MUDLYFE Polaris Ranger becomes a FLORIDA MAN! X3 bogs, Pro XP on 35s!
We FINALLY do some proper Florida mudding in MUDLYFE!!
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    When Leo saw the spiders 😂😂😂😂

    • NCliving

      Frick get me out of here. Haha.

    • Full Speed Impulse
      Full Speed Impulse

      That was funny lol. But also would be my same reaction too. Hahaha

    • spencer dauphine
      spencer dauphine

      Not gonna lie, I 100% understand Leo. This weekend we were bogging in Texas and a spider crawled across my hand and I screamed like a girl..

    • foxracing9143

      Cleetus why don't u ever use the bkt's

    • John Handley
      John Handley

      thanks for not doing donuts at the end of the main road and getting the estates shutdown again

  • Yo Joe
    Yo Joe

    This is what people do after they marry their sister.

  • dirty p
    dirty p

    Is your radio station still on 93.3?

    • dirty p
      dirty p that's right the rock station.



  • Adam Epps
    Adam Epps

    Where in FL is this? I live in SoFL and looking for new places to ride

    • Adam Epps
      Adam Epps thank you! I will look into OHV areas there


      Avon Park

  • crazy Luke on 2 wheels!
    crazy Luke on 2 wheels!

    Where was whistlin during all this?!? Am I the only one thinking that he should’ve been here rippin these machines?!?

  • Tommy LaRoche
    Tommy LaRoche

    Who drinks more Busch lattes, A Florida Man or a Michigan Man?

  • The Beaten Trail
    The Beaten Trail

    Killer Spiders, but that was some deeeep water. Want to make it down to FL in 2021 for some trail riding. GREAT VIDEO!

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer

    awesome video guys!

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    I laughed so hard when papa Leo saw that spider

  • Gene Paige
    Gene Paige

    Are you in Bronson Florida does power lines look awful familiar

  • SCPowersports 1
    SCPowersports 1

    I think the Busch Latte had a little bit to play in how big that spider was. It was hilarious 🤣 😂🤣

  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen

    Great video guys. Was that down at river ranch? I have a question. What do you guys think of the Honda Talon 1000X for riding down in south Florida? Would it be a good machine for muding and trail riding down here? Looking at buying one and just looking for recommendations.

    • Scott Cohen
      Scott Cohen

      One more question guys. Besides the Talon what would be the best all around unit for riding in South Florida? It’s mostly mud riding with some trail and Levee riding. Thank you in advance.

    • Scott Cohen
      Scott Cohen

      Thanks guys.


      With aggressive 32s and snorks it works!

  • RobesEleven

    Doug Battlebeard lol

  • Corbyn Rogers
    Corbyn Rogers

    I dont no why nick sous didt drive.

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    when leo made eye contact with that spider he knew he meant the business

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps

    hahah the panic of the spider lol i feel ya leo!

  • Bryan Langevin
    Bryan Langevin

    love the videos of your trips! Im in florida, where is this?

  • octane jake
    octane jake

    Its alright man I have bailed while driving because of a spider

  • Tarheel Trailblazer
    Tarheel Trailblazer

    Better be glad you couldn’t see what was under that water. 😂

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez

    Ol jh showing yall the honey hole. I live out where yall went riding. Wayy more trails out there. Be cool to meet you guys and show you around more out there.

  • Alfred The Savage
    Alfred The Savage

    That looks like those power line trails around Port Charlotte, along I-75. Fun places

  • Off-Road Riding Adventures
    Off-Road Riding Adventures

    Next trip to Florida stop over in Lake City and ride the Osceola National Forest. Wet season makes for great trail riding.

  • Franky Flavio
    Franky Flavio

    Big spider guy

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    When Leo saw the spiders 😂😂😂😂

  • yardley

    The belt on my cousins rzr snapped when he was going 50 and as he was trying to fight with the back wheels locking up the front wheels locked up too causing him to roll 4 times. Does anyone know why the wheels would lock up like I get it may be for safety but that didn't go safely at all lol

  • Robert Saddler
    Robert Saddler

    Just think of the stuff you didn't see, the gators and the snakes swimming around in that water.

  • Tom Flourre
    Tom Flourre

    Get ahold of Ostacruiser in Canada. That would make a great video

  • X3 Andy
    X3 Andy

    This video brought to you by Busch Lattes and bad ideas.

