MUDLYFE Ranger XP1000 HighLifter gets redemption and GOES DEEP!
This thing is incredible!
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  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    You should check out the ride system rear wheel steer from super atv

  • mike smiley
    mike smiley

    lmao, loved it and love my highlifter 1000

  • dean gordon
    dean gordon

    just had a look on Googlemaps and the have used the name Quarter Pounder Pond

  • Mike Shivvers
    Mike Shivvers


  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    Yes......WATCHING THIS ONE AT WORK LOL!! Got too 😃

  • Tito Pacheco
    Tito Pacheco

    These guys walkin out with the music, slow mo was absolutely hilarious !!!LMAO!! You guys rock EVERY it!! Ty guys KEEP EM COMIN!!🤙

  • Anthony Markey
    Anthony Markey

    Some friends of mine just built a high lifter rzr and lifted it 8 inches and put 45 percent gear reduction with 22 inch portals with 44s same tread pattern as yours and we can’t even find anything to challenge that beast yet

  • فهد الشمري
    فهد الشمري


  • 2jz Fox
    2jz Fox

    In Canada we call it Mc Pukes.. lol

  • Myles Rouleau
    Myles Rouleau

    Love that August burns red shirt nick!

  • jaybirdls1

    Pond name = Quarter Pond

  • Muddy Boy29
    Muddy Boy29

    Needs 38s

  • Budget Builds
    Budget Builds

    Nick with the August Burns Red shit 🤘🤘🤘😁😁😁

  • Battle22 Outdoors
    Battle22 Outdoors

    I need to get yall to North Mississippi to ride the lake bottoms with us this winter, yall would have a blast, and get mudlyfe to meet project defend

  • The DylanPlayer
    The DylanPlayer

    You guys are frickin hilarious, I wish I was your friends. When Nick and Rick were holding up the McDonald's 🤣🤣🤣

  • bismofunyons

    Little did we know whistlindiesel would swamp this this thing lol. Love both channels boys. Michigander here also.

  • Alejandro Elicerio
    Alejandro Elicerio

    Sick... wat lift kit those it have

  • Izom

    nice- finally a real test for he highlifter- burgerproof- OR- who needs masks when u got waders...;- ()


    Put some 40 in on it

  • Ken

    My butt lol

  • jj wald
    jj wald

    What are your favorite trails to ride in Western Michigan

    • jj wald
      jj wald thanks we are going on a vacation and lake county is where we are going just wanted to see if they were any good trails n early thanks


      On the West side, probably the Lake County stuff

  • Jared Enlund
    Jared Enlund

    I think we need a build of the defender and put the two to the test. Mudd Lyfe vs defender XMR

  • J Light
    J Light

    Yall are the best ever! Hope to meet you all one day.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens


  • Baddazzrider Turner
    Baddazzrider Turner

    I have a idea,put a 10 horse power outboard on her and she is about ready,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍😠

  • Mr._Landry

    Y’all need to come down and ride at Sabine Atv park

  • J Hack840
    J Hack840

    IT'S the Quarterponder . LOL

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    I like quarter pounder pond

  • Ryder Kahler
    Ryder Kahler

    You know it's big angle when it actually looks like angle on camera... That climb into that like table top was crazy...

  • Hunter Melton
    Hunter Melton

    Time to go mudding in Florida

  • in motion
    in motion

    I love the quarter pounder pond haha

  • Gentleman We The People!
    Gentleman We The People!

    Great content thanks guys !

  • in motion
    in motion

    Nike is so funny

  • Alex CR
    Alex CR

    Sous definitivamente tienes que estar siempre en los videos con todos tus amigos.. sous definitely you have to be in all the videos with ur friends. Pls.

  • Susan Zeman
    Susan Zeman

    Very cool

  • TagGeorge

    Take it in the ditch behind Dougs house where trackes got stuck.

