Maverick X3 cage install BATTLE! Leo vs Rick! Brick City CAGE!!!

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    Who thinks Rick should run the ghoul stickers?

    • LD Books
      LD Books yeeeeeeessssss

    • Jason Heath
      Jason Heath

      Nobody cares about this sh!!!!!

    • Chronicles of Nanner
      Chronicles of Nanner

      Well duhhh.....

    • David Krahn
      David Krahn

      OWN IT!

    • Russell Henderson
      Russell Henderson

      Do it

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    Now watching the video back catalog enjoying all the content

  • Vortex_Xt_1986

    The Goul decal is totally Rick after a big night being poisoned and then ripping at silver lake in his weapon 😂👍

  • Roberto Higuera
    Roberto Higuera

    I love how invested both Rick and Leo were in this battle. Got it to give it to Rick though, he had an idea and quickly executed the task. Some of the best content yet!

  • Prairie Hinton
    Prairie Hinton

    Nice rides guys!!!

  • Jacksquatch

    Ordered my "Tall" Brick City Cage today from you guys today. Hopefully I fit! Thanks Rick and Nick(leo)

  • Jacob Tschida
    Jacob Tschida

    Safety glasses boys!!!

  • Charles Mackiewicz
    Charles Mackiewicz

    Installs cage for safety. Doesnt use safety glasses. Enjoyed the video guys!

  • Gary Tee
    Gary Tee

    ghoul stickers put half windshield slap it on

  • kong3

    Hilarious Great Epic Idea Rick outa the box.. Epic.

  • frank cott
    frank cott

    im new to sxs why the change in cages

  • BrokenMember

    Leo's a poor loser

  • Karson Martin
    Karson Martin

    Y’all need to make a beast mode Tyrex 4 le I wanna see it cause that’s what I got just not beast mode!!

  • Brian Hubbard
    Brian Hubbard

    Come on Lenardo, cage off! You lost!🤣. Funny, funny, 🤣🤣🤣

  • lorilee tedford
    lorilee tedford

    I got a RZR 1000 turbo

  • Fisherman Dan
    Fisherman Dan

    They were truly pissed lmao

  • Devon Evans
    Devon Evans

    You guys should sell a “burnin right” sticker 🤔

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    If you're going to do this type of work, Y'all need the Milwaukee portable band saw. They cut through things like those gages much better than that cut off wheel. The new gages are/look awesome!

  • Redneck Robby
    Redneck Robby

    Can you give me a shoutout on ALgone. I make mudding videos and I’m a really small channel.

  • brian mcbride
    brian mcbride

    Love BCF! Bought the spare tire / cooler rack for my old Honda Pioneer 1000 from them. Great guys, with great products! Well done Moses!

  • tnross23

    Yxz and beast mode at the silver lake sand Dragway!? Get some actual times and mph on the sand, I think it would be a cool video and I’m sure the guys at the Dragway would appreciate.... just a thought.

  • Evan MacArthur
    Evan MacArthur


  • JTP Buildz
    JTP Buildz

    "Do you want your participation trophy after?" Freaking hysterical!!!

  • Nathan Gibson
    Nathan Gibson

    Rick's face at 12:12 is epic!! He is full blown ghoul mode!!! Great win my man!!!

  • Just Throw It
    Just Throw It

    You guys pre order a speed utv?

  • Auburn Barter
    Auburn Barter

    I'm pretty sure rick is on meth 🤷‍♂️

  • Alex

    Just FYI for anyone: I used a sawzall with metal cutting blades for a couple X3 so faro and it was less than 30min. X3s have the base to follow along. You can get down to 1/4” or less with sawzall and then fine grind and paint the rest if you’re feeling frisky 🙌🙌🤙

  • Bad Beard Offroad
    Bad Beard Offroad

    At the end of the day, when its all said and done.... Rick cheated! 😆

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Too cool...😂😂😂🇺🇸

  • lorilee tedford
    lorilee tedford

    hi i seen you at silver lake! what do you do for living?

    • lorilee tedford
      lorilee tedford

      Thanks for putting me in your video



  • ThePoloRick

    Rick looks like a young Walter (Jeff Dunhams grumpy puppet), he even does the same facial expressions some times!

