Mudding a RZR RS1 on 36s and Mudlyfe destroys itself!
We put some System 3 XCR350 tires on the RS1 and take it and Mudlye out to ice break! Support us at:

  • Timothy Putnam
    Timothy Putnam

    I can almost smell the belt

  • stgraves260

    So glad I bought a Honda Talon.

  • el pepe
    el pepe

    you should put the old outlaw 3’s with the m36 on the rs1

  • Clint the Audio Guy
    Clint the Audio Guy

    That RZR looks sweet with those tires on. I bet it rolls smooth.

  • Robert Lunt
    Robert Lunt

    Terba sous is ALgone gold .

  • toby spoor
    toby spoor

    Gear America shackles and recover straps.

  • rich r
    rich r

    You guys are absolutely insane!! I would never go riding through frozen water in the winter. Screw that

  • Kevin Ruddles
    Kevin Ruddles

    This is my favorite vid you guys have done. It was real and you all pulled together and got it done. RESPECT.

  • TTV_ SWEATY1108
    TTV_ SWEATY1108

    I wish I had a rs1 like that lol

  • Insane Gaming 29
    Insane Gaming 29

    I was confused the while time nick was talking

  • Beau Godwin
    Beau Godwin

    The portal is definitely locked up lol ive locked mine up a time or 2 before also not a very great idea to try to break the portal loose because it could possibly send a bearing through the box ive seen it happen b4 then u gotta buy a whole new box

  • Mouse Gipson
    Mouse Gipson

    Polaris RZR RS1 wheels looks like shit with those ghetto wheels. So annoying guys

  • George F
    George F

    Gears in the portal are smoked

  • William123

    You guys need to carry some snatch blocks

  • Caleb Bergin
    Caleb Bergin

    So satisfiing

  • Dwight Schuette
    Dwight Schuette

    Learned alot from prepare for the unexpected

  • Nick Hoffman
    Nick Hoffman

    Wow what a rough trip

  • Mountain Valley Racing
    Mountain Valley Racing

    What helmet radios do you guys use?

  • Ryllen Stimpson
    Ryllen Stimpson

    You should do some elimination hill climbs with Beast mode and the Yami

  • Greg Holt
    Greg Holt

    Can you tell me what brand and model this trailer is? I’m having a hell of a time finding a trailer for my rzr,rs1 and 4 wheeler


      Wolverine 34'

  • Stephen Leskow
    Stephen Leskow

    31:08 - "alright, lets push it..." processed to just film and not help whatsoever. smh

  • TheIrongutz

    Good to see Polaris has figured out its belt slipping problems 😂

  • Ronald Strayer
    Ronald Strayer

    It was a good video regardless of the problems

  • Sturdivant House
    Sturdivant House

    You had 1. A winch. 2. Plenty of human power to push that thing out. Instead ya break it then continue to beat it. And what a bunch of Polaris total garbage. Totally unimpressive skills and cars

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Look like water holes where the deep thick. Mud

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    36 don't look like mud tires

  • Michael Scruggs
    Michael Scruggs

    This is the video that made me subscribe. You guys make pretty good TV.


      Thanks Mike!

  • Abdulrahman Al marzouqi
    Abdulrahman Al marzouqi

    Polaris products breaking down... nothing new here😂😂😂

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    I just got done geeking off the Baja video and Doug not knowing he was missing his sun glasses lends 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels

    the times that are the most miserable are often the ones you enjoy remembering and telling the most later on.

  • nunya binis
    nunya binis

    Can somebody pls link the 1st video with the RS1? How long have they had it? I know it's fairly new.


      We've had it a little over a year:

  • Spitts

    This is exactly the stuff that would happen to me when I was younger and have a few beverages and decide to take my quad on the pipeline at 2am, by myself, with a camelback full of 151 and coke. Some little shit would happen like the chain would pop off and in trying to fix that I would create one problem after the other. Before I knew it my camelback was empty, the sun was coming up and I was walking home to get a the proper tool that had I brought with me I could have fixed the problem in 2 minutes.