  • Allen Drennan
    Allen Drennan

    What do you recommend to get more power and speed I’ve got 2020 Polaris ranger 1000 single overhead cam crew cab with 3” lift and 30” tire

  • Rj Hennis
    Rj Hennis

    Battle pond

  • Nooblarg

    High Lifter Lake

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    is it possible to turbo it? If not I know Doug can make it happen

  • Chemical Juice
    Chemical Juice

    great times don't need to be in far off places, but what else has never been eaten in the pond ..... a new series begins

  • Terry Zeman
    Terry Zeman

    Doug u should put 3 inter tubes behind the razor and put nick leo Rick on the tubes and go to the pond and let it RIP

  • Night Runnaa
    Night Runnaa

    Appreciate yous all too 🤙

  • Night Runnaa
    Night Runnaa

    I wanna see more of nick he’s a character and dougs 2jz beast, good on you’s all love all your work 🤟 rock on from Australia watch all your vids

  • rjkdev


  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones

    Where did you get the link bars at?

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones I’m guessing that’s parts they haven’t released for the general public yet? I’ve got the same bike but trying to stay with all highlifter parts.


      All from Highlifter

  • Andrew

    Sous, repping ABR. ATTA BOY

  • Derrick Langeslay
    Derrick Langeslay

    So what are the chances of some fat boy friendly Tee' a 3xlt? Ps that's for the videos!

  • Andyroonie

    I like doug saying it’s so muddy it’s rained 2” in like 2 days, we get 2” of rain in 30 minutes

  • Jessie Metz
    Jessie Metz

    Name the pond, Do-glas Lake. It's the 6th great lake of Michigan. Bonus that's a T-shirt idea for you boys. Take a photo of Mud lyfe in the Pond and have it screen printed on T's. Or a topographical map of Michigan with a Pin drop on Do-glas Lake, The 6th Great Lake of Michigan.

  • Mike Bjork
    Mike Bjork

    Need your fishing poles

  • Drew Goody
    Drew Goody

    Look love watching you guys just 100 % pure innocent fun ..... I've been riding since I was like 5 and I remember when I would go with my dad and like 40 other people through the power lines and up cyro river .... its activities like this that kept all of younger people out trouble and all they wanna do is stop peoplw from riding in the pits and the water holes and rivers around here and they wonder why these kids are growing up getting into bad stuff .... i feel bad for the future generations of kids they have nothing to keep themselves occupied so they end up doing illegal activities...... keep having fun guys ..definitely voted the number 1 offroad are type video ...I always laugh and you make it seem like we are all there with you thumbs-up 👍 👍👌👍

  • Jonathon Parker
    Jonathon Parker

    I have a question about my ranger when I submerge it it limps out then comes back then limps out randomly 5-10 seconds just long enough to get you stuck

  • Myles O'Brien
    Myles O'Brien

    How do you guys get your machines so clean?! I can't get my Scrambler that clean but I sure try!

  • Jaran Higley
    Jaran Higley

    Mickey D's and mud bogging! Great Time!

  • Everything Off-road
    Everything Off-road

    Mud life needs roof snorkels

  • Joseph Sparks
    Joseph Sparks


  • Jacob Caldwell
    Jacob Caldwell

    You could always throw a roof and a badass audio set up to take it to the next level

  • Stephen Simrak
    Stephen Simrak

    Sous with an August Burns Red shirt. Respect


    Lake Dooglous!

  • MajorWoody

    If you dont troll fishing lines behind MudLife you are all idiots! 🔥 #quarterpounderpond

  • JP Lavoie
    JP Lavoie

    Quarter Ponder

  • Carlocio

    Ahhh i love watching y'all! Yall are the best Nick and Rick make the video more hilarious and interesting! 💪🏾🤣

  • gypsy xxx
    gypsy xxx

    sweet unit

  • Thomas cannon
    Thomas cannon

    Tractor gear is killing it!