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Holy cow Rick has the same attitude as my 4 year old when he is throwing a tantrum! That was so awkward haha

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    When the ghoul sticker came out I damn near fell off the couch laughing. He definitely needs to put those on his machine.

  • Tony S
    Tony S

    #Brickcityfab Arizona Repping!!!

  • Gage Sowers
    Gage Sowers

    Nick one in my book because the only way is the right way

  • D Harris
    D Harris

    Tell me Silvers is not RICK'S real grandfather! Go to 1:43.15 of this mad movie an see him cruisin SxS with good ole Barney. 🍿 🤣

  • Jerry fab
    Jerry fab

    That double QP shirt though

  • Steve Kunde
    Steve Kunde

    That was the closest thing to a Rick meltdown that we have gotten in a long time.

  • Joe Fediaczko
    Joe Fediaczko

    NO thank you to Taiwan

  • Todd Grant
    Todd Grant

    Just watched a JFK documentary and when I saw Lee Harvey Oswald I thought i recognized the face! Now I know why, Rick could be his twin.

  • Sean Norris
    Sean Norris

    Is it just me or does the new intro music for the garage episodes sound like a cheap porno clip🤣🤣

  • Levi Boucher
    Levi Boucher

    What's going on with beast mode and

  • Aaron Castro
    Aaron Castro

    2JP! 2JP! 2JP!??????

  • David Krahn
    David Krahn

    Noticed both X3's running Destroyer paddles, Leo 14 paddle and Rick with a 12 paddle, my question for you is are they both Ripper paddles or Demons ? and how do you like them with your power level/type of riding you do?


      Demons. The 14s are WAYYY too much for my car as they were made for Beast Mode X3.

  • Michele Ford
    Michele Ford

    I’m from Phoenix and go to the dunes often, those are bad ass x3’s!

  • Stan Joseph
    Stan Joseph

    Future prediction rick won’t be around for long.

    • the breadedcrab
      the breadedcrab

      You must not have any friends you bulshit with LOL. Sure it got slightly heated but that's because they are both very competitive

  • Mathew Nunez
    Mathew Nunez

    Hilarious😂. Sick cages

  • doug mayes
    doug mayes

    Looseardo crying about the rules!!! 😢 Rick should absolutely run the stickers!

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    Good to see Nick Sous again. Missed him the past few videos

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    Put the Ghoul on the roof!

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash

    Anybody else get dizzy at 5:18 with all that panning? Lol

  • Neil Rice
    Neil Rice

    that is what happens when you challenge a flat rate technician to something.

  • Rivera's Phenomenal Ideas
    Rivera's Phenomenal Ideas

    Rick was really into it. 🤣😂win or win

  • Jerry Bowman
    Jerry Bowman

    Man I hate seeing beast mode not getting any attention. Love that car

  • Colton Peare
    Colton Peare

    I feel like Rick saw that sticker and decided to make the picture a reality. Eyes popping out intensity on that last cut lol.

  • squirtgunbandit8

    You guys should make a trip to SMORR in Southern Missouri. 940 acres of Off-Road Park

  • foxryder7c

    1/2cent bits from Taiwan NO THANKS TO TAIWAN FOR THOSE!!!!! Rick Says lmao

  • TheElectrican

    Milwaukee 💪🏻👍🏻👊🏻 sick cages bro!

  • alex andrews
    alex andrews

    rick is shorter because he does more jumps

  • Tim Genz
    Tim Genz

    Mike will never get a thin girl wearing that McDonald’s shirt

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis

    That was intense lmao I freaking love the heated competitive nature no matter what it is!! Seeing Rick get fired up and start shit talking is actually the best lol!!!

  • J's Garage
    J's Garage

    I think the XX has the best factory cage personally. I know you guys had your issues with the machine but strictly talking the cage no OEM has a better cage yet.

  • Moto Adventure Haiti
    Moto Adventure Haiti

    They look great!

  • brandon65678

    It’ll be funny when Rick gets punched in the face 😂😂 Mr short dick is kinda a douche bag



  • Chris Fiondella
    Chris Fiondella

    For some reason, I really want a double quarter pounder with cheese!