  • Jake Loewen
    Jake Loewen

    Put tracks on rs1

  • j j
    j j

    These guys act like they got no business being out there in the mud

  • DSx Nate
    DSx Nate

    The girls would video

  • G20xwarx

    God I want a rs1 so bad

  • My You...Tube
    My You...Tube

    Why are the Girls standing there like a candles :)?

  • Jack Cecil
    Jack Cecil

    Sous’s math is on point. I double checked.

  • Ken

    Rs1 looks terrible lol

  • SheepDog

    The struggle was real, but overall you guys made it work, troubleshoot! I enjoy watching your guy's videos! Send it!

  • James Beemer
    James Beemer

    Next time you go muding bring a quart of oil, a Jack and some rtv. So if next time you need to free a portal you can take a gear out of it if it fails. I hope you guys going out again some time with it.


      We'll have it at MudNats in a couple weeks! Should be good!

  • Dan Lux
    Dan Lux

    Bubba rope!

  • Pushpush Lambert
    Pushpush Lambert

    Would a DCT Honda would of been beneficial here but nope! Won't do it . A big shackle / Pulley would be a great idea . Strap it to a tree and go ... any direction and double the pull. Way safer than straight pulls . 👍🏻🇨🇦

  • Aj Haas
    Aj Haas

    that was classic remember ur osta training

  • Ray F
    Ray F

    Portals have a life time warranty right?

  • Ray F
    Ray F

    Mud life needs a top.

  • Andrew Gallant
    Andrew Gallant

    Haha awesome..watchin for the second time! Would love to see the RS1 with mud tires the same size and portals like on Mudlyfe and a Turb!!!! Unstoppable haha

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C

    Good job on backing up / I see so many people just step on it

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C


  • Nicole C
    Nicole C


  • Chris Carver
    Chris Carver

    Great camera

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    Wow belts suck lol. Why do u idiots keep buying bwlt crap. Take the talon muding and watch it school all these tards

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    Portals are absoulute garbage. Honda pioneer internal gear reduction 30 inch zilla foward a arms. Strongest mud machine u can build. Cant go through the deepest mud but it will never break. Tbrough in a truck whinch and dual battery. U will never get stuck and can winch out a sxs

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    I cant believe u guys were in high gear.bu do not know how to mudlyfe at all

  • peepeepoopoo69

    Does anyone know what size tires the Polaris was on

  • david bezuglyy
    david bezuglyy

    this was released on my 15th b-day

  • blah

    Well just proves that if you're upgrading tires you better be upgrading axles, clutch, belt, diff plate ect


      I mean going to 36s is a bit

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Just a thought you spent all that money on your equipment why don’t you get some decent ramps that aren’t slick as the ice

  • Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker

    Polaris junk.

  • Derick Nelson
    Derick Nelson

    Ive seen three videos of mud lyfe and it breaks everytime, time to go back to the drawing board.

  • Mike Phillips
    Mike Phillips

    Honda Talon 1000R anyone? Lol

  • Zach Ellinger
    Zach Ellinger

    Sous is comic relief and willing to hop in the frigid water to get the job done.

  • Jay Kline
    Jay Kline

    Was that lake county?


      Nope this was near Gladwin

  • DEDBRD1977

    When ever i get water in my belt housing i pu it in Neutral open the plug and give it gas so the water will drain out and the heat will dry the belt. Do y'all not do that ?


      Not when the clutch housing is completely full of water lol

  • Greg Candor
    Greg Candor

    And I thought I was the only one that had bad days ! Thx for sharing!

  • Outdoor Man
    Outdoor Man

    Remember your Osta trainning hahaha

  • II Yoinx II
    II Yoinx II

    Who else thinks the breaking ice is satisfying


      It was one of the greatest things.

  • yazoomud88

    What did you do have to do to fit 36s on the rs1?

  • jeff close
    jeff close

    Didn’t take long for someone to destroy a RS1. Looks like it belongs in the hood.