  • One Off Garage
    One Off Garage

    The ol' floating island trick, welcome to FL.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller

    Looks like Leo ain’t no Spiderman

  • Christian S
    Christian S

    You guys should come down here to ElPaso tx. Red sands is amazing and the trails here on the East side really put your utvs to the test!

  • Sam Oliver
    Sam Oliver

    U guys should get an x3 base and build it up to be something and test it as stock


      Have you checked out the “Base Mode” episodes?

  • Chad Adams
    Chad Adams

    Leo cut the show off . We all know mudlife was well overdue for some upgrades ! Time to make mudlife stronger and better

  • ngh

    Nice to see you're doing your part for nature. Aerating all of that rich soil like you are, you should get paid!!

  • WrenchandRip

    Sous and JH are hilarious together😂

  • Off road Addict
    Off road Addict

    Leo was about to just burn mud life and leave it where it was. LOl Do I blame him? no not at all. LOL

  • Anderson Outdoors
    Anderson Outdoors

    Man I wish you guys could do a big group ride down in Florida.

  • Anthony Hammond
    Anthony Hammond

    Where at in Florida?

  • Michael Messner
    Michael Messner

    I’m not sure I would’ve been that adventurous to try and cross over the island. Glad everything worked out and you didn’t become Spiderman Lenardo lol 😝

  • Red's turbo S
    Red's turbo S

    Who reply’s to comments sxs blog like

  • Red's turbo S
    Red's turbo S

    I was not expecting Leo to be afraid of spiders😂😅

  • FromWaterToMud -
    FromWaterToMud -

    Needa bring your crew to hogwaller

  • Gary Willis
    Gary Willis

    Too many Road Pops.. lol

  • Jason Crocker
    Jason Crocker

    Such a great video. Spiders can definitely fuck off. I’m with ya Leo 👍

  • Luke McGraw
    Luke McGraw

    Lmao Leo maybe had a few to many Bush Latte’s 😂 fuckin send it !

  • Chelsea Biller
    Chelsea Biller

    Do you remember when that 1 kid walked up to you at bradington that was me

  • Lowblue64


  • Chelsea Biller
    Chelsea Biller

    How's your day going.

  • Wendi Simpson
    Wendi Simpson

    Where was this at in Florida?

  • Brooks Houston
    Brooks Houston

    Yall need to put snorkels on the pro xp on 35s

  • Tanner Gamble
    Tanner Gamble

    I hardly am ever able to comment on these videos because i watch in a tv, but man when Leo seen them spiders hahaha omg #DEAD ! I had to comment haha !!! Thanks for the amazing content #OG here !!!

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    U see that like papa Leo 🤣


    Please.... if you havent yet, start mirroring all your stuff to alternative platforms like: bitchute, or minds, or parler, or brand new tube, or lbry, ...the list goes on.... make what you can from youtube, but start the transition guys! It will be the new wave. And if not, you wasted a couple hours.... its worth a shot, just sayin "In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot" --MARK TWAIN

  • Stretch Drost
    Stretch Drost

    That's awesome

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams

    Mud life to mud death, rest in mud ☠️

  • Cutler Floyd
    Cutler Floyd

    Why dont you instead of trying to pull it out knowing its probly not gonna come out maybe have cleetus put the parking break on and try and winch it out or have 2 side by sides do the same 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Aaron Joyner
    Aaron Joyner

    funniest thing ,ever(leo) spider get me the ------------ out of here

  • C W
    C W

    Ah frick liked the video before watching it..🤟🏻😘 #youknowthedeal

  • mike yacullo
    mike yacullo

    Hope you guys are ready to get wet....hell yeah 😂😂😂😂

  • FULL SEND poly-athlete Blog
    FULL SEND poly-athlete Blog

    😂 I love watching SXSBlog, y’all are hilarious and y’all get to do what me and my friends love for a living. But lol gotta snorkel them things if you coming down here to the south to ride this deep stuff. 😂 them ol Busch lights will do it every time.

  • KJ Lemken
    KJ Lemken

    Doug needs to get him a mud truck out there!

  • the real muddawg
    the real muddawg

    Rich “when ya got 275 HP, sometimes you need to use it” ....preach

  • Trav City
    Trav City

    Awesome video. Fun to watch. Glad it’s not me thought, I stick with boats in water. 😂

  • Josh Jacobs
    Josh Jacobs

    That was rowdy

  • Kwmike

    Efff that shiz! I freaking HATE 🕷

  • Justin Laudick
    Justin Laudick

    "Its your job to get that spider out of here"😂

  • Matt Roden
    Matt Roden

    I’m so mailing spiders to Leo.