  • Wayne Hicks
    Wayne Hicks

    7:58 sorry everyone but this is what peak performance looks like. If you can't handle it then you just don't have it

  • Andrew Weston
    Andrew Weston

    Love the show from the UK. But when you said the winch was fast I spat my coffee out with laughter. Try RED WINCH or GIGGLEPIN winches they have USA dealers. You will be shocked at the difference.

  • Grant Glor
    Grant Glor

    I would say qpp also

  • Grant Glor
    Grant Glor

    Did you guys put a sub in mudlyfe?

  • Peter Tronset
    Peter Tronset

    Lake Battlefield!

  • Gone Fishing be out late
    Gone Fishing be out late

    King of the quarter pounder pond

  • Michael A
    Michael A

    "Hey let me tell you real fun a story. This is a steep hill. That's the story" -Sous- No wiser words have been said

  • Justin Blanchet
    Justin Blanchet

    Y’all need to re do the “TUG O WAR” now with mudlyfe and his new parts/weapon portals lol.. hope you guys see this


      We'll do it again for sure, this thing is gonna be unstoppable lol

  • Noah Humbert
    Noah Humbert

    The qpp (quarter pounder pond)

  • Jameson Wells Wells
    Jameson Wells Wells

    The camber on the wheels bugs me sooooo much lol

  • Trey mccullough
    Trey mccullough

    Mom didn't tell yall not to eat before you go swimming smh

  • Just Add Mudd
    Just Add Mudd

    awesome machine

  • Peyton David Vlogs
    Peyton David Vlogs

    Quarter ponder

  • Tony Losasso
    Tony Losasso

    Glad to see Sous is back 🙌!!

  • Mr Boceefus
    Mr Boceefus

    Its time to go to one of those Mud Parks that Truck Gone Wild promote.

  • Vince Spinali
    Vince Spinali

    Nicks August burns red shirt is sick as fuckk!

  • SXS TeXaN
    SXS TeXaN

    This was a great episode boys. Super funny. QP Pond is a great name

  • David Gaydou
    David Gaydou

    Doug lake is good,but I think it should be called The Blog Bog!

  • tim jones
    tim jones

    Lol you guys are hilarious!!

  • BR Speedy's Automotive
    BR Speedy's Automotive

    McD be like, “oh man, here comes those bogger guys again. Think they’re all badass in their lifted ATV and ordering their QPs. 😎

  • Kenneth Potter III
    Kenneth Potter III

    Not good have money miss the old day trial riding

  • Jake81283

    Love how sous just slams it in park in the middle of the lot

  • AVG Joes Garage
    AVG Joes Garage

    Qp pond!!!! F yes, straight big truth!

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk

    Gets redemption and GOES DEEP ......that’s what she said lol

  • Tryingitall

    38’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah

  • M. Wilson
    M. Wilson

    Guess the days of no in video ads of come to an end. So sad

  • Todd Hook
    Todd Hook

    Battle Lake

  • Ryan Winchester Known Sender
    Ryan Winchester Known Sender

    I smashed the like button 💯👍👌🤣

  • Paul Mccallum
    Paul Mccallum

    Now I'm no Polaris fanboy (gag) but until something else can navigate that particular waterway, how about "Polaris Pond"

  • Ethan Franks
    Ethan Franks

    Really glad you guys have a video up I just ran my truck into the back of my friends car at 50mph last night cause hes dumb enough to park on a gravel road he just dusted me out on

  • 780tuner Tube
    780tuner Tube

    Nick must have gotten over the COVID lol

  • MegaApe

    Stop filming burgers and fries xD i just started dieting im so tempted to call McDonald's

  • Kyle Mills
    Kyle Mills

    Frikkin Heck that girl is NASTY! 💥💥

  • Jason Defouw
    Jason Defouw

    you need to add rangers parts to sales page, ill buy belts and other items from a local Michigan company

  • Nick Ward
    Nick Ward

    Video of a Snowmobile trip with doug this winter !!!!!

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