      It's a shame the tires / wheels can never be changed back

  • David Vendramin
    David Vendramin

    Dumb assess.



  • will ponce
    will ponce

    mudding without waders...

  • Tilden Copeland
    Tilden Copeland

    Keep it in low when you are in that stuff

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D

    Those things break so easily and then the belt slippage. SMH

  • cory benton
    cory benton

    You guys need some chest waders!

  • David H
    David H

    *Doug starts to get pissed* everyone jumps in willing to help because any mere mortal would fear Doug's wrath.

  • NickB1LE

    Where in Michigan is this?


      Gladwin M61 trails

  • Albert Casper
    Albert Casper

    This was pitiful..I'm sorry but yall wasn't hung up that bad...Please tell me ya faked this...

  • stevo337

    How bad did those 36’s rub on that rs1?


      It wasn't as bad as you'd like it might be, lol

  • danny weidner
    danny weidner

    Polaris the belt the belt the belt

  • Banshee 302
    Banshee 302

    The black things that you get on your GoPro where could I find them?


      I'm sure Nick just got them on Amazon? lol

  • MasterDrhd

    whats the name of the that ramp on the back of that dually and where can i get one.

  • jimmy james
    jimmy james

    Lol, you guys do have your adventures. 🤣

  • cjones29hd

    Should have tried placing a good size rock or log in front of the stuck wheel where the rock or log could stay in place to break the portal loose. Seen it happen on a truck. Course there was significantly more weight with the truck.


      Yeah it was mega locked up.

  • Brent Chevalier
    Brent Chevalier

    You guys are in my back yard

  • RhinoParts

    Looks cold as F out there!

  • Dustin !
    Dustin !

    What state are you in

  • Ben Hight
    Ben Hight

    Hook it around the tree then pull it to get it close to the bank

  • Ben Hight
    Ben Hight

    You guys should Broke the ice with rocks and stick Does the winch wouldn’t have to fight the ice is well

  • marlin moore
    marlin moore

    Heck yeah ,snorkel the belt exuast and vent lines on the RS1 since its the only thing not snorkeled from the factory and seal off the stock snorkels better. #mudlyfe2.0

  • Owen Steinke
    Owen Steinke

    U guys call that mud

  • 92ext

    all that the RS1 is, is an adult version of a single seat offroad go-cart........ I WANT ONE!

    • Greezy_Chef

      I've seen the 2018's going for 12.5 right now

  • dude fish
    dude fish

    Just finished watching for the second time. definitely my favorite video from 2018. It inspires me to push my limits. I’m going to make chicken Parmesan and ride the go carts to celebrate the new year. I hope someone at Polaris is watching and appreciates what you do for them.

  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonald

    Best video yet, really enjoy your adventures!

  • Jacob Cavalier
    Jacob Cavalier

    When in water seat belt is not your freind fellows......From down south In Louisiana

    • Jacob Cavalier
      Jacob Cavalier In that case I would agree if you guys have the center harness clips for quick removal


      We've talked about this and have to disagree, just too easy to crank your head off the rollcage without one! Our harnesses all allow you to detach very quickly after a roll

  • matthew braley
    matthew braley

    You mentioned a couple times the belt slipping when he was in the mud, is that a common problem with the Rs1 when it comes to mud holes, or was it a comboniation of the 36s and the mud?


      Turns out it was because we swapped clutches earlier and forgot to put all the clutch cover bolts back Usually not a problem

  • curt varnum
    curt varnum

    Check into a Bubba Rope, gives you the ability to snach out a vehicle without damaging it. Must have for Mudlife! Great video guys!

  • Dirt Junkies
    Dirt Junkies

    “Is it in high or low?” Lmfao

  • Joe Van
    Joe Van

    Love the videos. Keep up the great work.Hope to meet you on the trails in 2019.

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D

    Rs1 needs some tread Wrong tires for terrain

  • Kendall Phillips
    Kendall Phillips

    Polaris and their belts....