  • Matthew Mcclintock
    Matthew Mcclintock

    Lmao I haven't laughed so hard in a long time when Leo seen that spider and was freaking out lol I was hilarious

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here Tinkering

    That flooding and nasty mud is what's keeping me from riding my dirtbike in most of the places I normally go....


    I would love to see you guys build a mud YXZ. Do the full gear reduction, control arms, some nice v-treads... Never really get to see them, only concepts. The blown budget offroad guys are the closest to it!

  • Timothy Simpson
    Timothy Simpson

    If you ever decide to hogwaller in florida would like to see y'all out there

  • John Curtis Piano
    John Curtis Piano

    You Know tha Deaaaalll

  • John Curtis Piano
    John Curtis Piano

    LOL i can't make it that way i'm gonna drown

  • Paul Singer
    Paul Singer guys are the only thing outta michigan not the lions, woverines and sparty too,.

    • Drew

      You forgot the governor. She is the worst

  • jctjh


  • Jacob McKee
    Jacob McKee

    Mudlyfe... More like stuck life 🤣🤣🤣

  • Talk Nerdy To Me
    Talk Nerdy To Me

    My friend handled having his face reconstructed Tuesday after he shattered part of his skull was shattered better than Leo handled the spider lmao Thanks for giving me a good laugh after solo driving 12 hours to see him help him for a few days and drive back on very little sleep.

  • Adrenaline Cycles
    Adrenaline Cycles

    I bet Cleetus needs a new Primary Clutch from Pulling them out of the mud.

  • Trev-Dogg TV
    Trev-Dogg TV

    Dude runs over a Gator but freaks when there's a spider. True northern man right there

  • kmsorger

    Damn near died from laughing when Leo flipped about that spider

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Thats just a blast! Truly nothing more fun on a bog deep trip, GOING to bog deep, INTENDING to bog deep and end up deep bogging and boggin it deep!! "Nevermind scratch what i was saying" LMAO... another kick ass vid from down south!! Ty guys KEEP EM COMING!! 🤙 (happy belated bird day aswell fellas)🦃

  • Infamousten 0886
    Infamousten 0886

    Looks like an all around good time

  • Jared Marquez
    Jared Marquez

    You should do a collab with Braydon Price

  • Ed H
    Ed H

    JH is a G! 😎

  • Wonkawiz

    Anyone else think someone broke an axle at 2:00. My sxsblog trauma kicked in

  • Nikolus Rocha
    Nikolus Rocha

    Less then a minute in staten facts, that gets my like any day!

  • Speedteamlosi

    Leo losted his shit son!! LMAO

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    I’m surprised Leo didn’t jump out when Doug said that the spider was gonna wash his way 😂😂 This is hilarious 🤣

  • Guess Vlogs
    Guess Vlogs

    Leo is hilarious when he has a little liquid courage.

  • Mathew Nunez
    Mathew Nunez

    Doug: “I might drown anyways” 😂😂🤣💀

  • Dustin DeBruhl
    Dustin DeBruhl

    One of my all time favorite videos you guys have made. And Leo with the spider was great lol

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    Just sitting here watching you guys drive through all this swampy water.... I can't help but wonder how do you know when there's alligators in the water? Do some places have them and other don't? All I ever hear is stay out of the swamps in FL lol awesome video guys 👍🏻 glad you had a good time

  • Donald Darbonne
    Donald Darbonne

    We ran over a Manatee. I guess it was a little deep. 😆

  • Carter Thomas
    Carter Thomas

    Take out the 2JZ

  • Remy Forte
    Remy Forte

    I live in Florida I watch all you guys videos you guys are great. But where is this at ?

  • Tyler Kott
    Tyler Kott

    Duuddeee i completely understand Leo's fear of spiders!!!!!!!!!

  • Broke Misfits
    Broke Misfits

    Us Michigan guys don’t have spiders like Florida and it shows 😂

  • Raines Racing
    Raines Racing

    Come to Louisiana and check out Zona Atv recreation park fellas. Good family park and would be great for filming content. Sand Drag strip (sxs friendly) and plenty of trails and water/mud holes.

  • Gavin Lewis
    Gavin Lewis

    Leo don’t ever come to Australia 🇦🇺 mate if a little spider scares you 😆😂

  • Trailnecks

    MUDLYFE was in deeeeep lol

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