

    Hey guys for someone looking for a sxs is the x3 the only choice or is the xp pro and other worth considering


      X3, Pro XP, and Turbo S are the top dogs and all worth considering

  • JeremyShred

    “Our time, basically worthless.” Hahaha

  • troy davis
    troy davis

    Y’all need more yxz units


      U ri fam

  • Tim

    Buy a junker on copart and fix it up. This was a good series.

  • Nick Glunt
    Nick Glunt

    You guys should do a 2stroke sxs

  • ononewheel7

    Hi guys Looks like blast whats all the white stuff??? Haha winter is on vacation here in RI 55 and rain today 😫 Looks like that unit is alive and well!

  • Silvertip 686
    Silvertip 686

    Definately would love to see more rebuild vids!

  • Ofty

    Wish we had shared trails here in Minnesota. I would like to here from the groomers and sledders on here and their thoughts.

  • Don Weiler
    Don Weiler

    Wait! What McDonald's can you ride to from there?

  • Hjccjr

    When are we going to see 2jzjp?


      Soon! We've been working on it!

  • Gerald bake
    Gerald bake

    The banana project was awesome. I Love buying someone broke stuff and making it run again. Doug u should break out an old banshee or snowmobile again. Doug might as well sell battlefield and build up banana more. Keep up good work. Sous needs to take off more days. If u guys were selling banana HOW MUCH?

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Will doug make the switch an come on over to the Dark Side? Idk stay tuned lol

  • Gary Durham
    Gary Durham

    All around another outstanding video. Looked like a great ride. Great job on the Dougmav. Well done guys.

  • Steve Fendelet
    Steve Fendelet

    Another awesome ending to a great project! Wish you guys were closer to Alberta Canada man! I’d make the trip to go rip! Don’t think my 2010 rzr s would have the jam to keep up but I’d rip the scrambler with you boys any day. Just loaded my first few videos on the tube yesterday . one of them is me on Scrammy rippin a little track ( inspired by you dudes) that I built with my plough ninja ( the rzr ). I call it the bow tie.. lol so much fun. Check it out.. ( ya right) P.S. Sous you need to find someone or some way to run your store when the boys are filming. Cheese & rice bud! Value this channel and your boys!! I’m so envious man. Maybe you don’t understand what you got here is something guys like me dream about.. Much ❤️ from 🇨🇦

  • jaybirdls1

    All mavs matter hahaha

  • Rick David
    Rick David

    When money is no object

  • Doug Lowenthal
    Doug Lowenthal

    Great job love the build video

  • Molly & Corey May
    Molly & Corey May

    Great way to start my Friday Another great video 👍

  • Flexing101


  • Johnathon Kelley
    Johnathon Kelley

    You guys need a 360 camera for test rides and trail rides would be awesome


      We've got one, honestly not as cool as you'd think

  • Tom Bejma
    Tom Bejma

    Probably better that Sous stayed home - less repair videos coming... LOL!

  • MI.Dunerunner

    Was up there Sunday with I'd Brap That and the trails were still perfect for ripping.

  • Jasonlt1982

    Feels like forever since a good trail vid has posted! Glad you finally got out of the new shop. The Banana Ripper is FIRE! Guessing Sous backed out for a girlfriends obligation.



  • fishy z
    fishy z

    Love the trail ride videos..that thing sounds crazy

  • Assault Offroad
    Assault Offroad

    This channel is basically becoming one big Can Am commercial. 😉 Where's the Yamaha content? You guys should consider acquiring a new YXZ with the GYTR Turbo preinstalled, upgrade the suspension etc. 🤞🤞


    Hahaha "our time, basically worthless" lololol

  • G4 Off road
    G4 Off road

    Love this stuff, keep it coming.

  • Michigan Moose
    Michigan Moose

    I was really hoping this test ride would have been the typical St Helen terrain. I wanted to see how BB the tires worked. Looking to put some 32's on my XDS


    You've gotta talk Doug into doing a snowmobile ride video

  • matad311

    Cool video as always dudes! What Trails are you ripping on in Saint Helen? I saw it was trail 6 any others?

  • rmstarkjr

    look into vvmapping for michigan orv trails. Jeremy is a good guy! can put it on a lot of different GPS's

  • Carl Vivace
    Carl Vivace

    It should now be called the fresh Banana!

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    What a beautiful jacket

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    its nice to see a clean should do that more often!

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