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    Rick got me rolling, never seen so much comedy on a roll cage removal. You want your participation trophy after. Lmfao Rick is totally hilarious, but correct. Winning 😁🤣 The new goul stickers, lol

  • Chonch

    hes gotta run the stickers, that shit is hilarious... GHOUL STYLE! shit make some shirts and we will buy them

  • ChromeGunner86

    Please tell me you were kidding when you said the x3 cage was the best stock cage, look how thin they are, while the xx may not be the best/fastest reliable car the stock cage is by far better then the x3 cage


    Omg that sticker looked just like Rick!

  • so5thgen

    I need an OEM roof for my X3 can you guys ship one? Cleveland, Ohio ?

  • offroad adventures
    offroad adventures

    Do a Colorado mountains trip!!

  • Bruce Stroh
    Bruce Stroh

    So who is leaving the channel first? Last ten or so video's there has been some comments from both that say. They have some issues towards each other.

  • Jake Dibbert
    Jake Dibbert

    The real winner was Doug. Not having to work on there stuff again and just sitting back and watching the havoc lol.. well played Doug 🖒

  • Landon Lorenzo
    Landon Lorenzo

    How can nick be proud of not doing anything?

  • Willie Rule
    Willie Rule

    That is so f****** awesome guys those decals are super awesome yes

  • Andrew Cash
    Andrew Cash

    it has to go on

  • cybermavrik

    The PETE BEST of SXS BLOG is sorely missed!. Come back Pete Best come back

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    Cool new intro. Cages look nice. Happy 4th! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    When is the 2020 can am coming ? 👀

  • fpschorsch

    Safety glasses!!!

  • fpschorsch

    OMG! You guts better do a soooopra vid or else!!!!

  • Jesse Abel
    Jesse Abel

    Awesome video great job looks so good damn it's sure amazing how a new cage can make a big difference

  • C lockburner
    C lockburner

    Feel the love ❤️

  • Igor Afichuk
    Igor Afichuk


  • AlbinoMunkay13

    Safety Sally here, seriously wear some friggin eye pro.

  • Kenny Allison
    Kenny Allison

    Rick definitely needs to rock the stickers!

  • Brandon Chiarmonte
    Brandon Chiarmonte

    Really like Doug's camera work. The camera is not zoomed into everyone's nostrils the entire episode. Always a bit odd watching on a 50" tv with MASSIVE heads. on the screen.

  • Andrew Lisabeth
    Andrew Lisabeth

    It’s like a Milwaukee safety video

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson

    Mike to join the blog for sure! Super cool dude plus Doug could use some help. Lol

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    Sorry. I’m with Leo 🤷‍♂️. I mean anyone can cut the tube 7 inches up from the perches. Like dougy said, prepped removal should of been in the rules.

    • Torque Monkey
      Torque Monkey

      Right! Could have had it removed in less than 5 min haha

  • Taylor Outdoors
    Taylor Outdoors

    Yeah I definitely don't think that was a proper cage Also, who else wants to see the YXZ and Beast Mode get running again? I know I want to see them on the drag strip again

  • william trojnor
    william trojnor

    Time for a plasma cutter and a single post car lift

  • don Ellefson
    don Ellefson

    I am just and going full time rving with my unit and going to be snow birds for winter and plan to head south in November to NM AZ NV as well heard lots of trails down that way. Oh ps I do have snorkels on my unit, I am open for your feed back of guys . It was all I could afford so be nice lol all good guys :).

  • don Ellefson
    don Ellefson

    Hey if you guys are going to be in NV AZ or NM in the winter I might be messaging you guys on some custom parts for my 2014 wildcat 1000 x I am looking for a spare tire rack and other acc to put on and also a heavy duty drive line options to replace the stock and muffler set up and maybe to add turbo set up to upgrade . I have been subscribed to you guys and like your work and heading south hopefully this winter and if you like back country trails you guys. Where I camp you can travel hundreds of miles on trails that puts you in BC and AB Canada free camping for 16 days fishing lakes and just everything you can think of rocks, mud, and just bush alone with high speed logging roads .

  • don Ellefson
    don Ellefson

    Good one Rick woohoo lmao . All good a good time and it is what friendship is all about thumbs up guys .

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    When are y’all gonna get rocklights and whip lights for the SXSs

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    I’m so glad y’all got new cages

  • Carter Phillips
    Carter Phillips

    Hire Mike to do merch.

  • Jacob Meinema
    Jacob Meinema

    #nochase......Justin at shock therapy would be proud! Way to be Mike Reed!

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